Geohot Won’t Be Releasing Tools To Jailbreak And Unlock iPhone [Update]


George Hotz (aka Geohot), the iPhone hacking expert who had released popular jailbreaking and unlocking tools like blackra1n, blacksn0w had broken his silence few days back to announce that he had jailbroken iPhone 4.

However, he had also mentioned that he didn’t plan to release tools to jailbreak it, which resulted in angry reactions from iPhone users.

He had published a photo of iPhone 4 running Cydia to prove that he had jailbroken iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Geohot

But he has just updated the post in reaction to the angry comments that he received to his blog post stating that he's probably not going to release the tool and may quit the scene:

Sorry, this post was probably a bad idea. Next time I won't say anything. I miss when this blog was actually about technical things(I've been reacting too much to the feedback, which led it to the place it's in now). I didn't fully realize most of the current scene don't care unless they are getting something. Now I do. It's late tonight, I'll think about what to do about this in the morning.

The real reason behind no release isn't technical. It's just that it will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered. I miss the days when jailbreaking and unlocking were difficult, it attracted a much higher caliber crowd.

Also, to the haters, the picture is quite obviously fake 😀

It is disappointing to see Geohot abandoning the iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking scene. He was the first guy to unlock the original iPhone in 2007. He was also the first to jailbreak iPhone 3GS and to release tools like blackra1n and blacksn0w to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3GS for iPhone OS 3.1.2. I’m sure he will be missed.

This means that users will have to wait for Comex to release a Spirit like tool to jailbreak iOS 4 for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS(irrespective of old or new bootrom) and also for iPhone 4.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve any further updates. Stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.


Geohot seems to have closed his blog to the public and has also made his Twitter account private.  

[via Geohot’s blog]

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  • Jason

    Way to pussy out Geohot

  • S2000

    1st. U suck

  • Azures

    Sad to see him go, but I can understand why. I'm hoping he's just taking a well deserved break. Let me be the one to say Thanks for all you have done Geohot!

  • Dan

    i think he done it for the reaction.. and to get him in peoples heads again. Also so he is isnt forgotten.

  • j.hoops

    i can understand a little. i would stop if i was him because all the people out trying to make money off of these guys programs. it takes a lot of work to jailbreak a new phone from scratch. and all the people demanding it now.

  • zerobrand

    steve jobs should be smiling while reading this.

  • john


  • Geohot's FAN

    Nice people !!!!!!! Now what !!!!! A few bad apples,
    does it in for us again !!!! When will you people learn ….it's a sad day ….Geohot's is the MAN !!!!! Thanks for
    All your hard work!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    If i was him i would do the same damn thing. I would get so pissed off at people for doing that shit to me after all my hard work. Geohot is an amazing hacker and should be given way more credit than every little script kiddie gives him. Jason you are one of the people that is making him do this. if yall would stop acting like kids and let them work and do not bitch he may work on it. its free when he puts it out and does not ask for any thing in return. GROW UP KIDS. Don't get me wrong i want the jailbreak just as bad as every one else but i am not going to bitch at someone to try to get it done faster.

  • Jack

    You are a moron. It's comments like yours that led him to his decision.

  • ohjayp

    I dont blame him, people are too demanding, who in the hell made it his responsability to make sure people get their jB and unlock every month.

    it's people like those faggots on craigslist charging people $25 to do something that they begged Geohot to do for them for free. This kid goes to school/work just like everybody else, so get off his dick and figure it out yourself.

  • Big money

    Who cares about his jailbreak
    And you iPhonehacks can plz
    Stop posting about this child

  • Jessiejames

    Thanks geohot I really appreciate all that you've done. One love!!

  • Klutch

    I think he will be back if. This is like a itch jailbreaking and beating apples top guys. People he does it for donations. Let him breath. You knew the iPhone 4 would take time . It's such a great phone don't jailbreak it.

  • John

    I too remember it's all about working out how things work how great you feel when you get it to work like the wii xbox360 and even cable these are the things that make me get up in the morning I would love to know or even where to start with the iPhone think twice



  • katsuboi

    Well, a lot of newbies pissed him off. It's his right and choice to abandon jailbreaking the iphone for the public.

