Wi-Fi Sync iPhone App Released On Cydia After Apple Rejected It Due To “Security Concerns”

WiFi Sync iPhone app rejected

We had written about the Wi-Fi Sync iPhone app last month. This was a nifty application developed by a student at the University of Birmingham that let iPhone users wirelessly sync their iPhones or iPod Touch with iTunes. Engadget has now reported that the iPhone app has been rejected by Apple because of "security concerns". 

Speaking to Engadget about his conversation with an Apple representative, Greg Hughes, the developer of the iPhone app said: 

"While he agreed that the app doesn't technically break the rules, he said that it does encroach upon the boundaries of what they can and cannot allow on their store. He also cited security concerns."

Apple's rejection of the app is not entirely surprising. We had noted that the communication between the iPhone app and iTunes was likely to be viewed as "unauthorized interaction" and hence the app could be rejected. Also, it is highly possible for Apple to introduce this functionality in one of the future versions of iPhone OS. This could be one another reason why the app was not approved. 

Nevertheless, if you have jailbroken your iPhone, you may still download the application. Hughes has revealed that the app is now available on BigBoss repository at Cydia for $9.99. However, do note that the iPhone app currently works only on the Mac though the developer has mentioned that he plans to release a Windows version of the application "in the next few months". Support for iPad is also likely to be made available via a free update soon.

You can checkout the demo of Wi-Fi Sync in the video embedded below: 

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[via Engadget]

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