iPhone 4 Features: Video Calling, Retina Display, HD Video Recording, Improved Battery Life, LED Flash And Lots More

Steve Jobs unveiled the much awaited next generation iPhone at today’s WWDC 2010 Keynote address and it looks exactly like the lost next generation iPhone prototype.

Apple iPhone 4

Apple is calling their fourth generation iPhoneiPhone 4, after various rumors and speculations that it might be called iPhone HD.

Apple believes its “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”. Find out all you wanted to know about Apple’s new iPhone 4 after the break.

Here are some of the major features of Apple’s new iPhone:


iPhone 4 comes with two cameras, a front facing camera in addition to a camera at the back.

The front facing camera will allow iPhone 4 users to make and receive video calls. You can switch between the two cameras during a video call with a tap of a button. You’ll also be able to make calls in both portrait and landscape mode.

Apple iPhone 4

But you can make and receive video calls only between two iPhone 4s. It will be interesting to see if iPhone apps like Skype will allow users to make video calls to other Skype users on computers or other mobile devices. Video calling works only over Wi-Fi.

Steve Jobs has mentioned that the feature is Wi-Fi only in 2010 but they’re working with cellular providers to allow video calls over 3G.

However, if iPhone 4 is jailbroken then you should be able to use jaillbreak apps such as VoIPOver3G, 3GUnrestrictor to make video calls over 3G. So if you’re an existing AT&T customer then it might be a good reason to stick to the unlimited data plans.

Retina Display:

iPhone 4 will be running at a resolution of 960×640. Apple is calling the iPhone 4 display, the Retina Display.

Apple has managed to pack four times more pixels in the display as compared to previous iPhone models. The pixel density of iPhone 4’s display is 336 pixels as compared to 163 pixels in iPhone 3GS thus making it the smartphone with the highest-resolution screen currently.

iPhone OS 4.0 which has be renames as iOS 4 will automatically make iPhone apps work on the higher resolution Retina display.

HD Video Recording:

iPhone 4 users will be able to shoot movies in high definition HD (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio. Apple has also announced a new iPhone app called iMovies for iPhone to enable iPhone 4 users to shoot, edit and share videos.

Better Camera:

iPhone 4 comes with a 5-megapixel camera as compared to iPhone 3GS 3.2 megapixel camera.

But more importantly iPhone 4’s camera comes with built-in LED flash. So you’ll be able to finally take low light photos with iPhone 4.

A4 Chip:

iPhone 4 will be powered Apple’s A4 chip. The same chip that powers Apple’s iPad.

A4 is very good with very power management as we have seen with the long battery life of iPad.

Improved Battery Life:

The battery of iPhone 4 is bigger. So with the bigger battery and A4 chip, Apple has managed to improve battery life as compared to iPhone 3GS.

  • Talk time:

    • Up to 7 hours on 3G (iPhone 3GS: Up to 5 hours on 3G)

    • Up to 14 hours on 2G (iPhone 3GS: Up to 12 hours on 2G)

  • Standby time:

    • Up to 300 hours (iPhone 3GS: Up to 300 hours)

  • Internet use:

    • Up to 6 hours on 3G (iPhone 3GS: Up to 5 hours on 3G)

    • Up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi (iPhone 3GS: Up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi )

  • Video playback:

    • Up to 10 hours (iPhone 3GS: Up to 10 hours)

  • Audio playback:

    • Up to 40 hours (iPhone 3GS: Up to 30 hours)

In my opinion, the 40% improvement in battery life is one of the most significant improvements in iPhone 4 as poor battery life was one of my biggest gripes about iPhone 3GS.

Other features:

  • iPhone 4 is just 9.33mm thick, which is 24% thinner than the current iPhone 3GS

  • It will also be capable of HSDPA/HSUPA speeds of 7.2Mbps down and 5.8Mbs up

  • iPhone 4 supports UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz) while iPhone 3GS supports only UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz).

