Official List Of iOS 4, iPhone 4 Compatible Jailbreak Apps

JailbreakMe 2.0

JailbreakMe 2.0 released by Comex is one of the easiest solution to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G on iOS 4 or iOS 4.0.1 and iPad on iOS 3.2.1 and iPhone OS 3.2.

However, users should be very careful while installing jailbreak apps as some packages available in Cydia are not yet compatible with iOS 4 or iPhone 4 and could potentially end up causing problems.

If you want to find out which jailbreak apps available on Cydia are compatible with iOS 4 (or iOS 4.0.1) then you can checkout the iOS 4 JB compatibility list, that tells you which apps work on iOS 4 without any problem (highlighted in green), works partially with some problems (yellow) and those which donโ€™t work at all (red).

It also lists down which jailbreak apps will work on iPhone 4 without any problem (highlighted in green), works partially with some problems (yellow) and those which donโ€™t work at all (red).

You can also find out which jailbreak iPhone apps support the multitasking feature that was introduced by Apple in iOS 4 allowing them to run in the background.

Official List Of iOS 4 iPhone 4 Compatible Jailbreak Apps

If you want to find out if a particular jailbreak app is compatible with iOS 4 or iPhone 4 thatโ€™s not in the list then you can also submit a request.

Official List Of iOS 4 iPhone 4 Compatible Jailbreak Apps

iPad users can checkout this article for more details on the official list of iPad compatible jailbreak apps.

Hope you find the list useful (link here). Please donโ€™t forget to tell us your favorite jailbreak app or apps in the comments section below.

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  • Enok

    Who gives a fk if im first, but i really really will miss Infiniboard after leaving 3.1.2…is anyone aware of whether that's ever going to to ported over to the '4'?! ๐Ÿ™

  • THE HTC DESIRE THEME works and the lockscreen clock hide works to plz post it on there.

    beaware of the minalla weather icon its will crash you phone causing it to mess up other files

  • alex

    can someone tell me how can i download rotation inhibitor? i cant find it on cydia after jailbreaking my 3gs with ios 4.0.1 …

  • Angel

    The developer said he's working on Infiniboard and his other apps.

  • pat

    rotation inhibitor is pretty much irrelevant now, since iOS 4 includes a rotation lock…

  • Easy

    these are the apps i immediately installed after jailbreaking my iphone 4 that work without a hitch…

    irealsms 3.0
    disable iOS4 multitasking
    open SSH
    five icon dock

    apps that im waiting for iOS4 support…

    mobile terminal

  • Momojapon

    VoiPover 3G work perfectly with my Iphone4

  • Easy

    not if you install disable iOS4 multitasking

  • Hate You!!

    Can I get a mobile safari compatible list here!!!

  • Enok

    No way?? That single app is amazing, i find it soo much more intuitive to vertically scroll, and still go horizontal. Thanks, that's good news ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Easy

    also ifile and safari downloader are not iOS4 supported.

  • Callum

    Ifile works fine on my 3GS 4.0.1

  • Richard

    Good information thanks. Is anyone else having this problem: after jailbreak, my Apps get relocated all over the place. They appear in one location on iTunes but in another location on iphone4. If I try to change their location and then re-sync, it reverts back to the way they were. I wrote to Comex but I'm sure he's buried with tons of email. But I could sure use some help with this. FYI
    Richard in Seattle

  • dc1157

    I have iOS4 and downloaded ifile and it works fine for me. (I have 3g).

  • any word on MivTones?

  • Easy

    ahh.. your guys are right… maybe it was just safari downloader… ifile on the DL!!!!

  • Easy

    hmm.. i didnt have this problem… im also on iphone4… all my folders were set as they were before the jailbreak. hopefully this gets sorted out for you.

  • Avinash

    MxTube does not work…it installs fine but crashes.
    Not sure if anybody else got it working.

  • Me

    Same here on mxtube. Installs but crashes when opened.


    mobile terminal works.. get version 426.. the deb is out there somewhere..

  • haany body beenzable to get color wifi and singal bars to work

  • on iphone 4?

  • HCWHunter

    I couldn't find a "disable iOS4 Multitasking app. Is it on Cydia? Is it called something else maybe?


  • John

    Go to cydia – more package sources – install iphonemodding – after that go to manage – sources – iphonemodding – install Push Fix . Done . Now your youtube and mxtube will work . 100 %

  • the dude

    Proswitsher not working
    I love it better than apple

  • the dude in the hood

    Anybody got any idea

  • Jcm800

    It says in Red Writing by The Dev on 3.1.2 that a fix for 4.0 is in progress. So, you will have read that before?? It's in progress, that's why it's crashing on 4.0!!!

