Firefox Home iPhone App Now Available For Download

Firefox Home iPhone app

Mozilla has announced that their free iPhone application, Firefox Home, has been approved by the Apple app review staff and is now available for download on the App Store.

The application will let users access their Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs on the iPhone.

To get started, you may have to first set up Firefox Sync on your desktop browser. To do so, click here to install the Sync tool and restart the browser to create a new Firefox Sync user account. Once this is done, Firefox Sync shall continuously sync your desktop browser data securely to the cloud. The new Firefox Home iPhone app will allow users to access this data on the move from the iPhone.

The Firefox Home app is integrated with a Webkit-powered web viewer. Users accessing their browser data may hence choose to view these web pages either via the web viewer or may open these pages on the iPhone's native Mobile Safari web browser. The iPhone app will also include the regularly used "awesome bar" that will offer Firefox users a smart list of URL suggestions based on their bookmarks and past browsing history. The application will however not include some features like password-syncing that are available on the standard version.

Firefox Home iPhone app

The new Firefox application has taken a long time coming. The first indication towards the launch of such an app was given by Mozilla Labs CEO John Lilly back in October last year. Earlier this month, we had reported that the company had finally submitted the iPhone app for approval to the App Store. Firefox Home is expected to become popular among iPhone users who regularly use Firefox on their desktop or laptop computers.

You may download the iPhone app from the App Store by clicking here. As always, try it out and let us know your views on this application. Here is a short video demo of Firefox Home.

[via Mozilla Blog]

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  • Slx

    Is it better than opera ?

  • Crazy Man

    Cool 1 of my favorite now available on the iphone. First from the uk to post. 🙂

  • Crazy Man

    Damn someone just beat me to it!!!

  • anshul

    i liked the app.

  • pool


  • Hmmmm Yeah

    is this a web browser or just an app to look at bookmarks?

  • Jcm800

    Never seen a post get so few hits of late

  • me

    yeah.. this app is not a browser! :S jus shows what tabs u have opened on ur desktop, through sync.

  • geohot

    its crap its the slowest app i have ever seen

  • Droobie

    Stop complaining bout Shiz and put out ur jailbreak

  • whore

    this app is useless. I want a synchable firefox browser.

  • whore

    this app is useless. I want a synchable firefox browser.

  • Can't get it to sync, I'll stay with Xmarks instead.

  • clrj14

    its not really geohot, just some dumb@$$ loser

  • p to the izzle

    This app is ok. I like that it brings all of my bookmarks from FF to my iPhone. Tapping an link opens it in the in app browser which is fairly slow even over wifi. It's not as good as an actual browser and hopefully a real version of FF or maybe even Chrome with syncing will make it to the iPhone.

  • Johnny

    Opera is a browser…this isn't. All this app does is sink your bookmarks and tabs from your desktop or laptop browser.

  • Johnny


  • Chris

    I tried it last night. Downloaded Home Sync add on from firefox and my firefox home on my itouch didnt sync my bookmarks and stuff.

    Piece of crap imo.