BlackBerry Torch 9800: Is RIM’s Best BlackBerry Ever An iPhone Killer?

Blackberry Torch vs. iPhone 4

Research In Motion has unveiled its latest smartphone – the BlackBerry Torch 9800 that the company claims is the "best BlackBerry ever". 

So we thought it might be a good idea to compare BlackBerry Torch 9800 with the iPhone 4 to find out, which one is a better smartphone.

In this article, we have compared some of the key features available on the new BlackBerry smartphone with Apple's iPhone 4.

Operating System

The BlackBerry Torch comes installed with the all-new BlackBerry OS 6 that is touch-enabled and seamlessly integrates the old email message interface, contextual menus and contacts with a more modern UI. The new OS also comes with a universal search feature that makes it extremely simple to access all the contents on the handset including the messages, contacts and UI themes from the home screen. Besides this, there are also several other enhancements made to the music and podcast services on the new BlackBerry Torch. 

While these enhancements definitely make the new BlackBerry Torch the best among BlackBerry phones, we are not sure if the OS is actually better than iOS 4 on iPhone 4. As you already know, Apple has introduced close to 100 new features on the latest iOS that still retains the minimalistic look and feel of the older versions.

Here is a sneak peak at BlackBerry 6:


The iPhone 4 is a clear winner in this category. Though the 3.2" display size of the BlackBerry Torch is only marginally lower than the 3.5" screen on iPhone 4, the real difference lies in the screen resolution. The iPhone 4 is equipped with a 960×480 pixel retina display. On the other hand, the BlackBerry Torch display is only packed with 360×480 pixels that is not only lower than the iPhone 4 display, but is also significantly lower than the display resolution of most smartphones that have been launched in recent times.


Users who are uncomfortable with the iPhone's virtual keyboard must find the sliding physical QWERTY keyboard on the BlackBerry Torch a relief. However, the phone fails to appeal on few other counts. For instance, the Torch is powered by a 624MHz processor that is considerably slower than the 1GHz A4 processor that powers the iPhone 4. Both the phones offer a 512MB internal memory. Torch comes with only 4GB of onboard storage compared to iPhone 4's maximum storage capacity of 32GB, but Torch has a microSD memory slot to extend the memory available.


Both the phones come with a 5-Megapixel camera with flash. It is however worth noting that pixel count is just one measure of camera sensor quality and so the quality of images shot from the iPhone 4 needs to be compared with those shot from BlackBerry Torch after some real world testing. Also, unlike the new iPhone, the Torch does not offer the HD video recording functionality. It also doesn't have a front-facing camera to allow users to video chat.

Though it is unfair to pass a judgement before we get to hear about factors like battery life, we think the iPhone beats the BlackBerry Torch just from the tech specs that we know so far. Apart from the superior hardware specs and display resolution, the iPhone also comes integrated with a much larger suite of third party applications that enhances the value proposition of the device. The new BlackBerry phone should nevertheless appeal to regular BlackBerry users who are used to the traditional BlackBerry interface. 

What are your views on RIM's new BlackBerry Torch?

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  • j

    blackberry still sucks

  • i woudnt take the torch over a iphone 2g…..

  • Jay

    i agree.. for every phone that comes out you make a post asking if its an iphone killer. NOTHING is ever going to be an iphone killer lol

  • Al_X

    hahaha seriously

  • Z

    yea blackberries suck, hard.
    i too would take an iphone 2g over that crap.
    on a side note, the iphone 4 probably does not have a 1GHz A4, because its 30% slower than the ipad. just say A4, my guess is 800-something MHz

  • it is a 1ghz but apple usually underclock all of their iphone processors, but u are probabaly rite. its probably close to .9ghz

  • theBankRobber

    The evo is the only close thing that competes to the iPhone, and there won't be a iPhone killer because after 3 years its became one of the easiest phones to use along with a great quality os and build. Only thing in the USA is that its on atnts network. Once it comes to other carriers over here, then it will be one of the best and hardest phones to beat. The iPhone is The best multimedia device because it packs a high amount of built in memory for any music and video and comes as a phone. I Love my evo, LOVE MY EVO, but I wish it had more then 1gb memory built in cuz if my 16gb micro card burns up I'm stuck having to replace it.

