Pages From iWork Suite Of Apps Hacked To Work On iPhone

iWork ported for iPhone

Pages from Apple's iWork suite of apps for the iPad has now been ported to iPhone 4. Steven Troughton Smith, the Dublin based developer of jailbreakapps like Orbit, Stack and SameGame has announced on his Twitter page that he has managed to the port Pages by hacking the app's info.plist file on iOS 4 and later re-signing it. 

"Just got Pages up and running on my iPhone 4 (w/ a little hacking). Seems like it runs on OS 4

@buzzert bit of Info.plist hacking and re-signing!"

The porting is tricky considering that the display screen aspect ratio of the iPad and iPhone are notably different. However, as you can see from the screenshot below, the app is largely iPhone-compatible though the elements on the title bar may appear muddled to an extent.

iWork ported for iPhone

Smith has not provided any information on how users may hack the apps from their end. There is also no word on whether these hacked apps shall be made available for download.

However, if recent speculations are anything to go by, we could soon expect an official iWork app suite to be available for download on the App Store for iPhone. Engadget points us to the AppleCare Protection section on Apple's Online Store for customers in Canada, UK and Australia that contains references to "iWork for iPhone". 

iWork ported for iPhone

This is not the first time we have seen a reference of iWork for iPhone on Apple's website. As you may recall, Apple had posted an image on their website that contained references to the Keynote application. With this slip, it seems very likely that Apple will release the official iWorks Suite of Apps for the iPhone very soon. 

Would you be interested?

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