iPhone 4 Users Reporting Bluetooth Problems

iPhone 4 Bluetooth issue

There has been a lot of outcry over several issues relating to iPhone 4 in recent weeks like iPhone 4's antenna problem and also the proximity sensor. One issue though has managed to stay relatively under the radar so far.

Some iPhone 4 users have been noticing poor quality voice output when their phone is paired up with a Bluetooth device. 

One of our readers, Greg has written to us about his experience:

"I received my iPhone 4 and paired up my Bluetooth devices. I have two Motorola mono headsets, a Jawbone, a stereo Altec Lansing, and a stereo Motorola Bluetooth. I have tried all the devices and everyone I talk to exclaims they can not understand me. They say the sound is muffled, weak and distorted. If I answer the phone and then connect the Bluetooth device the audio is even worse. I use Bluetooth exclusively and my iPhone 4 is of no use to me. I had to switch back to my 3GS so I can use Bluetooth."

A thread on Apple's discussion board about this issue has been seeing a lot of activity in the past few days. Apparently, folks at Apple Genius bar too have been unable to solve the problem. A forum member from Singapore complains:

I'm having the exact same problem. Ever since iPhone 4 was released in Singapore on 30th July, i've tried in vain to use my Plantronics Discovery 925 with it. This is the same Bluetooth earpiece I used with my previous phone, which was the iPhone 2G

Problems include..

1. Very muffled

2. Distorted signal

3. Dropped calls. 

None of this happens when i'm off my earpiece, and it is very frustrating while driving. 

Another forum member writes:

"Yesterday, myself & a Genius Bar Tech tested several BT headset brands & two iPhone 4s. We both witnessed that turning the BT headset from OFF to ON durning a call and then switching from phone to BT will cause poor sound quality 100% of the time. He simply said this will have to be something fixed in an a future update."

It is not clear whether the issue is with the hardware or with the iOS. While Greg tells us that he does not face the issue on his iPhone 3GS running iOS 4, some users seem to have started noticing this issue on their iPhone 3GS only after upgrading to the new version of the operating system. Also, while the latest iOS 4.0.2 update does not seem to have fixed this issue, Apple Support staff appear to have however acknowledged the problem and have indicated to a few customers that an update is on the way.

Are you facing similar issues with Bluetooth on your iPhone 4? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

Thanks Greg for the heads up!


iOS 4.1 will fix proximity sensor and Bluetooth problems

[via Apple Support]

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  • BrentG

    I have the bluetooth issue my ps3 headset doesnt work. Proximity sensor sucks i keep calling people and muting myself. Signal is the same…

  • Ericg

    I have the same problem with Moto earpiece. Frequent garbled communication from phone to earpiece.

  • TurtleDynamics

    I have an apple bluetooth and it dont even works with my iphone 4, and the sound of the iphone 4 iphone is terrible. Very very bad quality!. 2 issues that i never experienced with my old 3gs.

  • fiingers21

    My sony car stereo picksa all my calls up via bluetooth and is terrible on my iPhone 4, but is superb quality with my 3GS running iOS4.

    Is anyone else having battery issues with iphone 4? Mine sucks! No apps running in background, full charge, take of charge and don't use it at all, it loses 5% in 2 hours! I have notifications off, email set to manual, everything possible is turned off, but it still sucks!

  • TurtleDynamics

    Sorry i mean, the sound of the iphone 4 ear speaker.

  • Dr squeege

    iPhone 4 is crap

  • Patrik

    i got a 3gs with iOS 4.01 and the bt is pure shit. a2dp completly broken and sound quality during calls is reeeealy bad… doesn't matter if I use the car stereo or some other bt device.

  • i4

    zero problems on my iphone 4. i have not had any proximity sensor problems nor any bluetooth problems. i only use bluetooth in my infiniti and it works great!

    • Rylan

      I just got the 4GS and paired it with my Infiniti but cant get the bluetooth audio device to work?? I deleted the old phone, paired the new one, entered the 1234 code in the phone, etc, I’ve turned off the car, reset everyrthing. When I put the music on my Iphone i never get the option MY-CAR to play the music from my Iphone through the car speakers. ARgghh! I hate Apple. Any tips?

