Netflix Finally Comes To The iPhone And iPod Touch

Netflix app for iPhone

Netflix had released their iPad app on the App Store as soon as the device was available in the US.

Netflix had announced in April that they are also working on an iPhone app.

As promised, Netflix has finally released the Netflix app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

You need to be a Netflix member to use the app to watch movies and TV shows on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Netflix for iPhone and iPod Touch works over Wi-Fi as well as over 3G, which was a nice surprise as we were expecting it to work only over Wi-Fi. Though it remains to be seen if it will work properly over AT&T’s congested 3G network.

Netflix app for iPhone  Netflix app for iPhone

Netflix app for iPhone

You can also browse movies and manage your instant Queue from your iPhone.

You can resume watching a movie on your iPhone or iPod Touch that you had paused on your TV or computer.

We have heard some reports of users having problems using the iPhone app. Rebooting the iPhone or iPod Touch after installing the iPhone app seems to resolve the issue.

As always, don’t forget to drop us a line to give us your feedback about the iPhone app in the comments section below.

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