First 720p HD Videos And Photos Taken Using iPhone 4

iPhone 4 to be delivered on June 23

One of the lucky users who received his shiny new iPhone 4 two days early has just published some high-definition videos and photos shot with the new iPhone.

His first impressions about Apple’s new iPhone:

“Thus far the screen is brilliant and clear, the iPhone is extremely thin and the sharp corners seem to make it a little easier to grip.”

But looks like even iPhone 4’s new antenna system won’t result in fewer dropped calls on AT&T’s network. He writes:

“Call quality is great, but I’ve already had my first (2 now) AT&T dropped calls with my brother on Sprint.”

He has posted a high-definition video recorded with his new iPhone 4:

Taken Indoors:

Taken Outdoors:

He has also posted a photo taken using iPhone 4:

iPhone 4 Photos

What do you think about the quality of the HD videos and photo taken using iPhone 4?

[Loyal Moses via MacRumors]

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  • eeyy upp lad

    not bad and i think im first 🙂

  • key

    video image is pretty decent once camera comes back to a standstill. otherwise it's not processed that great with movement. still, better than what it was by a long shot.

  • danny

    looks good. damn fedex hurry the f*ck up!!!! lol

  • nv

    where is mine?!?!

  • wolverinemarky

    would love to see low light images and vids using the flash

  • Styx Zadinia

    This guys lives in the middle of the woods and he's managed to get his delivered already. Amazing…

  • Theahbal

    you know what the funny part is, I was thinking the same! how in the hell did he get it when he is in West Bubble F$&*! nice view by the way! I would love to eventually live in a rural area like that

  • Dave

    H mm, Not that impressed. I just bought a HD Panasonic camera that shoots in 720p just like the i phone but the posted videos are a touch choppy in comparison. I imagine there is a little degradation when uploading to you tube and may have a little lag so Ill reserve my judgment until I see it live. First impression is a 7 out of 10.

  • Hmmm i see

    defo improvement over the 3gs but still only seems ok.

    my old LG Renoir only did 640×480 video but it had a better quality picture.

    dont know why am complaining really, never use the camera.

    contracts not up for a while, think ill wait til the iphone 4gs or whatever they call the slightly tuned version of the iphone 4 to come in about 1 years time.

  • Cooper

    Can your camera make phone calls? Can it surf the net? Does it have a built in calculator? Can you edit your videos on it immediately after taking them? Can it send text messages? Games? GPS? ……..

  • danny

    damn, even though i got the email to get my iphone on the 23rd, my fedex tracking still says 24th.

    are people on the west coast getting theirs sooner? im in san antonio, tx

  • I am in Oklahoma City, OK and mine shows 24th still. The tracking does show it's in the city though. The email from Apple did say to disregard the Fed-Ex estimate and expect it on the 23rd.

  • danny

    oh ok, mine shows that it left Memphis at 1pm today. im hoping that its in the city by tonight, then i should be getting it tomorrow for sure. seeing videos and pics of people with theirs already is torture lol

  • shut up u sensitive fairy he was just comparing the videos

  • BrentG

    Dont use the compressed youtube version.

    Download the native video from this link and you will be much impressed!

  • BrentG
  • national

    the cam is freakin amazing, the pictures

    I am in disbelief

  • jish

    Please…it's not like the iPhone can make phone calls or get on the internet either, at least not on AT&T's garbage network.

  • Jeet

    im gettin @ Oakland CA. @ 6/23 in the morning. im getting it by UPS

  • suckitbitch

    haha he called you a sensitive fairy!!

  • Cooper

    I'm on the Central Coast of California. My tracking says "Billing Information Received." It hasn't even shipped yet and will be shipped Next Day Air Saver so I'm not expecting mine until Thursday afternoon at the AT&T store.

  • Karlos

    That uncompressed video from engadget is pretty impressive, especially considering it's from a phone.
    I didn't preorder but I will be getting one as soon as I can.

  • Jc

    i live in dallas, my ups tracking says that ima get my iphone tomorrow!!

  • I SAY

    DAMN!!! where the F is the new bootrom jailbreak people!!!!!! DEV!!!!!!, GEO, get work together… get this out soon!!

  • Nicki

    That's what I'm saying..I upgraded my software yesterday to iOS 4 & I'm crying over my jailbreak being gone : (
    I'm checking their website everyday

  • ugh!

    how does one know if they have the new or old bootrom?

  • Joaquin

    R u serious?? Ur not impressed??? U just compared a cell phone to an hd panasonic camera.. The fact that it's a cell phone an it comes close to what a reg camera does.. That alone should make u impressed.. U just compared a cell phone shot to an HD camera.. Why wouldn't u be impressed??

  • thanxs for this useful information 🙂

  • Beside jealous I have nothing else to say…

  • The Retina Display is just nothing but marketing hype, and this is the first and last time I will ever call it that. Henceforth, it is just a high-rez display which has too many wasted pixels. If you've gone past the cognitive limit, than you're wasting money on something you cannot even perceive.

  • Chris

    looks very nice