Comex To Release Spirit Like Tool To Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS (New/Old Bootrom) And iPod Touch 2G/3G On iOS 4

Spirit jailbreak ported to Linux

We finally have some good news for our readers who are tired of the complicated solutions that we’ve been posting to jailbreak iPhone, especially for users who have an iPhone 3GS with the newer bootrom.

MuscleNerd, member of the iPhone Dev team has just announced that Comex will be releasing a Spirit like tool to jailbreak iOS 4 for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS (irrespective of old or new bootrom) and also for iPhone 4.

MuscleNerd and planetbeing of the iPhone Dev team were tweeting yesterday that they were having fun playing around with iPhone 4 baseband to figure out how it to unlock it.

Since one needs to jailbreak the iPhone before unlocking it, some of their followers were wondering why the iPhone Dev team were working on unlocking iPhone 4 rather than a tool to jailbreak it first.

But according to MuscleNerd that’s not a problem as:

jailbreak for all devices at 4.0 is already handled by upcoming @comex release πŸ™‚ so, good time for iphone4 unlock stuff

Thus indicating that Comex should be releasing tools to jailbreak jailbreak iOS 4 for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS (old or new bootrom) and also for iPhone 4.

However, we doubt Comex will release the jailbreaking tool before Apple releases the iPhone software update (iOS 4.0.1) to fix the incorrect reporting of signal strength to address the iPhone 4 reception issues.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve any further updates. So stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.


JailbreakMe 2.0 Released To Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G On iOS 4, iOS 4.0.1 And iPad On iOS 3.2.1, iOS 3.2 Using Mobile Safari

[via MuscleNerd]

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  • smash

    Finally. Awesome.

  • Kasper

    WOOO, remember ih8sn0w is also on the way with som great news… His tweet:

    "People that are on 3.1.2 new bootrom but without SHSH blobs are in luck for the tethered 4.0 jb. New things coming tomorrow! =)"

  • New bootrom iPhoner

    After 4.0.1, we wait for 4.0.2 or 4.1? >:)

  • nomos

    will the tool work with 3gs previously jailbroken with spirit and now upgraded to ios4?

  • mo

    Only reason I held off on an iphone 4. Waiting for the jailbreak but still happy with my 3gs

  • Yes it should work.

  • nomos

    great, thx

  • Mac

    This is great. Good job comex.

  • Do we have a rough estimate of when either Comex or Apple will release their respective software and patch? My iPhone 4 is still sitting in it's box waiting to be jailbroken.

  • Dan

    Not really news… they already said they found a way to jailbreak the iphone 4 & it was obvious they would wait till after apple would release their update.

  • Simon

    So its already release. Where is the link to download.

  • Bluesman4242

    Hey Iv been waiting to upgrade to iphone4 until a jailbreak is released as well. Can you order them from apple or AT&T and not activate them until there is a jailbreak release and still get them at the subsidized price?


    "to figure out how it to unlock it."



  • MaccaG

    πŸ™‚ would it work on the iPod touch 2g mc version aswell

  • Yes it should work.

  • Zack

    I upgraded my 3gs to iOS 4. Any guestimate on when the unlock thing is possible?
    I don't feel a need for jailbreaking but I want to unlock it to get the data working.

  • Bill Gates

    Thanks for the great news

  • Perfect cant wait

    I hope apple releases the firmware update soon πŸ™‚

  • ZeroShift

    I sincerely hope they release it soon. My withdrawals are getting worse lol

  • Yeah. The iPhone4 uses a new mini-sim so your old sim won't work – someone said you could trim the old sim, but I have no clue – When I pre-ordered my iPhone 4 from AT&T I had to go to the store to figure out why a sim tool and sim weren't included. My sales rep said it was already installed in the phone and would be activated when I used iTunes.

    If by subsidized price you mean upgrade discount I think they said either 6 months or 12 months out – as long as you can upgrade within the year – you get the 299 or 399 pricing. Otherwise I think it's a whopping 499 or 599…


    Will I be able to hacktivate my iphone 3gs with new bootrom (which has been sitting in my house for months because I can't use it) with this upcoming tool? Spirit for 3.1.3 says it does not support hacktivation so I am concerned.

  • wwoooooowwwwwwww… GR8888888.. Keep Going….

  • David

    Not to be a total jerk but this was already said before. Everyone waiting till apple fixes their signal problem with a patch before they can provide a jailbreak.

  • endri

    hopefully it is soon!! I Need my 3gs when I go out of the country!!!

