How To Activate Your iPhone Without Official iPhone Carrier SIM

iPhone 4

Sherif Hasim has figured out an easy way to activate iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G without needing the official iPhone carrier SIM.

Please note it doesn’t unlock your iPhone but it activates it. But it helps you to hactivate your iPhone without the need to hack your iPhone.

Sherif had also discovered an exploit in the baseband (05.12.01) that was bundled with iPhone OS 3.1.3 earlier in the year.

Activating your iPhone means giving it access to the Home screen by telling your iPhone that you are using one of the iPhone’s official carriers. Activating your iPhone is done through iTunes in order to use it with an official iPhone carrier.

Hactivation is the process of activating your iPhone without using an official iPhone carrier SIM. Until now, you needed jailbreaking tools like PwnageTool to hactivate your iPhone. With Hasim’s method, you can hactivate your iPhone using phone book sim card, without actually going through the pains of hacking it.

Sherif Hasim has also posted a video to show you how it activate your iPhone without the official iPhone carrier SIM:

Sherif has provided some useful information about the phone book sim cards:

Use any phonebook sim card, they are there in radioshak, mobile phone shops or any mobile tech moles , any phone book simcard will do the trick, no need for programmable sims, all those phonebook sims used to save ur contacts and transfer them have a universal ICCIDs preprogrammed so they all work.

To all those asking, I use this one Phone book Test card from DITS – Cdma Gsm Forum Mygsmindia. Yet, I used three other types and all work the same.

Please note that the phonebook sim cards will work as is in iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G but you’ll need to convert it into a micro-SIM in case of iPhone 4.

So with this activation solution, iPhone users will be able to use this method to activate (or hacktivate) their iPhone and use tools like Spirit or Redsn0w to jailbreak (which can’t be used for hactivation) their iPhone and then use Ultrasn0w to unlock their iPhone.

As always, please let us know how it goes.

[via Sherif Hasim’s Twitter]

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  • Kool_sallah

    great news for hackersssss

  • Nobber

    Good work Sherif

    • HITTSY have you should try amazon and search for geevey then get a miro simcard adapter and use that i did and it only cost me just under £6



  • lrs

    need jb for iphone 4 ????????????????

  • Bill Gates

    Comex team.


  • i am having JB DT SOME ONE HELP ME!!!

    • Saeed

      hehehe, I did too but,what the heck, there’s always “restore” to restore your confidence. So go ahead and do it. Even if you brick your phone (like I did once)hell, you’ll still learn something. And be a helluva lot more careful, trust me 😉

  • Paul

    So since this is activating through the official Apple server, I'm assuming Push notifications will work without the need of Push Doctor?

  • luca

    what does this actually do?

  • jonnop123

    Where can I buy one of these? Will a blank sim card work?

  • Jimmy

    Yes we do!!!

  • Superman

    How about you try reading the whole thing again u'll find the anwers there

  • Bill Goats

    I'm confused! Is this for those currently not under contract with a carrier? If so, how does one get phone and Internet service after hactivation?

  • clrj14

    i jailbroke my iphone using redsnow and i forgot to check the verbose boot box and i want to get it but do i have to completly re-jailbreak my iphone or is there a easier way to do this?

  • iqamal

    i think this kind of sim card only available in india or near by,,i never heard this kind of product at my place..bcoz most of people save the contact in the memory not in the sim what we gonna do dude..



  • AdamsMoon

    Comex are in vacation maybe i heared that yeterday

  • AdamsMoon

    maybe we will wait more 1 week or two for them to come back , then 1 other week to end the solution

  • somename

    You can enable it by running redsn0w again. Just be sure to:
    Tick 'Already Pwned'
    Untick 'Install Cydia'

  • omg..What is the purpose of this…yeh I know so that it is activated..then what? if I cant use my sim in there?

  • MY

    Stupid. Once activated u can jailbreak using spirit and unlock using Ultrasnow in Cydia. This is for those people whose iPhone is stuck on the connect to iTunes page.

