4 iOS 4 Tricks That You May Find Useful

iOS 4 tricks

Apple has introduced so many new features in iOS 4 that it has not been easy to keep track of all these cool new additions (especially the minor ones). 

While most of you must have gotten used to new features like FaceTime (for iPhone 4) and iBooks on the iPhone, there are little tricks that make these apps all the more useful and exciting.

David Pogue at the New York Times has provided details about few features in iOS 4 that you may find useful. 

Unified Contacts Listing

The earlier versions of the iOS had a tendency to display the names of certain contacts multiple times especially if you were connected to them independently on MobileMe and on the Corporate mail account. The new Contacts app unifies these details so that the names on the 'All Contacts' page appear only once. These listings unify contact names from your iPhone address book, MobileMe account and your corporate exchange server so that you may access all information about your contact from a single page. To access any particular contact card, you simply have to scroll down to the bottom of the contacts page and tap on the Linked Cards section. 

Of course, since this is automated, the listing is prone to errors and hence the unified contacts listing page also lets users to unlink certain cards if you think they were wrongly linked. Additionally, users may also insert new contacts to a unified card by tapping on Edit -> Link Contact and choosing a contact name to link. This is especially useful if you want to group a list of users under one head.

iOS 4 tricks

FaceTime Tricks:

  • Camera Toggle

This is something you may have already come across if you regularly use FaceTime. Nevertheless, it is too important a feature to miss. As you know, the FaceTime video calling feature requires a front-facing camera to work and hence is not supported on older iPhone models. Nevertheless, if you do own an iPhone 4, it is still possible to use the rear facing camera instead of the front camera for video calling. To do this, you simply have to tap on the camera-rotation icon on your FaceTime screen to toggle between the two cameras. 

  • Mute Audio/Video On FaceTime

There are times when you may need to mute just the video or audio while a video calling session is on. The audio-mute option is pretty straightforward. Users need to tap on the microphone icon on the application screen to mute the audio. To mute the video instead, simply move away from the FaceTime screen to any other program or just press the Home button. This will display a blank screen on the other end even though the FaceTime session is still on and the person at the other end can hear you.

VoiceOver For iBooks

It is possible to turn your iBooks into audiobooks that will read out the passages for you. To get started, you will first need to enable the VoiceOver function by navigating to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and enabling VoiceOver. Do note that turning this feature on will now require you to double tap on options to select since the first tap shall primarily read out the option for you and you need to use three fingers on the screen to scroll. 

Once done, launch the book to read then tap on the first line of the passage and swipe down to the bottom of the page with two fingers. This will prompt ibooks to read out the book for you. The option will also automatically turn pages and you can stop the audio by tapping on the screen with two fingers.

Hope you enjoyed these tricks. Have you come across any other cool hidden features in iOS 4? Do let us know in the comments below. 

[via The New York Times]

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  • Vishnu

    Disappointment, I already know these.

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    True, I thought it was gonna be something NEW!!! Thanks anyway.

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    i was also hoping to hear some new badass change i havent heard of

  • The FaceTime camera toggle? Really?

    Using that clearly marked toggle icon isn't much of a trick…

  • Birthday boy

    What about the birthdays Calender in the native calendar app? Simply update birthdays in your contacts app and the birthdays calendar is available to use when you toggle calendars on/off.

  • Joe

    You have to remember, the people at iphone hacks aren't very creative when it comes to writing articles. Thats why they're always the last to post anything in regards to the iphone. it seems like they wrote out this article just to have something written out.

  • help

    i understand this is not the right place for this questions..but i've looked all over the web trying to find this and i cannot find any info on this.

    i have an iphone 3g that has no wifi on 3.1.3.

    i've unlocked these before using a custom firmware using pwnagetool..but at the time, i used blacksn0w as the unlocking solution.
    i understand that i need ultrasn0w to unlock anything past 3.1.2 but i can't find anywhere to download it (so i can include it into the custom firmware).

    any help would be appreciated.

  • Hugh

    You dont have to log in and read it do you?

  • JamesAmato

    Hey there. I saw your comment and this may help.
    Your iPhone wifi chip might be burnt out.
    Firstly, have you upgraded to IOS4 before going back to 3.1.3? Cause MY iPhone 3g wifi is burnt out too after updating to that. I saw quite a few people on apples support site stating the same thing after updating.
    So, that might be what happened.

    Also, if you still want your iPhone 3G and don't want to get the iPhone 4 right now. Call or go to apple and tell them your problem, if they can't fix it then you will. Get a new one. Of course, remember to restore your iPhone if it's jailbroken and just tell them you restored it to try and resolve the problem. That's what apple support told me when I explained to them my problem. Hope that helped.

  • Umair Ahsan

    The contacts are messed up, i can not use online contacts while composing any email or anything, i have to save all contacts frGmail on ipod/iphone to use them, previously all i required was to add the account and it will automatically look frhe sertvers
    moreover, ms exchange 2007 contacts are not workign on my corporate email
    over all its just a shitty update and i am trying to revert back friOS 4 to 3.1.3

  • Fingers21

    A new one to me, probably old, but I've just found it, if you rotate to landscape in calculator, it turns to a scientific calculator.

  • Ahmad

    yes i am facing the same issues with respect to contacts unless i tell itunes to save all contacts of gmail to my iphone and also facing exchange server contacts not being fetched

  • Z

    guys guys, the facetime one is actually useful. its not like they showed it in the commercial or anything

  • Steven

    I am still using the iphone 3GS OS 3.1.3. I am not in a hurry to upgrade to iOS 4, because I heard that, with extra features such as multitasking(which I doubt I will ever use), the iOS 4 performance is actually worse than OS 3.1.3. So I think the OS 3.1.3 is very stable and fast, best for iphone 3GS.
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