  • i4

    hows your reception during that 2 hours? i know all phones with poor reception will drain the battery switching between edge and 3g.

    i have an iphone 4 and have had no problems at all. love it!

  • buffybear

    same here. works fine in my infiniti m35x. in fact, better than iphone 3g.

  • Kepler

    I don't know why people complain about the iPhone 4 i haven't had a issue with anything. i haven't even had a drop call, lag, Bluetooth errors nothing.

    • Harry Knutz

      Because alot of people do have problems with the new phone that’s why dumbSHIT! What a fu**ing retard, stick your iP4 up your ass and see if you have any issues di**head!

  • Kwopau

    I don't have BT problem with mine. the other line can hear me loud and clear.

  • Sm55

    If I connect my BT headset after call is initiated, audio quality is horrible. If the headset is already on and paired and then a call is initiated, the quality is good. I have an iPhone 4 and a Jawbone Icon headset.

  • Winky

    You Pay all that money for a dodgy iPhone…..
    What a joke!

  • fiingers21

    i only ever get 1 bar where i live, if it ever got anywhere near 3g status, i'd be worried! I've been lucky in every other aspect, no signal issues, dropped calls, proximity sensor, etc.

  • Jeff

    Me too. Plantronics Voyager 510. I thought it was the headset going out. Now I know better.

  • James

    My iP4 has problems pairing with some devices, garbled audio and frequent connection loss. To my knowledge they have confirmed this is atleast partially caused by software. They obviously rushed iPhone 4 because of android's market gains and now they pay the price. Is iP4 still the best phone on the market? Obviously….

  • Alonso Mosley

    On 3GS with iOS 4.0 no problems with A2DP stereo BT headset (Sony Ericsson MW600)

    It must be 4g hardware problem.

  • iP4

    on iPhone4 i'm getting constant complains from people i talk to while on bluetooth in my car and my wife's car. first i thought it wasn't as clear as if i was just on the phone, but complains don't stop and people asking me to repeat things over and over again. they better fix it soon.

  • iP4

    may be people don't tell you. i have G37 and even though not everybody complaining some people tell me every time that they can't hear me until i switch to phone and stop using BT.

  • i did but i restarted it and instaled one jailbroken app at a time to see if that was it it was works much better now try ios40 apps at frist

  • Steven

    My iPhone will not connect to my Bluetooth Garmin GPS.

  • T

    The world doesn't revolve around you. Just because you don't have any issues it doesn't mean other don't

  • i4

    ya… possibly. i have a g37 too. gonna have to call someone and ask if they can hear me well.

  • Disappointed

    I don't think all the issues with the iPhone 4 are acceptable especially for a premium product. I had reception issues, still haven't gotten my case, and my proximity sensor is still not working properly. Was 4.02 supposed to fix that? Haven't tried bluetooth but really don't want to because that would make it 0-3. And I'm just curious. How is it that they rushed production/release when they introduce only one phone every year? I think they had more than enough time to work on this phone when you consider that the 3Gs wasn't much of an upgrade. I know products aren't perfect and some bugs are expected but this is really too much. Doesn't Apple pride itself in providing the "best user experience"?

  • Bus Pass

    Well I take the bus and my bluetooth doesn't work well either. Maybe I should upgrade my ride. Any recommendations?

  • Josemir

    This happens to me with the speakerphone on. Exactly what the BT people reported above.
    It took me 3 trips to the apple store for them to believe me. I have a cracked screen so tehy wouldn't exchange it for me for free. But I have always had the issue since day one.

    This effen iphone 4 is starting to piss me off

  • Justin

    Same issues here on two iPhone4's between me and the wife and another iPhone4 that a coworker uses. I found issues occur when answering without BT on first. When using a Jawbone Icon I can work around the issue by switching to the handset and then back to the Jawbone. However,I cannot work around the audio issues while using a moto headset.

    Bottom line for the two iPhones we own are to have the headset on and connected before you answer the call. If you have issues swap the call to the handset and then back to the BT headset.