  • Warbeast

    I don't get this
    I have a o2 locked phone but use a orange contract
    Simple fix for iTunes is just get a free o2 pay as u go sim……

  • ebay
  • idmienphi

    this method for someone bought an iphone from ebay or where else but does not come with original sim inside, like you live in US and bought a iphone from ebay but ship from Swiss or England. It is no way you can by pass "the message from iTune". You need to pass this message first (stuck on Emergency Only) before you can jailbreak your iphone 3GS.

    Anyway, I called AT&T, T-Mobile, Radio Shack and check on Ebay but can not find any of it. Maybe we should know more about this guy where he bought his phonebook sim card.

    • carla

      just get it on line $14 with postage .. but didnt work on my phone

  • Goose

    This hack has been around for years. All you have to do is pop in a blank at&t SIM (if it is a US Iphone)and go to iTunes and let it recognize the phone to get past the annoying iTunes screen of death (ie activation/recovery mode). Cancel out when it asks you for a number and registration. It will allow you to activate it by removing the emergency call screen but will not let you make a call because its not a real SIM. Its good if you have an iphone and need to jailbreak it with Spirit or if you upgraded the firmware with a different SIM card. International phones are different because you need the original carrier SIM in order to make it work so that's why these unlocking SIM's are pretty cool.

    Go to ebay and type in "iphone activation sim card" and a few international sellers will show up.

  • Kelly

    Just borrow the sim from a friend u just need a sim that's the carrier ur phone was with it doesn't have to be the same one unless ur in a next country then u need this guy's method….

  • Kelly

    What I want to know is there really not an unlock software for the 4.0.1 firmware I accidentally updated and my phone's once again unjailbroken and locked helpppp plzzzzz

  • jaysmoke

    oh snap…I thought this was known already…I used this method to unlock my phone like 2 months ago…

  • pugger

    I don't get it? Why do you need this? You can just use redsn0w to jailbreak your 3g or 3gs and then use ultrasn0w to carrier unlock. Am i missing something?

  • Mike

    Do you know if this will also work with the 3gs?



    Go to Ebay and buy a att sim card for .99 that will solve this problem and make your iphone as an expensive Ipod (at least) and wait to the nxt jailbreak

  • Sil80_inthedrift

    Or you could just take an old Att sim card even if it doesn't have service and it will activate. Wow and it's free!!!

  • Garoti

    AT$T sim card only work with iphone from US. AT&T Sim does not work with iphone 3GS from any other countries. What if you buy an iphone from US and it was ship from Germany. How do you activate your phone if you do not a sim come with the iphone? It works not even like an iPod. can't do anything guys.

  • just ordered one from
    search iphone activation sim
    the reviews from previous buyers are positive , also from the youtube video shown there
    it should reach me in 3-4 days , wooooo cant wait

  • jack

    Jailbreak it with redsn0w.

  • rich

    i own a store in U.S.A. kansas city to be exact,and we sell these cards.they are 20 bucks. our email is or phone number is 913-432-3089 we can mail to you a phonebook sim card.

  • skywalkeriom

    Thanks to Sherif I have at last after a couple of months waiting managed to jailbreak AND unlock my iphone 3GS firmware 3.1.3 baseband 5.12.0 WITH NEW BOOTROM.

    Used Spirit, downloaded latest sources from cydia, then ran UlrasnOw all done from wifi link.
    Happy days !!

  • skywalkeriom

    Forgot to mention phonebook simm I purchased from Fonefunshop for less than a fiver.

    regards skywalkeriom

  • garoti

    ok, throw away or cut your at&t sim card metal part first then restore your iphone to firmware maybe 3.1.3 (stock firmware), then show me how do you jaillbreak your iphone 3gs. don't tell me you borrow your at&t sim from a friend later that's lucky enough your iphone from US.

    What if you don't know where it is from and you do not have an original sim come with that iphone.

  • DJ MD

    My iPhone 3GS is stuck in emergency call/itunes logo with cable. And.. I don't have official sim for it… I'm from Philippines. I bought my iPhone a year ago when It it was still not officially released here.. I tried updating it and this happened.. 🙁 I think it's in 3.1.3, 05.12.01 now.. Can this be solved?… Thanks…

  • RAH

    Radioshack doesn't carry them. Their site doesn't even list any.

