Kevin Rose: Next Gen Apple TV/iTV Will Change Everything; Launch In September

New Apple TV

Apple has always maintained that Apple TV is nothing more than a hobby.

But according to Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, Apple has been quietly working to turn its hobby into something that “will change everything”.

Kevin Rose expects Apple to launch Apple TV or iTV in September, which will run iOS, same as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and will be priced around $99.

Kevin Rose also thinks that Apple TV/iTV will change everything for the following reasons:

  • iOS TV Applications: Expect to see an iPhone/Pad like marketplace for television applications. Video sharing/streaming/recording apps, interactive news apps, and of course games.

  • a la carte (app) stations: With Apple's iAds, content producers (eg. ABC/NBC/etc.) can directly monetize and distribute their content. This will eventually destroy the television side of the cable and satellite industry, as your only requirement to access these on-demand stations will be an internet connection. Say goodbye to your monthly cable bill.

  • .Me Picture/Video sharing: At $99 your parents, grandparents, and friends will have an iTV.  Sharing pictures/videos from your iPhone will happen with the push of a button.  Imagine getting a notification of new family videos the next time you turn on your TV. My mom will love this feature.

  • The iPad will turn into one big badass remote control: The iPad will be the preferred input device for the iTV. You'll be able to editing videos, control games, and extend the interactive television experience. Imagine watching monday night football on the TV while viewing/exploring other camera angles on the iPad.

Kevin Rose has a patchy track record when it comes to Apple rumors. 

Apple is also expected to unveil the next generation iPod Touch in September. We wonder if Apple will make the announcement at the media event that is rumored to be scheduled in mid-September.

We can’t wait for September to find out what Apple has in store for us. How about you?

[via Kevin Rose’s blog]

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  • xsvl

    Very Exciting. I'm sure Apple will impress us all. September can't come fast enough. Personally, I'm still waiting for the next gen iPad.

  • Marko

    Sounds feasible… as did the very small aluminium iphone did in 2007! Still, would love to see this happen!

  • Andrea

    Kevin Rose must have read this blog because it predicted the same stuff a week earlier:

  • dennis

    i think the hackes gonna make ipa onthe file 🙂 so we can download it for free 🙂

  • T

    I don't get it. $99 for something to connect to the tv or is it a tv with the iOS built in? Either way I don't really see this idea really taking off. But I'm sure there will be those who would really want it.

  • mick

    typical apple i just throw away my original as there would be no more developement, thankyou crapple

  • wolverinemarky

    apple trying to take over everything before google does lol

  • Goose

    I wonder how long it will take for the dev team to hack the software and make TV streaming on the iPhone? That would be awesome.

  • AvionicZ

    Already stream my TV/Cable to the iphone and ipad with my slingbox.

  • James

    Duh, are people really surprised.. These rumors have been floating around for months now.

    Cant wait

  • Harsha

    I need iphone 4 WHITE.. I am bored with black now!! When??

  • Thepartyguy

    I got The first one im sure The second Apple tv will be 3D ready thatvwill be awesome!

  • Jasper Fang

    Uh.. I'm scared of Apple's surprises. Usually big impression comes first and huge disappointment comes after that.

  • John

    Sure it will work well with my 17gb a month limit

  • Brad

    If it doesn't have CableCard support then its not going to change shit…

  • bible camp

    well google is coming out with there google tv any day now. Logitech is making an add on device like the itv will be like and sony tvs will have android built into them. im glad both companies are finally working on this. built internet tv apps suck.

  • Jeff

    I have a first gen AppleTV, which I've hacked with boxxee, then I installed a larger hard drive. I really don't see myself rushing out to purchase a second gen ATV, for a while. I rarely use the Apple side of the darn thing.

  • Ewj

    Kevin Rose is all about the PR, he was 85% wrong about the iPad. Hey Kevin where is my camera and running apps in the background? Quoting him is a waste.