Spirit For Linux: Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Released

Spirit jailbreak ported to Linux

Earlier this month, Comex from the iPhone Dev Team had released the Spirit untethered jailbreak solution for iPhone OS 3.1.3, iPhone OS 3.1.2 and iPhone OS 3.2. The software enabled users to jailbreak their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.

You can check out our step-by-step guide to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch using Spirit for Windows and Mac users. 

Joshua Hill, also known as p0sixninja from the Chronic Dev Team has announced that he has managed to port the "Spirit" jailbreak tool to the Linux platform as well. 

This means that it is now possible for Linux users to use the popular all-jailbreaking tool to jailbreak their iDevices. So far Spirit was available only for Mac and Windows users. 

Please remember that jailbreaking may void your iPhone's warranty. So please proceed with caution and at your own risk. 

You can download the binaries and source code for Spirit to work on your Linux system by following this link

As always, if you try it out let us know how it goes.

[via Redmond Pie]

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  • Z

    im just wondering why an iphone owner would have linux, it makes it so you CANT used iTunes, which sucks btw, to transfer anything
    sry first poster fags, you cant have your cake this time

    • yrral86

      I’ve used linux full-time since 2001, and I now need an iphone for work (I have to develop an app to go with our website). I have to jailbreak it to be able to develop an app for it without buying a Mac. My boss has a mac, so once it’s developed we can get it into the app store. But, I don’t want to buy a mac, then pay $99 for a developer account before I’m allowed to upload my app to the phone.

  • X


  • Jcm800


  • derp derp

    it's called vmware, and wine


    and libimobiledevice


    I respectfully poo poo on your comment.

  • Shinken1


  • Shinken1

    Now I for one am happy with this.

    Mac is okay, but I have issues with being told what I can and can't do.
    Windows has let me down too many times.
    That's why I have been running Linux on every pc in the house except for 1 Windows machine and 1 Mac (10.5.8). They're the control in our home pc experiment.
    We do have an iMac (10.2.?). It's garbage. Can't do anything with it unless we BUY a software upgrade. So… It's getting Linux installed for fun.

  • Z

    couldnt you just run windows spirit jb in wine? or would it not be able to access the usb directly, in which case neither would itunes.

  • Anshul

    I have jailbreaked 3.1.3 and now i am waiting for unlock ????????????

  • metrofox

    Ok, it worked for me, I edited the Makefile. On x86_64 systems spirit won't compile because of the -m32 option passed to gcc in the Makefile, I just removed that option and it succesfully compiled and worked on my iPhone 3G(8GB). So 64bit Linux users, if you can't compile edit the Makefile. =)

    PS. I wrote this first issue on git. Hope that there'll be a solution for this.

  • rhino

    does anyone know when the unlock is comeing out.

  • we need unlok software !!!!

  • Arcaon

    iFuse ?
    Also, my iPhone works great with Ubuntu 10.04 and my Archlinux (iFuse). Though transfer is a little slower than on iTunes, I won't lie.
    Yeah dude, the two only systems I have on my computer are Linux distros and I have an iPhone.

    Although I won't lie, my next phone is going to be a nice little Android. FOR SURE !

  • Please I apologise but why would you want to jailbreak your own iphone, ipad…?

  • A person

    I just want to know, why would u jailbreak ur own Iphone when u loose ur warranty :S thats just stupid .. for your information .. people just come up with useless ideas .. i dont understand them :S

  • another person

    you sir and or ma'am are retarded , that's the statement of ignorance

  • d

    what do i do after cydia is on here? what are my new special features?? how do all the cool stuff now??

  • ab

    would you plz help me in jail breaking my phone .ihave the same as urs ?

  • i'm using linux cause i hate windows (crashes, loops, bluescreens, freezes…), and i have an ipod touch. to sync with itunes u can use virtual box or sync it manually via ssh.

  • Anonymous

    I am wondering why a linux user would have an iphone. Cause it goes against everything that linux stands for.

  • LeEtta

    I have iphone 3g it will not let me open any web pages. Its says im connected,( both ways, wi fi and internet through tmobile) it says it timed out, or safari will not respond. I have reset internet connects nothing works. Please help. Thank u