iPhone 4 Camera Beats HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy, Droid X In Showdown

iPhone 4 camera compared to rival devices

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 earlier this month, critics had pointed out that the 5-megapixel camera on the new iPhone did not match up to the 8-megapixel sensors offered on rival devices like HTC EVO 4G.

The Apple CEO had however underlined the fact that megapixel count was only one metric to measure image quality and that the backlit-illuminated camera sensor technology on iPhone 4 shall render higher quality images.

A recent study of camera quality published by MacWorld has backed these claims. For the study, MacWorld compared the quality of images shot on the new iPhone 4 with those captured by iPhone 3GS, HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy and Droid X. Basic point-and-shoot cameras from Samsung and Sony were also studied. The results are interesting.

MacWorld concludes that the images rendered from the iPhone 4 camera were better than those rendered by rival smartphones like EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy and Droid X – even though these smartphones came with 8MP camera sensors. Only the point-and-shoot cameras were seen to deliver better quality images. This once again underlines the fact that megapixel count in isolation may not be an ideal parameter to compare camera sensors.

For the video quality test, MacWorld also included the Flip Video M2120 for the study. The results are even more astounding. The videos captured from iPhone 4 was seen to be not only better than the rival smartphones, but also videos shot using the point-and-shoot cameras. Only Flip Video M2120 offered better quality videos. Here are the final standings according to the study.

iPhone 4 camera compared to rival devices

However, iPhone 4 had its areas of downside. The audio quality on Flip Video and Samsung Galaxy were noted to be better than iPhone 4, which shared its audio score with the Droid X. 

These conclusions are also marginally reflected in another study conducted by the folks at Boy Genius Report who compared the HD video capability of the iPhone 4 against Droid X. BGR found that while Droid X was better than iPhone 4 in terms of audio quality and color accuracy, there were a few other critical aspects where the iPhone performed better. For instance, files created using the H.264 format on the iPhone 4 consumed significantly lesser storage space than the video files captured on Droid X. Also, with a better frame rate (30 fps on iPhone 4 compared to 24 fps on Droid X), iPhone 4 was seen to have a better HD video capability.

Let us know your views in the comments section below.

[via MacWorld, BGR]

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  • Cooper

    Thanks. I've been explaining to people until I was blue in the face that it's not all about the number of megapixels.

  • theBankRobber

    Well I'm very pissed that my evo's fps has been locked on both gpu and camera. Once HTC and Sprint reset the gpu fps to 60 and not 30 I will be happy. The camera seems great for a phone. The iPhone does record better vids but I also heard the Evo takes better pics the the iPhone4 . Anyway, that's good for the iPhone4 but cameras don't make the phone a phone. Besides the camera the evo has everything else on pair with the iPhone. With that said I already know I'm going to have a lot of iPhone tea baggers gonna try and bash me but both phones have there pros and cons and ONLY FANBOYS ARE BLIND TO REALLY SEE THAT AS THE TRUTH.

  • jason

    30fps is not necessarily better than 24fps. Video has historically been 30 or 60, while FILM is 24. Blu-ray is 24, as an example. So filming in HD at 24fps will yield more "film-like" video.

  • mike

    i heard some rumors that apple might release

    ***iOS 4.0.1*** as early as Monday to fix iphone4 reception issue is that true.

  • Cooper
  • Hmmm i see

    not sure which i prefer. the first vid has brighter colours but the 2nd vid i think has a clearer more defined picture just seems a little faded.

    both cameras are good for mobiles. i personally would go for the 2nd camera cos its easier to enhance colour through editing on a pc but you cant really enhance clarity through editing.

    would rather see a low light vid and see how these phones perform. most camera phones perform poorly in low light. also like to see how the digital zoom performs

  • iPhone Owner

    I don't take this article seriously coming from an Apple fansite. Just like anyone here wouldn't take an article from an HTC fansite seriously if it declared the Evo as the best cameraphone. Also why didn't they compare it to the Nexus. And more importanly why does the chart in your post say 8 mp for the Samsung when macworlds chart says it's 5 mp?

  • wolverinemarky

    maybe an apple websites but the test werent run by this website and this shouldnt be shocking. if you look back on when the 3GS came out it compared the camera and videos to the other new phones on the market and it was beating most of all of them as well. also y compare it to nexus when they compared the 3gs to the nexus a year ago.