  • Gyroscope to detect motion on 6 axes

  • It will use the smaller micro SIM like iPad

  • A second mic for noise cancellation

  • iPhone 4 supports 802.11n Wi-Fi, in addition to 802.11 b/g


iPhone 4 will cost $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model with a new 2-year contract. Surprisingly, Apple has not increased the storage in iPhone 4.

AT&T will be offering an early upgrade special for current iPhone users in the US. If your contract expires any time in 2010, you are immediately eligible for a new iPhone 4 at the same 199 or 299 prices if you top up your contract 2 years.


Apple’s new iPhone 4 model will go on sale on June 24 in the US, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Pre-orders start on June 15. It will go on sale in 18 more countries in July, 24 more countries in August and will be available in 88 countries by September. 

Also checkout the iPhone 4 feature video:

We can’t wait to get our hands on Apple’s new iPhone. How about you? Do you like iPhone 4? Will you be buying or upgrading to it? We would love to know, so please drop us a line in the comments.

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  • Nonoie

    cant wait… my hands is shaking….lol( first)

  • Jordan

    I live Britain….any idea how O2 for instance,will be doing their upgrade deals?
    I have 2 iphones 1 x 3g
    1 x 3gS one work,one play.
    Why should i have to buy another 1….im due upgrades on both contracts soon 🙁 BOO

    lovin look though…….very classy.WHEN WILL O/S 4 HT THE 3GS FOR UPDATE?

  • The video chat looks pretty interesting, although I can't see a ton of people having the ability to use it yet. Although the new camera on the front and back as well as the HD video is pretty sweet….

  • sam

    ios 4 will be available for download june 21st.

  • jorge

    Impresive , but not even a sing on ability to other carries ;still stuck to ATT and the worst thing of all not 4G support, that kind of suck and don't forget this new device will consume 60% more of data and with all those new data plans from att ;most of the people will go over the limit, I personally think I'm gonna wait to the first fools to buy the phone and then decide to switch or not, Sprint and Evo are still in my mind

  • TimW

    http://Www.J.mp/iphoneonO2 for in-contract upgrade deal
    (web address supplied by O2 press office via Twitter app)

    I'm sticking with my Gs's for now, but have my eye on the Dell Streak, waiting for the 2.2 upgrade 1st tho 🙂

  • ricky

    will the iphone4 be able to hooked up wit tmobile 3g??
    cause it works wit GSM band 900 n tmobile uses dat????

  • Franky j

    am so confused about what phone to get, EVO or iPhone 4. With sprint I get sprint tv free, turn by turn gps free, wigets and a huge screen. With iPhone I get a very nice looking phone, sharp screen and loads of apps. "but I don't like Playing games". I think evo is going to win my vote

  • orson

    although new features not new in mobile world, but it's make the iphone completely competitive with other brand smart phone, its make a perfect phone ever, more ppl will don have excuse why not switch to iphone world…. Apple did it again, my wishing list….

  • Kevin

    So basicly video call is work only wi-fi and apple working on it to make it work on 3g. Whenever there work is done they gonna release a new ios4s like 3g become 3gs?

  • I would buy one IF AT&T lets me keep my 'Unlimited' data plan, but I expect they will not, and force as many users as possible onto the 2Gb limited "Dataplus/pro" plans.

  • You can stick with AT&T's unlimited data plan when you upgrade to iPhone 4. Check this post for all the details:

  • Josh

    existing iPhone customers can keep their unlimited data plan even after upgrading to the new iPhone 4. Conversely if you are new to iphone then yes you are relegated to the new data options.

    I'm not very impressed with the new battery specs … they say 40% better battery life, but the important spec, stand-bye time, has stayed the same. how does stand-bye remain the same yet activities have improved? I guess this A4 silicon really does process more efficiently.

  • Dave

    Nice, but nothing really useful for the everyday user. 4G network is on the horizon, the chat function would be great to do when your not in a wi-fi hotspot. It also looks a bit less sleek. I'll stick with my 3GS, perhaps next revision it will be worth picking up. Also surprised they did not make a 64 gig version.

