iPhone 4 Vs. HTC EVO 4G: Which One Will You Buy?

HTC EVO 4G vs iPhone 4

Apple unveiled the next generation iPhone yesterday amidst a lot of anticipation and excitement. 

As Steve Jobs had noted prior to the event, the announcements at WWDC 2010 did not leave the users disappointed.

In fact, Apple has claimed that iPhone 4 is β€œthe biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”. 

Despite these major improvements on the new iPhone, Apple may not have it easy moving forward. This is because of the slew of Android handsets that have been unveiled in the past few weeks. Early this month, Sprint launched HTC EVO 4G, which is possibly the most advanced Android handsets to have launched till now. We had written about HTC EVO 4G in March this year. Back then, we had hoped for iPhone 4 to be a much better gadget than HTC EVO. So how do the two devices compare? Here is a feature-by-feature comparison of the two smartphones.


The HTC EVO boasts of a much larger display screen (4.3" compared to 3.5" on iPhone 4). However, iPhone 4 comes with a far superior 960×640 pixel "Retina display", which is the highest resolution among the current crop of smartphones.


Apple has incorporated their in-house A4 processor chip in the new iPhone, which can apparently clock 1GHz of processor speed. While HTC EVO's SnapDragon processor too clocks the same speed, it needs to be noted that handset manufacturers routinely clock down the speed in order to boost the battery life. We may not be able to comprehensively judge the performance of the two processors at the moment as we still don't know at what speed iPhone 4's A4 processor is running.


Both the devices offer a storage of up to 32GB. iPhone 4 comes in two versions offering 16GB and 32GB of storage. On the other hand, HTC EVO 4G comes with a 8GB microSD card that is expandable up to 32GB. 


Like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 too will work over 3G network. In comparison, HTC EVO 4G shall run on Sprint's 4G network, which is a lot faster. However, we need to note that the 4G network is still not available in large parts of the country and hence may not be a determining factor for a majority of the customers. 


Both iPhone 4 and HTC EVO come with a front-facing and a rear-facing camera each. The rear-side camera on the iPhone 4 is equipped with a 5-megapixel CMOS. HTC EVO on the other hand, comes with a much higher 8-megapixel rear-side camera. However, as we have noted in the past, a higher megapixel on the camera sensor does not necessarily imply better quality images.

Video Recording:

Both the smartphones allow users to capture HD video. The iPhone 4 however captures videos at a marginally higher frames-per-second and also includes video editing functionalities. 

Video Conferencing:

Again, thanks to the front-facing camera, both the devices allow video conferencing. iPhone 4 users may use the natively supported FaceTime app for Wi-Fi based video conferencing. HTC EVO users will need to purchase the Qik app that is available for $5. A basic version of the app is also available for free at the Android marketplace. Video conferencing on HTC EVO may be carried out over the carrier's 3G or 4G network apart from Wi-Fi. 

Battery Life:

An improved battery life has been one of the most significant improvement in iPhone 4. Apple claims that iPhone 4 will provide a talk time of 7 hours on 3G and close to 14 hours on 2G. HTC EVO 4G in comparison offers only up to 6 hours of talk time. 

Operating System:

iPhone 4 will come pre-installed with Apple's new iOS 4.0 that includes more than 100 new features while HTC EVO 4G currently comes installed with Android 2.1. However, it should soon get the Android 2.2 update that was unveiled by Google recently, which brings new features such Adobe Flash 10.1, Wi-Fi Hotspot etc.


AT&T has retained the older iPhone 3GS price point for iPhone 4. Users can purchase the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 model at $199 and $299 respectively when it goes on sale on June 24. On the other hand, HTC EVO 4G is already available with Sprint at $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate. Both the plans come with a two-year contract period.

Also checkout the feature videos of HTC EVO 4G and iPhone 4: 

As you see, there is not much to choose between the two phones in terms of hardware specs at the moment though in our opinion Apple retains its edge over HTC EVO 4G due to iOS 4.0 and the massive App Store, which now houses over 225,000 iPhone apps

However, the important thing to note here is that Android phones like HTC EVO 4G will keep Apple honest and put pressure on them to keep innovating (not that they've needed the pressure), which is always a good thing from a customer point of view.

So do you prefer Apple's new iPhone 4 or the new HTC EVO 4G? Which one will you buy? We would love to hear your views in the comments so do drop us a line.

[via Wired]

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  • MixHitz

    I'll take the iPhone 4, then the 5 and 6

  • Amadeus

    First… iPhone makes drool!

  • Mike

    The only two things the iPhone 4 brings that hasn't been seen in phones in the past is the gyro and the higher resolution screen….

    Front facing cameras for video conferencing have been around for a LONG time. Same thing for multi-tasking environments.

    I realize this is an apple fan-boy driven site, hence the bias, but … seriously… you think the edge goes to the iPhone due to its OS and market? Both of which are severely locked down compared to the Android platform…. and most of the other platforms, to be honest.

    You're also forgetting to mention that the EVO 4G does HDMI output, lets you buy a second battery to pop in if yours is running low (or a higher capacity battery if you want a longer talk time) and since it's open and lets you use your own SD card, you can copy whatever data you'd like just by mounting it like any old memory stick… I believe these are all huge selling points.

    One other point… since you'll be locked to AT&T, if you want to take advantage of the data tethering you'll be forced to "upgrade" to their limited bandwidth package of 2gb/month plus pay the extra $20/month for tethering ($55/month total… for 2gb of data). If you download just one high definition movie from itunes to show off the high resolution display… say goodbye to using your data connection for the rest of the month without paying overages.

  • lstatic


  • mike

    im a HUGE apple lover, but honestly i was very disappointed with the new iphone…. my contact is up june 15th and im torn…. wishing the new iphone was better, and really think im gonna jump on the evo….. the evo is hands down better than the iphone, and i dunno how anyone could argue other wise

  • Nonoie

    all ppl vote for HTC EVO 4g…didnt see it yet on there hands…..that phone is so bad looks bad, and feel bad….im still IPHONE lover…lol

  • lolumadbro

    Video is for the Incredible not EVO.

  • Franky j

    I'm lost with this EVO and iphone4. Is the battery a huge thing for not owning a EVO. Is iPhone 3.5 small screen a reason to not own a iPhone. Trust me I know there's a hole lot more to this fight But I'm lost! i4 has face time but only on wifi with other iPhones only. Is that in other closed graden thing going on. Evo has free sprint nav, tv and google goggles. But what's killing me is this battery thing on the evo.

  • Evo will be irrelevant in 5 months while the iphone will continue its dominance

    truth hurts, get mad

  • sooo…the evo is better because it has an hdmi output? lololol stop reaching kid…the screen resolution shits on the evos and that gyro technology shits on evo…u mad?

  • akri

    i love my iphone 3gs and for now have no plans to buy the new one only b/c i dont get wi-fi where i live…otherwise…its a big HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • t

    funny how this article had a HOWEVER for each EVO thing but forgot to however the lack of support for video over anything but wifi. I have evo and 3gs and I will have both evo and iphone 4, and im telling u unbiasely: EVO > iphone 4. even thogh ill have both and love both!

  • kevie kev

    Apple is clearly the industry leader and everyone else follows what they do

  • g rod

    clearly the industry leader and everyone follows what they do….. what?

    there is nothing that impressive about the 4g. they've practically had two years development time (since the 3gs is practically a 3g with minor tweaks) to design this and i thought it'd offer more wow factor. sure is a well polished device in your hand but the evo tops it in numerous ways. flash…. screen size…handy kickstand…fm tuner….the 4g network is a huge bonus. it definately in some ways is a better phone then the iphone 4. in a few ways the iphone 4 is better too.

    I decided to buy both devices. I joined sprint yesterday and got the evo and i'll be getting an iphone 4 too since im so used to iphones and still devoted to them.

    really i feel the only downside to the iphone 4 is att's shit data network. most areas are still on edge. its pathetic. im not waiting until 2012 to have 4g. i wish to hell they offered an iphone on sprint. then i'd get rid of AT&T and say goodbye for life.

