More Updates For iPhone Jailbreakers And Unlockers From Dev Team [Updated]

Jailbreak iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS

We had reported yesterday that Comex had indicated that he plans to release his Spirit like tool in a few days and doesn’t plan to wait for Apple to release iOS 4.1, which it had seeded to developers of its iPhone Developer Program last week.

iPhone Dev Team have also provided some more interesting details about the progress they're making to release tools to jailbreak and unlock iPhone. 

Update: JailbreakMe 2.0 Released To Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G On iOS 4, iOS 4.0.1 And iPad On iOS 3.2.1, iOS 3.2 Using Mobile Safari

Planetbeing of the iPhone dev team who had ported Android to Apple’s iPhone has just tweeted that they will be able to give users a way to unlock their iPhone with the jailbreak

We're gonna be able to give you an unlock with the jailbreak.

He went on to add how users will be able to unlock their iPhone:

It will probably be the usual thing where you jailbreak and then install ultrasn0w from Cydia.

MuscleNerd has also indicated that it might be possible to unlock iPhone permanently based on their latest efforts:

Looks like one version of the iPhone4 unlock fits into just two AT commands… @planetbeing 's loader is awesome 🙂

Side benefit to this iPhone4 unlock effort: can do seczone dumper tool for those wanting to bruteforce their unlock code

(bruteforcing your phones unique unlock code is huge computational effort, but to start you need seczone dump)

a successful bruteforce of your unique unlock code would give you your permanent unlock, no ultrasn0w needed

Planetbeing or MuscleNerd haven’t provided any details on when they plan to release the tools so looks like will have to patiently wait for iPhone Dev Team or Comex to release their tools.

Meanwhile, you can also checkout Make It Work’s interview with Jay Freeman (aka Saurik) developer of Cydia, the unofficial App store for jailbreak apps where he demonstrates a jailbroken iPhone 4 with Cydia running on it:

Update (25th July, 2010):

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team has tweeted that there are still facing some issues with apps like FaceTime that need to be fixed before releasing tools to jailbreak and unlock iPhone:

Not to make it a daily thing, but since somehow people thought it would be today: the new JB+unlock won't be out today

(there are issues with important apps like Facetime that need to be figured out…no sense releasing a half-broken JB)

Update (1st August, 2010):

JailbreakMe 2.0 Released To Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G On iOS 4, iOS 4.0.1 And iPad On iOS 3.2.1, iOS 3.2 Using Mobile Safari

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve any further updates. So stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

 [via MuscleNerd, Planetbeing, Make It Work]

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    Cydia's creator Jay Freeman's interview will be on air on the local radio station KSFO 560 at 3pm on Saturday. Tune-in to hear the latest on Jailbreaking from the God father of Cydia !!

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    I'd like to hear more about this seczone dump as well… would it have to be brute forced on the phone itself, or will you be able to dump the required info and run a brute force on your computer?

    I sure hope that this will still be an option in late October (via updated firmware/baseband), since it will be impossible for me to get an iPhone 4 before then. Even if I did get one, it would be impossible for me to save the SHSH blobs. Chances are, I will get my iPhone 4 from Softbank, fully updated :/

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  • Lavender's a homo

    Hey ass fuck… Did I use that apostrophe properly?

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    Ra1nb0w is fake or real ?
    site –

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    hahaha his shirt reloading data, funny shit well thats good news the jailbreak will be available to use in a matter of a week or so, but thats kinda shitty they may actually start charging people for the jailbreak lame i wonder if you just pay and have the software which im almost positive is how it would work but then wouldnt you just be able to post in up on mega or the torrent bay? totally defeating all the hard work and money they would put forth into a company to manage and charge all jailbreaks…duh either way i totally respect these guys and im not trying to bad mouth em' at all but i dont think charging for software would be the way to go but i have donated 30 bucks tho dev and all others that i rely on yall should do the same.. respect

  • fake downloaded it twice dont work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    you missunderstood….
    said jailbreak and unlock is ALWAYS FREE… but, if you choose for SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU (if you don't know anything about computers) then they could charge money for their time,etc….
    but the software will be free to everyone to download and do it themselves……

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    just download the firmware of the blobs you have saved, then put your iphone into restore mode. go to itunes. press shift and click restore, navigate to the firmware you download and press open/okay. wait till your downgraded.

  • WASHINGTON (AP) – Owners of the iPhone will be able to legally break electronic locks on their devices in order to download software applications that haven't been approved by Apple Inc., according to new government rules announced Monday.

    The decision to allow the practice commonly known as "jailbreaking" is one of a handful of new exemptions from a 1998 federal law that prohibits people from bypassing technical measures that companies put on their products to prevent unauthorized uses. The Library of Congress, which oversees the Copyright Office, reviews and authorizes exemptions every three years to ensure that the law does not prevent certain non-infringing use of copyright-protected material.

    In addition to jailbreaking, other exemptions announced Monday would:

    — allow owners of used cell phones to break access controls on their phones in order to switch wireless carriers.

    — allow people to break technical protections on video games to investigate or correct security flaws.

    — allow college professors, film students and documentary filmmakers to break copy-protection measures on DVDs so they can embed clips for educational purposes, criticism, commentary and noncommercial videos.

  • God bless DevTeam, I do appreciate them even the new JB won't come out.
    They have already made 100000000000000 smiles on our faces for FREE,
    I'm from IRAN and and already owned iPhone 3GS and iPad, honestly my only reason to these toys was DevTeam, without DevTeam we all in Iran are not able to use apple's toy as Credit Cards/Gift Cards are not available here in IRAN.
    What we can do is only JB our devices in order to install cracked apps!
    Thanks to all who make our life better and easier.

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  • So now that jailbreaking is legal how quick will it be before updates and new jailbreaks are released? just a pondering thought

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    so does this mean when they come out with a jailbreak and unlock that it won't matter if i didn't back up shsh blobs. i uprgraded to ios 4 and lost my jailbreak and unlock like an ass! answer back please…

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    Man, I should sell my iPhone 3GS with iOS4 on it…. it's useless….. I'm w/T-Mobile…

    Been waiting for a month now for the jailbreak/unlock…
    Go dev-team 🙂 Hope the jailbreak comes out soon…

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    Question: Does it matter for the Jailbreak if i run my 3gs new bootrom on 3.1.3 or on 4.01 for the jailbreak? i really wanna try the new ios4…but for now i still waited because i thought i can not jailbreak and unlock it again? anyone? Thank you so much DevTeam for all the jailbreaks…

  • Casus

    Comex said it's 90% done waitin on saurik to finish on it in other words Cydia..when saurik makes cydia work with it they should release

  • does any body know any thing about limera1n downloaded it but afaried to use it?

  • Steven

    I am still using my jailbroken and unlocked iphone 3GS. I have not made up my mind to switch to iphone 4. One important reason is that iphone 4 cannot be jailbroken and unlocked currently.

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  • Pacific Rim

    Just found out how to Jailbreak iphone 3GS with 4.0 Fireware…

    Activate your Iphone with a borrowed AT&T sim card.

    use Safari: Slide to Jailbreak

    Let it do it's thing. Done! Jailbroken

    Unlock iphone in Cydia:

    Manage/ Sources/

    Ultrasnow > Install > Confirm.