Breaking News: Apple Releases iOS 4 For iPhone And iPod Touch [Updated]

iOS 4

The wait seemed eternal but we are getting reports that Apple has finally started rolling out iOS 4 - its eagerly-awaited next generation iOS.

Apple had given us a sneak peak of its next generation iPhone OS in April. iOS 4 includes over 100 new features for iPhone users and more than 1500 new APIs for app developers.

According to the release notes iOS 4 includes the large list of new features:

• Multitasking support for third-party apps* – Multitasking user interface to quickly move between apps – Support for audio apps to play in the background – VoIP apps can receive and maintain calls in the background or when device is asleep – Apps can monitor location and take action while running in the background – Alerts and messages can be pushed to apps using push and local notifications – Apps can complete tasks in the background 

• Folders to better organize and access apps 

• Home screen Wallpaper* 

• Mail improvements – Unified inbox to view emails from all accounts in one place – Fast inbox switching to quickly switch between different email accounts – Threaded messages to view multiple emails from the same conversation – Attachments can be opened with compatible third- party apps – Search results can now be filed or deleted – Option to select size of photo attachments – Messages in the Outbox can be edited or deleted 

• Support for iBooks and iBookstore (available from the App Store) • Photo and Camera improvements – 5x digital zoom when taking a photo** – Tap to focus during video recording** – Ability to sync Faces from iPhoto – Geo-tagged photos appear on a map in Photos 

• Ability to create and edit playlists on device 

• Calendar invitations can be sent and accepted wirelessly with supported CalDAV servers 

• Support for MobileMe calendar sharing 

• Suggestions and recent searches appear during a web search 

• Searchable SMS/MMS messages** 

• Spotlight search can be continued on web and Wikipedia 

• Enhanced location privacy – New Location Services icon in the status bar – Indication of which apps have requested your location in the last 24 hours – Location Services can be toggled on or off for individual apps 

• Automatic spellcheck 

• Support for Bluetooth keyboards* 

• iPod out to navigate music, podcasts and audiobooks through an iPod interface with compatible cars 

• Support for iTunes gifting of apps 

• Wireless notes syncing with IMAP-based mail accounts 

• Persistent WiFi connection to receive push notifications* 

• New setting for turning on/off cellular data only** 

• Option to display the character count while composing new SMS/MMS** 

• Visual Voicemail messages can be kept locally even if they have been deleted from the server** 

• Control to lock portrait orientation* 

• Audio playback controls for iPod and third-party audio apps* 

• New languages, dictionaries and keyboards 

• Accessibility enhancements* 

• Bluetooth improvements 

• Better data protection using the device passcode as an encryption key* (Requires full restore.) 

• Support for third-party Mobile Device Management solutions 

• Enables wireless distribution of enterprise applications 

• Exchange Server 2010 compatibility 

• Support for multiple Exchange ActiveSync accounts 

• Support for Juniper Junos Pulse and Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN apps (available from the App Store) 

• More than 1,500 new developer APIs 

• Bug fixes

iOS 4

If you have jailbroken and/or unlocked your iPhone then it would be prudent to wait for iPhone Dev Team to provide an update on how the latest iPhone OS impacts a jailbroken/unlocked iPhone as you could end up bricking your iPhone.

But if you don’t care about jailbreaking or unlocking your iPhone then we recommend you to follow the following steps to install iOS 4 Software Update:

  • Please check our tips (follow this link) to ensure you're ready for iOS 4 software update. 
  • Assuming that your iPhone or iPod Touch is connected to your computer and you have gone through our checklist and ready for the software update, click the "Check for Update" button from the device summary page in iTunes. If your iPhone or iPod Touch is compatible with iOS 4, iTunes will tell you that an update is available for download and will guide you through the installation. 
  • Please note that the entire process of downloading the update and installing it is a time consuming process, so please be patient.
  • After you've successfully upgraded to iOS 4, you can checkout all the new features listed here.

