How To Setup Hotmail Using Exchange ActiveSync On Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch For Push Email, Calendar & Contacts

Hotmail ActiveSync

Microsoft has finally announced that starting today Hotmail will support push email, calendar and contacts with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS).

Hotmail users will be able to sync their email, calendar, and contacts to their iPhone using Exchange ActiveSync. So any changes made on the iPhone will be reflected on the web interface, and vice versa.

This is great news if you use Hotmail as Dick Craddock from Windows Live blog explains:

Hotmail is making it easier for you to stay up-to-date and be productive on your phone. Starting today, you can get your email, calendar, and contacts pushed automatically to your phone using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). EAS keeps everything in sync between your phone and Hotmail, so whatever you do on your phone, like delete an email, add an appointment, or update one of your contacts with a new number, will also be reflected on the web, and vice-versa. If you use an email client on your PC that already syncs with Hotmail, like Outlook with the Outlook Connector or Windows Live Mail, what you do on your phone will show up there as well, delivering a seamless experience for managing your stuff between your PC email client, your browser, and your phone.

You can follow these steps to setup Hotmail using Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

  1. Launch the Settings App. Under Settings, tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”.

  2. Then tap on “Add Account”.

  3. Tap on “Microsoft Exchange” to configure Hotmail ActiveSync.

    Hotmail ActiveSync

  4. Enter your full Hotmail email address in both Email and Username fields. Leave Domain blank. Enter your password. In the Description field, enter a name, e.g Hotmail.

    Hotmail ActiveSync

  5. Then tap on the Next button.

  6. After the details entered above are successfully verified. You will get another screen where you need to enter for the Server name. Then tap on the Next button.

    Hotmail ActiveSync

  7. If the verification is successful, you will see this screen. Select the data (Mail, Contacts, Calendar) to sync and then tap on Save.

    Hotmail ActiveSync

That’s it, you’re all set for push email, calendar and contacts for your Hotmail account.

As always, let us know how it goes.

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  • Jcm800

    But mBox Mail already does that?:)

  • Why use a third party iPhone app when its possible with the native mail app?

    • Tmshafy

      Do u know how I would set it up for “MSN” mail?? I tried this method and no good.

  • Long

    Works, but you can't browse your folders. MBox mail still better.

  • Coolwave

    works awesome! now i can get rid of mBox Mail

  • Coolfellow

    Do we still use as server name for account?

  • Vishnu

    Forgot hotmail; wow.

  • Scotty

    It's about time. Hey MIcrosoft, no wonder why Apple and Google are kicking your asses. When you're late to the game like this, the game is already over. Good luck making people think you're on the cutting edge of tech.

  • Emit

    One thing I prefer mboc it's that it keep my emails synced. I would have to delete twice if I'm checking my hotmail this way right?

  • Skylinster

    well it kinda suck because you can only have one exchange and i already had it set to googles =/

  • Once you have setup your account with ActiveSync, you won't have to delete it twice.

    So any changes made on the iPhone will be reflected on the web interface, and vice versa.

  • With iOS 4, you can more than one Microsoft Exchange account.

  • rocku24_7

    Only one exchange at a time…that sucks. I currently have Google on Active Sync, and Apple's MobileMe which uses Active Sync too i think. So why cant the technology handle one more Active Sync account> Anyone? Even Hotmail on imap would be great then.

  • Denizen

    Thanks for the info, guys. I have followed all the steps but keep on getting a warning that i am entering an incorrect password?! I know for a fact that the pass word is correct so what gives?

    All of the other details are correct. Does this only sync with registered accounts? (Ass in, the full purchased account)

    Please advise.


    • Nelson

      Yep, same thing here…

  • With iOS 4 you can setup more than one Microsoft Exchange account.

  • Remember to enter the complete email address in username instead of the user id.

  • kewlllll

  • It's great, but not works for me. I used my address for email and username. I think i don't have a address. I created the account but i can't send and recive email. I tested my password on the web and it worked. I tried to send a message but it said: "unknown error". Does anyone know why?

  • avgUsr

    Just tested it – works like a charm. TY Microsoft for finally bringing this.

  • Sending works but it can't recive any letter.

  • Denizen

    I feel like such a putz! Thank you for coming back to me. It works just fine now.

    Many thanks!

  • UK_Brian

    Fanx – works first time – cheers!