  • Jeff

    I totally agree with you Jay….. Sorta like all the mp3 players going to knock off the ipod…. Not going to happen

  • Cozze02

    Its nice but i guarantee its gonna be like every other blackberry, i have owned 6 different BlackBerry's and there is always one thing about them, they where all the same. Yes they may have come out with a new version of the OS but all it is was a fancy version of the earlier one with barley any new features. if RIM is ever going to get anywhere they need to look into what makes the iPhone so much better than any other device out there. But I believe they will never do that due to being stubborn for some reason. Anyways I think its gonna be just another piece of junk with alot of hype and no gut to back it up.

  • Cozze02

    Oh i forgot one thing, 360×480 resolution is definitely not gonna cut it, come on are you joking!

  • R

    I understand what you are saying. I have no use for a BB but to me they are good phones and are the best for security. But when you talk about the OS Apple hasn't really added anything really new or something that has wowed me. The most I would say is the game center

  • TT

    I don't get this. What's the point of comparing phones to the iPhone? You know this website is just going to pick the iPhone no matter what. And this time Apple wins because it has better hardware but if other phones have better hardware then Apple wins because they have better OS. I am just saying that most comparisons on this site are not at all objective. In the end it all comes down to personal preferences. And you also can't really compare BB to Apple. They are different phones for different markets. BB is a predominantly a business phone and iPhone is a multimedia phone. A lot of people I know have BB but they don't use it to it's potential or purpose. So of course they would easily switch to an iPhone because everyone who owns on uses it for it's multimedia purposes.

  • D3@th

    I agree with you 😉 😉

  • cool_dude

    the only phone which came close to kill d iphone is the HTC EVO 4G………but still in my view iphone wins 🙂

  • wolverinemarky

    this phone would be great if it came out 5 years ago. RIM is lagging majorly they need to step it up cause thats not gonna cut it in the smartphone race thats going on now

  • dq

    iphone 4 life!!!

  • Martin

    Iphone killers??….I have come from the the iphone 3g and 3gs and loved them…but now moving to the nexus one on android i can see why android phones are giving apple a run for its money!! the amount of stuff that the open source companys give you (hardwear and softwear) and the amount of stuff apple gives you just so you keep buying into there marketing strategy…moving away from apple you see it more clearly. What the hell was i doing jailbreaking my phone just so i can do the things i wanted on it. Blackberry are never going to overtake apple but android maywell and apple knows it so its great for us all!

  • Occamist

    I purchased three different models of Blackberry over several years and, while I found the operating system acceptable it did not rise to the level of simplicity and directness the iPhone does (3Gs or 4). The big problem I had with every Blackberry I had was the physical device: they break down. And then my carrier replaced the broken Blackberry with a reconditioned one (so much for honesty in warranty). Under these circumstances I would have been better off buying a reconditioned Blackberry to begin with and saved some money in my up-front costs of ownership. The new Blackberry added a level of mechanical complexity in the sliding keyboard that I would find a weak link given my history with the build quality of RIM's products so far.

  • H

    Actually BB still have the upper hand on both Apple and Google.

  • DroidRoid

    If you own an IPHONE, you are a Hipster APPLEFAG.

  • o2zen

    You really need to take into consideration call quality, signal strength, and personal taste above all. This site is called "iphone hacks" for a reason, everyone here either owns an iPhone or wants to… so let's be honest, if you want an OBJECTIVE review, rather check out gsmarena.

  • Nutter

    iPhone = Good but still has a few issues (same goes for my iPhone 3GS also Running 4.0.2.)
    BB = So far fewer dropped calls and I have more bars in locations were I have iPhone issues)

    802.11abgn = BB Torch
    802.11abg = iPhone

    I'm sitting here testing each phone
    BB Torch BB OS 6.0.1x = Faster touch Screen (it is more responsive)
    iPhone 4.0 running OS 4.0.2 .
    Resolution doesn't seem to be a issue. Both hand-helds are great.
    BB seems more stable. iPhone crashed a few times using OS4.0.1 Haven't tested 4.0.2 enough to see if crashes are fixxed. Though iPhone hides crashes well. LOL

    Appz Stores:
    iPhone god knows how many Appz
    BB 30K plus (everything I use on the iPhone)
    FYI – Everything runs just as fast on the BB as the iPhone as far as I can see.

    iPhone = ipod easy to use works with cable in car
    BB torch = just as easy to use and works with cable in car (FYI – BB torch uses iTunes for Album art.)

    Social Networking:
    iPhone = very good
    BB better it all goes to one spot were its far easier to read and view.