  • Just wanted to confirm for those in the U.S. that cant find the "bookcard sim" i purchased an O2 Wireless – Universal SIM Card at best buy like someone mentioned in an earlier post SKU: 9010474 they cost $9.99 and it worked like a charm. Just do a restore and when you get to that no sim card installed message pop in the O2 sim and unplug and plug in the iphone (used on a 3g and a 3gs both worked) you will get a message that says waiting for activation (just hit dismiss)it may pop up a few times just dismiss now that you can get to your home screen download and use Spirit to jailbreak it will add cydia make sure your turn off 3g from general>netnork 3g off… leave the o2 sim card in there till after you load ultrasn0w from cydia after your phone reboots pop out the oz sim and try your tmobile sim(example) should come up after 5 seconds.

  • S

    Can you confirm this? I've an old one lying around and I just don't dare to use it cause I don't have a spare phone.

  • Cramer

    i have an 3Gs and have AT&T but i didnt pay my bill. so i no longer have service but i still have the SIM card. what do i do to jailbreak it then…

  • Wahagen van der Kruis

    Guys i Need help ,,, i want to instal os 4 in my 3gs ,,,,
    how can i jailbreak it ??? :S

  • King Dong

    Wahagen van der Kruis visit on your iphone and all will be done for you.

  • Christiaan

    JC Lopez, thats a very great tip, thanks for that! I will buy that sim card too, those shops are pritty close. No shipping costs and 30 days shipping time, just cheap and fast 🙂

  • blainegeneral

    Thanks for the tip! FYI I talked to several stores in my area US-MN and it sounds like they are closing them out. I currently have mine on hold.

  • win

    I already tried with phonebook sim card and at&t prepaid sim card. Neither phonebook nor at&t work on my iphone 4. Why? Is there another way to do it? Help me now I'm stuck in the emergency call.

  • esra

    hi,i have a problem i have iphone 3gs and it was unlocked and jailbroken put i updated wd 4os from ituns so it locked it and i can't work wd i tried to downgrade it to 3.1 os and restore but still i get the message slide for emergency …they tolled me if i get any sim card from o2 it should work i dunno if that z true or not

  • Mel

    Same here. Just bought the phonebook card after watching the video and it doesn't work. Stuck in the emergency call!!!

  • Iphone4User

    Guys! You don't need this phone book sim card they are talking about. Just use the blank card that comes with Iphone 4. I plugged and unplugged my new Iphone into USB port twice and was able to activate the phone with no problems using ITunes.

  • William

    Hi! I bought a phone book sim card from Dits and tried to activate my iphone 3gs on Itunes and it didnt work. My phone stayed on the emergency call screen. Those phone book cards dont work. Can anyone give me a hand?

  • sinner

    Can I used cdma card also to activate?

  • ireena

    need help. my 3g stuck with baseband 5.14. i cant downgrade it to lower baseband, my phone just like Ipod,helpppp?

  • Ericain

    phonebook sim card is avail in NY, also could buy online on ebay (, thus enter keyword: iphone 3G activation sim card,

    then check results.

    Good luck

  • XxG13xX

      How do i do it i need it please.

  • Texasdlr

    My iTunes wants me to add another iPhone to my acct!!! Help!!!

  • amir

    i had the same situation tht i stuck at activation stag, i tried go sim from att nothing works untill i tried the activ contract sim from att of my frnd it will activat it but u will hav to get data packag of 20$ coz its mandatory only after tht u can activat it it will also verify his social n zipcode too…

  • remi

    How are you suppose to access Cydia from your iphone when the iphone hasn’t been activated yet and his blocked on the ‘login to Itune’ or Wrong Sim card inserted…?

  • WhatWhat

    After I dropped my phone in a glass of water, I had to take it apart with one of those little screwdrivers for glasses. It wasn’t perfect but I managed to get it back in order.

    Naturally, I bought one of those little screwdriver and suction cup sets and nabbed my friend’s old ATT LG Phone. He still had an old Cingular SIM- they fit the same.