  • Irha

    I was hoping they would come with gorilla glass, instead they now have double the glass to break (both front and back). Watch this video if you want to see gorilla glass in action on dell streak:


  • Pradheep

    try to give any stats kid… no one here thinks Evo is better…

  • Dobi

    HTC EVO 4G is better and the best by far.

    EVO 4G video chats over 3G and 4G, and over WiFi. EVO 4G is superior. iPHone4 ONLY chats over Wifi. iPhone SUCKS bigtime.

    EVO 4G operates over 3G network and 4G network. iPhone ONLY 3G. Again HTC EVO 4G is superior.

    EVO 4G allows 8 laptops to connect to the internet through it's hotspot. iPhone connects ZEROOOOOO laptops, NO CONNECTIONS AT ALL. Again HTC EVO 4G is Superior.

    EVO 4G has HDMI outlet, iPhone does NOT. EVO 4G is again Superior.

    EVO 4G battery can be changed in a second, iPhone can't replace battery. Again EVO 4G is superior.

    EVO 4G 8mp camarra, iPhone 5mp camarra. Again HTC EVO 4G Superior. Stop the BUT, BUT…BUT…nonsense. Proof is in the facts we can see and feel not in iPhone excuses by the fanboys.

    EVO 4G email is the best, iPhone email is a mixup and confusion. Again EVO 4G is superior.

    EVO 4G many GPS choices FREE, iPhone pay $99. Again EVO 4G is superior.

    iPphone superiority can't be stated, can't be seen, can't be red, can't be put on paper, it's only in the fanboys' statement, i.e., "Android 8mp, iPhone 5mp, BUT….BUT….BUT THEN AGAIN…HOWEVER…BUT…UMMM…HOWEVER….UMMM…"

    LMAO at the aaplheads, that are paying higher price for very inferior product that is iPhone4. AAPL made $800 million just from servicing garbage quality iPhone battery.

  • Dovi

    HTC EVO 4G is better and the best by far.

    1)EVO 4G video chats over 3G and 4G, and over WiFi. EVO 4G is superior. iPHone4 ONLY chats over Wifi. iPhone SUCKS bigtime.

    2)EVO 4G operates over 3G network and 4G network. iPhone ONLY 3G. Again HTC EVO 4G is superior.

    3)EVO 4G allows 8 laptops to connect to the internet through it's hotspot. iPhone connects ZEROOOOOO laptops, NO CONNECTIONS AT ALL. Again HTC EVO 4G is Superior.

    4)EVO 4G has HDMI outlet, iPhone does NOT. EVO 4G is again Superior.

    5)EVO 4G battery can be changed in a second, iPhone can't replace battery. Again EVO 4G is superior.

    5)EVO 4G 8mp camarra, iPhone 5mp camarra. Again HTC EVO 4G Superior. Stop the BUT, BUT…BUT…nonsense. Proof is in the facts we can see and feel not in iPhone excuses by the fanboys.

    6)EVO 4G email is the best, iPhone email is a mixup and confusion. Again EVO 4G is superior.

    7)EVO 4G many GPS choices FREE, iPhone pay $99. Again EVO 4G is superior.

    iPphone superiority can't be stated, can't be seen, can't be red, can't be put on paper, it's only in the fanboys' statement, i.e., "Android 8mp, iPhone 5mp, BUT….BUT….BUT THEN AGAIN…HOWEVER…BUT…UMMM…HOWEVER….UMMM…"

    LMAO at the aaplheads, that are paying higher price for very inferior product that is iPhone4. AAPL made $800 million just from servicing garbage quality iPhone battery.

  • Dobi

    iPhone battery sucks, really sucks.

    iPhone battery sucks so bad that you can't replace the battery.

    iPhone battery sucks so bad that customers had to make AAPL $800 million last year just servicing SUCKY iPhone battery. Don't believe in the AaplHeads hype, believe in the facts.

  • Dobi

    This article stated all the BETTER points about HTC EVO 4G, due to lack of iPhone better points the article writer/AapleFanboy had to downplay the HTC EVO 4G superiority by stating, "BUT…HOWEVER…BUT…BUT THEN AGAIN….HOWEVER….HOWEVER…HOWEVER".

    Only superiority statement for iPHone I have heard in the lack of any evidance is, "HOWEVER….BUT….HOWEVER…BUT….BUT…HOWEVER".

    Notice also, everytime iPhone MALFUNCTIONS the blame goes to the third party, i.e., Adobe, WiFi, ATT, Apps and etc…etc…

    Bye..Bye…iPHone…AAPL, walk back to the caveman's world.



    IPHONE 4

    I rather see a 3.5" RETINA SCREEN rather than an oversized mediocre screen (for a cellphone thats usually in my pocket). EVO owners will look ridiculous on a call, might as well use iPad as a phone lol.

    and the facetalk over wifi, tethering…simple fix….JAILBREAK!

    Plus we keep the unlimited internet and get tethering for only $30.00 on data, never had problems with ATT here in LA, our sprint reception sucks here.

    cant jailbreak an EVO huh?

    Gryoscope, only apple is good enough to add it first.

    As for other things like front facing camera and multitasking which wasnt done by them first, as they said THEY DID IT RIGHT!

    Friends who got EVO are going back to sprint to switch to new iphone cause theyre EVO dies in only 4 hours (no wonder you guys complain about battery removable and replaceable by user) and he tested it on 4G area,(slightly faster than 3G HA). Plus that shit is HUGE in you pocket (TACKY).

    Apps, come on please, apple owns that even if you say its restricted, it has all the apps that are needed and if it doesnt just jailbreak.

    iMovie and FaceTalk blows Qik out of the water. EVO tried thats all i can say.

    I'll give one thing to EVO, the HDMI output. but thats it.

    and Android is nice but still sluggish and iphone is a lot more useful, quicker, easier, and can be cleaned up easily with folders, add themes with winterboard, etc. Android is just okay (who gives a shit about Flash, saw it on an ex-EVO owner and its slow, buggy, and useless to use on phone except for videos- flash videos even slower.

    Money wise the iphone is more affordable. $200.00 after mail-in-rebate for only 8gb out of box. that just sucks going through a rebate and spending more just to get to match the iphone's 32GB. i like that the memory is not removable on iphone cause that way you dont loose the little micro cards that when i owned a phone with microsd cards, i never took out anyway.

    IPHONE 4 is the choice, no question about it, iPhone haters need to own one before they try to justify their failed attempts at a better phone.

  • Monkeywrench

    Evo 4 will be gone cus htc is making phones as the technology gets better and reliesing new phones all the time and not once a year but more importantly that tech is ease of use the iPhone is nice for this but really it's preference so get what you want. What's nice about user servicable batteries is custom battery doors with extended batteries for those that NEED it

  • that most likely will be true but only because htc has come out with a better droid phone and apple will still only the iphone 4. Its almost like the windows vs macs fight… like google mircosoft just focus on the os and their are tons of companies making pcs or you can just make your own pretty easy… so when some thing new comes out you like a new cpu then you can upgrade pretty soon after… but only apple makes macs and iphones so when something like the new dual cpus for smart phones come out later this year htc will have them out in a phone right away and apple will have them 6 months later while htc and other phone companies will have improved on their first models… I really think apple needs to look into release a new iphone at least twice a year… or at least different levels of phones…

  • meme

    I have an Evo and honestly u can't even browse text and listen to music without the music skipping it's a piece of shit.

  • yeah that stuff is great. i wish dell was faster about coming out with their phones… the thunder and strom look pretty nice… also wish the would come up with better names for their phones… i'm think about getting the streak or the iphone 4… just worried the streak is too big for a phone… wish att would come out with a 3rd option of droid phones…

  • Nonoie

    LOL you got that right…. you can hang the evo on your living room as your tv..lol

  • you should return yours… could be a problem… also droid 2.2 is a lot faster than 2.1 so hopefully that will be out soon for the evo…

  • ALEX

    I got the Evo and loving it, I can actually make phone calls now! AT&T SUCKS!

  • sooo..again the evo is better because it has an hdmi output? lolol…the iphone shits on the evos screen resolution…has better fps for 720p video…gyro technology…more talk time etc…yet the evo is better because u can make it a hotspot for laptops, and video chat over 3g? HA!

    you fail, try again.