  • endri

    most likely not but you can activate the phone with any att sim card!!


    loving my iphone 4 just waiting on the jailbreak but i follow these guys on twitter great job dev-homies lol

  • wolverinemarky

    great news thanks @comex, but will there be other jailbreaking tools or will all the devs be supporting this one for now? because spirit is a userland jb which can be patched by Apple. So wondering when the other tools will be released here we dont have to worry about them being patched as easy

  • rhino 127

    i read today that geot had found a jailbreak that will jailbreak any i phone 2g 3 g 3gs 4 forever but doesnt know if he will ever release it or not. little twat what about all his loyal followers that have donated to him in the past. fucking twat.

  • Heard it before

    Yeah…the countdown begins but why wait till after Apple releases 4.0.1? what if it comes with more complications? what happens to those of us who r still using iphone 3GS new bootrom?

    Why won't they release it for us now and then if anything happens to 4.0.1 they can work out a fix. 3GS users don't need the upgrade anyways and we'll probably still stay on 4.0.

  • Jordan

    If they release it now when Apple releases the fix they'll patch it. I'M just as anxious to get it cause im missing MyFi but we all need to sit tight and stop complaining

  • Im so bored to wait for a false update that is supposed to fix my iphone 4 reception issue that i already resolved myself buying a beautiful black case at a carrier shop for 19 euros and i have no reception problem anymore. Im even using the 3g at home just to check how i can navigate perfectly in 3g. Thx apple but post your false fix faste please.


  • jimmi

    Yeahh this is what I want to hear! :)) Great job!

  • D3@th


  • Dkhan

    Weren't you guy the griping at the dev team just a day or two ago telling them to quit wasting time on the old iPhones and write one for your iPhone 4?

  • goku316

    this is it!!!…the best of all jailbreak..thanks guyz!

  • TimW

    I remember the days not so long ago when I got slated for kicking Geohot on IPH for his failure to follow up his lucky strike. I posted my belief in the dev team & got some 'interesting' (& deleted) negative replies.
    To those who knocked me……The proof is in the pudding πŸ™‚

  • has

    as long as its released BEFORE 4.0.1, otherwise its pointless (unless it also works on 4.0.1) so lets hope its soon.

  • D3@th

    Yeah and now i'm happy that finally they did the right thing and focus on what is more important!!!!

  • Teal

    There's no point in releasing it before the update because Apple can then simply see what exploit they're using and incorporate a patch in the update which closes the exploit making the jailbreak useless for 4.1. If they wait til AFTER the update, the exploit should still be there and the jailbreak should work with little modification.

  • GM

    will the tool work with 3gs previously jailbroken and unlocked with Blacra1n?

  • I can't wait ..but Teal got a point as well

  • cozze02

    you can use snowbreeze. do ppl like you ever read the other post's or do you just come on here and type some random shit?

  • ed

    I spoke to a sales rep at apple and I was told that some time towards the end of the year a new iphone will be introduced called the iphone 4gs. Is there any truth to this????!!!!

  • endri

    I did cut my standard sim card to make it fit to the iPhone 4 and it worked fine.

  • endri

    Thats how I feel too!!!

  • AvionicZ

    I have the grandest idea of all. iPhone hacks needs to get a dual message board, one for us fluent english speaking AND WRITING people and a seperate board for these annoying ass foreign motherfuckers, so they can type in their own goonie googoo language!

    On another note, on the iPhone 4Gs, why didn't you ask the APPLE sales representative if he was a lying fuck? Instead of us having to see your stupid ass question. You want me to call my Uncle Steve Jobs and see if this is true? Trip and fall in a Puddle of AIDS!

  • Peter Jennings

    I like the idea of knowing this but I really hope it's not like the last one. I hope it's like blackra1m

  • Yo Mama

    Chill dude… iOS4 is messed up pretty bad with the reception issues so the next iOS update is a MUST for iPhone4 users. I agree they should wait for the update because you'd better believe that Apple will patch the exploit if it is released now. I have a 3GS with new boot rom that has had reception problems since I put iOS4 on it!!

  • aa


  • aa


  • anonymous

    Please dun scream. Ask nicely and I'm sure ppl will tell you. πŸ™‚

  • anonymous

    Please dun scream. Ask nicely and I'm sure ppl will tell you.

  • Mac

    Dude no one knos so calm ur ass. Dnt be a cheap deuce nd just by da apps. Nd u need a jailbroken phone to get free apps

  • Mac

    I kno right??? Lol

  • poor reception

    I second that. I cant connect to internet eversince I upgraded to iOS 4.0 on my new bootrom 3gs.
    The only time i can connect to internet is thru wifi….