  • Darnell

    My 3Gs phone I would leave in my kitchen which is the on the 2nd floor. I could travel throughout my house upstairs to my bedroom or downstairs to the basement with my Motorola – H720 Bluetooth Headset and never had a problem. My 4 in the same place, the kitchen and people I talk to say the samething and sometimes the bluetooth goes completely out but if I go back into the kitchen it will automatically reconnect to my call

  • Tim K

    Add me to the list of those with this problem. I have Plantronics headset that worked beautifully on my 3G (people never knew the difference), but on the iPhone 4 people say they can't understand a word I'm saying. Grrrrrrr!!!

  • Very true…. I have 3gs, horrific audio (not clear)
    when using bt headset

  • Mike

    I've tried 4 sets of Bluetooth headsets. Everyone I talk to tell me that my voice is muffled.

  • Knight

    I have been experiencing the same problem from day one. I have a Jawbone bt and never had any problems with my 3GS But with iPhone 4 is driving me crazy. If I answer a call through my BT I can listen just fine but the other person can't brarly understand me. I have to swith to phone then back to BT and then it works fine. I thougt my BT was going bad so was thinking of buying a new one but than God I read this and is not only me.

  • Mac

    My iPhone 4 will pair to my Infiniti g37 but the sound quality is horrible, people can't understand me and it will lose it's connection.. Bluetooth was perfect on my iPhone 3GS. So You can't talk on a Bluetooth device and you can't talk with the phone on your ear because you will mute the call, put it on speaker and call random people in your contacts… Then you gotta hold the phone perfect so you don't drop the call… Phone is a joke compared to 3GS. CRapple will probably release an iPhone 5 in january to fix everything,

  • hector Batista

    I having the same problem to with my Motorola bluetooh, IOS 4. I tough that it was my earpiece, obviously is not the case.

  • Me

    I've had the same problem with my bluetooth. I thought it was my headset wearing out. Guess not. Maybe a future update will fix this issue. By then, we will be trying to solve the next issue.

  • I have been having major issues with my built in BT in my ford. I thought the BT system was going out. I guess apple did not test BT. I really like my iPod, not iPhone. I can't use the ear piece because of the proximity issue or BT. I guess I will now have to use an ear bug, hope that works! Steve Jobs thinks this is the best phone ever, NOT!

  • loulo1234@aol.com

    I too join the crowd with bluetooth problems. Old 3g worked fine with new car bluetooth. Now I4 wont pair. spoke to countless people at apple. No one can say when or if they will ever fix. I will hold on phone for 2 more weeks. If they don't come up with new software I will return. I can not stress enough my disappointmrnt in apple. Mr jobs where are you???????

  • TurtleDynamics

    I think he's busy trying to fix this shit!. lol. Damnnn, the most i read the most i want to put on ebay!

  • wolverinemarky

    i will be getting my iphone 4 on monday so i cant wait to see if i have any issues at all or if i got one of the newly fixed production model

  • DayvG

    I have an invisio g5 and I have zero bt sound problems. Audio is clear as day on my iPhone 4. Don't know what the fuss is about.

  • Mike Silverman

    I had Bluetooth connectivity issues in two cars. After two calls to apple and a trip to the apple store, they replaced my iPhone 4. New phone was made in factory 87, old in 80 and weeks before. New phone has been fine.

  • Tom

    My Lexus handfree is terrible muffled. My wife's Jabra bt is unusable. I hope this is fixed soon!!

  • Adam patterson

    I have a blueant supertooth 2 and since upgrading 3gs to ios4 its been very bad for me

  • Fleur

    Didn't try IOS4 yet but I had lots of problems with BT A2DP streaming on my old 3G (hands-free and headset profile works fine): music often interrupted whith AAC encoded music almost unusable, but almost no problems with with mp3 encoded music. Less problems when Wifi is disabled.

    No problem at all with 3GS in same condition and with same BT accessories.

  • i4

    This is very weird because i tested my bluetooth with my iphone 4 last night while driving in my car by calling my work number and leaving myself a voicemail and i sounded perfectly clear. No static, no muffles, it was like i was talking to myself with the phone next to my ear. this could very well be an isolated issue. i got my phone the day before release day (fedex'd) if that helps any.

  • i4

    i tested my iphone 4 with my BT in my G and it sounded perfectly clear. Not sure what to make of this, maybe its an isolated issue?

  • Mike,

    How do you know what factory made your IP4?

    Anyway I also swapped out my IP4 for a new one and after reading your post thought I would see if my bluetooth problem still existed.

