AT&T Offers Free 3G MicroCell To Select Customers For Their “Continued Loyalty”

ATT Free microcell to subscribers

We have speculated on the possibility for AT&T to lose their exclusive carrier status several times in the past.

These speculations have gained extra credibility over the past one month with AT&T announcing an increase in the Early Termination fee for smartphone subscribers from $175 to $325.

In addition to this, several iPhone customers recently saw their upgrade eligibility advanced by six months to help them purchase an iPhone 4 with a new two year contract. If these reports were not proof enough, here is more evidence that AT&T may be working on ways to retain its loyal subscriber base. 

Folks at Engadget report that Ma Bell is now offering free 3G MicroCell to their "most valuable customers" as a special gift for their "continued loyalty". Interestingly though, the letter appears to have been sent even to customers who have had their subscription with the carrier for only a few months. Engadget's source points out that his family contract was set to expire shortly and that this could be a reason behind AT&T's offer. Here is a copy of the letter sent by AT&T to these select customers.

ATT Free microcell to subscribers

As you may be aware, AT&T's 3G MicroCell is a range-boosting femtocell that helps in improving the cellular reception by tapping into the user's home broadband. The device is priced at $150 and an additional monthly cost of $19.99 for unlimited minutes. It must be noted that the data consumed using the AT&T MicroCell shall count towards your monthly usage limit.

Have you received a similar letter from AT&T? What do you think about AT&T's latest offer? Write to us in the comments.

[via Engadget]

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  • natim

    I went through this months ago and ended up getting it free. I contacted what ATT refers to as the "save" dept and simply told them that I shouldn't have to pay for service again and they should be able to provide me with a reasonable signal. They made a note of my call in records, I returned to ATT retail store and told them, they looked up records and 10 minutes later I walked out with free microcell. I didn't pay a penny and what I can say for sure is that it works great. I have a large home and I get the true 5 bars all over. If you bitch loud enough you can get it free!!

  • Scott

    That source lives right down the road from me, small world

  • Dre

    do you Have to pay monthly?

  • Brundon

    My uncle called yesterday and got one! I tried but it's only for people with NO service in their home is what they told me.. I get 2-5 bars so I really didn't need it but still!

  • Jose

    That is so stupid!!! Why the hell would I pay AT&T to use my own broadband?

    We would only be helping them un-clog their towers, and they would make more false claims about their coverage.

    They should offer this product for free with no extra service fee. It would only help them more than us.

    If I wanted to pay to use a phone line through my broadband I woul have baught MAGIC JACK and paid those $20 for the whole year unlimited minz.

    Lol trust me on this guys, it's not a good investment

  • Monkeywrench

    The point of this post is that it's not an investment. It can be had for free now.





  • crazyfish

    I get 1 or 2 bars of EDGE and I just got one of these for free and set it up. I have unlimited data for my iphone and 6000 rollover minutes so I'm not whining about it. I absolutely hate resending MMS messages over and over and I really hope this fixes that. It sure beats paying $350 for those GSM cellular repeaters! If this thing works, I'm dumping Vonage. OMG!! It just came online!!! YES!!! Perfect timing

  • nafterclifen

    I bought a 3G MicroCell a month ago for $150. I just called AT&T's cancellation department, told them I bought one, and then read the letter about getting it free. I felt that I deserved something so they gave me an $80 credit…SCORE!

  • crazyfish

    Woah!! I'm talking on my phone in my house without standing in the window!! It is only 500 Kbps down and 50 Kbps up via speed test iphone app. Way cool! 🙂 Hope they increase the speed.. of course, wifi is really all we need unless we're sending MMS

  • Jack

    I went to the start originally $149 they looked up my account and reduced it to $49.99. I then called AT&T customer service and requested a $60 dollars credit to my account cause im experiencing such horrible service over the last 2 years and whola! Made an extra $10 bucks on the deal.

  • Brian

    Did you guys call at&t customer service, or your local store? I tried customer service and got nowhere – they just kept telling me that I had to go through the store to purchase and they had no control over the pricing due it being an "in-store only" item. I have NO service in my house and don't get any service for nearly a mile after I leave my house…and even then it's 1 bar of EDGE if I'm lucky for another 12 miles – then I get full 3G. Had an account for over 10 years with AT&T (previously with cingular and stuck with AT&T when they bought cingular).