  • Frank

    Well said. My wife has the new Evo but can't keep her hands off my 3GS. She will really flip when I get my i4. I jailbreak and unlock my iPhones and use it all over the world. Try that with your Evo and with jailbreak I my iPhone is limitless in what it can do. If I can think about doing it, I'll fund an App that does it either from the App store or Cydia.

  • Frank

    Edit: sorry about a few typos.

  • greg


  • lolumadbro

    Probably one of the worst trolls I've yet to see. Try harder fan boy. I ain't even mad either.

  • lolumadbro

    I'd bet a sizable amount that the problem you're experience exists solely between the keyboard and chair. Just sayin'.

  • lolumadbro

    The iPhone will always be shit compared to any other VZ / Sprint Android phone because ATT is shit. You fan boys can't argue that. /end

  • Marcelo

    I've had 4 HTCs in the past and always resisted the iPhone trend, until I was given one by my phone co. HTC's built quality is CRAP compared to Apple's and I will never go back no mater how cool android is.

  • mike

    ima suwoo killa haha homo… im no giving stats, go look them up yourself, but facts are facts…. the new iphone is sexy, but as far as features and something "new" it sucks….. trust me i got 2 macbooks, 2 ipods, an ipod touch and every iphone… i love my apple…. but the new iphone is a let down, most def!

  • Jonas

    I was so psyched on buying a Ip4 – but then it came out…

    Ok, these are the problems I have noticed so far:

    1. Falsh – Someone said flash is crap on cell phones… riiiight, guess that person hasn't checked it out for real.

    2. Doesn't operates below 0 degrees C!? WT… That is what it says on their homepage. Man, I live up north and would like to be able calling when I'm outside during the winter.

    3. Tne camera – I wish they would use a xenon-flash like some SE-phones. LED-flash, no thank you…

    4. Only Video calls over WiFi? OMG…

    That would be the major things…

    Morover, WOW a gyro… Nokia only had that 2 years ago…

    But one thing though… it is a very good looking phone πŸ™‚

  • Armanius

    dont forget that all smart phones with touch screen copied iPhone. its to early to get happy about HTC EVO. there were a lot of "iphone killers" but none of them succeeded and im sure Evo will be one of the failures!

    sorry for my bad English.

  • SteveJobs

    I must say, I'm glad that it's not people like you that like the iPhone. Your intelligence level really shows a lot of points. I hope you enjoy your EVO for the next 30 days until HTC decides it time to feed you more in another device that makes you drool but can't have because you're only 33 days into your new Sprint contract. There are so many devices out there that try to mimmic the iPhone and never do. The iPhone has had 3, now going on 4 different devices and has lead the pack. Where just like Windows, Android has tens of devices that crash, overheat, lag, and overall provide a terrible end user experience. So Apple made $800 million on battery replacement? I'd like to know where you get your facts and also, how much money did BlackBerry owners, HTC owners and any other mobile device owners spend on BUYING extra batteries?! Ha, you are something else guy. And just an FYI, iPhone has cases and external batteries that more than double the battery life. Enjoy your EVO troll.

  • samsung jack10835

    iphone4 forever evo not forever

  • SteveJobs

    How about the casing and the genius engineering? The Video calls only over WiFi isn't limitations to the iPhone it's still being worked out with the "carriers." Anyone notice How Carriers was made plural during the Keynote? The screen is crazy, the size is better (who wants to hold a huge brick to their face??), and the iOS is the BEST. Not to forget the AppStore and all the greatness that supplies. Really, there will be not stopping iPhone until Apple does so itself. Flash is trash, multitasking is unnecessary most of the time, and as far as any other "touch screen" phones go, seriously, type as fast as you can on those things and let me know how that works… Cause it's REALLY bad. I'm not some FanBoy I review a lot of phones and to say that ANY mobile phone on the market right now is garbage would be nothing short of ignorance. As far as reliability, quality and consistency goes, Apple is the King of the mountain and will be for a while. It's like someone trying to beat SquareSoft(SquareEnix) at making a classic RPG, it's not going to happen /end rant.

  • Dobi

    It's funny how these bloggers trying to push incredible down peoples' throat when all everyone is talking about is HTC EVO 4G vs iPhone.

    This Applefanboy punk puts an incredible video instead of EVO 4G.


  • SlySuerman

    evo vs. Iphone
    well lets see…
    Iphone hands down.
    i mean evo is nice but the carrier sucks so it has 4g but sprint has almost no towers so who cares. driod love the key board and memory card expansion same as evo but its a Verizon phone which has better coverage then sprint but still drops calls like a bi#ch.
    everyone bitches about tethering who gives a shit jailbreak. at&t did bad and good with offering lower prices on data for cheap asses that dont want to pay 30 bucks a month good idea bad that they wont offer the unlimited but i can still keep it and who real dowloads a lot not on wifi anyways its everywhere.

  • KLG

    Actually the LG Prada was the first phone with touchscreen recognition in the world. Apple just released theirs first.

  • Cody

    I noticed that as well.. lol

    I don't know why anyone really debates and argues which phone is better.. there is never going to be a straight answer. It just depends on the people.

    I'm sure someone in this world would prefer to have Nokia 2110 to any other phone just because they like that it gets the job done.

    Who makes better phones.. HTC or Apple? It's an endless battle that will never end just like the whole Mac vs PC.

    There will always be a battle. Just shut up and enjoy your phone.


    carrierS because the iphone is sold in more countries (other countries = more carriers).

    the developers there were from 57 different countries so he had to address it plural

  • Dobi

    iPhone4 (FAKE 4G) is a COPYCAT OF HTC EVO 4G(the original and only 4G network run phone)

    iPHone tried to steal the thunder by FAKELY naming it's iPhone under '4' trying to confuse consumers into thinking that it runs on 4G network. iPhone is not capable of running on 4G network, the faster network. Only HTC EVO 4G is capable of running on 4G network.

  • Dobi

    iPhone4 (fake 4) was a FLOP.

    No sooner did iPhone4 unmasked, the EVO 4G superphone was soldout all over the country, even Sprint online.

    It looks like everyone was dissappointed with iPhone4, not much of an improvement. So, those who were holdingout buying EVO 4G to see what the latest iPhone had to offer were HUGELY DISSAPPOINTED..They rushed to buy HTC EVO 4G. But they were too late.

  • Dobi

    With iPHone, you can't even video chat at all, Jobs couldn't even chat on WiFi. iPhone glitch Malfunction thwarted the demonstration. THen he blamed it on the WiFi, just like blaming everything on ATT, and Adobe

  • Scott

    I've had a jailbroken 3GS for about a year now. Infinitely better than a jailed iPhone, but there's still so many things that piss me off about it after using my friend's HTC Incredible.

    Mostly, I hate AT&T, the lack of Google Apps integration, lack of free GPS, lack of Maps layers, lack of removable battery and lack of removable memory. That's not to say new android phones don't have their flaws, but there's just so many damn manufactures and people working together to advance android devices that they'll always be on the consumer-driven cutting edge.

    Don't get me wrong, I do like the jailbroken 3GS, but I'm definitely an iphone-to-android convert.

  • Shrivatsa


    STOP SPAMMING man. you are such an annoying shit.

    your opinions are based on pure bullshit. if u hate the phone so much then fuck off from the forum.

    i feel iPhoneHacks (in comparison to other forums) has a decent percentage of people who come up with good comments. you seriously take a gun to that average and shoot it.

    "It looks like everyone was dissappointed with iPhone4, not much of an improvement. So, those who were holdingout buying EVO 4G to see what the latest iPhone had to offer were HUGELY DISSAPPOINTED..They rushed to buy HTC EVO 4G. But they were too late."

    are you fucking serious? you should become a sensational journalist. /rant
    Ok, the iPhone 4, in my opinion, quite a beautiful phone. Ive used the EVO, and its really not T H A T bad…but it honestly feels like a brick. its sickeningly large. Android, yeah its amazing in its own right. But honestly, i prefer iOS because it does what i need it to, yeah it has lame limitations but thats part of it. its about the choice a person would make.