    Now.. What do I do to get my dark screen back to normal? I can’t seem to figure out what happened this time. (Yes, I did it again.)

  • palindrome

    can i buy an iphone with at&t contract and use it with some other company sim card because it is cheaper and i live in india..

  • rinzin

    I tried the above and it worked for me…any sim works….the iphone I had was with optus (Australia). So I used a working optus sim to first connect to itunes and when it says “insert a sim with no pin to active the phone” I did exactly the same as above and inserted another not working optus sim. So it worked for me….Thank you so much Hasim!

  • rinzin

    …when I said working sim it is not the same sim that came with the iphone …I mean under the plan..

  • leo

    ñ consigo debroquear o iphone pelo itunes ele ñ reconhece o sim.ñ tenho nada do iphone aki porque comprei la fora do pais oq eu fasso para desbroquear sem o itune sera q tem como??

  • lucio

    aiutatemiiiiii…..o fatto l’aggiornamento dopo aver scoperto che potevo modificare la versione 4.2.1 e solo che non sapevo ke il tel era straniero e mi sta cercando una sim Inglese x sbloccare il tel. E possibile sbloccarlo anche senza sim?

  • Mustafa

    please somebody help me or am going to kill my self…

    i updated my iphone to 4.2.1 with a custom firmware and everything is ok but now am facing the activation problem… plz no one tell me to get the phonebook simcard or get the original AT&T stupid sim card because of the following…

    1-Am now in Palestine not in USA
    2-We dont have any radioshack in Palestine
    3-I dont have a visa card so i cant buy anything online
    4-My life has stopped since my phone got locked
    because everything i do everyday is on my iPhone
    5-Am going to pee on the Steeve Jobs someday
    6-Thank you for listening
    7-Plz give me a solution in order to keep steeve jobs dry

    Thanks again

    • Mustafa

      by the way its 3GS 16GB on BB 05.11.07

  • nathanael

    Does this work on the iPhone 3GS? Does it come with the baggage of other hactivations, namely the battery drain? Or does it work just like an iPhone with an expired contract?

  • nathanael

    will push notifications work and will there be the battery drain problem with this hacktivation technique?

  • paul findlater


  • Mykel

    esra said…

    hi,i have a problem i have iphone 3gs and it was unlocked and jailbroken put i updated wd 4os from ituns so it locked it and i can’t work wd i tried to downgrade it to 3.1 os and restore but still i get the message slide for emergency …they tolled me if i get any sim card from o2 it should work i dunno if that z true or not

    To activate your iphone downlaod the latest version of tiny umbrella.

    1. Connect your iphone to pc
    2. Open Tiny umbrella (make sure your iphone is recognized)
    3. Open iTunes (you will get a message “invalid sim/carrier something like that)
    4. go back to tiny umbrella and click run tss server.

    Your phone will be activated officially. No need for SAM. push notification also fixed.

    My 3gs also got A cignal without installing ultrasn0w!!!! haha. Works like a charm for me……

    If this worked for you, let me know……….

    • shiv

      what is tiny umbrella…. tel me plzzzzzzzzzz

  • john202b

    is this activation method with phonebook sim still working? thanks

  • I went on ebay to buy a iphone so i thought
    the iphone was activate in i look on utube to see
    how to do it so they told me to buy a sim card that not activate
    so i did in that still didnt do some one placse help me.

  • shiv

    hi sir…
    i have iphone 3g.. that was disabled… i have connected to itunes and restored it…after that it asking for activate ur iphone using wi-fi or itunes…
    if connect to itunes , it says no service there is no sim. but i inserted the sim it says same msg again….
    if connect to wi-fi,it says your iphone activating now it take up to 3minutes… but it was not activated…what is the problem sir… can u plzzzzz guide me..??????

  • ks

    how to activate iphone 4S ios5.0.1 without sim card?

  • chelseablue

    Doesnt work, it says activation cannot be completed as you need the correct carrier.

  • chelseablue

    iphone 4 doesnt not work!. unless you know the original carrier and get new micro sim.