    Lately, there HAS been a lot of whiners on here and other blogs demanding jailbreaks and unlocks while criticizing Devteam and geohot.

    Just be patient and shut up, especially when you're getting this stuff for free.

  • George go work 4 apple, Dev Team has JB all set

  • Geohot Won't Be Releasing Tools

    Shame on you guys. If you think you are smarter than Geohot why not you guys Jailbreak your self.

  • Legionofone

    I was patient, quiet, and complimentary. I posted on his/comex/musclenerds twitters thanks for working hard for us and risking there phones for us. Never asked for a release date, but after the stunt he pulled on his last post basically pissing in everyone's face he has lost all respect from me.

  • Nobber

    Ah well, off you go then, new ppl on the scene anyway.

  • CristV77

    he wasnt the first to unlock the iPhone, the first one was the italian guy, zibri, and this just proves how immature he is, all that work for him self, its just a waist of time, Im not smarter than him, but I do better things with my time obviously, plus his not the only one

  • Snake

    nice move, everyone sucked that one 😉

    btw, if you are this smart, you should have seen this coming.

  • Of course it is his right to quit. However, he is the one who opened the Pandora's box. Yeah there are a lot of techies out there who enjoy the game and don't care about the glory or other things that come with it. I possibly could do what he does, but just don't have the time any more. He was like "The One" to some and has a large fan base. Like any idol, fans want more, they are hooked on what he represented, liberation from the establishment. After a hard reset that face in the background doing another subsequent JB was soothing and reassuring that I could do what I want, when and where without certain restrictions manadeted by Apple. I am an iPhone convert coming from the Win Mobile scene where there are possibly thousands of Geos doing some amazing things with that hardware. There are other dedicated crackers like Comex and other Dev Team members to carry on the torch. Let him be. His young, misplaced arrogance is too much for me to bare at the moment. Who knows, maybe he has turned to the darkside for some cash. That is his choice.

  • tonyel35

    All u haters get off his dick ,yah like females asking for some . His tired of it for now give him sometime to relaxing himself trust me he' ll never get tired of it.

  • deez nutts!!

    "wha wha wha i got my snatch hurt" …what a little cry baby girl! he said it wasn't difficult, I'm sure someone will release a jailbreak in no time.

  • Nuff Respect Geohot,and thanks

  • Richard

    I'm sorry to see Geohot make this kind of decision. He obviously enjoys addressing the whole jail breaking issue, so there must be something else going on for him to just up and quit.

    I and many others DEPEND on people like him to give us the freedom to use our phones in the way we want to. I don't blame people for being anxious when they suddenly find their phone un-jailbroken. Then to have to wait weeks or months for the new jailbreak to emerge is difficult for us all.

    I have iphone 4 with OS4 as well so I'm pretty much screwed until someone comes out with an appropriate jail break tool. In a free world the phones we actually BUY would be ours do to with as we wish. But this is America and most of our freedoms are replaced by corporations.

    Please reconsider Geohot. WE need you NOW more than EVER. A lot of people who pester you are probably newbies and don't appreciate what you do for the community. I and MANY others do. And we Thank You.

  • Reddz

    Your all f***ing leeches hahaha geo stick it to the bitches

  • Richard

    PS. Why not ASK for donations. God knows you work hard enough to give us something we can use. You should make something for all your efforts. And even a token amount like $10 could build up quickly to a large amount. I'm just saying … think about it.

  • Mark

    You idiot, is it not his own doing? He uses a mass social networking tool, ofcourse their will be demand. Get your idealistic head out of your ass : p

  • albend+355

    He said it himself: it was not a good idea on his side to tell everybody that he could jalbreak the i4!!
    He kind of asked for almost everybody that is waiting for the jalbreak to hate him.
    I dont hate him because he gave me the 3.1.2 jaibreak!!!

  • cozze02

    No, I think Jason is right, and dont post something if your not gonna share it. Its like false advertisement, no one like that shit….. and for the record if i could i would develop my own but like 99% of you we dont have to smarts to accomplish this feat. So for lack of better words "thanks for being a NAZI Geo"

  • Tim

    Here's another reason to switch to the HTC EVO. No need to jailbreak anything. It's your phone so you can do what you want with it. Screw Apple!

