Next Gen iPhone Prototype: 1GHz Apple A4 Processor, 256MB RAM Confirmed

iPhone 4G leaked in Vietnam

The teardown of the second next generation iPhone prototype discovered in Vietnam had revealed the possibility of iPad’s A4 chip in the fourth generation iPhone.

Folks at iFixit have just sent us an email to confirm that the processor revealed in the photos of the next generation iPhone is Apple’s A4 processor. They have also confirmed that Apple’s new iPhone will come with 256MB RAM.

Folks at iFixit tell us that the part numbers of the processor revealed in the photos are legitimate. They explain:

The silkscreen on the production A4 reads:
APL0398 339S0084 YNL215X0 K4X2G643GE N26CGM0T
The leaked prototype has these markings:
APL0398 339S0084 YNE07423 K4X2G643GE GSA1400A

The two numbers that are different are likely manufacturing numbers (each lot of chips is stamped with a unique number to track them through the supply chain).

The important numbers are:
APL0398 339S0084 is the part number of Apple A4
K4X2G643GE is the part number for 256 MB Samsung DRAM (two dies)

iPhone 4G leaked in Vietnam

Apple’s A4 chip is a 1GHz SoC while iPhone 3GS CPU runs at 600Mhz. However, it looks like the new iPhone will have the same amount of RAM available in iPhone 3GS and iPad.

Engadget also reports that this second iPhone 4G prototype is labeled as "N90 PRO2" while Gizmodo’s iPhone prototype was labeled “N90 DVT”. We know that “N90” is Apple’s codename for the fourth-generation GSM iPhone and “DVT” stands for “design verification test”, an Apple production milestone. MacRumors speculates that PRO could stand for prototype or production.

MacRumors has also published the translated impressions of the next iPhone prototype (originally written in Vietnamese), which is an interesting read:

iPhone 4G has a totally new design in comparing with previous generations of iPhone. Not only looking stronger (aluminum and glass) when holding in your hand, you will be surprise to think that it was put together by several separate parts because it feels like a solid block. Because of the square/block design, it feels a little uncomfortable in your hand in comparing with the previous generation of iPhone. You can feel the sharp edges come in contact with your hand.

There is no longer a metal bezel on the front, only a black surface. The back design is also the same, a single piece of glass convering all the Logo, camera, flash, and other information…look very classy. We can see that the front and back are pieces of glass that were attached to the aluminum frame. When looking at another angel, people will see that aluminum frame was brilliantly made; a lot of attention to the details, thing like speakers, earphone, mic…. Beside the only home button in the front, there is another small camera right on the left of the speaker, under the glass surface.

The 4 edges contain the same buttons with the same functions as the previous iPhones. The volume buttons are now separate and are round. Next to the headphone plug and power button, there a small hole, which looks like a mic's hole. It's possible that this is the noice canceling mic. The SIM card has been moved to the right side, like on the iPad.

Dimension: iPhone 4G is thinner than the previous iPhones (about 2.5mm), the width is also narrower, about 3.5mm (this is because of the aluminum frame), the height is about 1mm higher. These changes have made the new iPhone looks longer or higher.

When turning on the iPhone, only the inferno screen is showed and some information that look like command lines. Perhap this screen showed up not because of Apple remotely locked the machine but the phone is locked locally after a time interval without the user entering a certain code.

Let us know your thoughts on what could be Apple’s new iPhone in the comments.

[via iFixit, EngadgetMacRumors]

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  • Cjah

    HTC EVO 199.99 2 year contract, June,4, 2010.

  • Guess

    Hopefully an unlock will be available soon after release. Can't wait for Steve Jobs' official announcement. I like his Keynote's, I'm geeky like that.

  • Putters


  • Mr Pato Loco 3

    Very intresting , well I guess I'll put in my wish list.

  • Radjin

    I hope someone paid Cjah for his HTC ad…

    Personally I like the flat sides and if it has a more solid feel that will be good too. I am more concerned with better resolution, more memory and better signal reception.

  • Philip

    micro sim will prevent using a sim from another carrier

  • Tyler 927
  • Jose

    Sounds kind of sketchy as far as design goes. Compared to the 3gs it's ugly as hell, in definately going with the evo 4g too bad tho, I expected much more from apple, lol not really ;P

  • jorge


  • nipponj

    i couldnt agree more..its really fugly ..the 3g and 3gs are way sexier than this flat bed truck

  • joey

    who wants a brick in their pocket that thing is HUGE and HEAVY!

  • justin

    seems like apple wouldve increased the ram…nexus one specs are still a little better i think.

  • Lol you are so mean Joey…for a guy is fine….