  • Jimmy

    Thank you for your hard work Comex

  • Jimbo

    I love your idea but shut your ash. hehehe

  • Audioslave54

    If u restore from a back up that was made before u jb with spirit (which I think is your case) u will be able to use the 3g again for the Internet. This happened to me and that fixed it, I was gonna try several thing but after I restored it with the pre-JB my pc died and lost all my back ups πŸ™

  • avgUsr

    I had that problem too on my 3GS – had to go and use iPhone configuration utility and enter the internet identifier of my phone company. Now it's running smooth again.

  • ZeppelinLed

    Off topic I know but once jailbroken, is it possible to install proswitcher/backgrounder and categories on an iPhone 4 anyone? In case I prefer those hacks to apples native versions?
    What about infiniboard too??

  • dhrumil

    release date??

  • dhrumil

    i have 3gs i m wating for 1 month.thanks to iphonehacks..

  • SamTam

    LOL LOL hahhaaa those 5 previous post was hilarious… hahahaha LOL

  • Kelly

    wait so will this hack jailbreak my Iphone 3gs 4.0 without knowing which bootrom or not having my SHSH Blobs because i just bought my 3gs yesterday off craigslist list?


  • Amir

    Have made this guide from PC and it is really easy but there is a big problem. Everything works fine, you can jailbreak, unlock with ultrasn0w, but when you lock the screen, the iPhone will restart and you must connect it to your computer and run ibooty. So PC users should wait with this jailbreak soul tion until there is a fix for this!
    can someone with a mac confirm that this problem does not exist?

  • T-Dub

    No. Haha JK; it probably will, but (and I can't stress this enough) WE DONT KNOW!!!!!!! Thnx for the question.

  • in da hoodz

    u is chatting shit ma man, go fk youself up de ass.anyone no wen da break is released for ma 3gs?

  • El Gato

    Mwahahahaha *bleh* *bleh* Erm… Hairball… πŸ™

  • well thx for the news IH , my iphone 3gs updated to 4.0 and it is deactivated , i have only to wait the last solution

  • Geok1d

    Spirit it self will not hactivate, but it will install cydia on your iphone, then you can go through cydia to find a hactivator like ultrasn0w that will do that for you. There is a tutorial here for using ultrasn0w here on this site i believe.

  • Anshul

    but after jailbreaking ios 4 with spirit(which is to be relesed) we will not get cydia in it and if we will not have cydia we will not be able to unlock it with ultrasnow ????? am i rite ?>????/

  • Craig

    You were on the money mate. Where is he now eh?! lol, ios4 is ripe for some glory taking and he's no where to be seen..

  • xyz

    You will have cydia. That is what the Jailbreak means

  • Jcm800

    Tell that to 'a black dude'. I hope he reads this, as he claims 3gs with ios4 doesn't have reception issues.

  • robin

    can this work even if my 3gs is stuck in emergency call because i dont have any at&t and im here in the phil. please anyone can help me?

  • michael

    LOL that is soooooo EDDIE MURPHY !!!!

  • outspace

    i wanna ask when the unlock iPhone 4 release date?

    Best Regard,

  • outspace

    I wanna ask when iPhone 4 unlock release date..?

    Best regard,

  • I bought iPhone 3GS iOS 4.0 off ebay a couple days ago, I sucessfully jailbroke and unlocked it. Here is what I did:
    First, downgrade iOS 4.0 to 3.1.3.
    Then, jailbreak with spirit.
    Then, unlock with ultrasn0w.
    Then, Install hackulo to use third party apps…
    Finally, a fully jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 3GS!!!

    Genuine apple products at discount price! go to

  • ddd

    does anybody know when the spirit 4.0 will appear? cause i made a huge mistake today, i wanted to install a jailbroken os 4 on my 3gs with jb 3.1.2,but instead of take the jailbroken image i put the original 4 on my iphone. and now i canΒ΄t even downgrade because i always get the 1600 error πŸ™

  • Soon, very soon (hopefully). Half of the world is waiting for it!

  • Garf

    Its not that easy or everyone would be doing that as a temporary fix until the new jailbreak is released.

  • ravi

    how do i jailbreak and unlock ios4 with the lastest firmware plzz can someone tell me thanks

  • larryw

    Second to last PP in the story:

    "However, we doubt Comex will release the jailbreaking tool before Apple releases the iPhone software update (iOS 4.0.1) to fix the incorrect reporting of signal strength to address the iPhone 4 reception issues. "

    Would make sense–why give Apple the chance to kill the JB as part of 4.0.1…

  • Anshul

    no dude you are absolutely wrong by applying jailbreak you cannot guarantee cydia i have a proof of it . Earlier when there was 3.1.3 jailbreak was in a search SPIRIT was first released but after Spirit jailbreaking method you were not getting cydia installed in it. everybody got Cydia when Redsnow tool to jailbreak was relesed …………so thing which i want to convay is that jailbreaking does not mean you will get cydia.