  • ATThater

    I hate the argument that everyone makes concerning jailbreaking. I believe a device that is purchased by a private party should be fully customizable out of the box. It's great that jailbreaking is an option but I seem to remember just two months ago, tons of people around the world having useless phones because of apples attempts to stop the jailbreaking community. I personally had to wait 2 – 3 months for the spirit jailbreak to come out after I purchased a 3gs with 3.1.3 already on it. Jailbreaking is a great idea and I love the fact that it is available, but when I think about the fact that in most cases WE are completely dependent on it to fully enjoy the "best phone on the market" I get a little sick to my stomach.

    Also, consider this, ATT has a failing network. Apple exclusivity must be nice for ATT, but now they have gotten to the point where making a simple phone call is becoming almost impossible. Supporting both the iPhone and iPad is becoming a huge burden for them. So much a burdern that they are forced to introduce 3G data caps. I'm sorry, but I go way over 2 gig in data usage every month so this just isn't going to work for me anymore.

    To cap this topic off, jailbreakers are all saying that facetime will work over 3G if you get My3G. True, but do you really want to be on the ATT network when EVERY iPhone user does this? I tremble at the thought of how ATT is going to handle this increased network load. Oh, I forgot, they won't handle it. Not until late 2012 when they are supposed to START their network upgrades.

    In the end, I still think iPhone is a great purchase and iPhone 4 is looking very tempting. But, and this is a huge but, what good is a bad ass iPhone 4 when you are stuck on what I believe is the worst cellular network? I will be purchasing an Evo, not because I see a major upgrade in it from the iPhone (although it kind of is compared to the 3gs), but because I'm sick and tired of ATT screwing me.

  • Khattak

    will go for iphone4. HD2 sucks.

  • Ryland

    The biggest note i see in this debate is clearly carriers, and being able to video chat over them. Att has only a 3g network yes however its the fastest, yes i know that ppl have "dropped" calls, but you must be in an area with several hundred thousand to millions of ppl trying to access the network at any one time that could mess up any carrier including VZ or Sprint, but wait sprint doesnt have that many customers haha. ok back on topic, the 3g speeds and ability of the ATT service are faster and can access data as well as make a phone call trump VZ and some bs thing called 4g. By the end of the year ATT should have its 3g++ network which would allow for faster than 4g downloads and stabilize the network in high population areas. Can anyone say what Sprint or VZ is doing for its coverage or speed area? ohh thats right basically nothing. If those companies were to get an iphone they would be crushed under network stress and the likes, but they cant offer the phone because of the networks they use sooo never mind about that. Lets talk about the video conference. mr. SJ said that no video over 3g in 2010, so in 2011 when the new 3g++ for ATT is going to be ready we will prolly get video chat. However, how often are you going to use that function? i see it as a 20% of phone calls maybe because it is not a function that is needed for most calls. Ok so as an iphone user i have to video chat over a wifi darn i guess if i really really needed video chat i could go to starbucks lol. What will sprint give me? oh wait i moved six feet to my right and lost service hold on….oh ok got it back. give me a break. I know ive brought all this up with no real facts but playing around with my gfs incrediable (which your right is not the EVO4, but same processor camera and everything else just on VZ network) my 3gs is more consistant and quicker at finding things. oh but i forgot i dont have navigation, but i have the best GPS home program, and i can read directions! damn it i thought i was supposed to b a monkey not a thinking and learned human….I could continue this like how the screen sensitivy sucks and its user friendly oh wait i think android forgot what that means lol…..With everything that Apple and ATT have going for it the other carriers are always trying to catch up no matter what. I dont care if HTC or Motorlla get new techs in their phones first you know Apple and Steve Jobs wont make mistakes or buggy products. They are solid and will beat anything on the market.

  • Thanks for highlight it, fixed it.

  • Jesse

    All I have to say is many phones have come and gone claiming to be iPhone killers. I'm still waiting for those to actually kill the iPhone, but it seems to me that won't happen any time soon. KEEP TRYING IPHONE KILLERS

  • MK

    We have a corporate account with both, Sprint and ATT. I personally have an iPhone 3GS at the moment and was actually considering getting EVO until I saw it on Iterop conference.
    EVO is much bulkier and havier than iPhone, which was a huge turn off for me since I do a lot of international traveling for work. I was told by the Sprint rep that EVO has even worse battery life than my current iPhone, which has been one of my beef points with iPhone.
    Another major reason not to get EVO is that it has no international coverage as don't most of the Sprint phones. So just imagine, you are taking a vacation or going for a work related trip outside of North America and your EVO is as good as trash, unlike iPhone.

  • Dark

    I had the iphone 3G and now the 3GS. My nephew has the EVO and we are in a 4G area. I have to say that from what I've heard of the iphone 4G, the EVO is much better. That thing is nice. He already has a custom rom on the phone which make flash video sites work perfectly now. Video conferencing works to and from any phone that supports it, were as the iphone app will limit you to only iphone users. Its possible Qik for iphone or some other app will let iphone users get around this but who knows. I have to say I have enjoyed both my iphones but I may be one of many to jump ship to a different handset. Apples refusal to support flash is a big issue for a lot of people.

  • Mike

    I don't own an EVO, I don't plan on buying an EVO… and I'm not a kid. I'm an electrical engineer and I like my gadgets and it's impossible to not read this and not see the article purposely left out key features that the EVO has over the iPhone. I'm befuddled on how you can say that having a standardized HDMI output isn't a selling point over a proprietary locked down customized apple cable…. or how you can say that it's "reaching"…

    Also.. I specifically said that the iPhone 4 has a higher resolution screen… not sure where you're going with that. All I was trying to get at was the ONLY things that this new iteration of the iPhone does that no other phone currently does.. or has… is the screen resolution and including a gyro. I'm not really sure how you can deny that.

    I guess you could say that Apple finally (I think) is allowing you to actually group your program shortcuts into relevant categories (… folders)… something that I could do on my ancient SE P900 from around 7 years ago.

    I'm not trying to say that the iPhone is a bad phone. They're great technology. I'm trying to point out that quite a few people (including you, apparently) are so blinded by the Apple logo that you ignore the fact that there's equally good hardware and software available elsewhere that can do just as much… if not more…. that the iPhone platform…and it did it first.

    I had video conferencing over 3G with my front facing camera on my SE P1i over 3 years ago. … and I'm sure it wasn't the first that could do it, either. Why is the iphone limited to doing it over wifi?

    As anyone over at MADE magazine would say… "if you can't open it… you don't own it"… so unless you jailbreak so you can install the software that Apple doesn't force at you in the market you and aren't afraid to open it up to change your own battery… it's not really yours.

  • Mike

    They posted an OTA update within a day or two of that coming to light that fixed the problem…. which pretty much lined up with the actual public release date of the phone….

    Do you want to bring up how Jobs fell flat on his face with his wifi video conferencing demo?
    Sometimes things happen… at least they took action and fixed it quickly.

  • Mike

    What's with all of you Apple fanboys calling everyone "kid"?

    And that "mike" isn't the same mike as me that posted up above.

    Anyways… up above I wasn't trying to say that the EVO is necessarily better. I was pointing out that a number of things were left out of this comparison that could easily sway an "ease of use" person once they realize they can change their battery at will and use the HDMI cable they already have.

    People should be fully informed before making decisions.

    Oh and… yea, I have a friend who's been hardcore into Apple since the first iPhone came out and he said as much as he likes his iphone and the improvements that 4.0 appears to be bringing… he's switching to Sprint for the EVO as soon as his contract is up in February… how's that for a stat?

  • why are people talking about sprints 4g network? like its something special? 40 dollars a month for 3-6 mb download speeds in minimal areas. When att is upgrading their network 14.4 hspa+ 3.5g network will be better than that crap we'll still only be paying 30 bucks.

  • thats up to you, but if flash was so important, then apple wouldnt be breaking selling records left and right every year.

  • JoBo

    LOL- Fastest 3G network??? Don't you mean smallest 3G network????

