Apple Adds New “Try Before You Buy” Section To The App Store

App Store spam

Apple seems to be quietly rolling out minor tweaks to the App Store.

Folks at 9to5Mac noticed that Apple has added a new sub-section called “Try Before You Buy”.

As the name suggests, the new section features the most popular lite and free iOS apps on the App Store whose full version can be bought from the App Store.

It doesn’t mean that users can buy an app and try it for a limited time (say 24 to 48 hours) so that they can take an informed decision, which would have been an ideal solution.

The free or lite version of such iPhone apps or iPhone games are usually scaled down versions with limited features or levels.

To get to this new section, users in the US need to tap on the Featured section, which includes 4 banners at the top. You will notice the “Free on the App Store” banner. Tap on it and you get a list of New and Noteworthy, Try Before You Buy, and Our Favorites.

Tap on Try Before You Buy, which displays the most popular lite and free iOS apps on the App Store.

App Store spam

It looks like the new section is targeted towards users who pirate iPhone apps. One of the reasons users usually give for cracking iPhone apps because some of the paid apps cannot be tested before buying them. The new section is probably a step in the right direction though there can be no justification for pirating apps, its just wrong and illegal.

What do you think about the new Try Before You Buy section? Let us know in the comments.

[via 9to5Mac]

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