Dev Team Unlock iPhone 4 Using Another Method

Unlock iPhone 4

When planetbeing, the iPhone hacking expert who had ported Android to Apple’s iPhone had announced that he has successfully unlocked iPhone 4, MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team had reported that there are three different methods to unlock iPhone baseband.

MuscleNerd has just announced that he has managed to unlock iPhone 4 using another method.

MuscleNerd announced this achievement on Twitter:

Yay, got the 2nd of 3 ideas working.  Now @planetbeing and I can compare

He has also published photos to prove that he has unlocked his iPhone 4.

Unlock iPhone 4

MuscleNerd has indicated that he will share notes with planetbeing to figure out, which method has faster loading times and more stable so that it can be released. They plan to save the third method for future.

MuscleNerd or planetbeing haven’t provided any details on when the tools to unlock iPhone 4 will be available to the public.

Comex is also expected to release a Spirit like tool to jailbreak iOS 4 for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS (irrespective of old or new bootrom) and also for iPhone 4.

However, we doubt they will release the tools before Apple releases iOS 4.1 that was seeded to developers of iPhone Developer program, which means users who are eagerly waiting to jailbreak and/or soft-unlock their iPhone 4 will need to wait a bit longer.

Dev Team has already released UltraSn0w 0.93 for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users to unlock iOS 4 baseband 05.13.04, which also unlocks all basebands since iPhone OS 3.0.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve any further updates. So stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via MuscleNerd]

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  • Bocaj7777

    Now were is the unlock

  • Tom

    ios4.1 is already out i thought :S

  • jimmy

    yes now we need the damn thing to be released!

  • Harsha

    Is ios 4.0.1 jailbreak able on 3G?

  • Bocaj7777

    Haha I'm dumb I meant the jb haha sorry

  • cave

    ya just did 4.01 with newest redsnow

  • nomos

    will iphonehacks stop doubting that anyone will ever release jb or unlock tools? wtf is this stupidity? there are always updates from apple, so stop doubting for god's sake

  • Bottlecap

    JB/unlocking is really becoming way to complicated these days. I'm finding I just don't have the time to keep up with it all any more. Has anyone ever tried any of the commercial offerings?

    These sites "look" pretty good.

    If they do as claimed I'd be willing to pony up the doe…. but, do they do as claimed? Anyone have experience with this?

  • xc

    Automatic iphone locker just provides you with the same software that you get for free and cannot unlock new bootrom past 3.1.3. They all seem to do that so I wouldn't pay anything if I were you.

  • val

    4.0.1 was released to "fix" the signal bars. 4.1 was released to app developers.

  • David

    Patiently waiting for jailbreak

  • josh

    I want to jailbreak my iphone 4 now! oh wait they are waiting till i0S4.1, and then when that comes out they will say they are waiting for iOS4.2, then iOS4.3……………:{

  • Denis Boisvert

    I tried two of these sites. Don't make the same mistake. It is true that the authors of the sites waited for the Dev Team softwares, even if the real authors claimed that THEIR software are not for commercial purposes.
    Denis Boisvert, Gatineau, Québec, Gatineau

  • art

    Sorry to piggyback…but I sure hope it is soon…heading for the UK and would love to use one of their simcards…cheep cheep.

  • Z

    give it time, they'll release it eventually

  • Jeff

    Dangle the carrot in front of us more please. Who cares about the unlock if there isn't even a jailbreak out yet to use it. I love ya guys but damn.

  • Jeff

    Iphone 5 is coming out soon at this rate

  • AvionicZ

    Anyone else think Josh's non-coding ass needs a fat kick to the cunt. Trip and fall in a Puddle of AIDS you whiny bitch. They'll release when there good and goddamn ready. Them reading your ungrateful whiny bullshit just makes them that much more unmotivated to release it to a bunch of fags, and I don't blame them.

  • theBankRobber

    Wow if they release this then even more iphones will sell as t-mobile customers are always buying iphones to use on there network. Does t-mobile even have any good phones? I think the Hd2 was the last one and I'm not sure how good it was.

