Is Apple Working On iWork Apps For The iPhone?

iWork suite coming to iPhone

Is Apple planning to launch the iWork suite of productivity applications on the iPhone? Folks at MacRumors point out to an image posted on the Apple website, which hints at the possibility of iWorks for the iPhone. The image has since then been removed from the website.

However, the revelation has triggered speculations that Apple may in fact be working on an iPhone version of the popular presentation app. The company had already launched an iPad-compatible version of the iWork applications earlier this year. 

According to the report on MacRumors, the reference to Keynote was made as part of Apple's walk-through over the new features on the Mail app of iPhone 4. One of the primary enhancements in the new Mail app is the ability for users to open email attachments using a third party iPhone application. The functionality was portrayed using the image referenced below. 

iWork suite coming to iPhone

The image has since then been replaced with another image that has shows "Open in iBooks" instead of the earlier "Open in Keynote" text.

iWork suite coming to iPhone

It is not yet clear if this is a genuine mix-up or if a Keynote app or the entire iWorks productivity suite for iPhone is really in the works. Nevertheless, the speculation is not entirely implausible. You may recall that Apple had launched Keynote, Pages and Numbers apps for the iPad in January this year. With the iPhone sharing its iOS platform with iPad, we had wondered back then if Apple will bring the multi-touch version of the production apps to the iPhone and if it will redesign it for the iPhone.

You can checkout the videos below of Phil Schiller giving a demo of iWork for iPad:

I find the iWork apps for the iPad very useful. How about you? Will you interested in buying iWork apps for the iPhone to enhance your productivity on the move? 

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