  • Y don't u enjoy your evo somewhere else


    I love the iphone for so many reason and at the end of the day its the best phone on the U.S. market to me. Someday somebody will make a phone that will put the iphone to same but until then we are suck with the many things i and alot of people dont like about apple the company but when your #1 you do things people dont like or respect.

  • Louis

    I guess the Gyro in the iphone is too help keep you balanced after leaving the apple store when purchasing your new g4 phone you'll be spinning in circles..

    So what if I am in a wifi hot spot and I want to video chat with my buddy who has a g4 too who's not in a wifi spot. Can I still call him via video? wi would you want to…

    Let me have a gyro?

  • cockmaster

    you guys are SERIOUSLY RIDICULOUS…both networks do have their flaws and their strengths… as the same with the Iphone and the Evo. I personally have an Evo and I LOVE IT. The Keyboard on the Android platform is flat out horrible. i can type faster and more accurately on my mothers ipod touch than on my evo Dispite the larger screen. i will give it to apple on the keyboard on the iphone. Overall Both phones are great phones. The Real major issue with the iphone is that its locked down to AT&T. personally and im sure many many more peopel agree, The day Apple Finally decides to leave that shitty AT&T Network and go with another network that can truely unlock the potential of the iphone, many more people will go iphone including myself

  • Kush Smoka

    I've seen some people mention that if VZ or sprint got the iphone, there networks would be just as bad. FALSE, if VZ Sprint, or any other new carriers got iphone, it would IMPROVE the quality of ALL networks including ATT because the data load of iphone usage would be spread over multiple networks not just one.

    the other thing is, if Iphone went to other networks, ATT would be forced to go back to unlimited data usage unless ALL the carriers capped data usage.

  • 1crazyman

    I don't know anything about the phone your talking about but I had the HP 6315 iqpac around 2002 or 2003 and it was touch sreen before I got my iPhone 3gs

  • mark santos


  • damani

    hmm all this complaining, why don't you compare this to a jailbroken iphone. Since most jailbreak their phone. the iphone 4 jailbroken, will be able to make a hotspot, it will get free gps, megapixals dont matter it just makes the picture big when you look at it the lens make a great picture, the iphone email is better dont waste your time thinking other wise. your just mad because you can't or will ever own a iPhone so you want to make it seen like your phone is better when it's really not. get over it people who want the iphone will get the iphone, people who want to get the evo will get the evo. it's just personal opinion. which device fits the user better. ahhh problem solved!!!

  • hate apple

    ya kid!! why don't you read the whole comment before opening your little mouth, pay the master the fee and be an idiot , ya get the phone that used to be unlimited data for $30 a month now 2G for $25 a month did you finish high school? if not let me help you out, ATT and apple is going to shove it till it bleed with this rate plan, i can't stand apple fan boys no longer. you are an idiot boy. but again daddy pays for the phone so you should be ok.

  • Rob

    Lol just get whatever phone makes you happy. I've seen both, they have their plus and minuses. I went with Evo because of ATT and their crap plan pisses me off, and flash support is a big deal for me. Browsing on an iphone has always feel gimped to me.

    I hate the battery life, but then again don't be an douche and leave things like wifi and bluetooth on when you aren't using it. Once HTC has Froyo update ready, the battery life will improve as well (keep in mind Evo is running 2.1). Also, while at work I keep it plugged into my laptop…Keeps it charged/recharged.

    Fact is they sold ~400k units in the first day, and after 2-3 shipments to their stores and bestbuy, radio shacks, etc in the past week, they are still sold out with waiting lists everywhere, one week later. Evo 4 definitely has a high demand.

    Personally I think you iphone fanbois should be happy, products like EVO 4G will force Apple to continue to progress instead of resting on their laurels. But then again, ATT sucks, I sold my iphone after the frequent dropped calls, don't have nearly as much problems on my Evo. Its like owning the swiss army knife of smart phones.

  • nebihassan@hotmail.co.uk

    i would like to know how is iphone os 4g RAM is

  • Ramineo

    does anyone knows how much iphone os 4g would be on pay as go 16gb

  • buglas

    I am currently trying to decide between iphone4 and EVO. Which phone should I get?

    As a note, I currently have an ancient flip-phone with Sprint service. I have never owned a smartphone.

    Taken as a whole, professional and user-based reviews of both devices seem to offer very high praise. For the way in which I anticipate using the device (texting, email, web surfing, maybe a few photos and, of course, making phone calls), I firmly believe that either device would fully meet my expectations.

    My brother-law-law is a huge apple fan. If they put an apple logo on a turd, he would buy it. Of course, he loves his iphone and has given me countless demos on all of the cool features. iphone4 sounds like it will be great, as well. My only experience as an owner of anything apple is my ipod, which I love dearly.

    A few days ago, I had the chance to play with an EVO in the SPrint store and was suitably impressed. Seemed to do everything I would want and seemed to do it well. There was a 4G connection in this particular store and the phone was very fast.

    As I see it, each has a major drawback:

    EVO: there seem to be a lot of comments/complaints about battery life.

    iphone: you are stuck with AT&T (and before anyone jumps on me, I am not saying that AT&T sucks everywhere. I am saying that, in my personal experience, I have encountered very few iphone users who have anything positive to say about their ATT experience whereas Sprint service seems to be reasonably good in my area).

    In the end, I am leaning toward EVO simply because I think the battery issue will be easier to work around than any ATT performance issues.


  • Rick

    Im sorry to say after being with the Iphone since the beginning I am leaving it for the HTC EVO. Not so much for the phone but I can no longer be raked over the coals by AT&T, I am a huge fan of apple and all their innovations, some of their snobbiness I could do without. I will always use apple products with confidence but I am done with this phone company.. SWITCH TO ANOTHER CARRIER APPLE!!

    Thank you.

  • Jake

    I'll still take iPhone over any Android crap any day πŸ™‚ Apple has always satisfied me. All my friends have HTC android phones and quite frankly they just aren't iPhone. Don't know how to explain it really but they feel inferior. And quite honestly, i don't give a crap about the "facts" when they don't seem to sway me at all. Apple is cutting edge in style and efficiency and always will be.

  • Rick

    Not to mention that if you Jailbreak your Iphone and use My3g you will exceed your data cap. Because in order to do face-time you need the new phone which equals new contract which equals no more unlimited 3g and your hosed! Plain and simple. I am not arguing which phone is better its simply that ATT sucks and I have had it with them Iphone or not!

  • RIck

    ATT new network by the end of the year? Hello, Im Earth have we met?

  • Rick

    Trust me the Iphone battery is no better than EVO… I have and tested both against each other.. ATT does suck thats why after almost three years I had to say goodbye to my Iphone:(

  • Apple "fanboy"

    I think its funny how even though you think that all of us apple "fanboys" are major idiots, you're bothering to attempt to argue a point. I'm sorry but you're not going to sway me at all. APPLE is who I'll trust when it comes to pretty much anything involving technology. You won't sway me with anything you say but you still bother. You're making an argument that doesn't matter. Iphone is better for most people I think. That won't change honestly. The iPad will be in the news as will the iPhone 4, and all the rest of the iPads and iPhones. HTC is just an iphone wanna be and always will be. To each his own but I'm going with iPhone 4, 5, 6, etc. every single time.

  • Ill take the HTC evo over the iphone any day.. here is why. Iphone 4 looks nice but no huge change from the 3gs. why go pay for the new one when its almost the exact same thing as the 3gs and the iphone 3g. Nothing big ever changes with the iphone. yea the screen resolution is better so what the EVO has a 4.3 inch screen which shits on the iphones 3.5 inch screen.. steve jobs needs to change up the iphone a bit cause i dont see why you would upgrade from a 3gs to iphone 4 all because of resolution. i dont hate on the iphone i think its an amazing phone ive had it since the 2g came out but to be honest im picking the htc evo over it.

  • Thanks. A bit brash and immature but you make very good points. I am struggling to decide between these two. I have a day off tomorrow and I'm either going to go ahead and switch to sprint and buy the evo, or preorder the iphone. leaning heavily towards the evo. It has a weird screen issue, send it in and get it fixed for free. It has low battery life, turn off services you don't need, buy an extra battery and change it if you're on the go using it all day. Camera lens gets scratched? Buy a full body Zagg invisibleShield (I'm sure theres one out specially made for this phone by now.)