  • pimp

    Im fuc$!ng sick and tired of waiting for a jailbreak.

  • Superman

    chill wiht the stong words> chill relax and says thanks before making them angry about u saying we is the danm thing like if ur paying for it!

  • Howditaste

    Nooooo they don't work!! All fraud! I paid and nothing!

  • Fuck you

    Then do it yourself, you whiny ass motherfucking loser!

  • whatever

    fake photo,they got nothing

  • Please hurry

    Ok I understand that the delema of doing a jailbreak and unlock is very complicated, but is there any way of atleast getting a jailbreak out now and then when they perfect the unlock , have them release a unlock tool at that point. I am very very greatful to all the dev team and even geohot for all there long and painful work they invested in these hacks, but can we please just get a jailbreak for now?????

  • MB

    I went to anoher site and spent 13.00US. they give you redsnow which jailkreak 3G, not 3GS.

    I got scam again….

  • c

    Well I'm glad they are waiting. Hopefully it doesn't come out until after the next block of countries has received iPhone4 – that way the jailbreak benefits the maximum number of people before Apple plugs the hole and starts shipping phones with a newer firmware that needs a new jailbreak. It's only been out for just over 3 weeks – way to be selfish guys.

  • AvionicZ

    To "please hurry" -NO! You don't get a JB now and because your a whiny lil fuck knuckle, you don't get it when it comes out either. I hope you get pancreatic cancer of the tongue and you get in a firey car crash the morning of your daughters wedding, you fuck!

  • Susan

    give them time to do the jailbreak and unlock right it should be out soon enough.

  • the truth

    the iphone 4 is a flob…………… its crap and all you nerdy noobs with one deep down you know it

    the 3gs is the king and still will be the king untill apple bring other another iphone because we all know the iphone 4 is already dead

  • the truth

    and AvionicZ please shut up with you insults nobody really cares what you have to say

  • AvionicZ

    Eat me, you foreign piece of shit. Go type your goony goo goo crap on some European message board. I hope your kids all have AIDS!

  • tc

    Why holding the release when apple already released 4.0.1, if they are waiting for 4.1, do they know when??

    Please release now.


  • the truth

    it seams to me your abit unhappy with your sexual habits
    you should post on a gay server dude because its clear to us all your a fag

  • the truth

    and one more thing

    can you afford a iphone because you sound like you belong in low income housing like the projects

    or are you just angry because your a fag and your parents are so dissapointed that there son sucks like a 5 doller ho

  • jb

    4.01 released to devs, does not mean apple cant pull it
    if the jb comes out

  • BobbyG

    Hi mate,

    These services just give you the existing tools that can be downloaded for free already. The advantage with them is that they offer pretty good instructions and email help if needed. There is another company out there that does this Steer clear of these guys as they have the worst customer service I have ever come across.

  • Because the JB for 4.0 was never ready before the release of 4.0.1

    Im guessing apple launched 4.0.1 to only fix the signal reception issue with a patch to save themselves from bad rep.

  • AvionicZ

    I want to do a full gooey release in TC and The Truth's stupid faces. God, I hate you whiney losers so much, I hope you both get ear and eye cancer and don't die. The most you can do with your phones will be to just lick them with your fat foreign retard tongues and Moe haircuts.

  • Levi550

    AvionicZ – Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel about Josh's comments. Don't sugar coat your thoughts.

  • HI5


  • skywalkeriom

    Guys I have iphone 3gs os 3.1.3 baseband 5.12.0 new bootrom MC model last night not only did I manage to jailbreak it I have managed to unlock it also. Now a happy iphone user 🙂

  • Bitchslap

    Yeah… unnecessary AvionicZ.

    Someone needs a hug…

  • Jonstead the Avengers

    Idiot, do you even pay for your own meals, room and board. No your mother still does. You have no idea what it us to be gracious and respectful to someone who does something wonderful for you for free. You will realize better the meaning of life when you have an incurable disease and you are about to die.

  • Mo

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  • Mo

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