iPhone 4 Has 512MB RAM; Double The RAM Of iPhone 3GS, iPad

iPhone 4

As usual when Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s new iPhone 4 he didn’t go into the technical details such as the processor speed, amount of RAM etc.

He just told us its “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”.

We were waiting for iPhone 4 to be disassembled to find out the geeky things like the amount of RAM in the new iPhone.

It looks like we don’t have to wait that long as folks at MacRumors are reporting that Apple had confirmed that iPhone 4 has 512MB RAM during one of the WWDC sessions last week.

The session (Session 147, Advanced Performance Optimization on iPhone OS, pt 2)  it was revealed in is now available in iTunes. It’s available for download for registered Apple developers.

This means that iPhone 4 has double the RAM available in iPhone 3GS (256MB RAM) released last year and iPad (256MB RAM) that has been available since April.

This is great news for iPhone 4 users as the additional RAM will definitely improve overall performance. It should also help features like multitasking introduced in iOS 4 that will allow third-party iPhone apps to run in the background.

MacRumors believes that the additional RAM could be the reason Apple’s new iMovie App will work only on iPhone 4 and not iPhone 3GS or iPad.

We can’t wait to get our hands on iPhone 4 to find out the performance improvements. How about you? Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 4?

[via MacRumors]

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  • KastBlast

    Dude that would make it the fastest phone out there eat that android cock users.

  • WickedWeasel

    This great news! 

  • a

    not true you tool. dont be so ignorant

  • Spitfire

    Personally it's a toss up tween this and a htc desire for me, ip4 is fave at mo tho

  • Quan

    Will this increase in RAM kills the battery?

  • key

    they just thought they'd say that the battery lasts longer for the fun of it…..

  • KastBlast

    How is it not true so your say that a computer with 256 mb is faster then a computer with 512 mb.

  • duston f

    hmm, 1 Ghz Processor, 512mb of ram

    Windows xp anybody!

  • Kobe

    LETS GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quan

    Hey Key: I have not seen the complete performance spec, have you? Battery last longer doing what? Running both multitasking or just making phone or both? Do you own one, perhaps you can share with us?

  • funny thing is ..I failed on order 5 times..two out of the 5 went trthough somehow..hahah

  • theBankRobber

    Im sorry idouche but the HTC Evo has 512mb ram also. I dont give a Fuck what anybody says, if it wasn't for the Evo with it being THE 1ST PHONE with a front camera for vid chat, 1ghz cpu, and 512mb ram, apple would have NEVER STEP THERE GAME UP. Everything New besides the screen on the iphone was done with the Evo 4g 1st. If the Evo didn't include all the new features, iphone would only have had MAYBE the new screen. And Android is still 100% open compared to the closed os from iphone. I choose freedome and cheaper prices over any iphone and at&t.

  • a

    there we go, some1 who actually knows whats up and doesnt just talk out his/her ass

  • a


  • Nonoie

    evo is not the first phone with front camera….its been long time since a phone with front camera….

  • theBankRobbersucksballs

    if you want the EVO so much then get the fuck off this site. It says iphone in the url not HTC or EVO.

  • Noneya

    Your an idiot. He didn't say he has an EVO he only corrected the other idiot. Plus he's right. I have all the iphone model that have come out and everyone of them is better the the previous one. I like them all. I was only a few days from jumping ship to the EVO, but then apple came out with all these features which ironically the EVO already had. Go figure. So now I will stay with apples product.

  • Noneya

    Keep your replies to yourself. This a comparison between EVO and iPhone4. Not all previous phones know man kind.

  • KastBlast

    Nah sprint sucks iPhone and AT&T better Evo can lick big hairy donkey balls as far as I'm concerned. And also never even said any thing about the evo retards I just said that android sucks idiots.

  • Kastblast

    Yeah and your a retard too.

  • wolverinemarky

    this thread was not about comparisons its just about the iphone 4 having double ram

  • Los1015

    Wut i find funny is that in Europe n Japan they've already been using video calling for at least 3 yrs. I'm not too sure how long but just cuz Apple iPhone 4 n Htc Evo now have front facing cameras every1 thinks that this is sumthin new, which in actuality we are very behind. I kno u guys would prob want examples of phone models n wut not but i rem when i was in Portugal last yr my friend who lives out there said it cost him nearly $900 for that phone n he just traded it up cuz no1 really could afford them. i actually asked him to take me to a cell phone dealer n it was tru. They had bout 5 different models that already supported video callin, I just dont rem if they had fron facing cameras but i bet if sum1 really tries to search for it they'll c that this isn't really sumthin new. I dont want no more fights bout iPhone or Evo cuz there both great models of phones but if it weren't for tha iPhone there wouldnt be Androids out in tha market cuz they try to copy so much from Apple n vise versa. Either way i think we are all grown adults or at least we can all agree that no matter wut phone u prefer u will defend its position but rem guys its only a Cell Phone n theres more probs in this world then fightin on which phone model is number 1. Lets just agree to disagree n which ever phone model u have make tha best use of it.