  • Eli

    you all can say this and that about the iphone and the evo but the truth of the matter is, this will never end. I am not an Iphone but when you have to give recognition to those that deserve it I will. And I must say that the Iphone 4 looks pretty promising, lets leave it at that. If it were not because os the AndroidOS you, Iphone fans, would never have gotten this new Iphone, so we have to give credit to HTC and Google for the Android OS. I will not go on and babble about how good or not the Evo is, because I am not a big fan of the phone either. But if I must say, Apple is making a huge mistake restricting the Iphone to AT&T. Yes in your area it might work well, but that slogan "the fastest 3g network" is just a bluff. In my area, AT&t has the most dropped calls, the worst sound quality and the highest rates. So no matter how good the Iphone4 can be, I am not getting one for myself. Sprints 4G works in about 35% of the area here so, that is not such a huge advantage. Plus the contract signing on both companies just keep me away from them. I have not tried out the Iphone4 nor the Evo first hand, but I have tried out various Android devices and the Iphone 3g and 3gs, and I will put my hands in fire for android. The earlier versions of the iphone do not stack up to the android system in no category, no matter what you iphone fans say. With the variety of android devices out in the wild with all the different carriers, the iphone brings in no competition. Period. I must say thank you to Apple and the iphone for they cause the emergence of the Android OS. Oh and the G1, did become the Iphone killer if you must know.

  • Eli

    you will make the wisest decision getting the Evo. With the new 2.2 update, that thing is gonna be the bomb. Plus, At&t coverage sucks compared to Sprints, so that would be the biggest issue. Not to mention the unlimited data plan from sprint is far better than that of At&t's plans. So I really do believe that this should be a no brainer. I the Iphone were to be available through Sprint, then good luck deciding on which one, but since that is not the case.

  • W.West

    Honestly I'm not much of an iPhone fan, but this has been the least biased(still biased some obviously) review of these 2, what I'm sure will be equally amazing phones, I have read yet.

  • Mig

    love the iphone hate at&t though ! they rape people with there data plan . Wish apple would go to verizon , F@#! At&t !!!

  • lovestephon23@yahoo.com

    man my evo is great and i been on sprint since 1998 so i be dumb to switch 2 at&t to spend more money fuck apple i was a windows mobile guy but now im lovin g my android phone hahahahaha come over to sprint

  • RAJ

    I still prefer Iphone becoz apple is apple cannot be compared to any other phone

  • franklin

    ha nice argument, have fun paying for that at&t service, I already tethered my evo to my laptop and its amazing, no data cap and a flat fee for service. Also my phone actually works as a phone no matter how I hold it. how good is a phone that can't even make calls without dropping them? does a better screen resolution make you feel better about how the evo's service shits on the iphone? oh, and the evo is actually on a 4g network…

  • David

    At this point, I'm completely lost as to which phone to get. FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS HAD BOTH PHONES, which do you recommend?

  • Jobrogeo

    oh my goodness…i have never seen so many people take so much time trying to be better over another, now i don't even want to get either phones because it makes you evil, angry and hate…WOW seriously!

  • Meph

    Um no actually Samsung had touchscreen smartphones out like four years before the iphone was ever announced… better check your phone history again buddy. By the time iphone came it boasted only one feature different than previous phones, and it was highly touted in the media… What was it you ask? The pinch zoom in/zoomout feature. Yeah Apple is real innovative… they have yet to come out something first. And even when they match what is on the market they rush it and release a horribly under tested product.

    Good luck with your crap reception, dropped calls and limited data plans.

  • chris

    Thanks to all who've posted here – I've thoroughly enjoyed wasting a bunch of time reading through the back-and-forths. Well, not much going on in our department at work today, so more treading water than wasting time.

    Only thing I'd like to jab at, and this is manufacturer-agnostic… why on earth would anyone need 6+ hours of talk time? Maybe's just because I am antisocial and don't really wanna talk to anyone, but I can't imagine needing that much talk time between chargings on any phone. Maybe if I were a more popular fella with more friends, but geesh.

    Anyway, carry on, by all means.

  • i'm going with the evo, for one simple reason OPEN SOURCE. i simply loathe apple's i-life, proprietary everything mindset. their foundation being built on unix systems is great, but i prefer open source any day. much more niche focus, hacks, etc.

  • fucking badass

    your a retard suwoo, he said it was better for like 10 reasons, pluss the iphone is just better becsause your an apple fan, they both have good reasons to buy them but in my opinion id rather had unlimited data instead of just 2 gigs for the same price it just seems liek the better buy unleess your an apple freak

  • fucking badass

    fucking apple fags i know apple is great and has a definite better os but the fact that att sux balls makes me not even want the iphone

  • Roger

    Word! Way to be. HOWEVER…BUT…UMMM…HOWEVER….UMMM… Bias article. This website is an iPhone owner circle jerk.

  • Amp37

    I agree plus 4g isn't hardly anywhere. Plus who the hell has 8 LAPTOPS

  • Amp37

    No need to say fags. Nothin wrong with bein gay. But your 1000% right apple is good with os and phone but AT&T sucks also. Just wanted to note jailbroke. Iphones are far better than normal ones. For those of u talking about googles open source approach

  • Amp37

    I agree I'm not an apple fan boy but for the money they make the best overall product. Also it's a mobile thing for alot of people they like having a mobile computer. Probably why ipad sold so well. (no offense to apples but ipad was dumb idea. And iPhone's multitasking and folders were Lready on jailbroken ones)

  • Amp37

    Uh not to be mean u made a tiny slip android is by google and windowsphone is microsoft

  • jb

    Funny, iphone users….. do u think the iphone is expensive? I mean really, iPhone users seem to be the only people on the planet that do not c how arrogant they appear… think dumb asses, if the phone was really the best, everyone would simply buy one… but that isn't the case… do u think u signed on to some list no one else can find? Do u not c the prices r comparable….. come on people, android is everywhere – why is that? because u truly believe that we had to settle because u r soooooo much richer than us? People have one thing in common, the desire to hold onto ur money if possible, no one is going to pay the same price for something else if it trust inferior, but I guess ur exclusive access to the iPhone is equal to ur exclusive clarity…. u did it Apple drones… u found the best phone on the planet and u r the only ones capable of understanding that…. when will we catch up….??? The fact remains that most of the people I met switched to the iPhone because they were to special ed to figure anything out…. so maybe u asses r right the Iphone is simple and limited like it should b 4 limited people…. I get it now sell a MAC to people who r too stupid 2 know what to click on and what not to click on by limiting what u can click on…. and people please atop talking about jailbroke phones….. unless u want to hear about what a rooted Android can do….. BTW, I have an ipod and it was good…. 4 years ago… so don't mention the built in ipod… especially while I am creating playlists rearranging songs and deleting songs I don't want right from my phone without itunes.. while writing this and watching flash on my true multitasking phone…

  • jb

    No problems with the Evo here… now what r u going to say? Oh I know your going to say how easy it is to find stuff like say music attachments in an email but can't save them to the hard drive…. iPhone…. whatever. Hard to break a rock cause a rock does nothing…. had my Evo since June 4th unlike the reviewers and other schmucks out there that decided on how good a device was they never used after just a couple of days…. is no one going to point out how amazing this device is and is only version 1? U people r proud of the iPhone that barely beats (and it doesn't) a phone that is first gen… u guys r on what? Gen 4 and people for the first time ever r unclear which phone is better… that says a lot and that cannot be explained away…

  • jb

    By onslaught do u mean so popular it crushed the server…. the ones with gigs and gigs of RAM? Again Android is about freedom… we can actually switch from qik to fring without permission, if we want a different video app….. how quickly does jobs grant that permission….? go ahead … put on your knee pads and send him a request via email…. watch ur data cap though….

  • jb

    U can leave out the sent from iPhone part… we see the typos just fine… Android has only been around for about 2 or so years… and has already caught up…. as far as the ipads r concerned… well, if I though it wasn't u same idiots buying those as well I would be impressed.