As always, please don't forget to tell us how it goes.

Update 1:

It looks like the iOS 4 update is currently available only to iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users. It's not available to iPod Touch users currently.

Update 2:

The iOS 4 build number is 8A293. Its the same as the iOS 4 Golden Master that was released at the WWDC. So looks like as Dev Team had confirmed it will be possible to jailbreak and unlock it. However, we will wait to get a confirmation on the baseband.

Update 3:

Some of our readers are reporting that they're getting error 9006. Apple servers are probably under high load, looks like its going to be a long day.

Update 4:

The size of the iOS 4 firmware file is 378MB for iPhone 3GS. iOS 4 seems to be available for all devices. Thanks Vishnu for the tips!

Update 5: 

Some users are reporting that they are getting error -3259 network timeout. It seems to be error out while verifying with Apple. 

Update 6:

The size of the iOS 4 firmware file for iPod Touch is 315MB.

Update 7:

John, one of our readers has successfully update his iPhone 3G with iOS 4. Awesome! John, please give us your first impressions.

Update 8: 

The size of the iOS 4 firmware file for iPhone 3G is 292.1MB. mo, one of our readers has successfully updated his iPhone 3GS. 

Update 9:

Good News! The baseband is 05.13.04 so as expected, the baseband is the same as iOS 4 Golden Master, which Dev Team had confirmed can be jailbroken and unlocked. But we might have to wait as Dev Team has indicated that they will release the toold after iPhone 4 is launched.

Update 10:

iPhone Dev Team Working Hard To Release Tools To Jailbreak And Unlock iOS 4; Warn Unlockers To Avoid Upgrading To iOS 4

Update 11:

iBooks for iPhone is now available for download from the App Store. Strangely, I could find it on the App Store on the iPhone but not on iTunes. Thanks E4tH for the tip. 

Update 12:

iPhone Dev Team Release UltraSn0w 0.93 To Unlock iOS 4 Baseband 05.13.04, Also Unlocks All Basebands Since iPhone OS 3.0

Update 13:

Let's take Apple's new iOS 4 for a spin to explore the new features

First Impressions from readers:

Some first reactions about iOS 4:

mike: "ios4 looks awsome!!!!" Mike goes on to add: "after playing with ios4 for 30 mins now folders are amazing!! ios4 is really fast and responsive!! dock is awsome!! mutitasking is fast no laggs!! iphone 3GS 32gb overall nice job apple!!!!"

Vishnu says:  "when I look at the features, I was just blown away!"

Cooper: "New mail box and camera zoom are very cool."

We’ll update this post as soon as we have any more updates so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter.

Thanks everyone for the tip and especially Zach for the list of new features in the release notes. 

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  • mo

    Downloading it now! Hopefully apple servers wont crash like previous years.

  • Mark Mintram

    Doing it now…..

  • hmoney44

    first! downloading now…just waiting to install when jailbreak is out

  • bunc


  • mike


  • Eric

    mine still says not available

  • Vishnu

    Its only for iPhone 3G and 3GS Currently!!!
    -according to Engaged

  • Vishnu

    Not available YET for iPod Touch's

  • Paulius

    How large is the update? I mean how many MB's will I have to download?

  • Freddieboy217

    Me to in uk

  • mike

    i am going to put my 3gs in dfu mode and do a clean install

  • Cody

    Iv had iOS 4 since about last week on my 3GS. You don't need a developers account to install the GM seed.

  • kp

    Downloading it now!!

  • mike

    got an error!!!!!! no!!!!!!


  • N4TUR3

    yay im downloading the update it is 378 mb btw

  • T

    I also keep getting the 9006 error, 5th time now. Gets to about 270mb then stops.

  • brundon

    downloading now lame i get 18mb a sec and download this at .5mb a sec any ideas why?

  • hmoney44

    Downloaded no problem have the 3gs now awaiting for jailbreak to come out…

  • Vishnu

    378 MB the iOS 4 for 3GS, think its the around the same for other devices.

  • kitkat

    Downloading now…. Wonder if anything's going to change on my 3G as I read somethings where not available.