  • theBankRobber

    I have to say its the psp hacking all over again. Nobody appreciate's the hard work these developers do to make it easy for everyone who wants more out of there investment. There will always Be someone like him, but they can probably never do it like the original hacks, jailbreaking devs can do it. He's right, its always fuck you, give me give me give me. Theres hardly any thank you's or donations to say keep up the Good Hard Work.

  • Carl

    I have Never posted on one of these before. I like most people out there are not technically minded and can not do the things that Geohot or comex can do, i wish i could but i cant. So i say to Geohot and Comex, Thank you very much for all the hard work you have put into the iphone/ipod community, you have been a savor to me and a lot of other people, and i only wish that people were a lot more appreciative of the things that you have done for us. Geohot i wish you all the best in the future and thanks again.

  • kosi2

    he is #1 and still i think asshole posts up these shit so he wont release it they are the asshole i on 4.0.1 3gs i need a jb & unlock and i not gettin on like dem asshole

  • fuck u all bitches FUCK GeoHot fuck every body i hope u die geohot die die die die asswhite




    Even after what Geohot said people still hate on him. It is the fault of pushy users that has caused this. To those that dont understand and think they are entitled to everything, get out of your selfish little worlds and be greatful for what you have gotten for FREE!!! I would love to have the new jb but i know what it is like when you try and do something cool and share it with others only to have them turn into an angry mob of gimmie gimmie gimmies. Thankyou Geohot for what you have done for us and on behalf of those greatful, sorry for what you have experienced.

  • Dannyyyyyyy

    Ok he posted a pic of the iPhone 4 jailbroken, why don't he post a video like he has all the other times???? I still think it's just a screenshot he used from another phone. And why brag about jailbreaking it, and then in the same paragraph he says he won't release it. Keep it to yourself then. If he wants to quit, then that's fine. No problem, see ya!!!! Lol

  • who care bankrober no body ask them anything so fuck u and fuck geohot another asshole its gonna relize a fuckin jailbraike any ways so FUCK GEOHOT jajajjajajajjaj

  • dethklok

    pussy go cry and to your mama ass

  • Thomas

    There may be demand but that does not give any one the right to cuss at him and diss him because he may or may not release something. You can call me what ever you want but i really bet you are just as stupid as any of the other kids on here. I programmed for a open source community and every time you put something out you don't even get a thank you, they just start asking for more. Why do it when people are just going to be inconsiderate ass holes? I was not doing any thing near like geohot but really i bet you have no room to talk. Shit i bet you don't know any thing about programming or any thing about security. If yall little kids want to pull this immature shit why don't yall make the tool? wait none of yall know how to! I'm not saying i know how to, i am lost when it comes to hacking the iphone. grow up

  • mo

    geohot you moron …it is the jailbreak community who made you what you are then you became arrogant and took pride in people needing to beg you but hey people only admire people for long as you worth some gold, you have clearly become a disgrace and i ask you nicely PISS OFF and let someone else take the limelight like the good old devteam

  • Piss Geohotz you cunt

    Yeah go on piss off geohot with your fake pics and shitty tethered blackrain.

    Comex is king, no moaning, easy tool that work on all and can restart your phone.

    oh thanks geo you arrogant cunt for your dead ended ps3 exploit which caused people to loose the OtherOS feature.

    hacking world doesnt need arrogant twats like you

  • Thanx Geohot<\b> for all your hard work, you will be remembered

  • Ryan

    D BAG! Called it knew the pic was a fake …. he quit because he cant jb the iphone 4 with the new os nor could he jb the 3.1.3 with the new bootrom.

  • Dave

    First off everyone, Geohot doesn't OWE US ANYTHING. Even when we get stuff for free, as greedy human beings we want MORE and MORE. As much as everyone else I'd like to see a Jaibreak, Untethered, New Bootrom, Unlock, but suddenly we become choosey beggars. I'm sad to see him go and I really hope he continues with the PS3 as I want to see that security fully breached.

    Besides you never know.. he may change his mind. If not.. be thankful for Blackra1n, it has helped many others and makes me appreciate someone like Comdex who released the "Spirit" tool. As always someone always steps up to the plate. Just be patient you ingrate f@cks.