  • ben

    I WANT ONE!!

  • jimmy

    i am upgrading cant wait for it to be released

  • homie j

    which has be remains?

  • homie j


  • Noneya

    I think I just came after watching that naughty video. iPhone you are so bad. Ahhhhhh.

  • Noneya

    One more thing. To bad WE had to wait so long for apple to come out with all these features. Makes me wonder, I think they got a little scared by this.> http://now.sprint.com/firsts/evo4g/?INTCID=AB:UEU:HERO:060410:EvoLaunch:960×320

  • Jose

    Well dudes, I gotta be the first guy to say I WAS WRONG! Apple just got that top spot again, not by alot, but is sure is up there.

    But honestly I can't say I'm happy enought with AT&T to get another 2 year contract, sprint is the only company with unlimited everything for just $69.99
    and with the evo 4g not being too far behind it's a pretty sweet deal

    but good job apple, you did good, hopefully you will get your head out of ma bells ass and make a bigger profit, making more people happy at a better price

  • Tech-geek

    iPhone 4 is amazing
    it's really worth it for me at first I was thinking of sprints evo but as far as 4g goes on cdma it's never gonna be as fast as the 4g to come with companies like t-moble and AT&T because of the way the networks work but then again reliablity would be better with verizon and sprint but speed would still be slow hmm well this is just my opinion don't mean to piss anyone of.

    Bug can't wait to make the switch:)
    apple did it again!!:)

  • Do we know id the 4 will accept the 32GB sdhc cards?

  • Jordan

    been playing around with Android on the Evo 4G..it's decent but I think IOS is better

  • G rod

    God damn you AT&T and your shit edge network. This is my only gripe. So I bought an evo today for 4g and I'm gonna toss my 3gs on eBay and buy a new iPhone too once their out. Love the iPhones but so sick of AT&T being last always. 4g in 2012 come
    on. F that. Sprints pricing is better they have 4g. Evo is slick. So for now I'll go with both devices and down the road decide what I want to do

    f AT&T. Urgghh

  • G rod

    God damn you AT&T and your shit edge network. This is my only gripe. So I bought an evo today for 4g and I'm gonna toss my 3gs on eBay and buy a new iPhone too once their out. Love the iPhones but so sick of AT&T being last always. 4g in 2012 come
    on. F that. Sprints pricing is better they have 4g. Evo is slick. So for now I'll go with both devices and down the road decide what I want to do

    f AT&T. Urgghh

  • sada@mail.com

    Can we use this Ipnone 4 overseas, since it will have new micro sim?

  • killa_b

    i just got a hard on watching the video lol
    cant wait to go pre order it next week!!!

  • Munkii

    Screw th iPhone 4 I'm getting me an Evo 4G, I already got me an iPod, so if I feel nostalgic I'll just use that…

  • stephan

    i don t like att they break peoples party

  • djman10

    Very disappointed that there is no 64GB version. That was my biggest wish. As far as i am concerned, this phone changes nothing! It's not an revolutionary device, it's a evolutionary one. Yes, FaceTime is nice, but how useful will it really be, especially since it only works on wifi and only between iPhone 4s. Yes the screen is beautiful but it wont increase my productivity, allow me to store more music or videos. Still no full bluetooth support for data transfer. I will still buy it only because I'm upgrading from a 16 GB 3G.

  • suckitbitch

    i want to punch you in the face… you dont dont jack about 3g or 4g. your ignorance makes me want to shoot the first emo bitch i see!!

  • suckitbitch

    I want to punch you all in the face… you dont dont jack about 3g or 4g. your ignorance makes me want to shoot the first emo bitch i see!!

  • Markie_Mark

    Sure you can use it overseas, roaming has nothing to do with the simcard. If however you want to use a carrier in your home network they are all coming out with micro sims if they don't have already.

  • Kwopau

    Okay, the new iphone looks nice, but however, there are a few things why i will not get it and don't plan on getting it.

