Grooveshark: Streaming Music iPhone App Removed From The App Store

Grooveshark iphone app released on Cydia

Back in February, we had reported that Grooveshark, an online streaming music service that claims to be the 'Youtube for music' had released their new iPhone application on Cydia for jailbroken iPhone users as Apple had not approved their iPhone app.

After several months of discussions with Apple, App Store review staff finally approved their iPhone app few days back.

But it didn’t last too long as Apple has removed the Grooveshark iPhone app from the App Store yesterday, due to a complaint they received from Universal Music Group UK.

Grooveshark is a free web based music streaming service that allows users to upload, share and stream tracks from a massive catalog of songs. The new iPhone app will allow their Premium/VIP members of the service use their iPhone to search for music from the huge database. Additionally, users can also organize tracks into playlists, mark tracks as favorite and listen to songs offline.

The iPhone app was only available to VIP members. You can become by paying $3 per month or $30 per year, which is a lot cheaper than competing music streaming services like Rdio, MOG and Rhapsody.

Grooveshark was surprised to find out that their iPhone app was removed from the App Store.

Apple sent us a letter notifying us that, due to a complaint they received from Universal Music Group UK, Grooveshark for iPhone has been, strangely, pulled from the App Store

This comes as an absolute surprise to us, and we are not sleeping until we figure out exactly how to fix this—and get Grooveshark for iPhone back in the App Store. Above all, our biggest concern is damaging the service we provide to all of you guys—our loyal (awesome) users.

Universal Music Group had filed a lawsuit against Grooveshark over the service’s use of IP back in February.

Mashable points out:

Grooveshark is an easy lawsuit target because of its approach to music licensing and distribution. Unlike competing services like Rdio, MOG and Rhapsody, Grooveshark’s database of songs is uploaded and cataloged by end users. Grooveshark doesn’t police these uploads for copyright violations, instead relying on license holders to file takedown requests. To date, EMI is the only company that has entered into a licensing agreement with Grooveshark.

Grooveshark iPhone app is currently not available on Cydia but I won’t be surprised if it makes an appearance once again.

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