  • Vishnu


  • Mike

    I'm downloading ATM for ipt and it's 315mb. Will wait to dl for my iPhone unil JB comes out

  • Harold White

    Downloading it now also

  • you download @18Mb/sec? WTF?!

  • simon

    can we jailbreak iphone 4.0

  • Rich

    I didn't want it right now anyways (err=-3259 network timeout) to many people downloading it.

  • eelllliioott

    downloaded no problem here in sunny Edinburgh!
    Am slso waiting for the jailbreak to show its lovely wee face 🙂

  • John

    Success! Updated 3GS Iphone – no problems.
    Took 20 mins for download and flashing.

  • DayvG

    So…. Just downloaded and its the same name as the ios4 GM release as in iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw. Is it exactly the same?

  • downloading

  • wolverinemarky

    y r u downloading it if the jb isnt out that makes no sense

  • Freddieboy217

    Update on itunes now in uk

  • Manjunath

    Just finished downloading…no errors…took about 15 mins approx.

  • joaquin

    i also get 18mb a sec and its also DL at .5mb not cool!!

  • wolverinemarky

    i wont be downloading or upgrading anything till the dev team releases the jb

  • bunc

    For iPhone 3G 292.1 mb
    downloading at high speed 20mbps in Croatia

  • Its due to the load on Apple's servers. Guess need to be patient.

  • joaquin

    comcast powerboost gives u 18mb per sec… if ur in the US and have comcast avail to u

  • mo

    Downloaded and updated my 3gs fine! No errors

  • Brundon

    Its backing up again i backedup last night and now again today? and its going really slow? can i cancel sync? will it still load?

  • x52

    I tried many times but got Error 3014. I googled and found this:
    I couldn't really use another network at home, so I downloaded AnchorFree's Hotspot Shield that lets me use their VPN network free of charge, tunnelled through my own internet connection. It worked, I installed Hotspot Shield, started up iTunes and away it went, no problems at all.
    Don't know why, but it works and my phone is upgraded.

  • eric

    backup is taking forever. Mine has not even started moving yet and its been 10 minutes

  • key

    no doubt…

  • mike

    update done!!! ios4 looks awsome!!!!

  • key

    well actually you might as well download it, cause you're gonna have to download it before you upgrade to JB…..

  • Cooper

    Me too. Don't press your luck, dude.

  • Asger

    Ok,I have now installed it. how do I get the background with the bobles? 🙂 muahaha..

  • Nicolas

    I think I'm missing something with Time Warner Cable, I'm lucky to get 1.2MB/sec 🙁

  • Yeah its the same as it has the same build number.

  • Its advisable to back up. If you had backed up yesterday it won't take much time. Be patient.

  • anyone update from a jailbroken phone yet?

  • Nino

    keep gettin error really annoying!!!
    how can i download at higher speeds?!?! i have 54 mbps internet bt dwnloadin at 0.1 mb a sec!!!

  • Cooper

    That's because you and 1 million others are all doing the same thing. It'll be way faster tomorrow. Do you want to try then? 😉

  • Compare

    Now where do I get the ibooks-app? Can't find it in store.

  • Vishnu

    Just updated my 3GS, when I look at the features, I was just blown away!

  • Vishnu

    Just updated my 3GS, when I looked at the features, I was just blown away!

  • Brandon

    No mms once I updated to 4.0 anyone else having a similar issue.

  • CJones

    im going to try and jb with redsn0w and the ipsw from iclarified. will let you know how it goes on my 3G

  • If you guys are getting an error while downloading try disabling your anti-virus until the download is complete. Works like a charm for me :D!

  • tuan

    When is the unlock for 5.12.01 coming out??? THX

  • abdulrehman

    downloading;) Can any 1 tell me my iphone 3gs is jailbreak but not unlocked the iOS 4 will work fun on my iphone 3gs??plz help me!


