Apple Adds New “Try Before You Buy” Section To The App Store

App Store spam

Apple seems to be quietly rolling out minor tweaks to the App Store.

Folks at 9to5Mac noticed that Apple has added a new sub-section called “Try Before You Buy”.

As the name suggests, the new section features the most popular lite and free iOS apps on the App Store whose full version can be bought from the App Store.

It doesn’t mean that users can buy an app and try it for a limited time (say 24 to 48 hours) so that they can take an informed decision, which would have been an ideal solution.

The free or lite version of such iPhone apps or iPhone games are usually scaled down versions with limited features or levels.

To get to this new section, users in the US need to tap on the Featured section, which includes 4 banners at the top. You will notice the “Free on the App Store” banner. Tap on it and you get a list of New and Noteworthy, Try Before You Buy, and Our Favorites.

Tap on Try Before You Buy, which displays the most popular lite and free iOS apps on the App Store.

App Store spam

It looks like the new section is targeted towards users who pirate iPhone apps. One of the reasons users usually give for cracking iPhone apps because some of the paid apps cannot be tested before buying them. The new section is probably a step in the right direction though there can be no justification for pirating apps, its just wrong and illegal.

What do you think about the new Try Before You Buy section? Let us know in the comments.

[via 9to5Mac]

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  • Rob

    I think it's a good idea as I have been burned by apps that sound good but suck. Barista anyone?

  • Crazyfish

    So it's basically just a group for the lite apps that doesn't include totally free or paid apps?

  • Daniel323LA

    Don't care too much for this as most of us already have Installous! 🙂 Take that Apple!

  • Chris Wade

    I have to say that you had my hopes up. What I expect is that all Apps should have a 14 day free trial before you buy, then if you want the App to continue working, you would buy the license to run it. Much how Rock handles it, I think they got it pretty close to right.

    Short of that, a 14 day refund policy where you delete the App from the phone and computer and Apple will AUTOMATICALLY refund your money (including taxes), in either itunes credit or by crediting the card originally charged, your choice (and provide a confirmation that they will do so)

  • Jcm800

    I just installed installuous today, with a view to try before I buy, and have actually purchased apps based on trying the cracks. So Apples lite versions are a step in the right direction imo.

  • Krew_92

    This sucks, I could have just gone to the FREE section. What a waste, and NO this does not compare to Androids 24 hour return policy…. This is no step to a right direction, this truly sucks.

  • Anurag

    Who cares when there is installous .. Lol .. Sad app store !!

  • El Barto

    So true. Half the apps I bought were because of Installous. If it's a good app, it's worth buying them.

  • TimW

    Who really cares about Piracy? It's been going on since man first walked the earth!!
    Have you never ever watched a copy DVD? Downloaded an mp3? Bought something (Anything really) off a Turk? If No to those questions, you must be…
    A ) a Priest
    B ) living in the backwoods
    C ) a Right Sanctermonious Twat
    If you answered A or B, there's laws concerning interfering with little boys that far outweigh having a dodgy app on your phone
    Answered C?? No-one really gives a shit what yousay anyway
    With sites like Xsellize, Podulo, Sinful, Apptrackr about, there's loads of apps to trial (trial period unstated…I'm still putting TomTom through my ten year 'Trial Period'

    Podulo's source IS a Cydia Repo 'Additional Source' available 'in' Cydia itself (Repositories)
    Quit screaming 'Saurik's oversight' he tweeted strongly against them but added their repo anyway!!!

    As in any walk of life, if it's free, it's free!!
    Piracy?? No!! Just people sticking a single fingered salute to Dev's overpricing their apps

    TomTom app, £59 for the software, or, £60 for a standalone unit that contains Hardware /and/ BETTER SOFTWARE!! Thieving Bastards

    If companies AND dev's set their prices at a much more reasonable price, then they'll generate more interest and revenue.
    Cracked app sites also provide a way of Unknown apps to get some of the limelight and again a chance of more income.
    I will (and do) buy apps after using cracked versions, but only if they're reasonably priced in comparison to the functionality it provides
    Apptrackr has opened doors for dev's, some don't/won't admit it, others openly submit to sites that provide 'A Service'

    Call me' a pirate if you wish, I really ain't bothered ( oo arr me' hearty) and I'll carry on with my plundering

    Oh, I DON'T PIRATE CYDIA APPS, only App Store apps because I believe those Dev's work purely in our interests

  • You might not care about piracy but developers do as it affects them directly.

