Coverage of Apple’s iPhone 4 Press Conference

Likely iPhone 4 signal reception fix

Apple's special iPhone 4 press conference should be underway shortly.

It is being held at Apple's Cupertino headquarters at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, less than one hour from now.

Apple is expected to talk about iPhone 4’s reception problem at the press conference.

Updates will be posted from top to bottom (bottom newest) so stay tuned. Please refresh for latest updates.

Analysts are already making their predictions on what to expect from Apple at the press conference. Let us know what you think Apple will tell us about iPhone 4's reception problem.

We now have a song for the iPhone 4 antenna issue (quite funny):


The conference should be starting soon. 

It has started and Apple is playing the iPhone 4 antenna song, what a coincidence 🙂

Steve Jobs on stage talks about the iPhone 4 antenna song on YouTube.

Steve Jobs: “We’re not perfect. Phones aren’t perfect. We know that, you know that. But we want to make all our users happy. If you don’t know that, you don’t know Apple. We’re going to talk about how we’re going to do that.”

Steve Jobs says Apple is going to talks about the problems and the data they've got. He goes on to say iPhone 4 is the best product Apple has ever made.

Steve Jobs says how the iPhone antenna problem has turned into an Antennagate.

Steve Jobs is now showing a video of BlackBerry Bold 9700 dropping signal from 4 to 5 bars to just one bar.

Then shows the HTC Droid Eris signal bar dropping from 4 to 1 bar.

Next shows Samsung Omnia 2 and shows the signal bar drop on it as well.

Steve Jobs says how its a challenge for the whole mobile industry.

And admits that they're not perfect, which was made visible by some websites.

He is now talking about their extremely sophisticated antenna labs. Apple has spent $100 million in their antenna testing facilities over the last 5 years.

He admits that if you grip iPhone 4 in a certain way the signal bars drop.

He claims that they have received complaints from only 0.55% of iPhone 4 customers about the antenna issue.

Steve Jobs says the return rates for iPhone 4 are only 1.4% as compared to iPhone 3GS's return rate of 6%, which is considered the gold standard.

Steve Jobs says that the early drop calls on iPhone 4 are more than the iPhone 3GS, even though they think iPhone 4's antenna is superior. But that number is very small. iPhone 4 drops less than one call per hundred than the iPhone 3GS.

Steve Jobs speculates that the reason for that could be because of the healthy market for cases that fit iPhone 3GS when it was launched as opposed to iPhone 4. 

I've a hunch, Apple is going to give away iPhone 4 bumpers for free.

Steve Jobs says he has received over 5000 emails from users telling him that their iPhone is fine and they can't figure out what this is about.

There you go, Steve Jobs has just announced that it is giving away a free bumper. If you've bought one then you'll get a refund and they will keep this going until September 30th.

Apple will send a free case but since it can't make enough bumpers it is going to give you a choice of some other cases that you can pick and they'll send it to you.

Steve Jobs says that if users are still not happy then they can return iPhone 4 for a full refund.

Apple is also aware of the proximity sensor problem and it will be fixed in the next update.

White iPhone will start shipping from the end of July. And iPhone 4 will be available in 17 more countries on July 30th.

Steve Jobs is now talking about how they love their users. 

Steve Jobs: “So we do all this because we love our users. And when we fall short — which we do sometimes — we try harder. We pick ourselves up, we figure out what’s wrong, and we try harder. And when we succeed, they reward us by staying our users, and that makes it all worth it.”

Steve Jobs believes that they have got to the heart of the problem and that is the smarphones have weak spots, which is a challenge to the entire industry.

That's it folks, its Q&A session with Steve Jobs, Tim Cock and Bob Mansfield. What do you think about Steve Jobs explanation of the problem. Are you happy that they're giving a free case and a full refund if you're not happy?

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  • wolverinemarky

    i will be waiting to hear the news

  • joe uk

    a first for the uk. well as usual apple will talk a load of crap and try to bluff everyone again.

  • joe uk

    oooops sorry second.

  • Da Pimp Wit Da Limp

    Hey guess what? My Iphone 4 still works fine.

  • joe. uk

    i have a feeling iphone 4 jailbreak will be out this weekend.i sure hope so.

  • kenny

    i hope the jailbreak is out soon because the iphone 4 is boring without it,im using my jailbroken 3g at the moment

  • AC

    I hope jailbreak and unlock will be available soon.
    I have this 3GS with ios 4 that is stock to activation screen… very expensive gadget that sits on my shelf at home…. 🙁

  • RaDude

    Catchy tune…

  • AC

    true that

  • Geohot

    iPhone sucks!

