Apple Removes Camera+ iPhone App From The App Store After Developer Reveals Hack To Enable Hidden Feature

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Camera+, a popular iPhone app developed by tap tap tap has been removed from the App Store.

Apple seems to have removed the iPhone app after the developer revealed a hack to enable a hidden feature, which allowed iPhone users to use the volume buttons as a camera shutter button that is against Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement.

Couple of days back, tap tap tap had revealed that they had sold over 400,000 iPhone apps and had generated more than $500,000 in the first two months since it was released.

However, yesterday they revealed that it was possible to enable the VolumeSnap feature by entering “camplus://enablevolumesnap” without the quotation marks in mobile Safari.

This was quite cheeky of tap tap tap as Apple had already rejected an update to the iPhone app that included the feature.

At that time, Apple’s reason for the rejection was as follows:

Your application cannot be added to the App Store because it uses iPhone volume buttons in a non-standard way, potentially resulting in user confusion. Changing the behavior of iPhone external hardware buttons is a violation of the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. Applications must adhere to the iPhone Human Interface Guidelines as outlined in the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement section 3.3.7.

As expected, as soon as the news of the hidden feature made its way to the tech blogs, Apple removed the iPhone app from the App Store. If you try to purchase the iPhone app from the App Store, you get the error message: “The item you tried to buy is no longer available”.

Though the idea of using the volume buttons as a camera shutter button is a good one, trying to sneak the feature when it was rejected by Apple seems to be a short-sighted move by a prominent developer like tap tap tap.

We’re assuming that tap tap tap will remove the feature and resubmit their iPhone app for approval. Let’s just hope Apple approves it and doesn’t decide to ban it for this prank.

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    what!!? I was about to buy that fucking app no jk. that fucking app was in my wish list.

  • gaz

    fuck this shit as soon as my provider term runs out in going android apple sucks donky dick big time

  • jailbreak your iphone and download the application.

  • A

    If someone would get confused by having the volume rockers work as a shutter key and also to adjust the volume then I really don't think these people should have a phone in the first place.

  • Hmmm Yeah

    Do Apple seriously think we our that stupid to get confused about volume buttons.
    the is 4 fking buttons on the iphone. our old phones had alot more buttons on and we didnt get confused when some had multiple users.

  • Nino

    Apple and it's draconian rules!!! Every app developer should remove their apps from Apple store in protest. It would be an app strike!!! Let's see if Apple won't chage it's app policy. The iPhone withou JB or 3rd party apps is just a lame and incomplete phone.

  • badboy

    wow i feel sorry for the dev who made this app. iPhone 3GS is my last apple phone. Apple has lost all the respect from me. Next, i will be getting android phone.

  • Lavender

    However, Apple would gladly accept their money, therefore, they had to maintain this policy for apps on their phone – to broaden the user base to include dummies.

  • Carl

    Seriously, I would imagine if you typed "camplus://enablevolumesnap” into Safari, you were doing it intentionally to enable this hack.

    Other users who 'may be confused', would be using the standard app with standard buttons.

    So whats the fucking problem Apple?

  • Ramin

    what a fucking deal!!! comeoneeee!!! honestly, im gonna sell my iphone and buy an android phone. i well spent over 1000 bucks on apps and accessories but fuck this. i fucking tired of this roles and policies.

  • Lyger000

    Again another example of Apple bullying the customer and the Developer! I bought the App and have to say the 'Hack' is great and im glad the developer announced it.

    Apple need to stop with the restrictions after all WE the customer who bought and own the product should be able to do as we want with it!

  • Why the heck did the developer reveal the hack in the first place!?

  • T Payne

    because it would have been pointless to code the hack without letting the public know it had added it… the dev allowed long enough for MOST users to update their app to the enabled version before anouncing the hack so now MOST users who had already bought the App have the updated version with the Hack.

  • yet again apple acting like complete dicks. they mereley pour petrol on the fire.