    Developers overpricing their apps cannot be a reason for pirating apps. If enough users don't buy the overpriced apps, the developer will realize his mistake and try to make them more affordable. If he doesn't, its his loss.

    You seem to suggest that because the Bentley is a super expensive car, you are justified to steal it. We can't be governed by different laws in the online world and in the real world because it suits us. Piracy is like stealing and its illegal.

    Sorry, it's just wrong.

  • TimW

    In previous posts about piracy and cracked apps, I've stuck to the same principle, that being App Store dev's get far more attention of their work than the Cydia / Rock Dev's, therefore far more income.
    I have stated my reasons for quite happily using a Cracked TomTom app
    (I purchased a £500 top of the range unit that failed, sent for repair and they sent me scratched & worn TTOne and refused to accept that I'd sent them my Newest model, even upon receiving my reciept of purchase, they wrote back accusing me of attempted fraud, wrote back saying thanks for the cracked app, which they asked me' to remove
    from my device. The case goes on

    My point of view IS that dev's SHOULD ALWAYS offer a fair trial period that could include a 'Kill Switch' that freezes the app untill paid for.
    I don't condone downloading cracked apps for keeps, for longer trials where trials are unavailable.
    If dev's see their £9.99 apps being cracked and used frequently, doesn't that send the same message as Not purchasing their apps??
    I keep a record of EVERY iPhone transaction I've ever made, App Store & Cydia / Rock, and my list totals £58 App Store and £22 Cydia, I also take the time to email the Dev to say "I used a cracked version of your app for 10 days {my self set limit} and have now officially purchased your app"
    Not once has a Dev come back with a derogatory comment, they all come back with Thanks
    My use of cracked apps is personal evaluation use only, I don't upload to .torrent, megaupload etc. I try before I buy, I like it, I pay for it, if I don't like, I delete. I won't waste space on stuff I don't use. My iPhone is a fully functional device with apps I need, not stuffed with (Cr)apps
    Apptrackr & other sites provide a service for those like me' that prefer A fully functional Try before you buy service, I can surf their site and maybe try one app a week, again, if I like it…….
    I have emailed quite a few Devs with "if the cost was lower, I'd purchase" had more than a few F**k Off's, a few "Sorry, but I think it's worth it" and only one came back with "How much would you pay?" replied with my thoughts and he Ok'd it, made my payment and received my license. Another asked what my contribution to the world was, I told him and now get licences for every app he's made and will ever make for free (I'm UK Armed Forces fighting AMERICA'S war on terror in nice hot sandy countries)

    So, a pirate I am, or a pirate I'm not, either way it's what /I/ believe in that counts
    And I /Do/ believe in a better system than is currently available

    A Bentley is still available for a test drive, try before you buy, fully functional trial too 🙂 I don't expect to just jump in & keep, but the analogy is so very different to stealing an app. Standing in the dock being accused of stealing a £100k+ car is so very different to theft of 59p 'intellectual property' you wouldn't get a huge jail term for a 59p theft, especially with complete proof of 'actions in support of'

    Is a trial theft? By whatever means you trial it??
    Knowingly & purposely downloading apps without intention of purchase is Theft, and that's committed mainly by people who want everything free and feel life owes them everything and want to pay back nothing, I train people like this, I see their values change, their outlooks change, and with that, they change from 'streetwise geezers' to real men with a purpose in life, I've seen a 'StreetWise' after 6 months give his last drops of water and last ration pack to a hungry family, even though he himself was hungry & thirsty, a 100% turnaround from what arrived at camp on his first day, there will always be the element of 'Can Pay, Won't Pay' in every section of life, it's part of human nature and Can't be stopped. Society hammers everyone with high taxes (we don't pay taxes, they Take taxes) so people will jump at a chance of freebies in any form.

    It's very few people who keep their cracked apps, the Piracy label is attached to anyone who entertains any form of cracked apps, and i use your term "Sorry, it's just wrong" to class us all as Criminals

    I say all this in the small hope that some Dev may read it and start pushing for a much better system than Apple have started, can only hope tho.

    To reiterate, I'll continue with my beliefs on Piracy until that missing (and much wanted) piece of the puzzle comes along, which I hope will be soon