White iPhone HD Rendered – Do You Like It?

White iPhone 4G rendering

Earlier this week, Chinese website, TaoBao published pictures of an iPhone 4G casing with a white colored front panel. This had triggered speculations that the next generation iPhone, which is expected to launch next month, could come in both black and white casings.

While we are still unsure about the authenticity of the images posted on TaoBao, the new look iPhone front panel has left some people pretty excited.

If you are one of those who is eager to see how a white iPhone 4G (which might be called iPhone HD) model may look like, then here are some renderings from Italian website iSpazio. The website has published a few pictures that offer a realistic insight into how the fourth generation with white color front panel may actually look like. As you may have guessed, the rendering is based on the form factor of the lost iPhone 4G prototype that was leaked last month by Gizmodo.

White iPhone 4G rendering

White iPhone 4G rendering

Do you like the look of what could be Apple's new iPhone? Tell us in the comments. 

[via iSpazio]

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    looks gay

  • wolverinemarky

    the more and more i see this the more i want to get it cant wait, i wont even put it in a case just get a side holster for it

  • a

    side holsters are for fags

    its ok we wont judge

  • gay

    sooooo gay omg screw apple

  • Rattso

    Like this color and this site but posters seem to have "gay" on their pee brains.

  • Josh


  • hierojux

    looks good. better to have all white and all black.

  • Jon

    Using the word "gay" as a derogatory adjective is not only offensive — it shows your lack of intelligence to put a cohesive thought together.

  • lolumadbro

    wow you sound like a fag

  • munky

    64 gb now thats sexy…………….i already have my upgrade ready for this iphone..

  • Why should it be gay , women likes to have iphone as well , white is a nice colour , especially for a girl ….. and any way , i love it in white my self , have the iphone 3G white and i was disappointed when i received it because the front panel was black ….

  • ZedSefi

    Gay or not, you know you want one when it arrives 😉

  • Jose

    Actually it would look awsome if the front was all black glass and the back all white like these pics. I think that the back looks really sexy on this model. But the front looks like a Lego toy

  • shadrool

    i want colours 🙂

  • TJ

    Well first off, to those people who came on here to bash the iPhone that we all know they secretly want but are "too cool" to admit it: stfu and grow out of your diapers, you whiny little brats. Hating on something just because you like something else, or because it doesn't do everything you've ever dreamed it would, is a terrible reason to come post.

    That said: I like the white color. It looks good on the new design, and definitely makes it look more unique than the other iPhone models.

  • Tai376

    This is the first thing I thought, def getting it in black.

  • GaySupporter

    well-put Jon. we still love you.

  • BrownIsBeautiful

    Let's get some MORE colors, gay or not! Who the F cares? Variety is the spice of life!

  • ShaQ1nJ