How To Resolve Syncing Issues With Microsoft Exchange In iOS 4

Microsoft exchange syncing issues

Users who have upgraded their iPhones to iOS 4 may have experienced delays while syncing with Microsoft Exchange.

These users may notice that applications like Exchange ActiveSync Mail, Contacts and Calendar take an inordinate amount of time while connecting to the server or while syncing data.

Apple has now released a configuration profile update that will resolve this issue. According to a message posted on the Apple Support website, the new configuration profile will provide a larger duration for the Microsoft Exchange server to respond to sync requests and thereby reduces the syncing related iPhone issues.

If you are among the users facing delays while syncing with Microsoft Exchange, you may follow these steps below to resolve the issue. The instructions involve downloading file components to your iPhone. It is therefore a good idea to visit this page from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Step 1: If you are reading this from the iOS 4 device, click here to download the configuration profile to your iDevice. Alternately, you can also email the file as an attachment and access it from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Step 2: You will now be taken to the 'Install Profile' page. Click 'Install' to initiate the download. Enter passcode if prompted

Microsoft exchange syncing issues

Step 3: Apple will display a warning message to notify that the profile is not signed. Tap 'Install Now'

Step 4:  Once the download is complete, click 'Done' to complete the download process

Step 5: Switch off your iPhone and then reboot. The installed configuration profile may now be viewed on Settings -> General -> Profile.

Microsoft Exchange will now initiate the syncing process. This process should resolve the sync issues that you were observing with Exchange. If you have faced problems on your iDevice, do try to install this update and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

[via iClarified]

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  • Ronnie

    Yeah I had this problem since I upgraded. It got real annoying when i started replying to long emails and i would save a draft (or at least i thought i did) and the measage never reached the server so i had to retype Glad to see Apple is on top of it. We'll see if I have any other problems.

  • Ronnie

    Push doesnt seem to be as fast as pre-iOS4

  • Luis

    Im on 3GS iOS 4 but I got error on step 1. Safari could not download

    Any help?

  • k.rock

    iPhone 4 – does anyone know of a hack to enable the camera and safari? My company has these features disabled, not as a security concern, but rather because they think that you must have an Exchange Enterprise CAL to enable them (or not disable). Any Exchange Admins out there that can comment on how confusing the language is?

    I know that I can enable it if I can get root access, but waiting on the Dev Team, which I think is waiting on 4.01/4.1; Seems everyone is just waiting…

  • PAP

    Seems to error only on jailbroken iOS4 when using the link method but if sent as an attachment works fine.

    My 3G (jailbroken today on iOS4 – thanks for the instructions) would only work if the support file was sent as an attachment.

    My 3GS (legally unlocked iOS4 but not JB – still on O2) worked using the click link in Safari method.

    So if you are having trouble try the attachment method.


    PS. I did trace the source back to the actual Apple KB Article: to be 100% sure it was done right.

  • brad markoff

    I installed the patch on the iPhone4, and my calendar still does not sync ??

  • Thomas

    Did mot work for me either.

  • Marni

    Duplicated my contacts to 45,000+ Now what do I do? Anyone else have this problem?

  • bester

    i installed the patch but my 3gs still says unable to verify account

  • Melissa

    Profile update did not work. Running iOS 4.2.1 3GS.

  • Capul

    I don’t have problems with the mail only with contacts, before when i create/modify a contact in outlook, the iphone update it. Now, it’s a problem the 2 ways (outlook or iphone), some contact have no numbers. what’s happening?

  • kev

    Works great . Thanks