Blacksn0w Ported To Unlock iPhone OS 4.0

Blacksn0w - Unlock iPhone

Blacksn0w, an extremely popular tool to unlock iPhone for iPhone OS 3.1.3 and iPhone OS 3.1.2 has been successfully ported to work with the latest beta version of iPhone OS 4.0 and baseband 05.11.07.

This Blacksn0w port is based on modified binaries by msft.guy and the original Blacksn0w unlock released by Geohot.

The port is still buggy and one needs to re-apply the patched files every time the iPhone is rebooted.

veencee, one of the iPhone users who tried it out has posted a video as a proof of concept to show that Blacksn0w was successfully ported to unlock iPhone 3GS running iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4:

This is not the perfect unlocking solution for iPhone users as it can only unlock baseband 05.11.07 that was included in iPhone OS 3.1.2. The latest beta version of iPhone OS 4.0 also includes a new baseband. So if users want to unlock your iPhone, they’ll need to preserve the baseband using tools like iPhone Dev team’s PwnageTool.

The iPhone hacking community haven’t released a tool to unlock baseband 05.12.01 that was included in iPhone OS 3.1.3.

But the iPhone Dev Team and Geohot have found exploits in iPhone OS 3.1.3 baseband. So they could potentially release tools to jailbreak and unlock iPhone OS 4.0 making use of these exploits.

As always, we’ll keep you posted if there are any further updates so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via Redmond Pie]

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  • First! My iphone has been officially unlocked by o2. God help the US of A- Amen.

  • Klaus

    What exactly is a baseband?

  • The ‘baseband’ is the generic nickname given to the internal components of the iPhone that handle the phone calls and Internet access. This ‘baseband’ is a tiny and unique independent computer system that runs inside your iPhone, it is separate to the main system that handles the applications (such as email and google maps) and it talks to the main part of the phone over an internal communications network.

    Think of it like a cable modem or other peripheral that is attached to your home PC that needs occasional updates. When a software update is released and presented to you within iTunes the baseband is sometimes updated (to fix bugs or add new features).

  • Marcos

    i know it is not he right place to ask this, but is there a way to get the iphone's model number while it is stuck in the "emergency calls only screen"? i have the imei number and the ecid if this helps

  • pep177

    so is there a unlock program that works yet with 3.1.3? im asking because all the websites say they can but then if you read more it says you they cant yet because of the 5.12.1? just wondering why they say they can if they really cant and wondering when it will be avalible?

  • Craig

    Mine too, excellent service from them too when the unlocked, with t-mobile now. The beauty of the o2 unlock is that it's permanent!:)
    I was able to roll back to 3.1.2 from 3.1.3 and my unlock was intact 🙂

  • Angie

    O2 users please help!

    I too have an O2 iphone and I'm away from home right now. Can I ask for unlocking while I'm roaming or do I have to wait until I return to London?

  • Nick

    they do it because they want you to pay, once the got your money, if you have the latest baseband, they will tell you that the unlock is not yet available, and once dev team comes up with one, they will send it to you. so you are actually paying them for the work that dev team is doing for free. if i was you, i will save that money and donated to them once the unlock comes out.

  • You Don't have to wait to come. If you have access to computer, just fill the form on-line at o2's website, that's is it. You just have to wait about 14days to get it unlocked. Any probs, send me a mail.

  • Angie

    Thanks topsy! I've just submitted the form 🙂

  • Mate your are really really brave…

  • wutwut

    anyone know what that fancy dancy app was that opened up that little submenu thing to launch the terminal?

  • Red Hut

    I have 05.12.01. Can I reverse it to the old base band?

  • mizzle

    Well the feature was actually folders, it's integrated into iOS4

  • clayton

    Hi .. i need help ..
    i have jailbreak my phone using Rock . now my wifi doesnt seem to be woking. i have tried various websites and tried all the methods to troubleshoot the same . no luck yet.
    i need a solution jailbreaking i am currently using a iphone 3g version 3.1.2(7d11).
    i need to jailbreak it to 3.1.3 latest version .

  • rob

    use spirit jailbreak

  • paulo costa

    helo,i have a problem with my iphone 3gs with baseband 05.12.01
    can someone helpme with this?!
    there is already unlock software for this,but there is toooo much complicated for me.
    someone knows if geohot already released a new unlock that much more easyer to work with is?!

    from germany

  • paulo costa

    can someone please tellme the internet adress from geohot?!

  • Keebs357

    First create Custom IPSW with snowbreeze on 0s4,For 3GS with old bootrom 6.4, MC135ll, 4.0 os, If you did the cydia save with shsh. Downgrade to 3.12- jailbreak with blackra1n, go through the activation with itunes 9.2. then hit shift And restore and look for custom 4.0 os snowbreeze IPSW. Forget about if you used spirit. Your phone will jailbreak with no 1600 Error.
    I did mine like that and then added Ultrasn0w. Keebs357

  • mac


    this my 1st post of life on internet and its about my love my iphone….
    i been very thankful to u guys dat till now i have came to know about many things from others post and ur solutions.but now i didnt find any post relating to my iphone problem.the things is i live in india i bought an iphone 3g 16gb form dubai 2 years back running on 2.1 firmware not jailbroken but unlocked.den i upraged it to 3.0 firmware and unlocked it with ultrasnow.the things were running smooth till 4 days back wen i decided to upgrade to 4.0 firmware i jailbreak it with redsnow everythg was gud till the time i try to unlock it as suggest i used ultrasnow.but after downloading it and rebooting my phone shows "No Service" i tried many times rejailbreak it but same result everytime my carrier shows all the available service providers but even if i select my sim carrier it shows the same…and now i really very sad about it plz tell me what to do…………………..
    thank you very much……………………

  • kzar

    WTF????? not one snowbreeze file ive made haz worked!!!
    that redsn0w for4.0 woks.lil buggy!!!

  • iPHONE4

    Cant imagine that a dedicateed team is available to challenge Apple and they cant come up with an unlock solution for a firlware since months. Way to go dev team. Guess you need to spy apple engineersSNSN@GMAIL.COM

  • suresh

    Hi Topsy,
    Can u help me to unlock my iphone 3gs with OS4 in it.