  • Brian

    Funny, I have had hotmail on my phone for two weeks now, using the option of "Other", instead of exchange. Admittedly I did not have calender and contacts though. 🙂

    On a side note, I only use hotmail as my junk email now. TOO many email virus's get through!

  • Sterling

    Ha too late. I've already switched to Gmail. It's much better anyway.

  • GerbilSlayer

    HA Me too. I was about to post the same thing.

  • With Other setting, iPhone will check for new email every x minutes, in this case you will get an email as soon as you receive it. Its pull vs push.

  • Rodney

    Worked great! I have now both gmail and hotmail via EAS.


    Emails still arent getting pushed to me, push setting is on! Any ideas?

  • Have you set up your Hotmail account as Microsoft Exchange account?


    Yeah, followed insturctions to the T, i assume this works in the UK? Thanks

  • thrasher19

    msn and hotmail use the same server ….

    so yes, use for both msn and hotmail accounts

  • mydan99

    mboxmail does exactly the same thing but is quicker i will be using both as i need contact & calender syncing… mboxmail needs upadting to new ios4 features now!!!

  • jeff

    so… you are telling microsoft they are behind the times for not letting people attach their FREE email accounts to a technology they developed? ok…


    Got it to work and love it! Good guide!

  • Camby

    It worked for me first time!!! Thanks!

  • Cristobal Torres-Velez

    Is there a way to have this Exchange ActiveSync in Hotmail with a desktop mail client, say Apple Mail or MS Entourage?

  • Graham

    Worked like a dream for me. Well chuffed with this. Only prolem now i can't have my work emails. But thats not a major issue…

  • Graham

    my bad, you can have more than 1 exchange now..

  • matt

    works perfect! was annoying having to update iphone4 and laptop! thanks

  • Oli

    when using the calendar on your iphone can the events be pushed on to your online calendar?

  • fabrice

    doesnt work for me, once i have done everything it asks me: enter the password for the exchange account "exchange" ????? anybody
    my account is not .com though it is (france) any input

  • olly

    this worked for me under ios 4 but broke when i went ti ios 4.1. i get the error that the connection to the server failed

  • Andy W

    I understand from the comments so far that you can set up two Exchange Accounts for two different hotmail addresses using Ipod Touch ver. 4.1 … but how do you switch between them in the native E-mail app?

    mBox has a simple switch scheme … but there are way too many negative comments for me to pay $10 for it!

  • Both the accounts are available in the mail app, you can either use the Universal Inbox or view the accounts separately.

  • Excellent. Hotmail on my iPod Touch without having to use gMail to pull it anymore!

    Thanks for the info!

  • Hannah

    Help! I want to use this but am getting an error message saying it can't connect to the server. What do I do? I love mbox and was worth the $10 but it won't sync with the calendar which is what i want.

  • Doesn't seem to work anymore. I just added my hotmail account and I get the error 'Cannot Get Mail – The connection to the server failed'.

  • Aash

    Nice….cool work around…absolutely love it….

  • Ps124

    Hi, I havn't tried this but it sounds like good news.

    However, is push or whatever it is chargable?

    I mean I have free web, but would this affect my usage or anything?

    • Moby

      If you have free web use then all this is doing is using your data plan.

  • Oscar G

    It's been months waiting for this… works exactly how I wanted to

  • dave


    • D.hazell

      Brilliant!! Worked perfectly and really easy 🙂

  • DoctorJ

    Cool, thanks for the tip.

  • Jan

    Indeed, won't show me the contents of the folders. Inbox folder works though.

  • Jan

    Solution: Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, … > under Accounts choose Exchange > Sync. email: no limit
    and set Push email folders and check all folders you want.

  • Mo

    easy peasy

  • SJW

    Thanks for the simple step by step explanation of how to install. I have been wanting to know how to do this for sometime and issue resolved in 5 mins.


  • Help Contacts!!

    2 way sync between ipod and windows live
    email both ways perfect
    calender both ways perfect
    contacts – web to ipod perfect
    phone to windows live… update.

    I can even see ipod updates on calender and email resynching on ipod…for contacts entered in ipod they don’t update even though I can see them in ipod contact list.

    Help anyone

  • Per

    Thanks!!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for…

  • lindsay

    It works! I have been struggling with this for ages. I followed your article THANK YOU!!

