Long Lines Reported As iPhone 4 Launches Officially In US, UK, France, Germany And Japan Today

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 launches officially in US, UK, France, Germany and Japan today.

iPhone 4 lines had started as early as last week. Apple fan, Justin Wagoner started camping in front of the Dallas, Texas Apple Store last Friday, almost a week before the official launch day.

We’re now getting reports that iPhone 4 lines are growing even as some users got their new iPhone 4, one or two days early.

If you’ve haven’t pre-ordered your iPhone 4 for the launch day and desperate to get your hands on one then your best chance of getting one seems to be the Apple Store. They will be selling iPhone 4s to walk-in customers. But since they will have limited number of iPhones and selling them on first-come, first-serve basis, you will have to join the lines early.

Even though third-party retailers like Best Buy, Radio Shack and Walmart are going to sell iPhones to walk-in customers, we’ve heard that the number of iPhone 4s units are very limited.

AT&T has already announced that they won’t be selling iPhone 4s to walk-in customers until June 29.

Some of you might call this crazy but Robert Scoble had aptly put it"waiting in line for an Apple product is glorious, even if it is idiotic."

Here are some photos from iPhone 4 lines across the world:

The Cube on 5th Ave. in NY:

iPhone 4

Palo Alto, CA:

iPhone 4

Durham/Raleigh, NC:

iPhone 4

Carrousel du Louvre, Paris:

iPhone 4


iPhone 4
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  • Klutch

    First these people are losers. Second they need a hobby buy a xbox 360.

  • Hector

    Why are you on a web site like this one if you are the type that would call them "losers". Try to be a little nicer in life. God is watching.

  • Spitfire

    And tomorrow you'll be posting pics of long lines of ppl returning them due to faults..

  • Souskei

    +1 amen to that brotha

  • Steven M

    Thank God I preordered mine from the AT&T store in my small little town in Texas. I stood in line for the 3G 2 years ago. I got there at 5AM and was first in line. Didn't want to mess with that this time around.

  • Henry

    I am in the apple store soho in Manhattan is 4 50 am in new York and the line is two blocks……

  • gates

    Why are there so many dumb people line up to get a defective iPhone 4?

  • markystar

    we got the shaft here in japan.

    not sure who to blame… apple for not sending enough or softbank (our provider) for not ordering enough or just generally lying to customers.

    i've heard stories the same as mine from a few people.
    i pre-ordered on the 15th at a small softbank shop near my house. the associate who handled my order assured me that my line number was so low (number 27), that i'd be fine. anybody over 50 would probably not be able to get their iphone on the release day.

    but now it's nearly 8pm and guess what?

    no iphone 4 for me. my shop got in a handful of phones and now they are saying they don't know when the next shipment comes in. could be as late june 30th.


    i pre-ordered in order to get a hassle-free iphone ASAP.

    but i know another guy who didn't bother to pre-order, went to the main shop in omotesando, waited all night in line and actually got one. where is the justice in that?

  • RaShon

    First I'd like 2 say 2 the first dummy tht u must b a loser 2 if ur actually reading the site and comments guess tht makes u a loser 2….and 2 the some person who cares defective or not we still standing n line lol so tht means u didn't have 200 dollars buddy sorry 4 ya…

  • Felipe

    Same to me, buddy
    my order was on june 11, friday, the guy just say it would be a busy day (24th) so "be patient", and yesterday they said there are no too many devices, not for all people, today i visit the shop, they said there was only 9 (nine) devices, 9 for more than 80, this is a joke??

  • Rob

    Pasadena ca is around the block as of 5 am. Appox 1000 without prepurch plus around 300 res

  • Dave

    Got mine yesterday and freaking love it!! Ordered another one for the lady friend. People keep Talking about problems with the phone…I have none. And ya someone scratched theirs, but what did they do to scratch it!? Also…I live in ca (unfortunately)…thousands of people ready to buy the new phone, isn't everyone broke here!?!

  • Dan

    Most are all potential resellers; and in another year, we'll all look like fools to Apple, when it announces yet another iphone with a fancy name. I'm waiting till late summer before I walk in an ATT store.

  • monzer

    Apple sucks!
    Few weeks from now, Apple will be launching Iphone 4G, and all these people will feel screwed!
    I'm waiting for the iPhone that will actually work on a 4G network…. and good luck to all those whom Apple is screwing with this phone

  • IPhone Owner

    Truth be told this all psychology. Why do you really need to be one of the first to own something especially a phone. I can just imagine people taking a day off work so they can spend the night in line, that is if they have a job. Is it really neccessary? I'm sure they have a more than capable phone on hand already, most likely a previous Iphone model. I can understand if it was for a giveaway or some sort of limited run product but for a phone that will be out for the year I really think is ridiculous. It's a great phone, doesn't blow me away, but truth be told most of these features should have been released last year.

  • Mac

    Wow tht sux bad.