    Things I like about the BB over the iPhone.
    Email. Very Easy (easier than the Iphone in many ways) to setup. Allows for deleting on handset and off server or visa versa something the iPhone does not do. Secure Email via encryption. MIRCO SD CARD!!! I can remove what I have stored in the phone on the card. Can't do that on a iPhone.

    Ok, nothing that I have posted here will change iPhone users minds. I like BB… while I have own two iPhones (iPhone 4 and a iPhone 3GS) Both running 4.0.2. I have changed back to the BB with the torch as my main phone.

    Anyway, that's it a quick run down of a few things this article really didn't touch on.

  • Zang

    I also program apps, and dislike the windows phones. So the fact I can make Jailbroken Apps for my needs, makes it more than useful. Also as I repair/fix/etc the devices.

    Well, it only makes sense I use one. After all I use it for work everyday, and repair them everyday.

  • Paulo Ricardo


    Only oonce i had a problem with the phone. Its locked for the other networks so i seched for the unlocking and i found some paid websites,
    they helped me

    I think that's the only problem I found in BB STORM.


  • A Real Business user

    I carry two cells for business
    I have the BlackBerry Torch and the Iphone 4G
    The BB Torch outweighs any bells and whistles the Iphone may have.
    Since both phone are used for business I cannot see were the Iphone would have an advantage.
    The Iphone is a toy and the Torch it a business tool. Still no comparison here. Until Apple realize that they need to be in the business world the Iphone will just be another toy for the personal consumer market.
    In the end I will not throw away my Iphone, but will deal with its inadequacies’ for my needs.
    As for the BlackBerry Torch it is a keeper, and when the Iphone dies I will replace it with another BlackBerry.

  • garpt

    Cozze02 said…

    Its nice but i guarantee its gonna be like every other blackberry, i have owned 6 different BlackBerry's and there is always one thing about them, they where all the same. Yes they may have come out with a new version of the OS but all it is was a fancy version of the earlier one with barley""

    …..I guess it's one of those trendy "green" phones like the Iphone……

  • dfg

    its funny…. if have noticed everyone that backs iphone is either a child or a apple junkie… blackberry's run the business world…. and no iphone or android will change that…… iphone is a toy! not a tool…check the definition of both…


    Yip!…you gotta ask yourself…which 1 is a real phone!

    If you want a TOY!…BUY AN APPLE TOUCH!

    if you want a Real Phone…BUY A BLACKBERRY!

    End of.

  • mk

    still gud tho

  • mk

    shud i get bb torch because i want the bbm on it or shud i get I4

  • mk

    im turning 14 and hav a choice iphone 4 or bb torch whitch one shu i get

  • ..This is the only logical response on this thread, its more than obvious they are both after very different markets, BB 6.0 (if anyone here has even used it to compare?) is definately the best for Rim thus far with only more improvements coming.

    The webkit browser has a better multi-tasking interface than iphone4, and with pinch/touch multitouch and better homescreen drag/drop, screen up down and new gesture features the torch is a good dive into integration of business and multimedia, even the music player is smooth and seamless with music /album scanning.

    Blackberry users dont have much need for games or apps that have 1-5minute engagement levels, so that being said the torch is kicking butt in its own market with huge improvements..

  • Rim has more penetration in Canada and worldwide than iPhone and Android, but Android has the biggest growth in 2010 with over 900%

    Also – many user comments are based on older versions of BB and comparing apples and oranges, to have a factual 'true' response one must have played with the new O.S. they got and keep an open mind..

    That being said the new playbook murders the ipad in all aspects, Rim has some good stuff going for them.

  • Hollieanbaby

    I have an iPhone 3GS that I've had since its release, I hate it. I hate having to share an itunes account with my husband in order to keep from buying duplicate apps. We listen to completely different music and I've just never liked the itunes set up. If it were an individual phone, not requiring constant hook-up to the computer then I would say iPhones are top notch but I'm switching brands for the sole reason that I'm sick of updates slowing me down and not being able to delete a song directly from my phone…I just don't want the hassle anymore. Pondering my choices.


    Sadly, the iPhone loses the war when it comes to customer service, and in my book- it makes them the absolute worst choice!!
    30 dollars to have phone technical service after 30 days?! please tell me the likelihood of your phone needing technical support that soon after purchase?!
    and the fact that the techs in the store don’t work on your phone in front of you, but rather take it to a back room behind large metal (looking) walls, only to return telling you that you may have set off a water sensor with as little as it being in a bathroom while the shower is running and then ultimately having to pay them another 200 for a new phone is INSANE!
    Your battery can never be replaced because you can’t open your phone without voiding your warranty…
    and if you’d like any themes for your phone, forget it! That too will require you to jailbreak, which will also void any warranty you have!
    To me, it’s all about loyalty to your customers, and when it comes to Apple, THEY JUST DON’T CARE! Don’t waste your money!!