    It seems that my new phone is also handling bluetooth correctly. Good audio quality on both ends – Eureka!!!

    The new phone came with iOS4 4.01 on it and I have been afraid to upgrade to 4.02. Something about if it is not broken don't fix it.

  • APPLE I know you are reading this

    Stop trying so hard to patch the loopholes for JB and unlocks and fix the real issues that were caused by your design flaws……

    As sad as it sounds is somewhat depressing…

    Matter fact… Take me off the list from your exclusive apple buyer…. Who cares is just a phone….

    CHEERS, and fvck apple

  • fromano621

    My iPhone 3G paired and worked fairly well with my 2010 Hyundai Tucson BUT now that I have upgraded to OS4.0.1 my iPhone will not pair with the car. It recognizes the car during the "discoverable" mode and lets me select it to input the PassKey. Unfortunately the application gives me an error saying "Tucson has timed out" before I get a chance to even enter the PassKey. I am able to get in only 3 digits of the 4 required before the application "times out". Apple said they have no issues like that reported (like hell) and that I probably need a firmware upgrade on the car. This is not a car problem! This OS clearly has numerous BT defects and so far Apple is quiet about addressing them. They are acting more and more like Microsoft…

  • Kevin

    Same problem here with my iPhone… Unable to locate my friends iphone4 even though it's placed side by side. Wanted to play touch hockey via Bluetooth but fail to locate him. Also tried photo share via Bluetooth also failed… Bought my set in Singapore…

  • Thecruiser

    Just read these comments after nearly crashing my motor by trying to talk to the mrs on the ip4 speaker because it won't pair up to my Supertooth. Never had one problem with the 3GS, but this unit is a complete failure on so many fronts and I'm surprised a class action hasn't been commenced against Apple. To have paid a premium as well as having no option but to accept an inferior tariff only to find the Emporer had no clothes is a straightforward breach of contract. It's my opinion that too many resources were allocated to iPad at the time of ip4 development. They should simply recall every unit as they're obviously not fit for purpose

  • Philipp

    There's a video that actually demonstrates the problem:


    Hope this will truly be fixed in 4.1!

  • Ed

    Me too thought ok the call drops if your holding the phone I'll use a bt I'm cool guess what that's so shttty if I put my hand between the bt and phone itl drop my 2g was working perfect I can't make a call using this damn thing

  • RAH

    My wife and I both purchased the iphone 4 (32Gb/16Gb) and have the same problems. It is a very frustrating issue whenever we pair our bluetooth devices with the earpiece or our vehicles. The connection is extremely distorted on the other end of the line; the person is constantly asking me "what do was that?" This is experienced 90% of the time. We also get disconnected from the bluetooth randomly with difficulty pairing up on occasions. We also noticed areas of weak reception with our old phones becomes no reception with the iphone 4. We're great fans of Apple b/c of its reliability and quality but cannot believe the poor QA/QC of this product. Mr. Steve Jobs please get this division in order and fix these issue as they are a complete disappointment to the many faithful owners of Apple products.

  • Rob

    I have a Pioneer deck in my car, with A2DP stereo BT and headset profile. The thing works great as speakerphone, but everyone with the same deck I have can no longer use stereo BT after upgrading to ios4.

    Don't know if I should blame Apple or Pioneer, as other devices aren't giving me problems, but since it had worked with 3.0 I lean towards Apple.

    I'm really hoping 4.1 will fix that problem.

  • Simply Annoyed

    I just purchased a 2010 Infiniti g37x…I have a 3GS…Bluetooth worked perfect on my previous car…I just updated to 4.0.2, and now my Bluetooth is no longer working perfectly..when speaking to someone via Bluetooth, I hear them well, by they say I sound like muffled or they only hear every third or fourth word…and when a second call comes in, I get one ring and I see who's calling and then it goes instantly to voicemail..so I can't retrieve my call waiting calls….like so many others I spend alot of time in my car and live by my Bluetooth….anyone else experiencing these same issues?

  • Ronald Merrill

    I have the same problem. When jogging the music will go in and out.

    On my new jawbone icon or Plantronics 975 people tell me they understand every other word.

    I took mine to the Apple store and they erased it and I received all contacts from Mobile me. Everything else was starting fresh. This morning I was jogging and same BS. I did a hard reset and it has been better. better for a while then it starts the intermittent stuff again.

