Apple’s iPhone 4 Blended To A Smoothie

iPhone 4

It all started with the iPhone 4 lines a week before the official launch, we then had some lucky users reporting that they had received their shiny new iPhone 4 one or two day early and making everyone jealous with the iPhone 4 unboxing photos and publishing photos and HD videos taken using Apple’s new iPhone and we also had folks at iFixit flying all the way to Japan to take it apart.

So the only ritual remaining based on what we had seen since the launch of the iPhone other than iPhone Dev team jailbreaking and unlocking it, was for folks at BlendTec finding an answer to the question: Will Apple's new iPhone 4 blends?

None of the older iPhone models have survived the Blender’s assault, so what chance does this iPhone 4 with its front and back aluminosilicate glass panels, the same type of glass used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains have? 

You can checkout the video clip to find out:

We still haven’t seen the iPhone 4 smoothie for sale on eBay, in 2007 the iPhone frenzy had reached such a peak that the original iPhone smoothie was sold for more than $455.

[via BlendTec]

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  • Alek

    It took some beating

  • Asger

    IT can't blend the ipad with the alu, I think they took it of.

  • Thomas

    They advertise their blinders doing this, they try to show it will blind any thing you can put into it. It makes me sick still that they could destroy the phone like that but its good to know how strong it is. That is the longest i have ever seen any thing last in there before it starts ripping it apart.

  • CristV77

    i always hated this guy for what he always did to tech, specially with apple stuff, but now, i wanna blend his ball, c if thats funny

  • dsfa

    That was funny as fuck! That thing was turned to dust

  • Blairing snake

    What his old balls.

  • I SAY

    I wonder if the blender is still usuable after that.

  • Ben

    ….and the fan boys get all teary eyed! 😉


    I'd like to get a "prop" iPhone, put my wife's iPhone case on it a toss it in the blender in front of her. She'd like for 6 weeks! And finish, must around the time the divorce papers are drafted! LOL

  • Chris

    wicked video

  • Ben

    Were you high when you typed that? It made almost no sense.

  • Jcm800

    Lmao – "almost no sense"!