  • ray

    the iphone will kill its self, apple never change their software, and if they do its just like a new theme, plus i go for style, not what the phone does, cos it will never be a laptop, like the ipad, doesn’t support java, my mum cant even go on river island on that crap, the average joe thinks the iphones are the best, thats why they buy them, cos everyone says they can, if your all that smart, why upgrade fromn 3gs? softwares the same, plus everyone loves the iphone but still jailbreaks them and rips them off, apple dnt even develop the best apps, devs do, they made the iphone what it is, also i think every phone in the last 5 years has had proper bluetooth support where they can send mp3’s etc, not the iphone, this is why i believe that all iphones, and everyone who owns one thinking its the best phone around, sucks, the only apple product i bought from apple was the ipad, which lasted a week before i sold it, cos after all, its no games console, or laptop, and its more expensive, and id rather buy the books instead of a piece of kit that expensive, i like to read but not that much, idiots

  • Dwyer Lavery

    I’ve heard nothing but complaints from users about problems with the I Phone 4 which Apple don’t seem too worried about fixing. But still you people refuse to see reality. If you are happy paying big money both on contract and sim free for nothing more than a mediocre phone that plays music then good for you. HTC, Nokia and Blackberry all have just as good handsets available for a lot less dosh. The sound quality of the Iphone/Ipod is reguarly beaten by Sony and Nokia and just about any other phone manufacturer has blown Apple’s attempts at cameras miles away. If you Iphone lovers are happy enough to spend lottsa dosh on these rip off phones then ok, go for it but please don’t compare it to every other smartphone on the market as they are all half the price so twice the value!

  • Harry Tomes

    The iPhone is shit. Way too common and over hyped. If you get an iPhone you obviously cannot afford one of Apples Desktops or Laptops. Everything on the iPhone has been made by other people and is now the most compromised phone ever made. I have the BB Torch and iPhone 4, i decided to see if Apple or RIM were more reliable. I broke the screen on both, the blackberry came back after around a week, the iphone came back after 2 weeks and counterfeit parts were used. Apple clearly do not care about their customers other they would not use counterfeit parts.
    Every since the creation of Devs, the iPhone has been a complete failure. There are copies of iphones that are better.
    I cannot understand why anybody would pay £500 for the iphone 4 rather than a BlackBerry Torch for £500. Get a job and buy an iMac, the iPhone doesnt entertain me at all, its boring, heavy, unreliable and complete touch screen is just boring.
    Touch and buttons all in one, thats what i call a phone.

  • ali

    The ipone may be better than the blackberry but one thing I noticed is a lot of single mums with loads of different colour kids have them along with lots of drop out losers.
    Maybe buming off the state is why they have them because they have enough time to use all the apps.

    Come on get a life you bunch of losers and make some money, then you wouldn’t care if you were using brick.

    • terry


      my thoughts are if you want a toy with games ect to brighten up your boring life then buy the iphone.

      If you are in Business by a blackberry.

    • Luckyq20002000

      Dear ALi,
      You are very observant. It is clear that through your posting you seem to have an ongoing discrimination towards people of color as well as towards poverty. SO my question to you is, what does it mean to get a life? What kind of life? Finally, to assume that women who have multi-colored children ( I am assuming that white is not included in this depiction) take “advantage” of the state, is in itself a contradiction towards the idea of owning a phone. TO base your judgement through only one dimension of your reality, you exemplify the lack of evolutionary intellectual capacity to see multi-layered realities and dimensions of real life. It is you who are the agent of oppression, yet you seem confused about what true reality is. Since your comment is destructive, we can assert that you have many fears and insecurities that lay deep inside of what is truly poor like a bum, your intellect, your consciousness, and your humanity here on earth.

  • Luckyq20002000

    The infatuation with the commercial spectacle of the cell phone alienate the true essence and value of the telephone as its use value. The value of the items (whether is BB or iPhone)thus transform and become mere battles of marketability. In other words who has the most money to push their reality forward. The telephone is to communicate and to connect, not to disconnect our minds from the true essence of reality. Open your eyes

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