  • El Mayate956

    We need MXTUBE to work. Its a awesome app to have. I hope they will update it soon.

  • I absolutely had this prob after jb, and also repeated every time I attempted to restore jb apps with pkgbackup thru congested servers str8 after. It's annoying, but only marginally.

  • Does anyone else have this prob, my copy and paste function doesn't work at all after upgrade and re-jb. Instead it just crashes the app that's open. If so, any solutions?

    Other news, def missing inifinidock but more importantly Bossprefs. ATM Bossprefs initialises but then shuts down str8 away. All my hidden icons are hidden bur I can't access or customize any already selected functionality.

  • the dude in the hood

    Proswitcher common Ryan
    Fix it quick

  • Rob

    I tried this on my 3gs it does not work mxtube still does not open

  • chris

    tonefx works for me
    3GS 4.0.1

  • John

    i dont know why ? but it's work for me ( 3gs )
    may be you should uninstall mxtube and try again and restart the phone. good luck

  • Lee

    mobile terminal was released for iphone 4 yesterday

  • Matthew_B.

    Alex. To get rotation inhibitor back, you have to add the following repo to cydia:

    Rotation Inhibitor is only hosted there for some reason and it WILL give you some errors and whatnot, but then you can run a cydia search for Rotation Inhibitor and it will be there this time. Let me know if you have any other problems.


  • rob

    i did this still didnt work but when i went to install again it says on the mxtube info page attn 4..0 users
    mxtube now available in the appstore so

    i checked but didnt see it in the app store
    anyone have any info on this??

  • rob

    thank you

  • Daniel

    Anyone having this problem. When I installed an app from Cydia the icon is missing from springboard.

    If I go back to Cydia I can see a check mark next to the program name but I can't find it. Any thoughts?

  • Daniel

    I forgot to mention about the Cydia issue that I Jailbreak my iPhone yesterday and installed programs from Cydia which work fine. I don't what have changed today. I even try to reinstalled a couple of times. I have an iPhone 4 running IOS 4.0.1. Thanks for any help.





  • Scor

    Terminal works. Just not from CYDIA. google for the .deb file and ssh into the phone and do a manual install. It works.

  • Z


  • Z


  • Yeah, copy/paste crashes anything I'm doing at the time. Even just trying to move the cursor crashes anything.

  • superfly

    thanks for the link!

  • Also, I prefer Rotation Inhibitor, because it also allows a landscape lock. It seemed to come with SBSettings for me. I didn't add ispazio, but I know I've seen it listed for some apps. BTW, I'm running iOS4 on iPhone 4.

  • bermuda

    So I Jailbreak my phone and install call block and fake caller ID.

    Now…….I get the apple Logo…does not boot, Itunes does not recongise……anyone???

  • Kev

    Does anybody elses icons come & go? I made a folder with my games & movie stuff in it & now it's gone! Every now & then my games folder shows up, but with only one game in it. Everything shows up in Safe Mode, but disappears when in normal mode. Can anyone help? Also, I'm using my iphone 3gs, OS 4.0.1

  • zootook

    does anyone know anything about "anyring" if it is being working on for ios 4 and iphone 4?

  • Jordan katz

    Put the phone into DFU mode to unbrick it and restore to factory settings. This happened to me and you can get out of it. Hold down both the home button and on/off keys for like 10 seconds and then keep holding the home button until the "connect to itunes" thing pops on the screen

  • cydia is so 2005, rock app is the new favourite

  • add the and search again, its listed there

  • Dan

    I reinstalled and reactivated AnyRimg after upgrading and it's working no probs on my 3GS with 4.0.1

  • N4TUR3

    so far htc sense cydget doesn't work, cyntact didn't work for me, instead my iphone went to safemode.

    dtunes work partially,it starts up but i can't download anything.

    i dont think safari plugin & safari download manager works as well

    yourtube didn't manage to download any video i threw at it

    5 column springboard failed totally thats all for now

  • N4TUR3

    oh btw ifile doesn't work as,well it works partially but its unusable

  • Juplm

    He also made infinidock, up to 10 items a page and scrolling.

  • Rob

    it is now on the app store under

  • katsuboi

    Used this today to jailbreak my 3G after upgrading to 4.0.1 Worked fine, but noticed there is no option to enable multi-tasking during the setup. Fine with me though, I just sold it so I can buy an 16gb IP4.

