Wi-Fi Sync iPhone App Released On Cydia After Apple Rejected It Due To “Security Concerns”

WiFi Sync iPhone app rejected

We had written about the Wi-Fi Sync iPhone app last month. This was a nifty application developed by a student at the University of Birmingham that let iPhone users wirelessly sync their iPhones or iPod Touch with iTunes. Engadget has now reported that the iPhone app has been rejected by Apple because of "security concerns". 

Speaking to Engadget about his conversation with an Apple representative, Greg Hughes, the developer of the iPhone app said: 

"While he agreed that the app doesn't technically break the rules, he said that it does encroach upon the boundaries of what they can and cannot allow on their store. He also cited security concerns."

Apple's rejection of the app is not entirely surprising. We had noted that the communication between the iPhone app and iTunes was likely to be viewed as "unauthorized interaction" and hence the app could be rejected. Also, it is highly possible for Apple to introduce this functionality in one of the future versions of iPhone OS. This could be one another reason why the app was not approved. 

Nevertheless, if you have jailbroken your iPhone, you may still download the application. Hughes has revealed that the app is now available on BigBoss repository at Cydia for $9.99. However, do note that the iPhone app currently works only on the Mac though the developer has mentioned that he plans to release a Windows version of the application "in the next few months". Support for iPad is also likely to be made available via a free update soon.

You can checkout the demo of Wi-Fi Sync in the video embedded below: 

If you buy the jailbreak app, don't forget to give us feedback in the comments.

[via Engadget]

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  • wolverinemarky

    the next few months what the hell i was expecting next few days geesh by then OS4.0 will be out with the new iphone and apple might sneak in wifi syncing on its own then all those people who spent there 10 bucks will be pissed

  • Anshul

    Wi-Fi Sync launch is ok but the main thing is the big big wait for unlock of OS 3.1.3……….any expected date. I am still waiting for it.

  • Justlooking

    To bad it wasn't approved. But nevertheless it's not worth $10.00. App store or not.

  • Mario

    Not worth the ten dollars i'll just plug my phone in… Probaly faster sync time if I do also. And I'm also sitting next to the computer already might as well

  • ZeppelinLed

    Stop harping on about a 3.1.3 unlock, you've got a jailbreak now so be grateful.

  • I would bet that at 99¢ – $1.99 they would have made WAY more money with people buying it just to try it.

  • IlDenteSD

    I saw a couple forum posts from the dev. He threatened potential destruction of iTunes.db for anyone using a try before you buy version. Don't give the man money.

  • luigy

    pease of shit program for 9.00 buck, crazy. great app for 5 bucks. imaging that you can sync you device without sync screen yous sink wireless without the sync lock screen on the iphone. use the phone and sync at the same time. that will be a great app

  • ewj

    How much is SJ paying you?

    I am willing to bet it will not be either free or in OS4. I am willing to bet a 16gb ipad – so what are you willing to put up.

  • UnlockLover

    The UNLOCK of baseband 5.12.01 more important than sync over wi-fi. I'm with you Anshul, among the millions of others on T-mobile.

  • WTF

    Huh??? WTF are you talking about??? Are you on drugs???

  • Shinken1

    While $10 is steep for an app IMO ( although I bought beejive im for a proper im ) I might consider it for a local dev.

    BUT I'm gonna look at these forum post I heard about where he's threating people to buy the full version to determine his worthiness.

    Now, I don't know about you guys, but I am sick and tired of these whiny people wasting comment space being shitty about the 3.1.3 unlock.
    The dev team spend a great deal THEIR time and effort to develop these tools for nothing.
    Why don't you idiots support ($) instead of wasting space here showing your childish behavior.

  • Anshul

    thax dude,,,supporting me may be ZeppelinLed not using 3.1.3 version that's why he is not worrid …

  • craig

    Actually i unlocked to GO to T-mobile 🙂

  • Arrancan

    10 bucks! What a joke! You would make more money at1.99. I sure as hell won't pay 10

  • The Man

    I have managed to unlock os 3.1.3 on my Iphone 3gs

  • josiebuck@telus.net

    $10.00 to sync with itunes. How far would you have to be from your computer to sync. how would you know is your apps and music did sync on itunes. it therse a list. oh for 10.00 I would rather sync with usb cable and watch to make sure that my items did sync..

  • $0.99c-$1.99 for stupid apps (parody and fart and stuff like that)
    $1.99-$3.99 for utilities (such as this one and other tools not generally used)
    $3.99-5.99 for application (such as business tools, or applications for every day use)
    $6.99-$8.99 software (office suites or bunched tools)
    $9.99+ (expensive area specific software for such things as law or finance)

    Games $0.99-$3.99 (depending on graphics and length of the game, and complexity)

    this is the general pricing i think people should follow

  • this app would go under utilities, as it does not have a large feature set, so between $1.99 and $2.99 would the the appropriate cost.

  • Anshul

    Dude howz it… ??? u can mail me the procedure if you really unlocked it !!

    id – anshulkakkar@yahoo.co.in

  • Man, the unlock (jailbreak?) of OS 3.1.3 has been out for weeks already.
    IT's called Spirit and you can download it here: http://spiritjb.com/

  • Anshul

    dude by this statement of yours I got to know that you doesn't have the full knowledge of using iphone ……the procedure you are telling me I have already gone through from 2 weaks ago SPIRIT is not a CARRIER UNLOCK IT'S just a Jailbreak >>>>???? no one in the world has unlocked 3.1.3 by software it can only be possible through hardware .

  • Steve

    BUYER BEWARE – Do NOT expect ANY support from Greg Hughes if you encounter any problems with his Wi-Fi Sync software. I purchased the Windows version of Greg’s Wi-Fi Sync software and attempted to install on several PC’s with the same results “application failed to start”. I submitted a friendly trouble ticket on Greg’s support site over a month ago and Greg has made NO attempt to respond. A second trouble ticket also went unanswered as did a request for a refund. PayPal will only assist if the software was purchased via EBay, not Cydia. Jay Freeman of Cydia also didn’t respond to my email requesting assistance. BUYER BEWARE!