  • E4tH

    I think 4G is still a year or two away for AT&T.. unless apple decides to go sprint which I doubt will happen there won't be any 4G for iPhone users at least for a while.. and sprint doesn't even have a lot of 4G coverage if you look at the map their coverage of 4G is like a dot in the middle of the US..

  • scott

    No one has a 4g network. Why have a phone that does. Sprint dont count, two cities?
    Wake up. 4g phones will come out when the cell companies have 4g to give.

  • peoplearecrazy

    I'm also having a hard time understanding why someone would wait in line for hours to get the phone. Sure it's a great product, but people who do that probably just really have nothing better to do with their lives. Sad to see.

    I owned 2G, 3G, and now 3GS. Never waited in line. Waiting a couple weeks to get the phone wouldn't kill me.

  • killa

    prob not but you should go on to a web site for dickheads and return your brain

  • sp

    Got in line at 4:30. At 6:30 they moved reservation folks into a special line. I was in at 7:20 and out by 7:40. That was the Chicago Michigan ave store. They had at least 1,000 iPhones.

  • Luis

    I'll wait until they fix the antenna issue and some display discoloration too…

    Ofcourse, first devices out are always like that… sucks for people who waited hours for the phone and would give it back because it's defective.

  • sp

    Everyone in my office (20 of them) brought their units in today. No issues

  • smash

    I have no issues with my phone.

  • Mani

    damn i just got mines with no lines! from the AT&T store,

  • Anshul

    fucking man ….i must say you are looser not the people standing day and night for iphone 4g ,,it simply show the love of people towards apple,,,don't worry u will not understand this.

  • Mario

    My walmart didn't have iPhones that's shitty stupid store fuck walmart


    I guess that these people showing devotion to the smartest handtool of the entire galaxy yet.
    Not even the aliens are trying to share their technology but we can share our thoughts and feelings about this wonderful gadget.
    Apple gotta have forums reviewed by their designers and engineers to please their iPhone lover generations.
    Apple must be number one, button line! (AT&T bs)

  • James

    Just got back from the apple store. What a sad joke. I am inclined to start a blog just to talk about this scam that apple is pulling. I reserved and iPhone and got to the store this morning to see a long line. The line was barely moving. After 45 min I went to the front to see what the problem was. Apple had probably 25 employees in the store helping other people with one on one support or simply just standing around letting in 2 or 3 people every 10 minutes. They were giving free pizza away to those who were standing in line. It became apparent to me that the iPhone 4 release is a giant orchestrated hyping machine. Apple is really screwing its loyal customers and they don't even realize it. They could have had the line moving much faster but instead they decided to perpetually delay the sales of phones and the line because news cameras were all over us. It is a big free advertising hype for Apple and their new iPhone. Now that Apple is a top dog they are abusing their customers with product launch scams like this. I will be going back to the store around closing time so I do not have to wait in a pointless 8 hour line at the expense of my free time all so apple can generate headlines and their stock points can go up. I have been an apple fan for a long time but this just pushed me to the limit. Not going to drink the koolade this time Steve.

  • arode

    I have my iphone on order but decided to stop in at a Radio Shack store in Phila. around 11:45am. Unfortunately, the guy standing in front of me just bought the last one. Bastard!! I guess I'll just have to wait…

  • lolumadbro

    Rashon have you made it past the second grade?

  • fivemonkies

    OK, so that was about the dumbest processing I've ever seen before. There were about 200 people in line at the Biltmore store in Phoenix. My awesome wife stood in line since 7 AM and she didn't get to the front of the store until 1PM. There were a ton of sales reps in the store, but only 3 were helping people get their phones. They would only let one person in at a time until one of the 3 reps was done with setting up the phone. I don't know what the issues were, but it wasn't like the last couple of times getting a phone. They were much faster the last two times. Just seemed like everybody in the store was treating it like it was just another day at the apple store. The two cops at the front of the store were pretty cool though. They told us "congratulations".

  • fivemonkies

    @James, were you at the same store? I mean, seriously!!!!!!

  • Dimitar

    and all the start people are waiting for the WHITE one 😉

  • Mark

    Typing from my iPhone 4 🙂

    Let's get this puppy jailbroken 🙂

  • Al

    It's a PHONE, folks!!! A Phone!!!! I have an Iphone, and I like it a lot, but I don't worship the crazy thing. IT'S A PHONE!!!!!! JUST A PHONE!!!!!


    Aha it's a phone but tell me:WHAT PHONE GIVES YOU WHAT IPHONE DOES?
    dude, you don't have a clue on this…

  • James

    did you see my complaining up there!

    i was at the same store…

    I went back though and was able to get my phone in about 15 min

  • James

    yes! biltmore az

    it was a joke!

  • P_NY

    Have any of you notice that the modem firmware of the iPhone for is 01.59.00?

  • God bless them…gee…it is crazy

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