Infinifolders – Jailbreak App Allows You To Add Unlimited iOS Apps To Folders


Folders is one of the major new features introduced in iOS 4. With over 240,000 iPhone apps available on the App Store and the subsequent increase in the number of apps users purchase and install on their iDevices, a better app management feature like Folders was very much needed.

Categories was one of my favorite jailbreak app to organize apps but Apple’s implementation of Folders just blew it away.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the folder feature is the limitation of only 12 iPhone apps per folder. In my case, the limitation had resulted in having more than one folder for some categories of iPhone apps such as Games and Utilities, which defeated the purpose of creating a folder to quickly find an iPhone app of a particular category.

chpwn, developer of popular jailbreak apps such as Infiniboard and Infinidock has released a jailbreak app called Infinifolders that removes this annoying limitation and allows you to add unlimited iOS apps to a folder.

If you install lots of apps on your iPhone then Infinifolders will be a useful tweak. You can download and install it from Cydia for $1.99.

Let us know what do you think about Infinifolders in the comments.

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  • Weegert

    I still prefer Categories. I can pick the icon and it looks better. Just my preference.

  • I wish he would have fixed his existing ones first…

  • SteveJobs

    This is a great addition to what Apple did. Only it sucks that you have to rebuild your folders from scratch once you install. Better than categories by far thanks to drag and drop and NO re-spring!

  • Jordan

    I didn't have to rebuild anything after I installed it. This is a really dumb limitation by Apple. Certain things I can sort of understand because they are afraid inexperienced smartphone users will mess up there phone but this makers no sense. 225,000 apps in the app store. Only 12 per folder – competely ridiculous.

  • has any one got wifi colors and singal bars to work

  • Jaja

    Infinifolders good idea, but not that good on practice.
    I had install it, and first of anything I have to say, that ones you have install infinifolders, you have no more the possibility to arrange apps through iTunes. Finally if you uninstall it, there is a big risk that for get it back, you need to restore your iphone from a backup before the times. Well to risk and to little the benefit.
    Developers have to be more carefully with what they do if the like to get paid, Now i'm having an idea the kind of developers that apple is trying to put away from us. I'm sorry to say that.

  • wolverinemarky

    sounds like a good idea i dont have that many apps that i would need to use it but i loved categories so this definitely sounds sweet

  • Purchased this the night it came out, absolutely love it. Had no issues anybody else had, with the re-doing folders? Mine were kept in tact just fine?

  • Brian

    Anyone else having the problem of not being able to rearrange the apps in itunes?

  • Kelvin
  • Al

    You can put a category folder into an apple

  • newbiezzzzes

    hello, i recently jailbroke my iphone 3gs newbootrom

    i have been enjoying my jailbroken phone with wintersnow

    i heard that viruses can enter jailbroken phone and you can prevent it by changing root password

    how do i change root password?

  • Its amazing how each time Apple is doing something limited – cause this is how they decided we should live with , and someone comes and add the missing feature or the restrictions they decided to apply.

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  • Spritesc

    Awesome!!! Just what IOS 4 needed. As a person who likes a lot to organize everything I really hated the 12 app limitation.

  • Yoda

    Try it out you must, mmmm

  • Richard

    I had the problem after last weeks jailbreak. Plus the original Apple apps were missing in iTunes under Apps as well. I restored and then re-jailbroke last night and it seems to be fixed now. Everything seems to be working normally now.

  • et

    when you install SHH and then go into Rockapp, it will ask you to change it automatically!

  • Brian

    I tried that yesterday before I posted…restored to 4.0.1 as new phone, rejailbroke it, then installed infinifolders (only app I physically installed) and the problem is still there…thanks for the tip though.

  • Brian

    install openssh. Use an ssh program (I use putty for windows – google putty.exe – it's free). Connect to your phone's ip address and log in (username root, password alpine). Once logged in, type "passwd" (without the quotes). You will then be prompted to change your root password.

    Just keep the password handy – if you forget, you have limited options to recover it – worse case scenerio is you have to restore. There are other options, but I haven't tried since prior to ios4 so i don't know if the programs needed are compatible with 4 or not.

  • Rover

    Was there some sort of lag or instability with having more than 12 apps per folder or did they just think 12 was more than enough? 3 yrs after the app store was introduced and just now they make a folder option with a limit of 12. I really think that is too long to introduce the feature especially when Categories has been out for years. Why don't they release updates a little quicker? I'm sure they could have and probably already had this feature a long time ago. Don't really see the point of releasing over 100 features all at once. Most of them get lost in the bunch anyways. Plus with little updates say like every quarter or something like that I'm sure they could really put off people from jailbreaking since they are supposedly really against it. Just my thoughts

  • Larry

    Infinifolders definitely fills a void. It's great to have. It seems better suited for those who do not sync their phones frequently, as each sync will revert app placements to where they were before. Not a bad compromise; easy to fix, but a step I wish I didn't have to go through with each sync.
    If there is a way around this, PLEASE speak up. I'd be relieved to hear it.


    Have tried twice to purchase Infinifolders, each time the program hangs in the loading process after paying for app and before Cydia says you have officially paid for same. Has anyone else had this problem??. BTW it does not charge my paypal account, according to paypal history. Any ideas. Thanks

  • newbiezzzzes

    thanks your method is so easy and RockApp is better then Cydia!!!

  • Pete

    I suspect that most people who would use Infinifolders would have many apps on their iPhone, as I do. I found that installing makes me reorganize all of my apps into folders. This is bad enough but it is unreasonable to expect that that many apps will be manually organized from the iPhone and not iTunes. Add to that the fact that you have to do this every time you sync and you have an app that makes the situation far worse than it was before.

    As a concept, this is a very promising app but it is not ready for prime time. Before the app can be truly usable:

    – Make iPhone retain folder organization on install of Infinifolders
    – Make app organization possible again from iTunes
    – Make iPhone retain folder structure when syncing with iTunes

    I purchased the app and installed it but I had decided to remove it within minutes. I hope my purchase price will go toward helping @chpwn continue development on this project! I'll be watching for updates 🙂

  • Ryan

    I installed this app and honestly, was a bit disappointed after continuous use. My folders with about 16-24 apps in them took about a second longer to load and really felt glitchy compared to the smooth openings without infinifolders. Although it is a great concept, until they can fix the lag, it's staying off my iphone. If they were to put in pages in the folders like the SB has, it would be a pretty sweet app as well.

  • Thanx for sharing