    Who the f..k is GeoHot ????

    Comex is the real deal !!!!

  • pero


  • rockrj

    this could be a fake photo…
    it may be taken from iphone 3g or 3gs by just pressing home and power button..
    fake fake fake

  • macdude

    Geee all you moaning TWATS, Geohot does not owe us anything he helped us jailbreak our iphone 3G & 3GS and now he has stopped END OF!
    If i had to deal with the amount of dumb asses out there and was expected / pressurised to bring out an update every time apple breaks it then read this post i would help any of you ungrateful assholes either.
    If you are stupid enough to upgrade an not read into it properly first or purchase an iphone 4 knowing nothing was available to jailbreak it yet then its your own damm fault.
    many thanks for what you have done for us Geohot.

    im sure someone else in the end will bring out a jailbreak.

  • Minky

    He's probably pregnant, getting all sentimental like this……..

  • Bill Gates

    At last GeoHOTZ was beaten by iOS4. It is too advanced and hard OS for him to beat.

    Steve Jobs Winz…

  • c20

    well today is a sad day in the hacking community, you arrogant newbies really need to learn some manners and sort your heads out, i spent a long time hacking ps3 but didnt put it out due to the mindless morons that dont care abt the hard work we do, look how your reacting to geohot saying stuff you all, you dont have a clue or half the brain capacity it takes you should learn to be patient youll be screwed if comex walks away so grow up and wait!!!!!!
    youll be sadly missed geo take a well earned break and keep it to yourself like i did best way!!!!!!!!!!

  • Enigma2144

    Does anyone else think apple got to geohot and offered him a job and he's getting paid mad money to not release jailbreaks? I think he joined the darkside and is now under apples payroll.

  • Jfletcher72


  • tonez

    geohot would be a nobody if he didnt jailbreak the first iphone…. so actually he should be thanking us for all his success, his comments sound like they are coming from a child… and he acts like one and is one. It bores him now.

    Your welcome Geohot for us making you famous, now get lost and let somebody step up to the plate and see how fast you fade into the limel1ght

  • LCC

    Yes. We have been using his fine work
    for some time now.
    The more freebies given; the more
    some expect it to last forever.
    Two suggestions:
    1. Charge a fee for posting generic
    questions ("How can I get my
    phone to DFU mode?", etc.).
    2. Charge a fee for the software

  • dkhan
  • dkhan

    Sorry… wrong dev_team member…

  • samsung jack10835

    that suck i was about to get the iphone 4 to jailbrake it then he left he should had made the one for ios4 instead then he could had left now i had to wait now.But geohot always made the simpliest tools ever for me thanks for all your hard work rip geohot/blackrain

  • Kei

    when I say I'd rather not have a jailbreak than to boot Frodo-faced George in the face, I'm absolutely being honest. I would rather wait half a year than use the little scum's software. Do something productive or shut up.

  • LD952

    Just want to jb my iphone, I'll buy that jailbreak for $50, ain't gonna complaint like those guys above, but still got FULL RESPECT for your SKILLS either you sell it or not.

  • EYEpo


  • EVO

    Yo Geohot: I found the solution for you, you should release the "Special JB Edition", lock ALL IPHONE on all provider, and tell those guy that bit#ching you "SHUT THE F#CK UP". Then your name will be remember 4EVER on their USELESS IPHONE.


    Wow I thought Geohot would want to release it before me, but haha my unlock will be available for the iPhone 4 OS 4 tomorrow it will be absolutely free, email me for the link in which to download it, also donations are welcome but not needed, thanks guys, and thankyou Geohot, I think he quit tbh because he knew my jailbreak is alot quicker than his, the unlock will be available in Cydia.

  • Sahid

    hahah… joined the antenna job openings.
    BTW has anyone notice, Geo Hots blog is no longer public???… his latest tweets really upset me.

  • Sahid

    Geohot probably took a snap shot on the 3gs.. emailed the pick.. checked his email on the iphone 4 and view the picture on photos, then took the picture with a camera….. fucken moron… we gave him his good reputation… now we take it away as easy.

