Apple To Fix iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Issue In The Next iPhone Software Update

Likely iPhone 4 signal reception fix

Some of our readers have been complaining that there is a problem with the proximity sensor in iPhone 4.

At the special iPhone 4 press conference where Apple talked about the reception problem, Steve Jobs also revealed that they’re looking into problems with the proximity sensor and expect to fix the issue in the next iPhone software update.

According to messages posted on Apple discussion forums, the "super-sensitive" proximity sensor on the new iPhone was causing calls to be unintentionally dialed, hung up or muted without user consent.

We had also posted some possible solutions to fix the proximity sensor issue, which fixed the issue for some readers but not for everyone.

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said at the iPhone 4 press conference:

We’re tracking some problems with the proximity sensor, we’ll have that in the next update.

I’m sure users who were facing the issue will be relieved that Apple has acknowledged the issue and is working on the issue.

It’s not clear if the fix will be included in iOS 4.1, which was seeded to developers of iPhone Developer program earlier in the week.

Are you facing the proximity sensor issue while making calls on your iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments.


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