New iPhone Apps Turn iPhone 4 Into A Flashlight

iPhone 4 Flashlight

As you know, iPhone 4’s camera finally comes with a built-in LED flash. Some developers have figured out to use the camera flash to turn iPhone 4 into a Flashlight.

Macrumors is reporting that Apple has just approved a number of Flashlight iPhone apps today.

The flashlight apps turn iPhone 4 into a flashlight by turning on the LED flash. Until now, we’ve seen Flashlight apps that use iPhone’s screen for the light. Another alternative is to point iPhone’s Safari browser to about:blank.

iPhone 4 Flashlight

Macrumors reports that Apple’s App review staff were initially planning to reject the iPhone apps due to "inappropriate use of hardware".

But Apple seems to have changed its mind and has started approving iPhone 4 flashlight apps after Michael D'Ulisse of MoreBluSky who was one of the first developers to come up with the idea reached out to Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing.

It also looks like Apple has approved these apps after developers put a disclaimer, which states that “Continued use of flash may dramatically decrease battery life”.

At the time of writing this post, there were already 14 (1 free and 13 paid) flashlight iPhone apps on the App Store (check this iTunes link). 

A flashlight app can be quite useful when you wake up in the night or there is a power cut and the closest thing that you have is your iPhone. But will users pay $0.99 for them is the big question. What do you think?

[via Macrumors]

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  • I Wouldnt pay for it, i can easily go to my camera and turn it on…

  • Pointless app to me.

  • Matt

    You don't really even need an app. All you do is go to the camera app, set it to video, and turn on flash. THERE.

  • Peter

    It takes too long to fumble around to get to the video cam and turn on the flash. I want a one touch flashlight that can increase or decrease brightness also it would be cool if it had night vision mode so that you don't interrupt people's sleep. There are some cool possibilities!

  • Peter

    BTW strobe light would be sick too!!!!!!

  • the application is pointless. Just use the camera app, turn to video, and then press "on" for the light.
    on a side note, i need some help.
    the very first day i got my iphone 4, june 23,
    i used it to play a game of citywide hide and seek,
    and it was on in increments of 20 mins or more.
    i have a question about this though, the next day, (launch day of iphone 4) my backlight burnt out. and i tried launching the camera app (i had the sun behind me so i could see the screen) and i tried turning on the led by picture and video, and neither one worked ):
    was this a coincidence? i was VERY lucky and got my second iphone 4 the day of launch in california.
    but i wonder if people continue to use this as a flashlight with the LED,their backlights will burn out. i truly hope this was a closed case. or am i just being an idoit? does the backlight and LED run off the same source? it looked like it did on mine because both burnt out, but im not sure.

  • My question is it brighter that the LED screen? If not whats the use?

  • Cooper

    Which uses more power, the screen method or the LED method? Which is more likely to ruin the component that it uses?

  • I was really looking forward to this guy! I walk upstairs and try not to wake my wife up. I grabbed the free-be version and it has a strobe feature (but I would never use it). Love it!

  • smash

    The best free is "LED light for iphone 4 free"

  • Dustin

    Wes the led is brighter

  • wolverinemarky

    free one all the way

  • Akaki

    Apple is so cheep , all my nokia phones came with it and I never had to install anything to use phone as flash light.

  • Jitu

    My biggest concern with a flashlight app is immediate access. When I need a flasslight it is usually during an emergency. I would pay if it is convenient to get to. Maybe a setting so just pushing the app gives you light.

  • Shalashaska

    Let me say something here…if all want is a light…download a white pic…I mean pure white and increase the brightness while looking at it in the camera roll….

  • The LED is many many times brighter than the LCD. Clicking ONE app on the desktop is WAY easier than navigating through the camera settings to enable the flash. When I want a flashlight, I want LIGHT and I want it immediately. The free app works well.

  • Brundon

    Just gointo Video and hit flash dont record and you have your built in flashlight

  • camman475

    you guys are all being a little ridiculous! everyone knows that we can navigate to the camera and turn on the flash! The point here is the simply touch 1 thing and have immediate light. Plus.. ITS FREE!!! so Who cares! why is this even an issue? Its Free to push 4 buttons through the video camera to turn it on and its free to push 1 button on your spring board so why not go with the easier way?
    As for LCD vs LED… No comparison!!! LED it HUGELY brighter than a white LCD screen which also takes a lot longer to load up for light than just clicking 1 button. Your brand new phone has a very bright LED on it so use it to its full potential and stop fumbling around to get a little light!

  • Check out Astek’s Light Beam for iPhone 4, an elegant LED Flashlight app available now with beam, strobe, and SOS beacon on one simple page. It’s the app that could save your party AND your life!

  • I agreee I don’t think there needs to be an app for the flash. You can do it from recording a video, yes it might take a little longer, but I would say only 5 seconds longer, max!

  • Yo

    I just have the app “flashlight” (free I think) and it turns on the flash, includes strobe, and SOS flashes (both with adjustable speed of flash). No color changer but I don’t need that. Quit b*tchin