    Very, Very disappointing

  • KaiZ

    Its worse for me. I cant even CONNECT. My iphone 4 just keep searching FOREVER literally! I left it searching for 8 HOURS(while i sleep) hoping that it will detect my MAC and BLUETOOTH. No! When i woke up it is still searching!

  • laura

    Same problem here — it sounds perfectly fine on my end, but no one can hear me. I live in Cali and we must have a headset. The speaker on teh iphone is not very impressive either while driving so I am hoping this gets fixed — what the h$%^? I miss my blackberry sometimes…

  • Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 4.1? It resolves these Bluetooth problems.

  • barrytalbot@btinternet.com

    Spoke to apple tech today who informed me that you cannot bluetooth an iphone with anything other than a bluetooth headset or keyboard. An i phone will not bluetooth with any other phone on the market or any PC. Talk about technology gone backwards. I'd been trying to bluetooth with other phones at work for weeks and had no sucess.Apple won't even give you a refund if its more than 30 days old.

  • Henry Giles

    I too am having the same problem with my iphone4 i even went as far as buying the new Jawbone Icon it is a awesome blue tooth and i hope Apple fixes this issue soon i have had all 3 versions of iphone and i would hate to switch phone brands i love the phone and everything about it except for this issue…The ease of syncing it with my Mac book can't believe they make such an great laptop and a phone with a very annoying issue this has gone on way too long.

  • Paul

    Dateline October 14, 2010. I also have an iPhone 4 that was purchased from AT&T about October 1st of 2010. I am running iOS 4.1. I was having no call connectivity issues but I was having all the same issues with the bluetooth that are mentioned here. Headsets (I also tried several) would pair and connect only to begin continually disconnecting and re-connecting and I could usually hear my callers but they said I was breaking up or they just couldn't understand me.
    Someone in one of the articles I read mentioned rebooting the phone.
    In case you don't know, rebooting isn't the same as turning the phone off and on. To reboot you hold down the power button and the home button at the same time. When the power down slider appears, power down. Power back up like normal. I, with nothing to lose, tried this. My bluetooth now seems to be working perfectly. Even better than it did with my 3G phone. I am experiencing no more disconnects and my callers have quit complaining. Admittedly, I have just done this a few hours ago but it seems all is well.

    Hope this helps.

  • John

    Brand new i4, running 4.1, exact same issue. Won't find any BT device I've tried so far. Piece of crap. Going to return it for a Blackberry.

  • Hondarox

    I am having Bluetooth headset issues also with my iPhone 4. I have blue ant Q1 for my car and Motorola H-15 for when I'm home. . Both sound muffled, distorted and disconnects. Never had this problem on my 3GS. Kinda annoying.

  • Valentijn Vos

    I have had a Nokia E61, E61i and E71 and never had any compliants when calling with my Jabra JX20 Pura. The sound quality with the iPhone 4 with that same BT headset is very poor and I get comments on every (!) call I make using the BT headset.

  • don

    I have iphone4 and have paired Jawbone Icon (latest one), Sound ID 510 (made for iphone4), Plantronics voyger pro, Plantronics 975, and all break up when talking on iphone4. I went to apple store Genius bar flashed the phone back to orig. specs and still the problem. Today I went to Apple store and got new iphone4 with new ios 4.2.1 and still the breakup problems, and now muffled voice in my earpiece. I have used the plantronics on other phones w/out problems. The problem is the iphone4…

  • Jim Skully

    I have been experiencing many problems if my iphone 4 staying connected to my bluetooth, a jawbone prime…its very frustrating…i could just be walking outside with the iphone in my pocket & it loses connection…

  • Lexus bluetooth issue

    I have an iPhone 4 with latest IOS. When I purchased I was able to synch my Lexus and iPhone bluetooth with no issues. Actually it was much easier than I thought.

    I left the country for 2 weeks and upon my return my phone will not synch up with my Lexus. It says unable to synch with device / cannot find. Anyone been able to figure out the issue?

    thanks in advance

  • My software version 3.1.2 the people I call have been complaining to me that they rarely get what i say because the sound from my side is horible. (poor sound) At times the signal disappears. any help?