  • Enok

    Yeah i wasnt so keen on Infinidock, but thanks.

  • Daniel

    Can anyone help with this Cydia issue? After installing an app I can't find the icon. iPhone 4 with ios 4.0.1. Thanks.

  • sgold

    Sbsetings works for you ?
    It just crashing my Winterboard
    I have no choice, need to remove it to make the rest work



  • Kas

    Is mywi compatible?

  • Jeremy

    Every app I was using was crashing before I could type anything so I uninstalled SBSettings and now everything works fine.


    Does anyone know if or when there will be a working 5 coloum 5 row avilable for Jailbroken 3G & 3Gs on OS4.0 ? As only ones that work are on OS3.1.3. or lower… Thanks !

  • steven

    hey people i'm on 4.0 with a 3rd gen itouch. this is the only jailbreak out there that will work THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

  • j.hoops

    i will wait till more jailbroken apps are more compatable with ios4 and iphone 4. dont need my new iphone 4 getting messed up. but i do miss 3g unrestrictor and sbsettings from cydia the most from my jailbroken 3g on.4.0 redsnow jb

  • Dan

    Disabling Actionmenu resolves the copy and paste issue (Settings > Acionmenu > Enable > Off). Will have to do until the app is upgraded for 4.x.

    Infinidock is working again.

  • I've got a 3GS. When I was running 3.13, I had categories and poof. I upgraded to iOS 4.0 today, and after restoring from a backup, I've found that every app I used to have in a 'category' has remained hidden. Only the category folders haven't appeared. Sadly categories and poof were both in a folder, so I can't access either. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

  • Apple Genius don't know S***

    I don't think it's a comex thing because my iphone 3GS is jailbroken with Pwnage and i seem to have to same problem as yours. The only solution is to arrange them on your iphone rather than on itunes which can be a pain and then sync.

    Don't know if it's a jailbreak issue or individual iphone issue.

  • Pius

    Anyone see a problem with Maps after jailbreaking? I am on iPhone 4, search for an address, then get directions. I cannot move the map around and when I go to the list view, scrolling is disabled.

  • Jcm800

    Has anyone got Fontswap to work on a 3GS ios4.0.1 yet at all?

  • i agree Rock App is deff much faster; And it just Rock's

  • Ernie

    The Jailbreakme 2.0 worked great on my iPhone 4 running iOS4.0.1. BUT, when I used Cydia and downloaded some APP from there and restarted the iPhone, it would go into Safe Mode. Tried rebooting and still goes into Safe Mode. Restored iPhone with iTunes and tried the jailbreak again which worked fine again. But after installing some of Cydia apps and restart, it went into Safe Mode again. I've restored and will wait until the Cydia Apps work better.
    I've mist some of the Jailbreak apps on my old 3G.

  • apple hater

    GEOHOT <—- can you please take away the RA1N DROP icon from LIMERA1N.COM website, or remove the website as well, I know that you'e already paid or sign up for 2 years, but it worthless now … thanks

  • Spritesc

    That's a shame. But in the bright side, you've got the two most important apps, Installous and Mywi. And they both work on IOS 4.

  • Maurice

    Stop installing the same apps, and your phone should atleast boot in safe mode. You have to determine what app is causing your phone problems, maybe telling us what apps you are installing.

    Those who can not find applications they installed try searching for them it will also help if you told us what app you can not find.

  • Anthony

    I have this same problem. Not everytime but occassionally. The 2 times I can remember offhand is Navigon USA & also tried Tom Tom apps. Downloaded over several hours & then installed but icon isn't there. When I delete using Cydia the amount of free space adjusts so I am sure the app is there – just no icon….

  • Anthony

    I've tried downloading 2 large navigation apps (Navigon & Tom Tom) – both times, they downloaded & installed but…
    1) the icon was nowhere to be found…
    2) before the "installation complete" occurred, I got a pop stating htat I was running low of space & would need to delete some photo's/video's. I know that I had plenty of space available so not sure why this popped up…

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Bill

    Hi check Apple's App Store for Mxtube it's on there but it's called Mitube instead Olus its free to download for ios 4 devices and it's amazing no need to download YouTube crack from sinfuliphone repo.

  • Jcm800

    Bit off topic but the row of 'dead pixels' that i see and others have when re-booting.

    Do they go away after a clean non jailbroken FW restore does anyone know please?

