First iPhone 4 Unboxing Photos And Video

iPhone 4 to be delivered on June 23

MacRumors is reporting that some of their readers have already started receiving their iPhone 4s from Apple, two days before the official launch day.

And we thought some folks are lucky to get their iPhone 4, one day early on June 23rd.

Users who have got their shiny new iPhone 4s have posted some unboxing photos of the new iPhone.

Macrumors forum user writes:


FedEx just dropped off my iPhone 4 just a few moments ago… 

Activation was snappy and smooth. 

Impressively cool! 


As of last night before bed, my delivery date was still the 24th, even after I received the email from Apple about a possibly delivery on the 23rd.

iPhone 4 Unboxing Photos
iPhone 4 Unboxing Photos

One of the users has also published a video recorded with a new iPhone 4, which means that he has also managed to successfully activate his iPhone 4:

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get the new iPhone 4 then we would love to see some photos. 


First 720p HD Videos And Photos Taken Using iPhone 4

[via MacRumors]

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  • wolverinemarky

    them some lucky ass people lol

  • Nobber

    jammy gits lol

  • Matt

    like the femal no legs strawberry pickers, jammy c###s

  • Matt


  • samsung jack10835


  • asa

    I want mine now!!!!!!!


  • danny

    he should have video taped himself in the mirror so we could actually see that it was with the iphone 4.

    but those are some lucky ass people that got them today. i hope fedex tracking is lying and they deliver it right now lol

  • Vishnu


    IT SUCKS!!!!!!

  • Vishnu

    Yea!! HOPEFUlly

  • Helnaw

    i pre-ordered @at&t,fedex says delivery june23 by 10:30 am

  • kriz

    What about the baseband ???

  • Craig

    Well, lets hear the ups n downs of owning one then, cos soon as T-Mobile UK get their bloody act together i'll be joining you i think 🙂

  • Thomas

    WTH they shipped mine UPS… every thing i ever get from them is all messed up. it better not be broke when i get it.

  • Craig

    Can someone tell me about the charger that comes with the IP4? Because the one i got with my 3Gs is a crock of shit, feeble, it perished at both ends in no time

  • Cooper

    Do you mean the cable that goes from the USB to the phone? Whatever you do, don't pay $20 to Apple to get a new one. You can buy them for like $1.40 at They ship US Mail from California. I got five of them for around $10.40 including tax and shipping and they arrived in two days. That would have cost over $100 from Apple.

    They work perfectly, power and communications.

  • Craig

    Thanks all the same, but am in the UK – certainly wouldn't pay Apple's over inflated prices for one!, bad enough doing that to get the phone :p

  • key

    agreed. monoprice is the place to go for cables and stuff. those standard apple cables are junk and each one that came with my iphones fall apart. quality isn't too great.

  • Craig

    *Charger lead

  • Cooper

    You're correct. The ones from Apple are way more flimsy.

  • taylor

    i get my iphone 4 in the mail tommorow but i can not find anyplace that is selling cases for them yet 🙁

  • PT

    can you buy this Iphone without a contract? If so how much is it?

  • sexyazzfireman

    Are u looking for one if so i have a extra iphone 4 for sale

  • sexyazzfireman

    Are u looking for one if so i have a extra iphone 4 for sale

  • PT

    yes but how do I get it? I hope youre not expecting me to send my money to you and wait to recieve it in the mail. I dont have that much trust for ppl in this world lol

  • duston f

    ebay my friend, just bought some cheapy rubber cases, 10 dollars for like 13 of them, they also have hard shell and decent quality cases 2+ dollars! : )

  • Blaze

    How much are you looking at selling your extra iphone 4 for?? Is it 16 or 32GB?



  • abdulrehman

    i want iPhone 4! from USA or UK! no prob! what is the price without contract?? from AT&T?


  • abdulrehman

    n YEA if Any 1 can buy for me i will pay him:);)

  • coconut

    just got my iphone 4 here in NYC, loving it!

  • Thanks for your advice. I will have a try.