  • jb

    Because it is a mobile device dumb ass… who the Hell wants to have to hook up to a computer and use itunes….

  • jb

    Really no one? Maybe u can find an app to help u count…. plenty of people r in love with their evo…. me included…

  • jb

    Mike u dumb ass they're calling u kid because the only people that find the iPhone neat are 12 years old… they simple assume we Android users r kids to. Mike let me help u buddy. IPhone guys listen up ur fart apps r cool mike is sorry this retard like myself use our phones for productivity…. can u say productivity kids…. I know Google it… or does Apple have a search engine… I don't know Google makes apps for iPhone but I haven't seen Apple apps for Google I don't think…. hmmm shit now what r these "Ichildren" gonna do….? Ok u kids know the word useful?

  • jb

    Ur funny does that rant also come with intelligence? Or do we need to jail break ur ass with a foot to get something useful out of u?

  • jb

    No reason to feel lost. any phone that streams news, Facebook, weather, etc at the same time will die quickly… simply turn off what u do not need…. no phone collects that much data at the same time…. I get lots of hours use on my Evo.. 6 to 7 hours easily with extreme surfing, texting, and YouTube hq use.. plus lots of music use and podcasts….

  • jb

    No but a bark collar would work right about now…. the battery dies fast because the Evo is hard to put down LOL…. u tool.

  • jb

    Yeah, thankfully Google make iPhone apps… real cool company…. even Verizon turned down iPhone….

  • jb

    The > is a greater sign for all u Apple fans out there… I know most of u iPhone users r still taking math classes in grade school… just trying to help…

  • jb

    For simple iPhone users with their heads so far up their asses they forget to hold onto their phones… not that they watch where they are driving either…. cause the heads r in their iPhone as well..

  • jb

    While u r busy correcting everyone's math then explain why everyone doesn't own an iPhone or mac… do u think we over looked some exclusive sign in sheet that u, the superior being was given access to? Are u really that cool…. huh guy? If iPhone was the beat we would all simply own it… we have access to money too.

  • jb

    Yeah, we simple android owners envy your fart apps… jail break an android phone? R u new? Jail breaking is for restricted phones…. not free open to use Android phones…. so few people break into jail….? No, people tired of restrictions break out of jail… go surf with some great whites…..

  • jb

    Shouldn't u be in bed? Let the adults talk.. and quit with the WiFi shit, Evo users are too busy with things like options and freedom…. of course we have multitasking, and are free from thoughts like "when will Verizon get the iPhone" which helps… come on people no one here has actually heard the phrase regarding the strongest part is only as strong as the weakest, blah, blah? The phones r data intensive and u have crappy ATT… fail fail fail.. iPhone done….. b gone and move forward… I have looked towards new technology my whole life and the iPhone 4 is the most boring announcement made this year…. video conferencing is the most exciting part of this iPhone and u stupid bastards know damn well u may use it like once in ur two year bloated contract…… and its not even a feature that is new in the last 12 months…. even phone before the Evo had this….

  • jb

    Saying shit is not proper for little girls… or r u a boy….? Any way to to bed already…

  • jb

    Don't bother with the kill part, you will already be an old man when Verizon turns down the limited iPhone a second time…

  • jb

    Cause android is been around for what a couple of years or so? And Android has caught up this fast….? IPhone days r numbered….. no tons of people going from iPhone to Android, know no one going to iPhone from Evo…. the whole world uses a Google product of some kind. But the "imorons" only have jobs as a resource for what they can and should know…

  • jb

    Soooooo tiring. If iPhone doesn't have something all of the sudden Apple fanboys r like who needs it… other wise its jail break jail break!!!! When will u morons get it???!?!?! U SHOULD NOT HAVE TO HACK SOMETHING TO ENJOY IT…..

  • jb

    Come on… there's several multi syllable words there u expect us to believe you understood it all? Much less read it several times? We only repeat thing over and over again cause we know u like it when jobs does if to u……

  • andy

    htc and microsoft have a deal in place, were htc will pay ms for all android phones. in return htc will have open rights to all ms patients. htc will use this against apple in a counter lawsuit. no, you were not being mean. but very few people know this fact.




  • andy

    It's funny how old this post is and in recent news google is trying to address all the problems i pointed out. jb i dont have a ipad.

  • Brian

    What would u need all that resolution on a tiny screen for and who needs gyroscopes there aren't even any apps that support this yet. I'll take the bigger screen any day and hdmi output is a nice feature since u can watch hd content on your phone now.

  • bobbobbertson

    The evo is like a camry? No no no. Its more like the car of the same name, the mitsubishi lancer evolution. It may not be as "luxurious" as the mercedes iphone, but it will rape it for a fraction of the cost.

  • bobbobbertson

    Its funny how deep the level of brainwashing some of these apple fanboys have. Isn't it great that u have to hack your iphone in order to get the same usability as an android phone out of the box? Ah yes millions of people are willing to suck off apple for the new iphone. Well congrats. They bought into apple's bullshit marketing hype because steve jobs said to, just like good little isheep. The original iphone was revolutionary, the iphone 4 isn't. It can just barely keep up with the android competition. The evo may not be the iphone killer, but give it a year or 2. Apple is going down. Oh and btw, its projected that the evo outsold the iphone 4 on launch day. Make sure u hold that iphone the right way! Wouldn't want to lose what little att signal u do get!

  • bobbobbertson

    yeah the iphone "just works", like an automatic transmission. A simple device for simple minded and lazy people who can't handle the manual transmission/ customizable android platform.

  • bobbobbertson

    Are you stupid? Did u not forget that little 4g part about the evo? That alone has futureproofed it. I blame apple for your lack of rational thought.

  • andy

    iphone is a bugatti veyron while android is a 67 chevelle constantly tinkering and tinkering and tinkering and tinkering with it just get it to run right. it might be fast but look out when you need to make turn or brake hard without down shifting. while the veyron is does it all.

  • hello all,

    i own the evo 4g and love it! however, i have never owned an iphone. my friend has a iphone 3gs (i know its not a iphone 4) and i was able to play with it in order to make my decision between the two. well first off let me just mention how ridiculous fanboys (both apple and google) are. anyways, i eventually went with the evo 4g because i do get 4g here in Austin, TX and i prefer the bigger screen. which, i might add is in no way clunky or to big. i do however wish that my phone had the awesome retina display! but i still went with the evo because i like the bigger size for gaming and web browsing. the apple app store is great! however, i am a huge market fan and have yet to see anywhere near all of the apps available on the android market and im sure that nobody here has come close to seeing all of the apps on the app store. so the amount of apps didn't make a difference in my decision between the two phones. so it basically comes down to ios4 or android 2.1. i went with the android 2.1 because, call me lame but i love to customize. so basically what wins for me is the screen size, 4g and android. the iphone does on the other hand have a much better gpu and battery life.

    i am in no way saying the iphone sucks!! i think the iphone 4 is awesome!! i just personally prefer the Evo 4g. plus i hate steve jobs and at&t.

    p.s. Guys its just a phone! there is no reason to get bent out of shape about the argument on either side! and if you have a friend that has either an evo or an iphone don't make yourself look stupid by arguing which is better. just some food for thought.

    thanks for listening.


    EVO wins. Iphone4 is crap. I hope there is a recall for that antenna problem. What a hunk of junk.

  • it seems there is a pissin contest going on here that I have no wish to get in the middle of.. However if you want honest opinions I have the HTC Evo. My son has an Iphone. He had to change to ATT to get said Iphone and he can not get service a lot of the places I do. πŸ™‚ His Iphone drops calls. He has told me if he had the choice he would have the HTC Evo. I love my phone and it is everything you could want in a phone. I was really sorry I couldnt get an IPhone but I didnt want ATT. Now I am glad I didnt.


    Damn your Stupid! Read First Jack Ass!