  • katsuboi

    If iPhone never came on the scene, there would indeed be no EVO, or Incredible, or similar phones. Just chill ppl. Everyone is copying from each other anyway now.

  • AJ

    finally!!! Someone who isnt 5 years behind like the rest of the community!!!!

    the iphone 4 is great but it is true, these aren't innovations, they're additions from what already exist in other countries, and not just in what has recently been released!!!

    im talking about phones released two to three years ago (NEVER SEEN IN THE US)!!

    dont get me wrong!!! i love the iphone 4, but phones more capable exist in for ex. japan but when you bring them into the US, they just end up being BRICKS!!!

    All because U.S wont keep up with the latest cell technology cause in the end, profit comes first, customer satisfation and tech innovation comes second!!!

  • iPhonebarelykeepsup

    LMFAO at iPhone fanbois………Can't handle the fact the iPhone is a piece of junk with a logo on it to help it sell.

  • walnut

    Preordered at apple site on 6/15 10pm and just received a confirmation email states delivering on 6/24 thu. Yes kid!

  • nicacolo

    I pre-ordered on the 15th at 5:14pm and i can't wait!

  • jackdawak

    without iphone, there would be no Evo to compete with it..companies are just taking what iphone doesnt have and throwing it into their phones, and once the competition is up, iphone fights back…is a chain-reaction buddy…it'll always be like that

  • NoirBlazer

    Funny how everyone is on googles cock but yet if apple hadn't made the iPhone there would be no android and we'd still be using shitty smart phones with a stylus.

  • djman10

    Actually theBankRobber doesn't know what he's talking about. Nokia had a phone with 2 cameras (1 for video chats) since at least 2007. So stop calling people "tools" when you don't have your facts right.


  • Noneya

    There's only one retard here and that would be YOU. No one is talking about phone companies. We are talking about 2 phones retard. Plus AT&T does suck $25 for 2gb come on Metro PCS has a better deal than that. Yet another reason why they will lose exclusivity for the iPhone.

  • ray

    well if EVO wouldn't have done then some other phone would 🙂

  • lol……..u need a life….

  • cl1ps3

    Im gooing to wait to order let all the glitched iphone 4 go out first.

  • suckitbitch

    ya but htc made it… nuf said…

  • I would be interested in seeing if my iPad will run slower with multitasking in the new OS, now the ram status has been leaked.

  • lordK

    Just a few things:
    1. phone with multitasking was Nokia 7650 I believe, sold in europe in 2001, running Symbian s60
    2. The eldest phone with videocall feature I remember was Nokia N90, year 2005… but my old N70(y2005) had videocalling feature as well… doh
    So guys seriously both these phones are just adding features which are at least 6 years old,so stop arguing please. However the iPhone is way better, but I really miss the multitasking my old phone had.
    BTW from my personal experience, videocall quality is very poor and the data traffic will cost you a fortune, so don't get overexcited. And as far as I know your cellular networks are in such bad condition even now, you won't be able to enjoy much of videocalling anyway

  • Stanley

    It does seem that you have a valid point. The HTC Evo and The iphone 4 are almost identical in technology but you failed to acknoledge that in March Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC(Apple lawsuit). The lawsuit was over 700 hundred pages of documents proving Apples case. Also Apple filed patents for the technolgy that both the HTC Evo and iPhone 4 are using( Apple patent). Taking a look at the patents and the HTC Evo the photos look strikingly alike. Wouldn't you say so?

  • Plexi

    Well said, only a bloody phone, think some ppl care more about the phone than the ppl they are using it to call on etc..

  • jpboy

    yeah, in japan we've been using phones wit front facing camera and video calling at least for 5 years. my old cell phone i bought about 5 years ago had one and it also had a fingerprint scanner. and it was on 3G network of course. but now i love my iphone 🙂

  • Dustin

    ya know, truthfully, this should have been an area that Apple should have been able to shine in. with all the modern codecs and the incredible speed of this machine, there should have been some way they could have pulled it off on a 3g network…. I wish i had the programming knowledge, i bet i could do it.

  • iPhonebarelykeepsup

    "U need a life" says the guy trolling people on an iphone forum

  • iPhonebarelykeepsup

    "I wish i had the programming knowledge, i bet i could do it."

    You're an outright idiot. As you've stated, you've got no understanding of programming, yet you claim you would be able to do something requiring a very strong knowledge of programming.

    Think before you type dumb ass