  • Open Mind

    They should have given out helmets instead of bumpers. I'm all for simplicity but making everything too simple I don't think is such a great thing. Seems like an exaggeration but it's some advancements in technology that make people dumber and lazier, having everything done for us.

    I have tried both Android and BB and they are more complicated but it's not so complicated that it's "not user friendly" as people claim. The problem is that iOS is too simple that people don't want to spend more than a few hours to learn something new. Everyone has their preferences but I have gotten bored with the iOS. Jailbreaking used to keep me interested but at this point it's really too much of an inconvenience to jailbreak.

    As soon as the Galaxy S comes to my carrier I'm getting one. People probably think differently but I personally believe Android makes more of an advancement when it comes to software. I especially like the fact that I may customize what I want and have a file manager to organize things on the go which I believe Apple will never allow. iPhones are good but I don't see why people bash other OSs. If people really gave them a real try (more than a couple of minutes) then I'm sure you'll see it's not as bad as people make them seem

  • Change

    Truth be told an iPhone without any apps installed is not really much of a smartphone. If an app doesn't work as it's supposed to then people would only be dumb to complain to Apple instead of the developers. If people don't have the common sense to know what they download then it's their fault and nobody else.

    People know the consequences of jailbreaking but we still go ahead with it because I believe the benefits outweigh the costs. When I install a third party app that slows down my phone or makes it unstable I just uninstall it. It's as simple as that. Plus most of the time the app would tell you about its incompatibilities with other apps or if it's a beta which sooner or later they would update to perform better. It's really not that hard to monitor our phones ourselves instead of having Apple babying us telling us what we can or can't do.

    I think they spend too much time on preventing people from jailbreaking, which is a very small percentage, then on making advancements on the iOS. 3 years for copy and paste and 4 for limited "multitasking" and folders with only limit of 12 apps? This coming from the world's biggest tech company (although it's just cap wise)? Look how fast they were to release an update for the latest jailbreak compared to the supposed fix for the "faulty" antenna bar formula. They still haven't fixed the proximity sensor and its been 1.5 months since iPhone 4 was released. They really need to change their act because with the intense competition in the smartphone market they are only going to fall behind if they keep going they way they are now.

  • Rudy569

    They removed this all from installous too. WTF.

  • Mac

    Apple should be worried about fix'n the poor sound quality while using Bluetooth devices and how the Bluetooth will keep losing connection..or how poor the sound quality is when using your iPod interface or dock.. . Someone should make a Bluetooth enhancer app and submit it, apple prolly won't fix this known issue until iOS 14.5.. Or maybe they will fix all this on iPhone 5 and AT&T will give us all upgrades early again.. Fu%k AT&T… They will be paying people to continue service with them when verizon takes over the iPhone…

  • Disgruntled Iphone Owner

    I always wanted an iphone it was the end of searches for the best mobile phone for me. That is untill i finally got my first iphone and found out it was practically useless out of the box without jailbreaking it and everything you want to do with the phone has to be some kind of Apple violation modification. I was shocked to discover you cant even change the text ringers without first having to learn how to use a host/client program and violate yet again some of Apples stupid rules to do something thats is possible on every other phone known to mankind on the planet. This phone is cool to own but its far too restricted by the communists at Apple who feel they have to lock down every single feature and produce updates like Firmware 4.0.2 that has no other purpose other than breaking and trying to control jailbreaking. These damn phone are far over priced as it is and Apple wants to corner and control the market with this thing and try to stay on their get rich quick platform instead of opening this phone up for consumers to enjoy the full potential of this piece of equipment.

  • Naco

    Lucky for me, I had paid for this app and was able to install the update they provided. The hack works great! Stupid Apple…

  • eunice

    I AM SAD. I wanted to install this on my iphone 4. This is my favorite photo app ever.

  • I paid for this app before it was removed. I didn't use the hack. The app was removed from the app store. I updated my iPhone through iTunes and the update removed my app from my phone. WTF? No reason given, just gone. No refund given either, mind you. That's bullshit, tap tap tap & apple.