    1. American Technology is way behind then Asian countries, no offense there but it's true, nothing they can do about it.

    2. Video calling only works on wi-fi as of 2010 but said that they plan on changing it later in the future. Well that still shows how Americans are behind on technology. Apply mentions that the video call only works on iphone to iphone via wi-fi, well that's wrong in Korea, because most cell phones in Korea all have video calling capability (well most of them anyways), and can be done via the 3G without having to use the wi-fi and can be done with any phones, not just iphone to iphone.

    3. Already have the iphone 3G S and like design over the new one.

    Flame me all you want but it's true.

  • nf0rc3r

    anyone else wondering where the hold button during a call went to?

  • Paul

    O2 has announced a “special upgrade deal” will “be offered to in contract customers”. To make it easier for current iPhone customers to get the iPhone 4, O2 will offer upgrade deals – and details, the company said, will “be announced in the coming days”.

  • Luis

    are the speakers on iphone4 any louder?

  • Shrivatsa

    punctuation buddy..

  • Shrivatsa

    i think thats because the overall consumption of the chip is lower…say the old setup (setup = the whole phone) in the 3GS took (and im making the numbers up, just giving you an idea of what i think) 2W in standby, and 30W running at max. now, the A4 setup takes maybe 14W in standby, but only 22W running at max…this would make it more efficient overall. The phone does have a better GSM thing, because it supports every band out there..unlike the 3GS, plus the gyro etc.

    just my two cents.

  • Shrivatsa

    they are waiting for carriers to catch up..

  • Thomas

    Apple is a bitch, Evo has better camera, faster processor, 4g capability, better display, tethering …etc…
    What's all the brag about this phone?
    Apple is capitulating on the hype surrounding the release … They know how to market their products… Battery on iPhones sucks as well…I waited to see which one to choose… Evo wins big time … Plus sprint deals are way better than crappy dropping all call AT&T

  • Hmmm i see

    i dont get why people are gettin excited about video calls. cant speak for usa, but video callin has been a feature on alot of phones for a while in the uk. i had a video phone about 5 years ago. most people didnt use it cos everyone else can hear your conversation on loud speaker. the feature started to get dropped after a while due to lack of interest.

    am curious to see how good the camera is. i doubt its 720p vid cam is that good, the previous apple cams have been poor compared to other mobiles and even decent digital cameras struggle doing a good job of high def recording.

    the only feature that interests me is the high res screen cos that does look like a serious jump forward in the mobile market.
    other than that, doesnt seem like that bigger jump forward like apple made out.

    no mem card slot. still gotta use sh*tty itunes for everything. no extra buttons, gaming is sh*t without some buttons.
    my 3gs contract isnt up for while but i think ill see what HTC has to offer, when the time comes.

  • Don

    I wonder why they didn't implement led flash on 3GS & not much on the bluetooth pairing (handsfree,stereo headset & now keyboard)…

  • Skooter247

    I'm debating on wether or not to buy the new iPhone 4… I've had the 3G (16 gig) and now have the 3Gs (32 gig)… but the major thing I was looking for was more storage space…. dont get me wrong there are some realy cool things about the new iPhone, but a lot of those cool things will be available on my 3Gs with iOS 4. The front facing camera will be cool, but will it be able to take still pics or just video? All in all I'm impressed but not really ready to make the $300 leap for a few extra features and no more storage space.

  • nf0rc3r

    Apple has chosen to go with their own "software" or "format" for video calls and not used the "Normal 3G Video Call" every other single phone is using.

    I believe this is so they can integrate video call into ipad and ipod touches in future. Imagine able to talk to someone who has on a laptop using "Facetime" Application for the PC or Mac. Or even on an ipad and ipod with wireless connection and front camera.

    That would definately be a big leap over the current "Phone to phone Video Calls"

  • nf0rc3r

    To me the killer feature would be the gyroscope.

    I knw, there are other great new features like the retina display, improved battery life, and better camera. But those I can live with.

    I can't live with someone sitting beside me "Oh I love this game too!". Whips out a iPhone 4 and controls it better den I do making me look stupid. lol.