  • jj thomas

    a year ago everyone on the comment pages were all for apple and thier iphone. as you see now, alot of people are wanting to leave when thier contracts expire.. why is that? FREEDOM!!!
    android os lets you do whatever you want with the phone. thats how its supposed to be, its YOURS not APPLES!!

    my contracts done in two months im out.

  • JC

    ANOTHER failure by Apple. Can't wait to get rid of this iPhone piece of trash that I have and get a real phone, on a real carrier…Evo 4g on Sprint, HERE I COME:)

  • iPhonista

    Much better news is that Intel joined the PDA and smartphone war with creating a 1.5GHz mobile cpu/gpu.
    The future Nokia high-end smartphones will get the Intel cpu.

    The next gen. Nexus One will have a 1.2GHz or 1.3GHz Snapdragon cpu and is expected to launch in september 2010.

    Game on!

  • Ty Miles

    Doesn't need more RAM. If you have used the iPad you would see that with 256 MB of RAM and the A4 it makes the Nexus one look like its moving in slow motion. The new iPhone will have an even faster A4 so it will smoke.

    Also the new iPhone is flat on the back just like the EVO and the Nexus One but looks and from what they say feels better. I hate the rounded plastic back on the 3G and 3Gs! Sucks.

    And yeah with the Android phones I have choice, the choice to be stuck on an old version of the OS forever and ever. LOL!

  • Z

    why does noone just jump to dual core. honestly, how hard could it be? 2GHz dual anyone?

  • wolverinemarky

    a few people not liking it will not prevent the next iphone from selling 10s of millions of phones and it will be glorious as all apple next gen phones are so i look forward to actually having it in my hands

  • Franky j

    Come on iPhone OS is getting alittle to old. Nothing new. I feel HTC and andorid have something very appealing and futuristic. From leap to how you mutitask to how the weather and time shows, everything seems to run smooth and looks great. I think it's time to change, everyone else that don't do good with change will stay with apple. They love being told what they could see Or do on there phones, As for me I'm over that move over apple there's a beast in town and that's the HTC EVO!

  • Urseepuku

    Ok seriously? Your gonna leave your iPhone for android OS which yes looks nicer but is slower and has barely any app development? There is just too much support for the iPhone in all areas, so leaving it would be a mistake. With the iPhone HD I see this as saying look android now everything you once did by your self I do better smoother and more user friendly.

  • Ripped off

    Some people just want to get ripped off!
    A $99 monthly subscription fee just to use their (lame) 3G network, to get access to 4G network a additional $10 monthly fee and on top of that another $30 extra a month to get access to Mobile Hotspots for better reception!?? ……you must be very rich.

    24 months contract x $140 = $ 3,360.-
    On top of that…..the 4G infrastructure is still being developed!!!

  • xxfxsd

    are you kidding? you can virtually do anything with an android OS phone, you just dont know how ;]. my buddy can control every computer in my school with an android. i used to be able to do that with the iphone until they got all crazy about jailbreaking.

    on top of that, the iphone OS is no where near as smooth as the android OS. the android os is much less buggy and it has been out for 1/3 of the time of apple.

    like jj thomson said FREEDOM!!!!

    apple better step up their damn game soon

  • richard

    pre ordered my evo 4g from best buy this morning, 199 and no hassle with a rebate unlike if u buy from sprint (299 w/ 100 rebate)

    june 4 and bye bye at&t and apple, im sure the day will come when they have a phone with every feature i want, but unfortunately it wont be with iphone hd. and stop calling it 4g, its not gonna be 4g. apple does not leap to new stages in one jump. first will be hd and only after that will 4g phone come out, everyone should know their game by now.

  • Its not that ugly. We can use to it somehow someday


    4G only refers to 4th generation Iphone when you see it in an article. Coincidentally there are 4G networks, which refers to the technology to achieve faster data speeds. I used to wonder the same thing.

  • Putters

    personal opinion

  • Mahd

    Honestly am not buying any new iPhones. Will migrate to android or windows mobile.
    Apple still not taking in consideration business users seriously.
    No tasks sync with exchange yet. Exchange services still very week on iPhone. Cannot tag a Jung or mark an email as read without openning the email.

    Bluetooth services on iPhone still suck. Am not interested in the hardware of new iPhone as much as the software (os).

    One more thing is that I can easily buy a nexus from the next without going through the hassle of At&t. I will pay extra for the phone but at least have the right to hoosegow my operator without the unlock and jail break headache. I unlocked my iPhone only to use with other worldwide operators and now I have to wait for hackers to release new unlocks for evey upgraded version.

    Apple for me is a bad invesment phone.
    Especially since competitors are getting better in touch screen phones.

    Best to all.