  • AT&T Employee

    In regards to the unlimited calling feature, you are NOT required to get it. The Microcell is $149.99. Now if you DO sign up for the unlimited calling feature which is $19.99 per month, then you receive a $100 mail in rebate. You will be required to keep the feature on your acct for 6 months though. As for getting free microcells through customer service, I think it all depends who you speak with. Remember that AT&T does hire subcontractors for their call centers and sometimes those retards dont have a clue what theyre talking about. So if the person you're talking to sounds like theyre talking out of their ass…hang up and try again. DONT be nasty to the reps because they WILL notate your account and youre pretty much SOL from there.

  • Elisa

    Jack, youre an ass! Its people like you who love cheating the system to make an extra buck while at the same time F**KING it up for the rest of us. If you're experiencing horrible service then its simple…CANCEL! Trust me…they WILL waive your ETF's if you whine as much as you did to get a free microcell.

  • Sharon

    Jose, if you're as dumb as your name sounds, you should do your homework and realize that AT&T doesnt charge any service fees for the microcell. The $19.99 unlimited calling feature is optional and not required. As for paying for the microcell itself, trust me, you can call customer care and get a free one. So with a little effort, you wont have to spend a penny!

  • AT&T Employee

    Brian, call customer care again. Its very possible that you were probably speaking to a subcontractor and when that happens, you get nowhere. Heck, if you do call again, feel free to ask them whether they are an AT&T employee or a subcontractor. If you get no luck getting a free microcell, ask to be transferred to the cancellation dept. They'll send you to our SAVE team. In most cases they'll offer to credit your acct X amount of money to cover all or most of your out of pocket expense. However, DO NOT go to a reatil store. They can't do anything. At best, they'll just put you on the phone with Customer Care.

  • I picked up 2 MC's at release. For the first couple of weeks the devices worked great. The only reason I needed them was when AT&T upgraded out towers to 3G they seemed to miss the 2 most important places for me … my house and my office.
    I have seen a lot of reports of people getting these for free so I went to a local store to bitch that I paid for it when others are getting them at no cost. They told me that was only during testing and only select customers. So I started bitching about how bad the units have become in the past couple of months. The store got me in touch with the MC dept. at AT&T who gathered info from me. 2 days later someone higher in the food chain called me to tell me that there was nothing they could do to fix the horrid flaws in these devices. Said that if I was still in my 30 days I could take them back for a full refund. Once again I went through the entire schpeel about what is happening and that I am not happy about having $300 invested in these POS's that do not work properly. Within a matter of minutes they credited me my entire pruchase price and let me keep the devices.
    For those wondering … the flaws:
    On an iPhone you must have WiFi disabled or calls are choppy and/or drop
    Handoff to the tower happens even if the tower signal is less than that of the MC
    In some situations I have to be within 5 feet of the device for the call to build properly. Nope … can't walk any further away after the call build out.
    So … AT&T is screwing up our networks as bad as their own. Thanks AT&T!!

  • j0vian

    I got the letter, and the micro cell for free, no monthly fee unluss you opt for the 20$ unlimited micro cell calling. Works good

  • play13

    WHAT A MICRO CELL FOR FREE????! call 611 from your phone(if you can) ask for the customer relations department. The rep will ask you what that department is or what exactly WHAT are you looking for. Tell them this, it worked for me and so many others that did not get the free micro cell letter in the mail. Tell them where you live and that you cannot access the 3g data network and your cell phone service for voice is spotty at best in your house. ( I contacted an at&t store prior to this call and was informed by the sales guy to do this as well, he said at&t would have to put a flag or special note on my account to get a free device). I told the rep on the phone what the sales guy told me. The rep asked for my zip code to see if my area was eligible for the micro cell ( I guess you still have to be in an area where they are available….my sister got one and she lives in San Jose, Ca.) and then proceed to update my account. At this point he informed me he needed a supervisors to over-ride the cost to make the cost of the unit for me $ 0.00 and free shipping. Once the supervisor signed off he told me I would receive it in 3-5 days. I live in an area where only at&t works. Verizon, t-mobile,sprint ect… ect… ect…provide no coverage what-so ever. My county in its entirety does not even get 3G service and the EDGE network is spotty ( sometimes if your lucky) and cell coverage is 1 to 3 bars with 1 being the norm, so to finally get 3G service for my phones is a big plus. You see, even though I have blazing fast Internet 25 Mbps download and 2 Mbps up with an N router (u-verse), I can’t TEXT or MMS because those feature require the cell network and not a wifi connection to perform these feature I pay monthly for. I thought about purchasing this a while back but could not bring myself to it because I already spend over $2400 a year on at&t services and figured they could at least give me one for free. My first few attempts did not work because I guess I said all the wrong things. So in short try this and I hope it works for you as it did for me and several of my friends and family now.