  • Diversgold

    I just want to be able to tether my 3GS with OS4 to my laptop without paying rip-off extra charges. I am on Orange.

  • ZeppelinLed

    If I was asking the same old Qs about jailbreak releases I'd have got a reply by now…

  • It should be possible to install them, however you would need to be careful to see if they're compatible with iPhone 4.

  • phongthan999

    this is good news. however, apple wont release the iOS upgrade at least few weeks.

  • stupid iphone

    please make it fast..
    i can't wait to unlock my iphone 3gs with 05.01.12 baseban with the new bootrom

  • GM

    DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!! snowbreeze does not work with new bootroom……and its not a random shit statement…………….

  • ZeppelinLed

    Thanks, guess I'll have to wait and see

  • Rkchat

    What? Spirit automically installs cydia onto the iPhone. Furthermore, without cydia, or some other installer, how could you even tell if something was jailbroken. It would be absolutely pointless to jailbreak the iPhone and not get an installer. That's like buying a spacious 5 bedroom hous with no entrances. Sure it has 5 bedrooms but hell if you can use them. So, no one would make such a thing just as the dev team wouldn't make a worthless jailbreak.

  • Miezl

    You'd better hold off on an iPhone 4 because of the many problems it brings with it!!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Miezl

    You can downgrade though but your baseband (modemfirmware) will still be 05.13.04 thus not jailbreakable. That's why we are waiting for the the new jailbreak for the 3Gs with ios4 and new bootrom πŸ˜‰
    Patience is the only solution…..

  • Andrew

    Hi guys , i updated my 3GS iphone was jalbreake with spirit.
    Now is over I try with spirit becoem the eror Devivce not suported. Can sombody help me how can i jalbrak and unlock

  • robin

    hi can an iphone that is stuck in emergency call be jailbreaked? cause i dont have any at&t sim… 3gs newbootrom ios4 here.

  • Guys, relax. It was a fake message from MuscleNerd. So it is still unknow about jailbreak.

  • Mac

    I dnt think so cuz it has to be activated, as in not stuck in emergency call or connect to itunes screen

  • Mac

    Well it depends on what kind of phone you have. If u have iphone 4, with iOS 4.0, then u have to wait for this jailbreak to come out. Hope this helps

  • c68stang

    any idea when ios4.0.1 will be released i keep reading its coming but its only on these rumor sites not on apples site. Because i upgraded my 3gs with 4.0 and now have noticed a signal issue

  • Art

    Ditto…iphone in Canada / Bell Mobility / since 4.0 no data services if not in WiFi…. that blows…i should get a discount or win a free iphone 4 or something

  • Art

    Same in Canada…those buggers better be working night and day on this…. this blows…. no internet except in WiFi… talked to service provider / Bell / I am NOT alone.

  • yeah, it is month or two πŸ™

  • allglass

    iPhone 3Gs
    Baseband 5.13.4
    Bootloader 6.4
    Old Bootrom


  • blinkguest

    got jailbreak my iphone 3gs 3.1.3 firmware using spirit. yesterday i updated my firmware into 4.0.. all apps are gone including cydia πŸ™ (i really miss cydia and my other apps). please help us to restore it again.. you guys are the only hope to let our iphone's shine again.. thanks in advance and more power to you..

  • bill bas

    how did you downgrade to 3.1.3 without SHSH blobs?

  • dhrumil india

    All iphone hackers r faill to jailbrake iphone 3gs newbootrom,In 2 day Apple release ios 4.0.1…All hacker r LOSER… .Ha..Ha..Ha

  • manu

    hey any body know when the new version of spirit will be release to jailbreak iphone 3gs 4.0 firmware (new bootrom)please let me knoe where can i find spirit version ?

  • I bought a iPhone 3GS iOS 4.0 off ebay a couple days ago, I sucessfully jailbroke and unlocked it. Here is what I did:
    First, downgrade iOS 4.0 to 3.1.3.
    Then, jailbreak with spirit.
    Then, unlock with ultrasn0w.
    Then, Install hackulo to use third party apps…
    Finally, a fully jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 3GS!!!

    Genuine apple products at discount price! go to!