  • Well to a degree I can understand him being turned off to the scene because of pretty much every one of you, but it's still incredibly self centered and spoiled to accept gifts and cash donations just to say "Meh, things arent cool enough for me so I am gonna stop supporting" is pretty fucking lame. Whatever credability geohot has currently will dissapear if he follows through with being a genuine shmuck

  • Seriously though, you have all the support you could possibly need, yet you choose to verbally and symbolically spit on everyone who looks up to you for a solution.

  • Jayb

    Well if he did great for him, people are just mad cause now they wont be able to JB there iphone its cause of IGNORANT people that they think the Scene owns stuff to them.

  • I don't understand….why would geohotz take the time to design a web page (Limera1n)and finance it if he's not going to release he's jailbreak… it don't make sense to me ????

  • Dave

    Funny how we all praised him when he unlocked and now that he has teased (yes.. Geo I'm in your favor but you DID tease everyone). I bet if he did release it everyone will swallow thier absuvie words. Grow up people.. to be honest all the hate flowing here.. If I was Geo I'd do the same. Be thankful for what he has done, I'm sure a large percentage of you when you used Blackra1n you didn't donate so quit your whinning.

  • He's a kid and probably got paid from mother Apple to shut his mouth. Who cares, like HE's the _only_ one who can JB. He's an egotistical punk anyways.

  • Nobber

    Geo had his time and helped many of us out. If he wishes to bow out it's up to him.
    But the Dev Team is going from strength to strength, especially with the help of Comex, so bye Geo, you'll soon be forgotten I'm afraid.

  • Suspicious

    He recd a big pay off from Apple.

  • Tom

    great news from dev-team

  • SSDD

    Sold out to Apple I bet.

  • Mrpotato00

    U Know what this means…go android. U never have to wait for a jailbreak tool everytime they release a new update.

  • A Hacked Soul

    Hey this is his choice. I agree with his statements.
    Jailbreaking used to be a thing that was hard and had a rewarding feeling doing it yourself and know you could have screwed up.
    Give the guy a break.
    He has worked hard and has done well.
    I look forward to what ever he starts on next.

  • kennyroody

    Geohot has removed his Blog 🙁
    Dunno if you'll ever read this, but thank you for all your hard work on 'everything' you've done. iPhone and PS3, I hope you will not give up the hacking fun though. There are many other cool devices to dip around in.


    Cell BE processor, chip 0, read command"


    Good luck Geohot

  • beasty

    all the people saying "do it urself if you dont like it" and "its because of people like you he wont release it"

    nobody made him come on the net and boast that he has hacked ipad/iphone4/ps3

    if he has jailbroken a device or hacked a games console and he doesnt want people bitching when he says he wont release it then he shouldnt have made it public to begin with

    its like winning the lotto then telling the world how ritch you are then moaning when people ask for a spare fiver

  • beasty

    all the people saying "do it urself if you dont like it" and "its because of people like you he wont release it"

    nobody made him come on the net and boast that he has hacked ipad/iphone4/ps3

    if he has jailbroken a device or hacked a games console and he doesnt want people bitching when he says he wont release it then he shouldnt have made it public to begin with

    its like winning the lotto then telling the world how ritch you are then moaning when people ask for a spare fiver

  • Mort

    Don't worry, people will forget the name Geohot and he will realize that he is forgotten and then try to release something.

  • josh

    geohot is a big baby. He shows no maturity, and cant stand to not be in the spot light. He will be back for shure. He has child star syndrome. I apreciate his work but his attitude is awfull he dosnt do it for us he does it for the publicity.

  • josh

    geohot is a big baby. He shows no maturity, and cant stand to not be in the spot light. He will be back for shure. He has child star syndrome. I apreciate his work but his attitude is awfull he dosnt do it for us he does it for the publicity.

  • joey

    To GeoHot :

    What a miserable exit !!

    Instead of going out like a legend you gou out like the biggest pussy ever ….
    Why didnt just say "ok thnx bye" and leave it at that.

    Just sad really !!

  • I was going to write write my true beliefs but the kid is a genius and whatever the reason it is not for me to analogize but to wish him the best of luck and to thank him for his past work.

  • Sayem

    There you go Dave! Geo Hot has done his job and we appreciate the all the work Geo!! For blackra1n and blacksn0w. We are just as happy, therefore Geo dude we want to know and appreciate what might have been next.

