Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) Ported To iPhone 3G

Froyo ported to iPhone 3G

Last month, we had reported that planetbeing from the iPhone Dev Team had successfully ported the Android OS to iPhone 3G.

An Italian team of hackers have recently revealed that they have been able to install Android 2.2 dubbed Froyo, the latest version of Android OS on iPhone 3G.

Italian website iDroid  reports that users will have the ability to call and send text messages from the hacked iPhone 3G running Android 2.2. 

Android 2.2 running on iPhone 3G mostly works fine except for few issues. For instance, the Android OS currently does not recognize the Wi-Fi and audio functionalities on the iPhone. Also, the handset is reported to get noticeably hot within a few minutes of use. We expect these issues to be addressed in a future update to the ported OS version. 

You can checkout the video demo of Android OS 2.2 running on iPhone 3G: 

Folks at GadgetsDNA (link below) have published a step-by-step guide for users to port Android OS 2.2 to their iPhone 3G. However, you will need a jailbroken iPhone

Do you dig the idea of having iOS and Android OS on your iPhone as a dual boot setup?

[iDroid via GadgetsDNA]

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  • a

    ugh this is awesome but we need all features to work seamlessly… FIRST

  • hasan

    yeah sounds good but i dont want to fry my phone !!! id like to know if its also compatible with 3GS

  • Me

    If they can make it work on the 3GS I would use it 🙂

  • Z

    never happens, we always get an alpha, then a beta, then possibly much later a realistically usable version.

  • meme

    Who wants android on an iPhone. That's retarded just go buy an android phone

  • rumpeltstiltskin

    meme,i really want a htc desire in exchange for my 3g ( not because is "better" ,i want a specific software who run only on android and there is no similar software for iphone) ,if this port of android is mature could be a solution for me

  • julian

    make one for windowsmobile to and like that they finally dualboot it for iphone.

  • colton

    they need to do alpha and betas on iphone 4 when it comes out and stop doing this on the older phones so we can be up to date

  • Phosphorus

    So does this means that the iPhone has flash????????????????????????

  • Alessandro

    Who needs Flash? 🙂 look at this:

  • jordan

    I've been messing around with Android and Froyo 2.2.
    Steve is right. Flash and mobile phones don't mix well.
    buggy, slow, makes the phone really hot and videos are choppy on the nexus one which has the fastest benchmark speeds. I hate to admit it but be careful what you wish for.

  • mar

    rather make the OS4 to run on all idevices with full acsses….

  • ray

    not yet

  • YEA!!!!!! Can't wait 'till it comes out for more iDevices

  • tony

    they should make an ozzy iphone.


    Got Donut(1.6) ported on my iphone 2g by following instruction of planetbeing but stil missing the all impoertant android market application icon.Pls help.SOS.Thx

  • haha .. this is an interesting case, while others favor busy with their respective operating systems, even here there is more than just mere noise.