  • I bought a used apple iPhone 3GS iOS 4.0 off ebay a couple days ago, I sucessfully jailbroke and unlocked it. Here is what I did:
    First, downgrade iOS 4.0 to 3.1.3.
    Then, jailbreak with spirit.
    Then, unlock with ultrasn0w.
    Then, Install hackulo to use third party apps…
    Finally, a fully jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 3GS!!!

    Genuine apple products at discount price! go to

  • Josh

    i got jailbroken iphone 3gs 3.1.3
    if i want to upgrade it to 4.0 and jailbreak it again is it possible? and what software do i use to unlock os 4.0 on my 3gs? as i have used "spirit" to jailbreak it on 3.1.3
    anyone can help?

  • shovel2797

    it doesnt matter because the iPhone "death grip" is a hardware problem not software

  • Kelly

    damn it when is this sprite coming out!! why cant they at least update us or something?

  • Cole

    What I don't get is if apple knows their way around their own software and they hear that there firmware is possible to be jail broken and it is a user land jailbreak then won't they know how to patch it?

  • Chris

    Apple cannot fix reception issues. This is because its a hardware problem and firmware updates cannot fix that. It can only be fixed if apple remakes the iphone or if you buy an iphone case ( these tend to fix problems)

  • Steve

    That geohot is so full of himself he is a fuckin twat !!!
    Hes an arrogant cunt !!! An a larger than life PRICK !!!

  • teddy

    Hi steven.Can you tell me how you downgrade iOs4 to 3.1.3 with.

  • k12

    false πŸ™‚ read apple's announcement on the topic

  • sumkinduvmalice

    u fail so hard, go to reports are already up of it being fixed. Please don't comment unless you actually know the problem.

  • steviemacc

    it happened to me too im on o2 what u have to do is go to general settings then network then cellular data network and fill in the apn username and password which u will find on the o2 site or whatever ur carrier is

  • HI5

    but when will u relese it i am waiting for it form so long

  • BaNaDoOoOoL

    Thanks guys for your effort
    i would ask when the new spirit will release because we were waiting for long long time.

    Thanks again

  • HI5

    when it will be relesed any date and on u tube there r videos of limerain unlocking iphone3gs on 4.0 firmware

  • Mashimaro

    Hi guys,
    am a newbie in iphone over here needed some guidance from those who have idea in it, been trying to find some way to JB my iphone info below:
    Iphone 3gs
    iOs 4.0
    New Bootrom

    recently just bought it. can someone just teach me or show me a way or 2?

    Thanks in advance

  • robin

    is there a way to activate an iphone without the original carrier sim? damn.

  • goku316

    how do you downgrade your iphone os 4.0 to 3.1.3? my iphone 3.1.3 update to 4.0 now i cant downgrade my iphone to original 3.1.3.pls help me is there a chance to downgrade my iphone to original os?thanks

  • HI5


  • Alex

    What a White Trash Racist MTF you are, Nazi prototype.

  • revrevmax

    Does it include hacktivation for iphone 4? Sorry, i don't have an at&t sim card and my iphone 4 is locked, im out of US.

  • is all fake, tried them all



  • HamazingHwhisky

    So… it's July 22nd and it's still not here? what happened to "soon"?

  • HamazingHwhisky

    At this time it's not possible for you… Once this new version of Spirit comes out, that's what you'll need…

  • waiting 3gs mc model iso4 jb???????????
    had cydia n then screwd it after update,some 1 said the iphone feels gay without jailbreak, they 2 right.

  • imagine if no jailbreak iso4 3gs mc models?

  • Comexgay

    What's the next excuse for not releasing the jailbreak? Just admit it, you guys don't have it and quit posting " comex the fag gonna release the jailbreak soon" I seen the same tweets and topics updated everyday but nothing new..i guess the next excuse is youtubes not working well with the jailbreak… btw u can get jailbreak now for ten bucks online !!!!!!

  • Prabhat

    But when it will come, i am waiting egarly for it… as my phone is stuckup showing slid for emergency…

  • Prabhat

    But how to get that phone book simcard in India… i am really confused… also couldn understand the video metioned by u….also i insatlled hactivation patch before upgrading from 3.1.3 to 4.01… and now i am stucked… please help

  • Prabhat

    Hi robin… anyluck with the jailbreak.. ithink we share a same problem…. even i am stucked in the middle and my phone is saying slid for emergency

  • Prabhat

    but how did u downgrade from IOS 4.01 to 3.1.3??

  • Prabhat

    same problem… i ahve iphone 3GS and its locked now… did u slove ur problem.. help me if u can