Use Remove Background SBSettings Toggle To Quickly Free Up Available Memory On Your iPhone

Remove Background SBSettings Toggle

One of the major features introduced in iOS 4 is the multitasking feature, which finally allows iPhone users to run some categories of third-party iPhone apps in the background.

But if you are struggling to keep up with the growing number of apps in task switcher then there is a useful SBSettings toggle that has recently been released that helps you free up available memory in one go.

SBSettings is one of my favorite jailbreak app as it offers a faster way to disable or enable settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc instead of the usual process of using iPhone Setting's App.

SBSettings also allows developers to create custom toggles that can be installed from Cydia so that users can access them quickly from SBSettings.

rono23 has created a custom toggle for SBSettings called Remove Background SBSettings, which allows you to remove all the apps in task switcher, thus releasing the memory used up by the apps.

I would suggest using the toggle when you feel that the performance of your iPhone has degraded as RemoveBG ends up also killing apps like iPod, VoIP apps that you would ideally like to run in the background.

You can follow these instructions to install Remove Background SBSettings toggle on your jailbroken iPhone:

  • Install SBSettings on your iPhone if you haven’t installed it already. You checkout this post for more details.

  • Launch Cydia from your jailbroken iPhone homescreen.

  • Tap on the Search tab and search for Remove Background.

  • Tap on Remove Background SBSettings to install it on your iPhone.

You should now see the RemoveBG toggle in the SBSettings menu when you swipe your finger on iPhone's status bar.

Remove Background SBSettings Toggle

Tapping on the RemoveBG toggle will remove the apps from task switcher by killing the processes.

The toggle would have been even more useful if I could tell it, which apps to skip while removing the apps running in the background.

As always, let us know if you found this toggle useful in the comments below.

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  • mkimid

    it is so great and useful.
    I am so confused, why apple make all software is going to background instead of termination.
    it should be selective…

  • Ablasted

    It really should be like that, but Apple seems to think they know better how we should use our bought and paid for iPhone.
    I've been manually killing the background apps, and now it ends.
    A big thank you to rono23!

  • wolverinemarky

    works great thanks

  • DenmyL

    This app stops the Messages app. Does that mean that when I'm sent a message I won't get an alert?

  • No it won't affect it, you will get a message alert whenever someone sends you an SMS.

  • monkeywrench

    im with iphonehacks, have a settings to go into that you can make it selective, so you can choose a handfull to leave open that will just end up getting opened right away anyhow.

    • Qamar Farooq

      Hi can u plz guide me how I can be selective on remove background apps which skip some apps like Skype keep running after pressing remove background button.

  • jelly

    *SALUTE* at Cydia and their awesome community.

    Thank you so much for all these awesome features. I will always support you!!

  • Lg1

    Question ? There's a big disclaimer that says this will undo ur JB… I have os 4.00 will this ruin my JB?


  • Karlos

    That disclaimer, I believe, is about the 4.02 firmware.

  • James

    Why hasn't iPhone hacks been reporting on all te grooveshark drama in the past 7 dayys or so?????

  • Kram

    If you disable the multitsaking whats the use of this one can someone enlight me on this???

  • Enok

    Maybe you can enlighten us then. What going on?

  • Do you guys even read posts anymore? Nowhere at all does this state it disables the multitasking.

    All this does is removes all of the running background processes that are shown when you double-click the Home button.

    This is not disabling multi-tasking, so I have no clue how some people can just assume the most random things.

    All this does is free up RAM when you use the toggle so that the running fast-app switching applications and apps that are natively supported for multitasking are closed so that you have some more free RAM, although I rarely go under 250MB of RAM even after 12+ applications running in the background.

  • Learn how to read. It specifically states if you upgrade to 4.0.2 firmware, it will break your jailbreak. It has nothing to do with this tweak.

  • You have no clue??? I guess you do.

    Think for a moment, the classroom situation where some students understand and others don't. What do think of those that don't? Low IQ! Don't blame this guy for not understanding what's very obvious from the post which says "Use Remove Background SBSettings Toggle To Quickly Free Up Available Memory On Your iPhone". Does anyone actually need extra explanation to that? I guess ONLY the low IQ's.