  • Twirls

    I can't change my slider or batter image to change on my iPhone 4

  • arshad

    Nope.. They're still around. I did a full restore and still there.

  • Ivan

    It works since this morning on 3GS iOS4 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • J2911

    If you had Categories before rejailbreaking and you didn't delete the icons from your folders, when you rejailbreak they will all be hidden. I had to go into categories and access the hidden folders one at a time. Now they are all on the springboard. This was a long process because after clicking to unhide one icon, it exited categories to the springboard.

  • J2911

    See my reply to Kev. It happened to me as well. When you reinstall categories they will show up under the hidden apps.

  • Rob

    Just go to settings
    Everthing should re-appear that was hidden

  • Rob

    Then all hidden items should appear

  • iphonehacks

    bosspaper doesnt work on IOS4.0.1>.< help please!!when i installed bosspaper, my multiasking crashes!! help!

  • Aaron Lenahan

    Can someone tell me how to fix this issue. I updated my jailbroken/unlocked 3gs to 4.0.1, I have a tmobile sim card so I cannot activate the phone. How can I activate the phone so I can then rejailbreak and unlock it?

  • Neo

    I did the jailbreak on my iPhone 4 the other day mostly because I don't want to pay the rediculous charge for tethering and found iPhone Modem by Addition. After installing and tried to run the app crashes within seconds. I'm thinking it just isn't supported for iPhone 4 yet. Anyone have an idea? The ability to connect to the Internet with my laptop would be very helpful for my job as I rarely am in wifi areas.


  • Mann

    The apps I dl won't change the battery or slider by works on everything else.

  • Brandon

    Download MyWi 4.0 for tethering for IP 4. Works like a charm.

  • FakepicturesRcool

    PLS HELP!! I added a bad repo source:, now I tried to shh into my iphone and deleted the bad url's one by one and also checked the partial folder, but when I load/install new sources in my cydia, I get multiple popups saying BAD URL, is there another method on how to fix this problem? Thanks to anyone that helps!

  • FakepicturesRcool


  • Neo

    Thanks Brandon. I just got mywi 4.0 on my phone and it does exactly what I needed it to do.

  • Frederick

    Does anybody know the deal on Fontswap? why it's seems not to be working? i have a 3GS on ios 4.0.1

  • johhny

    same thing is happening to me, but when i do the fix it just turns the phone off. it never brings up connet to itunes, any suggestions?

  • jessica

    my font swap isnt wrking either, i have a 3gs with the new firmware. i cant get anyring to work or mywi,

  • Hacks

    Bosspaper works on ios4.0.1?!? Multiasking doesn't seems to work when bosspaper is activated…

  • I jailbreak my iphone and now when i install angry birds.. i get error.. i am not able to install it.. ๐Ÿ™ .. am i missing something… I have iphone 3gs ios 4..

    Plz help… I downloaded app from apptracker…

  • iPhone novice

    Have you discovered a secondary cam on the 3G now..?

  • g

    its called cydelete. look it up on youtube and theyll show you how to use it.

  • Linsey

    Not sure if anyone else is encountering this problem but I'm running infinidock on my iPhone 4 and it does not allow me to arrange the icons in the order I choose, it automatically puts a newly placed icon as the 5th icon in the dock.

  • Cambre

    Check out the following link if you are still having problems. It has helped me more than once.

  • Bob Bobalina

    Is there a way to jailbreak a phone with 4.0.2 ???

  • IFlaW4g


  • x

    ispazio repo, gilipollas

  • Nikolay

    Hello. I have a huge problem. I bought iPhone 4 from England with iOS 4.0.1 ; It's locked to my mobile operators. I have tried to jailbreak it via jailbreakme,but after i got the Cydia User update(needed on 1st startup of Cydia) and rebooted it its staying on apple logo. I couldnt save my settings and now,when I get in DFU I cant restore,because iTunes wants me to go on 4.0.2 ; Anyone got an idea how canIi fix my problem ?

  • Cody

    Any jailbreak for an iPhone 4 on 4.0.2?

  • No, don't expect one for iOS 4.0.2 especially since iOS 4.1 will be released next week.

  • Aaron Davis

    Where is the iOS 3 Jailbreak Compatability list?

  • mrr747

    Hi, I need your help. I've bought an IP4 with 4.1 and jb it, after then 90% of apps( even free one i got from appstore) don't work and crash after click. I'm new with Iphone so please help me or show me any link to learn more about my IP4.


    I have IPHONE 4 VERSION 4.2.1 how can i unlock…i need to use other sim