  • Naveed

    GR888888, I am gonna update tomorrow, downloading is too slow… as I was waiting for weeks… 1 more day… Not a bit deal with these COOOL Features.

  • Thanks!

  • abdulrehman

    Hey.Michael! is your iphone is 3gs or 3g? is your phone locked or unlocked??:-ss my 1 is locked it will work or not??:(


  • Mike

    Wonder when updated Spirit will be available. I'm not provider locked so just need Cydia on it.

  • armhunter

    You peope need to stop downloading this update if you are not updating yet!! Stop taking up babdwidth if you are waiting for the jailbrake… selfish pricks.

  • mo

    i have

  • mo

    I just noticed it to…

  • KillerCheeze

    Fuck Off

  • Tom

    then why did mussel nerd say he was waiting for the actual public release to try making a jailbreak? im not sure if im right but i think thats what he said

  • Asger

    Hi guys i'm writing this message with my Apple wireless keyboard on iOs4 🙂


  • Vishnu

    Now available

  • Ashish

    Can anyone tell if the baseband is updated & if yes what is the baseband updated to??

    I ve jb & unlocked 3gs 3.1.2 on 05.11.07. Would it be possible to jb with redsnow 0.9.5 the new iOS4??

  • Cooper

    My 3g is finally done. New mail box and camera zoom are very cool.

  • sss

    somebody please confirmed of the baseband is going to update too?

  • armhunter

    Did I make you mad? 🙂 haha

  • Vishnu

    Sorry I didn't know about that !
    Thank You for informing!

  • Bill

    24mbps here on AT&T uverse

  • Vishnu

    I think people are getting errors because, they might have changed the host file to bypass apple server.

    You will need to edit your hosts file located here – C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (Windows) or /etc/hosts (Mac OS X) and delete to the bottom.

  • CJones

    No Luck

  • mike

    after playing with ios4 for 30 mins now

    folders are amazing!!
    ios4 is really fast and responsive!!
    dock is awsome!!
    mutitasking is fast no laggs!!

    iphone 3GS 32gb

    overall nice job apple!!!!

  • abdulrehman

    hey buddy! can u help me??

  • iOS4 and an Angry Birds update all in the same day… June 21, 2010 is like Christmas… I need to shower iOS4 got me all dirty…

  • Good point, quite possible.

  • Shagai

    is this update fine with jb?

  • Vishnu

    Yea, I think thats the reason.

  • Eric

    still getting the backup error and then another error after i decline the backup. I always have the worst luck

  • Brundon

    its still backing up.. its been like an hour…. and only half way done… WTF man

  • clepto

    i really wish apple would torrent the ios4, lower the bandwith for the servers and less likey the servers will crash on teh 24th when everyones updating and setting up the ios4

  • Brandon

    Also no video recording as well as the no mms options.

  • Pyroskees

    I've had this build of iOS4 since the GM came out for devs and one really persistent but annoying issue I'm having is a memory leak. With casual use (ie safari, message apps) I'm getting serious lag and constant freezing. I'm wondering has anyone had his issue or is this just me?

    P.s I'm on iPhone 3G.

  • ch7

    Looks like im going to be upgrading next week at this rate. but im also soooo excited 😀 and cant wait till the 24th when I pick up my reserved iPhone 4 😀

  • Jak

    Awesome thx! works like a charm…updating.

  • KillerCheeze

    I had my 3GS spirit jailbroken (newer MC model), I updated to 4.0 with no problems. No jailbreak yet obviously but I took the risk seeing as I'm getting the iPhone4 on Thursday.

  • Christian

    All these people rushing to download ios4 but we dont know the negs yet as far as jailbreaking if any and most people having said that will not install it yet on the phone. So I'm waiting to downlaod and install until I know how well this will work with my 3g. I dont even know how to find my version or baseband. I'm not on my comp I'm on my friends so I can't even look in I-Tunes. 🙁

  • eric

    i give up. has anyone else had backup problems with the 3g? it wont do anything for me

  • N4TUR3

    im installing right now!