  • David

    I have recently bought a new iphonie 4 and use it with my Jabra BT headset. It is loud and the clearest it has ever been on any of my phones and they have all been great.

    The main problem for me is that the voice calling is not disabled until you put in a lock code. This is a stupid feature.

    I would also like to be able to turn off BT until I receive a call. Only turning it on when answering a call. Something like a ‘Sync with Headset and Answer call’ button.

  • Robert

    my iphone3 paired with my car bluetooth with no problem…cannot get my iphone4 to pair…never get the “my car” option. Any suggestions?

  • I have had problems with my iphone4 and bluetooth not connecting but other people hearing me when i talk. This is on a jailbreak iphone4 broken with green poison. I finally restored it without a jailbreak and my bluetooth problems went away. I suspect that the jailbreak was the only problem.

  • sugandha

    i bought iphone 4…i am able 2 switch on d bluetooth bt not able 2 send or receive files frm pc to iphone…please help

  • Nawaf Ali

    I had difficulties to pair my Motorola stereo Bluetooth with my iPhone 4, and after many tries, managed to do it, sometimes it works fine, some times work on iPod but not on calls, some times works on iPod and calls but not on face time, I have latest version of OS 4.3.1, I don’t know what is the problem here.

  • Steve

    My iPhone 4 won’t connect to anything via Bluetooth I’m sick of it

  • Steve

    My iPhone 4 won’t connect to anything via Bluetooth getting bored with it now

  • stacey

    im trying to send my contacts to my new iphone 4 but it wont connect.. 🙁 very upsetting

  • Christian

    Iphone 4 + Plantronics Voyager 510. Thought this combo had issues, now I see I’m a little ahead of the game. The sound quality was only Ok, the range was about 4 feet (or less), messages left on anyone’s phone were garbled, answering using bluetooth was ok, calling impossible (may not have been supported). Just lost my Voyager, not sure what to get next. Probably another Plantronics… we’ll see.

  • Luis

    I used to have my iPhone 3G pair and function perfectly with my Garmin nuvi 760 GPS via Bluetooth. However, ever since I upgraded to iPhone 4G the call quality is so bad that it is completly unusable.

  • Paula

    SO GLAD I paid big $$ for a car with Bluetooth technology, AND big $$ for an iPhone 4G – only to end up with a phone that doesn’t work with my car. Apple needs to fix this! People have been complaining about this all over message boards for almost a YEAR, still no fix. Ugh.

  • Julian Gammon III

    My Bluetooth on my iPhone4 does not work. It keeps searching and will not find either my Computer or my Jabra phone device. Its in a continuous loop.

    Any help?

  • glenn thomas

    i have a iphone 4/ 5 mounths old as of 15.9.2011
    it will only pair 4 or 5 times then i have to turn off bluetooth then on and it will pair
    i use a parrott ck3100 lcd in built cat kit
    i have up dated the soft where to latest

  • Gindi

    I also have problems with my BT.. Any other phone or PC can’t find me even when it’s written that iPhone4 is discoverable.. And I can’t find anyone’s phone also.. I was using iPhone3 and didn’t have problems with it at all and I was waiting to upgrade my phone, but now I’m disappointed.. I was expecting more from this phone..

  • Is it possible to communicate between iphone and nokia or other brand mobile phones like nokiaE66. If yes how

  • Is it possible to communicate by bluetooth between ipone4 and other brand mobiles like nokia e66, if yes how??

  • bjb

    After FIVE MONTHS of struggling with garbled sound quality over Bluetooth connections of all types, I finally discovered the solution last night, by talking to an Apple tech. iPhones do not like to be paired with more than one Bluetooth device EVER. I don’t mean “at a time”. Ever. The more Bluetooth devices that are paired with the iPhone over time, the worse the problem becomes. Hence, I was making my own problems worse by buying and trying new headsets. The solution (for me anyway) was to go to Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings. Then re-pair your ONE Bluetooth device of choice. Instant clarity and quality connection achieved in my case. [Of course, you then also have to re-enter your WIFI password (if applicable) because that connection is reset as well.]

  • I have a problem with my Bluetooth headset.(1)these is noise in it(2)I can hear from e person but the person ,can’t hear from me.kindly let me know the problem,if something could be done about it please