  • LMAO at the song…Real shit!

  • cash

    EPIC !!!!
    Really good song !

  • mcorona

    "He claims that they have received complaints from only 0.55% of iPhone 4 customers about the antenna issue."

    Some having complained yet… they're waiting to see where this very conference goes.

  • mcorona

    having= havent

  • Noneya

    So he is blaming the failure of the iphone 4 due to the success of the iphone 3gs.

  • We've invested over $100 million on this waste of money

  • Noneya

    They sold millions of iphone 4 and only over 5000 emails saying everything is good. That is a bod ratio.

  • Noneya

    bod = bad

  • Lrs

    Is that u the hacker

  • No it isn't

  • fiingers21

    so how do folks in the u.k claim there free bumper?

  • Noneya

    The case is a good idea for those how are having problems. But those that don't have problems will surely take advantage of this. Wondering why only until September. I'm thinking slight modification to antenna "like a Teflon coat" could be lurking around the corner.

  • Noneya

    how = who

  • hector

    great response on jobs part lucky for me i got a case on ebay for my phone which helped me and i havent experienced any problems.

    free bumper or case
    complete refund is not happy
    honest company and happy customers

  • Sean

    So how do i get my new bumper case? The magical case that is supposed to put an end to the IPhone 4 dropped signal issue. The next question is should i go ahead and take my phone back and complain about the proximity sensor problem and get a new one (HOPEFULLY) or just wait til the next IOS update.

  • duston f

    Apparently you do not know how to read.. It was stated that you can go on the Apple website and order it next week. Also the proximity sensor would be fixed in the next update..

  • You should be able to apply for one online from next week, we'll let you know the details as soon as we have it.

    Even if you go to the store to replace it, they'll ask you to wait for the next iOS update instead so guess advisable to wait. You can also check out few solutions to see if it fixes it:

  • Mark

    What's steps do I take to redeem the bumper?

  • free bumpers wow

  • i dont think they are going to recall it

  • This one does show up.

  • jimmy

    yeah i need to know that also anyone know anything?

  • Chad

    Id be willing to bet we see the iphone 4 jailbreak and unlock come out within the next 24 hrs now that the firmware update is live and doesnt fix much plus we now know where apple stands on the signal issue.

  • me



  • clrj14

    why dont you just shut up and get off a iphone website! loser

  • clrj14

    not everybody i sgoing to send a damn email! calm down. everyone analyzes what he says!

  • clrj14

    they are going to fix it in next update

  • What?

    So they took three weeks to come up with a software update just to fix a faulty formula and also to dig for 3-4 videos of the competition losing bars? Wow, I wonder how much R&D funds went into this? And let me guess at least another three weeks for the update to fix the proximity sensor. So they aren't changing anything hardware wise so what happens to people who buy the iPhone 4 after September. What to they do if they have antenna issues? I gotta say this is disappointing

  • Profit

    Screw this.. i'll get my free bumper and return my iphone 4. Then sell my bumper on ebay = PROFIT for me!! Time for apple to get fucked!

  • Fingers

    Does this mean we'll maybe wait for jailbreak, due to the next update to fix the proximity sensor? That would suck! That'll be apples next step to stop jailbreak, release updates more often!

  • yt0k

    So how does this work? I bought my iPhone 4 and case at bestbuy a week or so ago. Is BestBuy going to refund me for the case I bought? Do I have to go through the Apple Store for the refund? Am I even eligible for the refund for the case?

  • mcorona

    I bet you they'll spend more marketing dollars than R&D about this whole thing.

  • Steven M

    I hate that damn song. I was expecting something funny. That was just lame and annoying.

  • Jordan Katz

    The phone drops the same amount of calls every other AT&T phone drops, jailbroken or not cause AT&T sucks, with or without the bumper. Everyone should be kissing Steves ass.. Imagine not coming out with the iPhone.. We would all be on lame ass Blackberries, Moto Q's or Pam Pilots and Moto Razrs. You don't like the F-ing phone return and go Andriod.

  • iOS4

    I knew Steve was going to come out with all this nonsense about other phones loses signal too. Yes all cellphone might have issues but none as worse as this. Its only a fool that will believe some crap like "Yeah iphone has the best cellphone antenna in the world but loses a lot of bars or drop calls when held in a wrong way.

    Apple like steve said is an engineering company, so who knows what tweets they did on the other phones they compared the drops bars with. I have honestly lost a lot of respect for Apple and even lost more respect for Steve Jobs.

