High Resolution Pictures And Video Of iPhone 4’s Retina Display – It’s Gorgeous

iPhone display resolutions compared

Steve Jobs' claim that iPhone 4's display has a pixel density higher than what the human eye can resolve has triggered a huge debate. Industry experts have now been mulling over whether or not the iPhone 4 screen deserves to be called "retina display".

Dr. Raymond Soneira, the founder of DisplayMate Technologies has called Jobs' claims overly exaggerated. However, in a recent article on the Discover Magazine, Phil Plait, an astronomer who calibrates the cameras of Hubble Space telescope, has defended Steve Jobs noting that the argument holds true for a large majority of people who do not have a perfect vision.

The argument over the iPhone's retina display has overshadowed one of the most significant improvements incorporated on a smartphone. Apple engineers have packed close to four times more pixels in the new iPhone 4 display compared to iPhone 3GS. Samsung has also conceded that the retina display on iPhone 4 is marginally better than the Super AMOLED screen on Samsung Galaxy S.

Now, new high resolution pictures of iPhone 4 published by prominent Silicon Valley blogger, Robert Scoble seem to confirm these claims. Scoble has said that the close-up shots of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS display screens were taken using his Canon 5D MK II. These high resolution pictures clearly show how sharp the iPhone 4's screen is compared to iPhone 3GS without needing to go into the technical details.

iPhone display resolutions compared

Scoble points out that the high resolution on the new iPhone 4 makes it possible for users to read text without actually having to actually zoom in. You can compare the full resolution pictures of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS by clicking on these following links:

iPhone 3GS - http://www.flickr.com/photos/scobleizer/4697192856/sizes/o/
iPhone 4 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/scobleizer/4695267529/sizes/o/

Also checkout the video of the new iPhone 4 display and let us know what you think. 

According to Robert Scoble, iPhone 4's display is the best smartphone display “by far”. We think it's gorgeous and can't wait to get our hands on it.

[via Scobleizer]

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  • Vishnu

    Brilliant Display!

  • V

    What's the screen quality compared to 720p HD TV

  • Jcm800

    Hmm i was just looking at the WWDC conference video, and it struck me that the demo photo's of the black affro guy in SF that looks great and is said to be a still from the 5 mpix camera, is actually a still from the HD VID that they show at the conference!!

    The guy demoing the iPhone Movie app can be seen flicking thru clips and there it is!! Along with others that have been claimed to be pics taken with the stills cam, when in fact its plain to see they are stills from 720 HD Vid!!!

  • Yo Mama

    the 720p videos were taken WITH the iphone after the shots were taken with the same iphone… stupid.

  • Jcm800

    Nothing stupid about it, they look like stills from the video's, bubble butt.

  • s.vijay23@gmail.com

    ya whoever says Apple Iphone is a revolution and others just STFU

  • Dustin

    well, depends. 720 is referring how many horizontal pixels there are on a screen, there are 960 horizontal pixels on the Iphone 4. if you turn it sideways, its 640 x 960 @ 326 pixels per inch (over 1000 pixels on the 3.5 inch display) Its as high of a resolution as it needs to me on a screen that small. if they put that technology on a 37" flatscreen tv, it would be unreal.

  • xsvl

    can we please be adults here. goodness.

    iPhone 4's screen looks like the best screen i've ever seen. bar-none.

  • Ray

    Key to this argument is that it exceeds the human eye at about 10 or so inches. This makes his statement true. For example at 40 feet you could represent an iPhone with a single 16 bit pixel and it would be full detail.

    It's only as you get closer that more detail, like pixilation, becomes apparent.

    Just because you can zoom in on the iPhone 4 display and see pixels doesn't make the claim incorrect or misleading. You have to understand the context within the claim.

  • Cody


    Will be pre ordering mine tomorrow

  • killa_b

    hellzz yeah. im pre ordering mine also

  • iPhone Owner

    I really believe the Iphone 4 is trying to play off on 4g. The second Iphone was not called Iphone 2 but instead Iphone 3g to highlight the fact that it worked on 3g network thus faster than the first. Then they name the screen "retina display" and video conferencing "face time." Why not nickname the phone to highlight the screen or some other upgraded feature. I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard.

  • Be honest Iphone surprised me a lit bit this time…

  • yeah, iphone 4 takes lovely pictures, I have read many news on this, and totally be stunned by it!
    High Resolution Pictures And Video Of iPhone 4's Retina Display – It's Gorgeous
    So cool and amazing!
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