Install PDF Patch On Your Jailbroken iPhone To Fix Security Vulnerability In iOS

PDF Patch

Apple released iOS 4.0.2 yesterday to fix the security vulnerability in iOS 4 and iOS 4.0.1 that was used by JailbreakMe – the web-based method to jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Experts had raised concerns that the security vulnerability in iOS could be exploited in a similar way by malicious websites to install malware.

If you have jailbroken your iPhone and don’t want to upgrade to iOS 4.0.2 as you will end up breaking your jailbreak then you will be relieved to know that there is a solution for you.

Jay Freeman (aka Saurik), developer of Cydia, the App Store for jailbreak apps has just released a patch on Cydia to fix the security vulnerability associated with viewing malicious PDF files.

You can follow these instructions to install the PDF patch on your jailbroken iPhone:

  • Launch Cydia from your jailbroken iPhone homescreen.

  • Tap on the Search tab and search for pdf patch.

  • Tap on PDF Exploit from the search results and then tap on the ‘Install’ button.

    PDF Patch
  • Then Tap on the ‘Confirm’ button to install the patch on your iPhone.

Note: If you had installed PDF Loading warner then you don’t have to worry as PDF patch will uninstall it first and then install the fix.

With this you have the best of both worlds, you have patched the security vulnerability that has been fixed by Apple in iOS 4.0.2 and you also get to keep your jailbreak.

Surprisingly, Apple felt that it was important to fix the security vulnerability by releasing a quick patch, it has not released a patch to fix the issue for iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G users. So PDF Patch is the only way to fix the patch on the first generation iPhone and iPod Touch, which ironically means you need a jailbroken device.

As always, let us know how it goes.

[via Dev Team’s blog]

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  • Hmmm Yeah

    Apple Hire these guys, they clearly know how to make software for phones.

  • Angel

    Fast and Easy 🙂

  • wolverinemarky

    getting it now

  • Ali

    So should I install the PDF Patch then update it to 4.0.2?

  • If you don't care about jailbreaking then you can install iOS 4.0.2. If you don't want to break your jailbreak then you should not install iOS 4.0.2 and install this patch instead.

  • johnski9

    What if your camera was broken and when you brought home the new iphone 4 it had 4.0.2 on it, are there any attempts to find a way to jailbreak the iphone 4 on ios 4.0.2?

  • raep

    comex said "That was fun while it lasted. Hope you saved your SHSH. Remember that 4.1 rhymes with fun." So im guessing he has a new exploit wich is saving up for 4.1 so youll have to wait till then to jailbreak.

  • Ken

    it crashes my safari? any clues

  • badboy

    installing now. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DC

    Is this working for iPhone 4? Mine says operation time out.

  • Wazza

    should i install the patch on os 3.1.3 jailbroken with spirit?

  • Jayb

    Did you read what you wrote b4 u posted it??

    Why apply the patch then update.

  • dieter

    Sorry, I have os 3.1.2 on the iphone – but I cannot find this pdf patch on cydia when I search for it. is it removed?

  • just open safari on your iphone and inter
    and you done it its not for iS0 4 or highr

  • Jack

    For some reason, it doesn't trust a website that I need to get to in order to sign into the internet. It crashes everytime that I try to open it. Any idea of how I can add that site to a list to keep it from crashing?

  • webterractive

    I used the patch provided by Sarik and it works wonderfully. I'm using a Telus iPhone 3GS that I got on Rogers in Canada. no longer works, this is the surest way to know that the PDF exploit has been closed.

  • Patch won’t install

    Just jailbroke my 3gs but I get this message when I try to install the patch:
    Can not comply
    requested modifications can not be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that can not be automatically found or fixed.
    Help new to this! Thanks.