    Why the heck will i buy an iphone to cover it not because i want to but because i have to for better signal. To me iphone is not the best phone on the market, it's one of the nicest smart phones on the market and i prefer it over others. I have never used any of my iphones since iphone 2G with covers because one of my main reason buying the iphone is for its design

    Conclusion: F U Apple, F U Steve n F*** everyone else who doesn't see through Apple Boo

  • Mac

    Fuck u

  • Unbelievable

    If iPhone users and everyone else finds this acceptable then Mel Gibson needs to get on his Iphone 4 and call Steve Jobs so that he can represent him. Let's just hope they both have cases on their phones.

  • Jer

    In reading the last paragraph, I wonder what Tim Cock has to say about it.

  • Jet

    Just do the network reset and settings reset that worked for me

  • y_air

    I got lucky, I went to replace my iphone yesterday due to a flash issue and they gave me a new iphone 4 but still with 4.0 OS on it

  • CSKprofone

    Steve jobs is actually doing something nice. i wont complain, even though i dont have an iphone4. Its all good, as long as it works right? thats the main reason you people actually buy it right? so, be contempt, and maybe you'll realize that somethings can't be fixed.

  • Arran

    What Steve jobs has said about customer care and satisfaction is absolutely true. I dropped my phone 4 days after having it and called apple and since I was a loyal customer they sent me a new one free of charge and gave me a bumper case! How's that for pr! I am annoyed at the antenna problem but apple will make it right. For a minute there I was gonna boycot apple and then they took care of me. Thanks apple.

  • ?

    Why is the update so huge? It's even bigger than 4.0 and that supposed to be a big leap from 3.13.

  • ZeppelinLed

    WTF is a HTC Eris?? Who the hell uses one of those? Why didn't he compare contempory rival's, such as a HTC Desire, or a Samsung Galaxy S??

  • Jcm800

    wouldnt think its going to come anytime soon, not with another update due soon..

  • Jcm800


  • theBankRobber

    Look everybody says the same thing, iPhone changed cell phones. But you can't act like in due time there wasn't going to be a change if the iPhone never came out. Motorola and palm has been pushing speeds and software before the iPhone even launched. Just the iPhone made the mobile industry move faster into high end phones we have today. Also you act like Android phones are shitty! Well they aren't. They are as good or if not better then the iPhone. It depends on everyone's preferences on what they want in a cell phone and what fits there price range. Different carrier's and different service plans really make a person decide on what they want. Not everyone wants a iPhone or a Android.

  • Harsha

    Thats it…. A free bumper for their faulty design.. are they fixing the core of the problem???? Apple i thought u like to keep your products sleek and sexy.. well bumper is the last thing i would have expected for the coming customers.. they should fix in the design itself…

  • HCWHunter

    Apple came out with GUI for the original Mac and MS copied it with Windoze. MP3 players were out there but Apple made them easier to use and better with the iPod. Smartphones were out there too more than 3 yrs. ago, but the iPhone really was a leap forward with the touchscreen and virtual keyboard. Androids wouldn't exist if not for the iPhone. They are good, but not AS good. The HTC EVO and Droid X are getting too big for pockets, but many people will like them. When Apple comes out with a smaller iPad, that will take off too. No one has come out with a NEW, or substantially different, innovative product, other than Apple. That's why we like Apple.

  • HCWHunter

    What are those? LOL!

  • Krish

    me to got new iphone as replacement with a bumper…but same signal issue at home..bars are going down……

    by september 30, they will fix or change the antenna design..and they will stop giving free bumpers….people who bought before sept 30 would become fools 🙂 with useless cases.

  • krish


  • Crapple

    0.55% my ass! Why do you people keep beleiving this nonsense. Anyone with any common sense can see that Apple are lying as usual and doing their cover up.

    The fact that this has a compnay the size of Apple so worried and nervous that it's CEO comes out of hiding to have a offical "excuse" conference just for 0.55% of the users, that's pure nonsense.

    I saw on Foxnews that AT&T stores reported that it's affected over 41% of their iPhone 4 customers.

    It's so bad that Apple stock has been diving downwards for the second week in row, and it took a big plunge today agaian and people are loosing millions on Apple stock.

    It went up a fraction of a point when the update was released, bit i also wrote yesterday to wait until people have updated and see that they are being screwed again, then Apple stock will fall again.

    Bottom line, a company the size of Apple does not go down like a broken submarine in the stockmarket if only 0.55% are affected!? Anyone one with common sense can smell bulls*it from a mile away, the question is, can you?

  • Nobber

    Fk me learn to spell, you fresh off the boat or what?!