  • ios4.0 crazy

    I was wondering if i update to ios4.0 will i be able to jailbreak my iphone 3g again? In the nutshell is jailbreaking 4.0 possible yet or should i wait till its available?

  • JOHN


  • Vishnu

    Hey, these are 4.0 APPS on App Store

    Dropbox: Everyone's favorite file-syncing tool can now sync and complete uploads in the background, and also adds in support for fast app switching.

    Evernote: the notes-in-the-cloud apps adds support for fast app switching, and can continue to record audio notes in the background.

    Pandora: Yes, you can finally play Pandora in the background — and the quick music controls on the left-most panel of the app switcher even control playback when it's in the background. Nifty.

    New York Times: Nothing major, but the Gray Lady's supports fast app switching, so you can jump right back into an article without reloading.

    ESPN ScoreCenter: Supports fast app switching, although you'll still have to open it up for scores to refresh, since there's no background updating API.

    How to Cook Everything: Funny that a cookbook is one of the first iOS4 apps out there, but we're Mark Bittman fans, so this is pretty cool — it supports fast app switching, so you don't have to reload a recipe every time you close the app. Oh, and it's got newer high-res art for the iPhone 4. Tasty.

    Fandango: Now has fast app switching, so you can juggle other tasks while buying your movie tickets.

    LinkedIn: Yep, LinkedIn's iPhone app adds fast app switching to the mix.

    -Source – Engadget.

  • why is this fucking backup taking so long??


  • Got a 3GS NOT jailbroken/unlocked. But when I had my 3G that same prob happened when downloading the firmware, so I think the jailbreak shouldn't have anything to do with it

  • Updated my 3g from my jailbreak everything went smooth except the restoreing my contacts and everything to my phone!

  • DayvG

    It can be jailbroken with the latest version of redsnow and also you can enable multitasking and homescreen wallpapers with redsnow as well. I know cos I've had the GM since last weekend and have enabled it all on my 16gb 3G. Hope this helps :0)

  • mike

    backup your phone then put it in dfu mode and do clean restore

  • E4tH

    finally ibooks is available on the appstore

  • Reptile

    In ios 4 GM it has the Gaming center in the release today it has been removed.


    i'm not getting the multitasking, my apps are not stsying enbled when i switch between them, they just relaunch

  • iOS4 is simply amazing. From the new features to the quick responsiveness, waiting for a jailbreak/unlock won't be a problem. Apple has real outdone themselves.

    Can't wait for the iPhone 4.

  • Matt

    why does the device in your logo look like a Microsoft Zune?

  • Vishnu


  • Bob

    iOS4 was confirmed as jb able but as of now you can't jb it no :/

  • N4TUR3

    everyone what i did was restore my iphone and then updated it,chill i took a backup of my ecid or something like that so mayb i could go back to 3.1.3

    but i just gotta say os4…is amazing!

  • Ken

    do it mid nite should be fine. I remember when the 3.0 come out I did around 1 AM local time the second day. It took less then 10 min!

  • Ken

    go to your phone, Setting>>>General>>>About then scroll all the way down to bottom you will see your baseband and version.

  • E4tH

    you have to wait for the apps to be updated with the multitasking feature.. Vishu has posted a few apps that have been updated to have multitasking a few comments above


    Me to not sure why tho any help with that?

  • Matt

    3g all ios4'd working gr8 cant wait for redsnow to enable multi-tasking


  • Brian

    ultrasnow released:

  • Peter

    Thanks Vishnu, I completely forgot about this! Cheers!

  • i dont seem to see a sbs setting like feature built into the new os which i dont know why they are still making it so hard to do simple things like turn bluetooth on/off… hate having to go into 3 or 4 menus to do something so simple… thats a feature they should really look at android or sbs and finally put that into the os.