  • jim

    hahah i like that ending u gave… i have the evo and i know people that have the iphone… i let them try my fone and then compare it to theirs and everyone said that the evo wuz wayyyyyyyyy better… they said they would get the fone but they didnt wanna end their contract

  • ash

    its cheaper and has a longer battery life. pay attention "SuWoo"

  • Jason Greenberg

    I am wondering if I can use my iPhone Apps on EVO?

  • In response to your post about "camry/mercedes", i agree!!!! i have held both in my hands (trying to decide on which one to go with still as i have just learned that Verizon will be offering the iphone 5 in july 2011 and, in my opinion, there will be an end to these arguements because the i-5 is going to be the hands down ultimate smart phone around!!!!)anyway, have you ever held real gold in your hands or fake gold? the i-phone feels like real gold, solid, sturdy, real mass, whereas the evo (and all others i have hels, there have been many in my 3.5 weeks of shopping.) feels as you described!

  • verizon is working on their 4g network and will be ready for the apple i-5 in july 2011. the sprint 4g network is still not available for everyone because of location and we all know that verizon has the best coverage! therefore when the i-5 arrives on the verizon network, all of these arguements will end because it will be the ULTIMATE SMART PHONE BACKED with superior 4g coverage! current evo owners will be having to replace this model that they feel is superior when the newest evo is introduced to compete with the i-5, by then any issues that evo backers have with the i-phone will be resolved in the i-5, then they can get the smart phone they really do want, lets face it, every other phone out there feels and looks cheap compared to the i-phone 4, there is no way that i can accept that anyone feels that the display of the i-phone 4 is not simply THE HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE!
    if i was to get a smart phone today, i would have to SETTLE for the evo untill the phone i really want (i-phone 4.) remedies its "cons" i.e. AT&T, HDMI, GPS, etc and is introduced as the i-5!


  • rmart1978@gmail.com

    so if iphone is better lets hear it post what the i phone does better than the evo 4g

  • rmart1978@gmail.com

    i bought the i pad the other day and i was blown away with what it could not do. i had to take it back and like i told them at best buy my evo 4g did more than the i pad( come on there is no way that some one even apple fan can say u dont need flash?) apple fans what am i missing i dont under stand?

  • Yes

    Htc evo is far superior than iphone 4. Ivedone side by side tests amd the evo kills the iphone in everythimg. In wifi, 3G, the overall smoothnes of phone, and the evo fits in your hand better. So, the iphone is like a phone that acts like a shitty computer, and the evo is like a normal computer that just happens to have a phone on it. But..its opinion. If u like an ease of use phone then get the iphone. If u want speed and fancy, then get the evo.

  • BlkHwkJailBrkr

    "if you want to take advantage of the data tethering you'll be forced to "upgrade" to their limited bandwidth package of 2gb/month plus pay the extra $20/month for tethering ($55/month total… for 2gb of data)"


    1. MyWi App allows for UNLIMITED tethering for *tada* FREE.

    2. 3G sucks for HD download, so why the hell would you do that to begin with?


    3. 2GB is a lot of data for average use…even for me, I'm locked in on AT&T's Unlimited Data plan, and even with heavy use, the most I've used has been 3.4 Gigs in 1 month month and that was because I removed the 3G restriction so I can download any app I want without being told I can't because I'm not on WiFi. Oh and And my cell bill? $88.

    JailBreaken iPhones Win. Evo…not so much.

  • tweekbass@aol.com

    an octopus?

  • carp421@yahoo.com

    See you said it right there. A great amount of people do not care about facts, only aesthetics. This is the same PC vs. Mac argument. Some people want the most function at the cheapest price, and some people want things to look nice. But with a phone it is hard to take the "I'm an artist and I need Mac" angel. Efficiency is more broad and has to do with facts. Most tech inclined folk are way beyond paying for a song or app. for that matter. I am looking for compatibility which apple seems to lack…. but they have those nice white stores with hip sales rep!

  • EVO4life

    Ah, its now Christmas and you poor bastards have had plenty of time to realise just how shitty your iPhone 4 is. I hope you didn’t buy the even more worthless iPad… you know what you get when you combine the iPhone4 with the ipad? The badass EVO. Of course you still wouldn’t be anywhere close to an OS like Android 2.3 and beyond………..

  • ronak

    all time iphone 4…also i hav 1…

    • nappyboy

      u know wat u ar talking bout.

  • Im clockn downloads of 15mbs goin to 8 wireless devices in my home. My iphone friends need tether again. LoL they are both good devices n both have perks but with my extended interchangable batteries and removable memory I dont even use my laptop except to put movies on my phone. Props to the iphone for the technology advancement but everything can b topped. Apple users phones like the evo and other android phones give apple a reason to work hard on their next device and a reason to keep their network prices speed rates competative. It is only going to improve future iphones and androids. No hate either way but at unlimited everything at 69 a month is hard to beat. Love my evo

  • NumberDestroyer

    Wow. I’ve had Blackberries, I’ve had the iPhone, and I would never go back. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone was cool, so long as it was jailbroken. It’s better as a paperweight without it being jailbroken. Android OS is the future. It’s so versatile and comes on so many different manufacturer’s devices. How many mobile devices have the new Apple OS? Oh yeah, 2. Both made by Apple. Yippee.. That’s what I want – NO CHOICES AT ALL. Psha. People want to try and say negative things about the EVO because they’re SOOO dedicated to the iPhone, yet are running Windows, and honestly wouldn’t have any clue on how to operate a Mac. Isn’t that a little ironic? Wow, I’m actually getting a little disgusted just by typing this. I can not only remotely connect to my personal computer via my EVO, but at the same time, I can text, listen to music AND download stuff at regularly accepted PC transfer rates. With an iPhone, I couldn’t even listen to Pandora and text and FB at the same time, without it killing one of them. And my iPhone was jailbroken. I can root my EVO, but I have absolutely no need to, because of it’s sweet OPEN SOURCE OS, it’s completely customizable, right out of the box.
    Yeah, the specs on the both of them are similar, as you would expect for high end phones, but is a subtle difference in FPS a MAJOR victory? NO. Is a larger screen REALLY a ‘downfall’ for the EVO. HELL NO. Is the higher resolution for the iPhone REALLY the game-breaker for it? HELL NO. With the screen as big as it is for my EVO, I don’t NEED better resolution, I can SEE it just fine.

    You iPhone fanatics are stupid poo poo heads. See, I can sink down to your level, too. (Not that I need to, I just thought it was funny to write poo poo head) πŸ˜›

  • nappyboy

    iphone is the best,no question bout it.

  • Harry

    I started with the evo 4G had loads of software related glitches. No multitasking especially during a call which was frustrating since I expected that to be the same as with the iPhone since they called it the iPhone killer. Switched over to AT&T got iPhone 4 everything I missed from the evo I got from jailbreaking and yea AT&T rots but I could unlock and go with any other service. IPhone 5 is out in august with 4g meaning the evo losses it’s last edge other than massive screen (resolution = meh). Battery may give 5 hours of talk time but it barely gave me 3 hours of pocket time iPhone 4 lasts me all day with using all normal functions and not having to babysit it’s connections. This all being said. Evo 4g had the obvious edge over iPhone 3. Then iPhone 4 came out and it still “had” the edge out of the box but with a jailbroken or unlocked os on iPhone 4 that advantage is gone. It could be said for anti apple people they were at least on even ground. iPhone 5 will be out in august with 4g and evo will be another forgotten tech. Non-bias straight practical talk.

  • Jebac

    I see some iPhone fanatics complaining about the screen resolution on EVO.. I don’t care even if its resolution is 20 by 10, its picture is still crystal clear. I had an iPhone and I switched to EVO because you just get more out of it like gps navigation, 4G, free music download and much more. The thing that pissed my off about apple is that they would just change a shape of a button on iPhone and claim for it to be the new generation of iPhone. If they wanna keep up with phones like EVO, increase the size of a screen for God’s sake. Don’t get me wrong, iPhone 4 is a great phone and if you like it, well it’s just the matter of personal preference. But don’t be ignorant about phones like EVO if you never owned one before. And trust me, you would fall in love with it if you had one!

  • t-man

    Iphone or in other words IFail is the worst phone on the market even today!!! I LOVE HTC EVO 4G…(rape rape)