Steve Jobs Explains Why Custom Homescreen Wallpaper Feature Is Not Supported In iOS 4 For iPhone 3G

iPhone 3g Custom Homescreen

Apple has introduced a lot of interesting new features in iOS 4. But if you own an iPhone 3G, you may realized that some of the new features are not supported on your iPhone model.

While the lack of support for multitasking feature has been frequently mentioned, iPhone 3G users after upgrading to iOS 4 discovered that they also can't custom homescreen wallpapers in iOS 4.

Apple has noted that features like multitasking is not supported on iPhone 3G in order to ensure an optimal user experience. The iPhone 3G was released over two years ago and Apple has indicated that features like multitasking can highly degrade the performance levels of the relatively outdated iPhone 3G hardware.

However, it was disappointing to see that software features like homescreen wallpapers too are not supported for iPhone 3G.  Quite naturally our iPhone 3G readers  had expressed their disappointment.

It looks like the reason for not supporting the feature in iOS 4 for iPhone 3G was due to the unsatisfactory performance levels of the icon animations with backgrounds. 

Folks at Gizmodo have published a copy of an email exchange between a disappointed iPhone 3G user and Steve Jobs where the Apple CEO has provided the reason:

"The icon animation with backgrounds didn't perform well enough".

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