  • lol at this little sensitive faggot

    ayo geo…suck a dick man

  • Enigma2144

    I think it's unnecessary to call geohot a baby or anything else. If you're so damn mad about him not releasing any jailbreak software then how about you make one yourself. Can't? Then shut up about it then. I just have to say thanks to geohot and all the other teams out there working hard to release jailbreak software.

  • Realist

    George Hotz loves the FAME and ATTENTION. He wont be gone very long, He is a worldly traveler who likes to attend this convention and that convention and…and… He likes his high tech toys ( and women? )
    SO…. Let him run out of CA$H
    he'll be back

  • Not A Lemming

    dont blame him and wouldnt blame the rest of the the jailbreakers for leaving. seen so many people bitching about what they do taking to long ect ect for the money u cant complain and for the idiots who cant figure it out they did it for FREE. the people telling geohot goodbye GFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not A Lemming

    dont blame him and wouldnt blame the rest of the the jailbreakers for leaving. seen so many people bitching about what they do taking to long ect ect for the money u cant complain and for the idiots who cant figure it out they did it for FREE. the people telling geohot goodbye GFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • absulotely!!!!!!

  • absolutely!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was going to be generous and give him a thanks for past efforts but thinking about it he goes to Paris telling everyone he has this solution that will solve the jail-breaking problem forever and that it will work on the iPhone 4 now he tells us he is quitting the scene. First the picture of his iPhone running Cvdia is a fake and now he doesn't have to prove he can do what he has reported he can do which I think is bologna a big scam nothing can be made to not be plugged back so I know he is a genius but I think he is falling behind either from lack of time or skills but he has picked a convenient way to get out of some pretty hard statement to fulfill. I think he needs to get back to the work and forget glory and do it for him or shut it down if he can't handle it anymore.

  • scrum

    Advertising does not necessitate a financial transaction dip-shit.

  • Joe Blow

    BREAKING NEWS: Geohot scratched his nuts!!! Come on, stop sucking his dick and move on, he is done helping the community, of his own admission, so quit posting stories about him and move on.

  • Dre

    If he did that would be POPPIN!!!

    Fact is- somebody is gonna come up with a jailbreak but if George is getting a bunch of money to not do it and its gonna feed him/family.. I say Hooray homie! Good job..

    suck it up all you dunce people who refuse to research and study to be able to do it yourself!

  • chris


  • chris

    hey man how the hell did u do that?! ive been trying for days and i can't seem to downgrade from 4.0 to 3.1.3 and jailbreak…i just bought a used 3gs and the asshole upgraded before the jailbreak came out

  • he should put limera1n out then retire with a big bang … to shut all this people. he was doing this free for everyone and look what you annoying morons did … now you gotta wait longer and longer bc the best at this is not doing it no more… i hope you are all happy. the new update should be done soon they have the unlock done and everything. but Geohotz would of had it done by now … so thank you, you impatience moron….

  • Tagart

    dumbasses like you are the EXACT reason why he's left the scene. Thanks dipshit.

  • Tagart

    Your comment, just like Jason's, is also stupid. Are you sure you even know what you're talking about? What do Nazis have to do with his decision? The fact that you've decided to share your negative opinion re-enforces the decision Geohot made to leave the jailbreaking scene.

  • Tagart

    I thank you both Dave and Sayem for what you've both said. I feel that Geohot did indeed work to give the community something and didn't expect anything in return for it. It's really disappointing to see all the morons open their mouths and let their verbal diarrhea flow.

  • Tagart

    Keyword "AFTER" you dumbass. They were showing appreciation for his hard work. You seriously need to look up what a scam artist is. A conman or scam artist get you to BUY a non-existent product, not DONATE to cause. STUPID!!!

  • Tagart

    Do you have any facts to back up this claim?

  • Tagart

    If he did, I congratulate him. I know if I was as brilliant as him and was offered the same I'd take it in a heartbeat, no second thoughts and no looking back. It would just go to show that his hard work was recognized by someone out there.

  • Tagart

    Did you learn how to count from a crack addict?