  • xtina

    help. I had my hotmail set up already, then deleted it so I could add it again to get my folders, calander, contacts. Now it keeps saying it can’t find the server connection. I used Any suggestions. I’m sure it’s some stupid that I did.

  • Ben

    I have every thing set up ok but i can’t send emails from Iphone. I cen read deleted and sync just can’t send,any ideas???

  • Nicole

    Thank you so much! Worked perfectly. Just got an iPad 2 and it was driving me crazy when I went to work on my laptop and all my deleted emails were still there. Thank you!!

  • Liam

    Only just found this.
    Fantastic on my iPad 1 and iPhone 4.
    Works with both my work and personal accounts.

    Worth pointing out that switching off the iPhone and back on again was required.

  • Michele

    Will this work if you are using hotmail but your actual email is an msn account?

  • MGS


  • eg

    Great info, thanks. It worked perfectly. I wish I had found you sooner.

  • Xander

    I’ve done this step by step – I’ve got all of my sent items and trash, but annoyingly, no inbox or folders. Not sure what I’ve done wrong??

  • I

    I did everthing the way it has been told yet i get the message: PASSWORD INCORECT enter the password for exchange account hotmail.

    What to do? I have checked everything over and over again, I have done as it has been instructed but yet no luck.

    • Jeff Yap

      I did everthing the way it has been told yet i get the message: PASSWORD INCORECT enter the password for exchange account hotmail.

      What to do? I have checked everything over and over again, I have done as it has been instructed but yet no luck.

      – i also have the same issue but no one seem to have a answer for this

      • Jeff Yap

        I did everthing the way it has been told yet i get the message: PASSWORD INCORECT enter the password for exchange account hotmail.

        What to do? I have checked everything over and over again, I have done as it has been instructed but yet no luck.

        – Solution i had found, leave the Domain ‘Blank’ during setup.

  • Kip


  • Nancy Neill

    Wow! Thanks for this. I was also able to set this up to receive just the calendar my husband and I share and not email–awesome!

  • jamie

    it doesnt work on ipod touch it keeps comin up with enter password every two seconds

  • Chirs

    I have done all these steps and my ipad does a successful verification ass shown on item # 7 above. Yet a windo keeps poping up asking me for my password again. I keep entering the password and it tells me it is incorrect. WTF! I took it to the Apple store and no one could help me there either. I have been all over the forums but cannot find someone that had the same issue. I don;t want to spend $10 for mbox when I can get it for free. Somebody please help!!!!!

  • ian


  • John Hostler

    Many thanks for your help.
    Very easy to set up and it works Fantastic.
    Saved me six pounds on an App.

  • debbie

    Thank you…. I am very new to this and it worked great… i really appreciate you being there to help others to understand this technology.

  • mike

    WOW Works great !!! Thanks

  • Shivakumar Auradi

    Do below settings to see your Hotmail account in iphone
    1: Tap On Settings
    2: Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calenders,
    3: Click on ADD Account
    4: Click on Microsoft Exchange
    5: Enter your email ID (
    6: Enter user name as email ID (
    7: Enter Password
    8: leave the Domain Name Blank
    9: click on NExt Button
    Verifying the account screen will show up
    10: Enter Server exchange address as
    11: Click on Next and Save it

    Now enjoy your hotmail account in Iphone

  • zeb

    nope….still can’t get hotmail on ipad 🙁

  • Yotam

    first validation failed.
    Had to set up as server.
    after this it works like a charm.

  • Martin

    My girlfriend configured her iPod (iOS 3) like that. Now she sends mails with the email-address “” as sender, which is of course not a valid email address. Anyone had the same issue?

  • Martin

    I think the settings were just wrong, problem solved. Thanks for the site.

  • Yinka

    Thank u, thank u, thank u. it worked.

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  • John Dempsey

    great works perfect – no more deleting messages via PC. They should remove the hotmail account and just leave add exchange. thanks!!

  • chowdhury

    My hotmail is the default mail in my iphone 4s and it was working fine until yesterday. Now it does not download the file where as if i send any mail it goes correctly but does not appear in
    SENT ITEM box-why?
    Moreover all the files avilable in both INBOX and SENT ITEMs are not appearing in Iphone mail box. Where as until yesterday everything was correct, why this mishap now- I tried all the best but nothing helped me. Can any one suggest me what is to be done….

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