iPhone 4 Unboxing And Teardown Video Using 1700+ High Resolution Photos

iPhone 4

We've seen some unboxing and teardown photos of iPhone 4 and also seen it being blended to a smoothie but we haven’t seen anything close to this unboxing and teardown video created by folks at TechRestore.

If you enjoy unboxing and teardown photos then you should definitely check it out.

Folks at TechRestore have created this video using 1784 high resolution photos:

1784 hi-res photos combine to make a stop-motion expose of the iPhone 4, revealing every detail of construction, from packaging, down to the chips on the logic-board. Set to a custom electronic/glitch soundtrack, with fast paced action, this is no ordinary unboxing and take-apart video!

Pretty cool and for a change it was good to see it assembled and working again.

What do you think?

[via TechRestore]

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