  • Tagart

    Why? Sounds like it'd be a pointless life to lead

  • John

    WOW.. dont you "haters" get it? YOU guys are the reason why he going to stop anyways. You guys are greedy ignorant fucks! Be thankful for what he's been trying to do. Honestly thanks to him, hes the only reason why your phone should be jailbroken. So be nice and thank the dude.

    I know someone might comment on this, about how im some stupid fagget shit… well before you type it and waste your time. I DONT GIVE A FUCK, GO FUCK YOURSELF BITCH.

    But anyways THANKS "Ge" for your help. Greatly Appreciated!

  • At the end of the day if geo doesn't release the new unlock dev-team/comex/musclenerd/planetbeing will do, And if not them someone else.. People in the know will be more like to come forward and attempt to crack it knowing that someone with a head start is not going to jump in last minute and beat them to the punch in creating a viable jail-breaking solution..

    There are a lot of people around the world with the skills to do this, All that lacks is the motivation which will be increased knowing that someone else isn't going to do it for them.

  • Sameazel

    Geohot I thank you for all you time you gave already put
    into all the jailbreaks and unlocks.You are a great guy and I don't blame you for your choice after all it is a free choice and thats how it should be.Thanks again and peace to you.

  • Johnny

    This is the only senario that makes sense to me. If not, geohot is one stuck up pos.

  • Matt

    Personally I think this has more to do with the latest PS3 update. Geohot hacked the PS3, which caused Sony to release an update to remove the ability to install Linux on it. A lot of people were pretty pissed off about that because they used their PS3s as their home computer. He couldn't hack the new PS3 firmware and felt like he couldn't admit defeat because its such a great responsibility.

  • me

    No one will miss him when the new TOOLS come out.

  • Tom

    Lol I love the smell of raging trolls in the morning. Personally I'm thankful fir what geo's donated to the iPhone using public. it's just too bad that the public's full of ungrateful bastards.

  • bobonaknob

    hopefully he stays away and we never hear from him again.

  • Gert

    Geohat, has a few months ago contact with apple, they offered him a job but he refused. Something in me tell me that it is different. I don't think he refused but he accepted it, and now after the screens he's working for apple and help them with closing the firmware so that the jailbreaks won't work anymore.


    Your the sissy Jason. Why don't you go get some skillz and do it yourself!

  • 534

    "we dont have to smarts to accomplish this feat"

    …or the discipline to do anything but sit around and complain about someone who is no longer giving you something for free. Stop your whining.

  • gdogg

    hey geo im gessing you probly think its another message about my trouble with my iphone .

    ive read loads of comments and can see that the computer world does have its bad times , spesh when people dnt show appreciation to your hard work and effort put into doing something that most of us wish we could do

    i currently have the iphone 3gs but updated it to os 4 :/ ive been on loads of websites and you seem to be the only one thats not trying to trick people into bricking their phone

    its kl if you want a break why not i think you deserve it but there still tons of new iphone people (like me ) who would love for you to keep strong and do what your good at

    😀 big up geo x

  • Kris

    Well…… I know I'll miss your help man for sure.. I'm trying to learn this JB process myself but it's harder at times.. I hope all goes well in your journey and discrimination/slander from others.. The iPhone scene is really gonna miss you too man. L8r

  • Kris

    Well……………I'm gonna miss you man. Hope all goes well in your journey of a new. I'm trying to learn this myself but man oh man it's hard. Anywho, have a good one George.

  • oh come on geohot.. dont leave my iphone alone…


    *lmao* someone should make a reality show out of this post!!! Too funny…..

  • whateva

    Geo, kinda funny how after people donated, myself included, you bail. its not about people being selfish, its about you failing to deliever what was promised.

    my thoughts: apple is probably suing you, and you have to bow out because you can't afford a lawyer with all your donations. so you take the money and run. sounds like some wallstreet guys in the hot seat now too.