  • are u a tard? its clearly infront of the iphone 4 pics n video shits on evo

    go back in ur cave

  • Jayb

    True but is funny that MACWORLD was the one doing the quality test.

    But still 5mp is still low for a top of the line phone.

  • The signal issue is a hardware issue, not a software issue, thus it cannot be fixed by updating the OS. Even Steve Jobs acknoledged this and told ppl not to hold the phone certain ways, and my guess is its the reason that apple made the bumpers for the iphone 4.

  • I'm sry, but i don't rly trust an iphone camera test done by macworld, if you show me a test done by a 3rd party that isn't connected to apple, htc, or samsung, then i'll give it credit.

  • PM5K

    You don't have to trust or not trust anyone, look at the pictures yourself and decide.

    As for 30FPS VS 24. I've always heard 30 is better for sports and other high motion situations, but can a 30FPS camera shoot at 24FPS, or lowered via software? I'd rather have 30 and be able to shoot or edit to a lower FSP, rather than having a lower FPS I can't raise.

  • doni

    Only a MORON will believe 5mp iPhone is better than 8mp EVO 4G.

    ONLY A MORON like the Steve Jobs LYING puk

  • doni

    ONLY A MORON WILL BELIEVE MCWORLD LIES that 5mp iPhone is better than 8mp EVO 4G.


  • doni

    iPhone 4 is dropping calls, losing signal because of shi#@#TY plate. THis time they can't blame 3rd party for their iCRAP product.

    ONLY A MORON WILL BELIEVE MCWORLD LIES that 5mp iPhone is better than 8mp EVO 4G.


  • The

    The test was done by Macworld which is an apple fansite. And Nexus came out this year not last and if you seen tests it beat the 3gs. Why didn't they have tests for low light situation or in the dark with flash?

  • RazorTech

    Wonder how accurate this information is, seeing as Samsung galaxy S is actually a 5mp phone and is listed as 8mp here. i think this is complete rubish…get your facts straight

  • Don

    i really don't blame apple for the signal loss in the iphone 4, how can they test it if the engeneer lost it in the bar??? stupid answer, Steve Jobs!!!!

  • Victor

    it's clear that the Droid have a better image and video quality than the iphone

  • somename

    I guess you missed the entire point of the article.

  • somename

    Grasping at straws I see …

  • The

    So if they did this with 5mp why not just do it for a 8mp camera. You know they are capable of doing it theyre just saving it for future models.

  • Asdf

    No he is just stating a fact. Just like this suppose test says 5mp iPhone is better than 8mp. If choose to blindly believe a test done by an apple fansite then that's to bad for you especially when the chart claims the galaxy is 8 mp when it's actually just 5mp.

  • Donato

    The person who wrote this article realizes the EVO uses the same backlit sensor technology. They just didn't think it was worth mentioning in their spec sheets. Backlit sensors are not as big of a deal to other manufacturers to mention.

  • Adam

    This is why Steve Jobs sucks, He knows everyone likes to mod their phone, for better performance, or to do more stuff. That's why the droids are such an amazing phone, because you can add your own software, and Ive been getting 60fps on my Evo4g. Apple decided to try to make it impossible to mod your iphone, and terminate your service if you don't bend over and take it……


  • Well yeah its a hardware issue, how could a software update fix the fact that your body can bridge the connection between the antennas?

  • dave

    That Apple fanboy site PCWorld…oh wait… agrees iPhone 4 has a better camera.


  • Zompac

    Steve jobs said that if you were to force an 8mp sensor in that tiny lense, than the camera will not capture as many photons creating the overall quality. Instead it will look like a low quality grainy picture, instead of a colorful vivid clear picture.

    Believe me, too many megapixels make the photos look like crap if using too small of a lens. The iPod touch camera with .7 megapixels takes 10 times better pictures than my 2 megapixel camera on my motorola. But I'm not saying the camera quality is better on the iPhone 4 than the eve 4 as I have no photos to compare. Just telling you my experience with mobile handheld cameras.

  • Santa Cruz

    HTC is follow iPhone… (That is reallity). I don't want follow the Follower. I want follow the Leader coz I have bad xperience with HTC that wasting my money.

  • willie bang

    It beats the crap out my Nokia E72 as well. Dammit

  • Salam / hye..

    wht you guys said here are really far different from wht ive read in Gsmarena (the user opinion.) most of them condemn iPhone. But thank God ive been here. Wht you guys said increase my confidence towards iphone.