  • Not Happy

    Is it me or is it impossible to send MMS messages after the update

  • MMR

    Updated to ios 4 with GM a week ago, and jail broken, but now if I want to update itune says updated to most current (4.0)!!

  • E4tH

    thats is because the iOS4 GM is the same as the official release..

  • Steven M

    Wasn't there supposed to be a custom dictionary? I'm not seeing one. I was hoping to add some words and finally be able to type hell without it becoming he'll. Anyone know if this is a feature we can access?

  • Blake

    I think even AT&T's network is down because I can't use safari or load apps that require Internet.

  • Josh_Rhett

    I have Iphone 3g. Just a quick question to all those who updated their 3g to ios4. Does it have the orientation lock feature? Im just asking coz I only saw it on the multitasking dock in the pictures and as i've read, multitasking is not compatible with the 3g. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • ios4.0 crazy

    ok so i unlocked my iphone 3g 5.12.01 with the new ultrasnow 0.93. I was waiting for this desperately. Thanks a lot guys….u rock. No words can appreciate your hard work and excellent community service

  • Ryan

    Dont know if anyone noticed yet but i updated my iphone 3gs went to go send a pic to a friend by mms and now the little camera button inside txt messages is gone for adding pics so i went to pics and clicked on the pic i wanted to share and it only lets me share by email wallpaper and and assign to contact

  • MRM

    I updated to IOS 4.0 but now none of my apps will connect over Cell data. I have to be connected to WiFi for them to work??

  • Wtf

    Can't send mms messages after upgrading WTF is going on

  • Armhunter

    I downloaded the update quickly! but it does take a while for the iphone to install the software! Its been 20 minutes already… Cant wait..

  • dive guy

    Progress bar of 8 minutes till restore from backup.. 🙂

  • Skint3Gs

    Any luck yet?

  • B

    Nope all of the features with a star next to them require a 3gs

  • Jitu

    Been over six hours now and NOTHING! Stuck on "restoring software!"

  • I successfully jailbroke iOs 4 on my 3g.

    …did a fresh restore upgrade

    … then ran redsn0w_win_0.9.5b5-2 and used the Ios 4 gm 3g ispw with it

    … followed the instructions and done 🙂

  • 3GS

    A little of topic . iTunes 9.2 isn't recognising my 3GS , saying apple mobile device is not started. I have tried basically everything , any ideas ? Running W7 32-bit .

  • leggoman

    uk down loading now just saving not install yet

  • leggoman

    you need to send txt to have it turned on again by your provider i think thats what i read some place

  • leggoman

    you need to put in your setting again for your service provider

  • Audioslave54

    I upgraded to iOS 4 after JB with spirit everything is working well except i cant use 3G. i resored the phone to factory and it worked again, but when i restore my back up it stops working :'(

  • Kwopau

    Okay the update went pretty well, but there is one problem that I am facing after like 6 hours after updating my iphone 3G S.

    I was listening to music, and all of the sudden the music stops playing, and the app crashes and takes me back to the home screen. I try clicking on the music app again and 3 seconds later it crashes again. I was just on the apple community forums and some have had this problems as well. and some mentioned that the only way to fix this was to re-sync your iphone to itunes. Some said it has fixed the problem while some said it did not. So I want to hear from what you guys thinks about this?

  • magicmusic44

    its not the server or to many people 3259 is error that u have your firewall or anti virus stopping it i did the same thing downloaded 20 times till i figured it has to do with my virus protection then i remembered i have more then one .. anyway just DISABLE all anti virus and firewalls then u will be fine i promise.

  • Don

    I do not see any support for the Juniper or Cisco SSL VPN's referenced here and in another Walk Through article referenced here. I checked the normal vpn area and still only see the old options, I also checked the app store as one posted indicated you would need apps. Any ideas?.. this would be great.

  • sometimes error 3259 appears while updating itunes, so it should be noted before updating that you must have a valid solution for this error to fix it.