  • tekknen

    just stop it,
    first, this pic means nothing. we only saw this pic which is probably faked.
    second, it is not like that geohot is the only and last person who is working on jail breaking the iphone.
    third, yes it is damn annoying that he backed on his words but at the end it is up to himself to wither he will release his work to the public especially if u did not pay a dime for it.
    i'm very grateful for blackra1n JB and i'm very sad that he ended his journey this way.
    iphone 3GS OS 4, pretty screwed

  • wisted

    @Heard Get over it, it's awesome to know someones done it wether they want to share it or not. Atleast you know it's possible

  • SoilentGreenIsPeople

    Jailbreaking accomplishment does not really mean these guys are smarter then you, they just have some knowledge you don't right now. Trust me.
    I have cracked a few apps, and i didn't study computer science or engineering at all.
    So, just because you don't have that inside knowledge they have right now, that does not mean you are less intelligent at all. These guys really don't have much of a social life at all wich is one reason they have time to do these things, that is all they do. They often lack normal social skills because of that. Proof how of that is how geohot responds and communicates. That is just one example.

  • luk

    He was payed by apple….

  • G-MAN

    I think all these comments are useless.. If anyone wants to do something they either do it or don't.. it shouldn't matter what people think. We should ALL appreciate everything we get from others, especially if its FREE.. and most of us do. With that said, if he wants to quit who's to tell him not to.. do understand there will ALWAYS be someone else. So thank you for that time period and your skills will be missed.. no need to complicate things..

  • e1inc

    bottom line people, its done and over with… geohot bro big ups to ya, you have made your mark in this world and will always be known as the zen master of iphones and of course the "kid who got a sick ass car for the 1st ever unlocked iphone"…. thanks again for your hard work and hospitality. I wish you the very best sir in all your future ventures. may the force be with you, (yoda voice over) go life on must, out peace biaaatches….. lol

  • rvjdonjuan

    this is why people are mad….first its not like he developed these jailbreaks for nothing he took donations to help him further jailbreaking…so he wasnt giving it out free…2nd after he jailbroke iphone 4 why post on the web and BRAG like he is the SHIT then tell everyone hahhaha too bad you cant do it and BTW i will not release anything to help you…that's like cleaning shit off someones car then spreading it in there face…also this geo guy has made a website and registered domains and everything…this guy should have kept quiet about his jailbreak then no one would have known or sensed he was rubbing it in peoples face…but no he wanted the attention and fame for being the first to do something…in my book that makes you an egotistic pompous ass

  • rvjdonjuan

    do you have any evidence to refute this claim????

  • rvjdonjuan

    wait did u just tell people to research and study??? study what…? oh you mean study other stuff people have tried and used their time to create….i thought you could do it yourself, without anyone else…by you saying what you said, people are still relying on others to jailbreak. which officially puts your comment in the trash…without others like geo hot no one would jailbreak anything….

  • rvjdonjuan

    wait did u just tell people to research and study??? study what…? oh you mean study other stuff people have tried and used their time to create….i thought you could do it yourself, without anyone else…by you saying what you said, people are still relying on others to jailbreak. which officially puts your comment in the trash…without others like geo hot no one would jailbreak anything….

  • Ari

    I am agree with you Tagart! He don't have any brain on his head but on his knee.

  • skywalkeriom

    Thanx for your efforts geohot but I can tell you I to have been waiting for a jailbreak and unlock for my iphone 3gs 3.1.3 5.12.0 new bootrom MC model and beginning to think time to sell it, however good news last night not only did I jailbreak my iphone I unlocked it as well so I think the waiting is over and before you all say it must be the old bootrom I can assure you it's not having spent considerable time with various applications determining what os , baseband , model etc.
    Regards skywalkeriom

  • DB


  • I appreciated GeoHot for all he had done. and he is right ("The real reason behind no release isn't technical. It's just that it will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered")
    .. Its all because of the haters that doesn't appreciate the work value of others for FREE. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR WORK GEOHOT AND YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED.

  • Ray

    fuck all of you who said bad things about him, you people are the reason for him quiting doing this, so screw you all!!!

    GeoHot is the best hacker in the world R.I.P geohot we will miss you =(

  • emailme

    Good on you Geohot!, for all you have done for the iPhone community. Listen with your heart to all who thank you and appreciate what have done in the past. Be strong and do what you want, clear you mind and find your way again. May you find strength and passion in yourself once again which may lead you back to us once more – Thank you

  • Time to move on

    I would like to say thanks for all his work but its time to move on….Picked up my new Samsung Captivate on release day and lovin the android os.

  • 1207kenkensky

    no!!!!!!…please geohot have mercy…please..

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