    I don't mean to be insulting, it's just a fact.

  • xtrips

    Unlike respring, it kills Skype. This should be corrected.

  • ZeppelinLed


  • buffybear

    OK, whats the difference between 'remove background' and 'remove recents'?

  • Remove Background removes all of the applications that are running in the background which show up in the fast-app switching portion when you double-click the Home button. It closes all of the applications and frees up all of the RAM that those applications were using.

    Remove Recents only removes applications that do not natively support background multi-tasking and it does this by checking which application is running and has the newer multi-tasking API.

    So, instead of having applications that don't natively support multi-tasking and are instead just in a paused state, Remove Recents just closes those applications out that are only in a paused state and not natively multitasking.

    It's a very neat tweak, and I actually use Remove Recents a lot more.

  • buffybear

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate the explanation and will experiment with them both.

  • loggerjam

    Very helpful. Glad to have found it. Though perhaps I need to read more because it did in fact (on mine at least) close natively supported background multi-tasking apps.

  • Cambre

    I second that. Other than that, it is still useful when you have over a dozen apps still running that you want to stop.

  • Kevin

    Can't find it when i search on cydia. Do I need a certain repository to get to it? I found Remove Recent, but not Remove Background? Any thoughts?

  • Cambre

    I didn't even know there was a Remove Recents app. I like the sounds of it though. Thanks for the info.

  • Cambre

    It is actually called "Remove Background SBSettings." If you just search for "Remove" you should see it.

  • ?

    Well I think if it were to do that it would be an app instead. I really don't see what Apple were thinking when they thought of this. Don't have Apple's multitasking but with all the apps that are in the multitasking panel are they supposedly running in the background? Are they not just frozen so you it can load faster and not actually running in the background? If that's the case should it affect the performance especially on the iPhone 4?

  • duston f

    Iphone hacks!

    Random and off topic from post but,
    Anyone else having an issue with the time changing on your ios4 device..
    On my Iphone 4 the time will randomly change and i can not pin point when it does, sometime every few min or like a day or so.
    It is set to automatically set date and time. Worked fine before JB
    and even if i maually set still changes

  • Kwopau

    Nice app for JB'ing. But unfortunately I did not jailbreak my iphone and don't plan on to. I hope Apple adds a feature where you can close all apps at once on the Multi tasking bar. I know the android has this capability as my mother's android phone you can close all the running apps all at once.

  • Akem

    thank you so muchh to everyone that are involved in developing this application! Is is sooo damnn great.

    thank you once again. keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  • just sayin'

    i've been having the same problem for awhile with a 3gs..
    i think it does that whenever it syncs with your itunes.
    i haven't been able to put a finger on it either, but i notice the time on my macbook is sometimes incorrect (exact time as the iphone).

  • just sayin'

    i've been having the same problem for awhile with a 3gs..
    i think it does that whenever it syncs with your itunes.
    i haven't been able to put a finger on it either, but i notice the time on my macbook is sometimes incorrect (exact time as the iphone).

  • bestman50

    HI I installed it but it would not turn off in SB. Uninstalled it. Now when I double click the home button none of my icons for other apps show up. any help out there?

  • James

    Well, grooveshark was finally allowed into the app store, after seven days it was removed!!!!

    I haven't jailbroken my iP4 though so it was important for me to snag it, which i did.

  • kp

    it dosent work. it wouldn't show up at sb settings and im on iOS 4.0.1 .

  • KeyMastur

    iphonehacks……i'm not sure if this is a "bug" or what, but i noticed when i first installed it, i had to disable the "processes" toggle before it would show up in the list….

  • kp

    nvermind it shows up and works but it still dosent music, phone, and mail.

  • Bill Gates

    It did not work for me. Although I can see it installed on SBsettings but doesn't take action.

  • Bill Gates

    I have iphone3gs ios401

  • Key

    Try what I posted above

  • iphoner

    how do you kill background app when you do not have a jall broken iphone?

  • Colby

    I've noticed it after new install of some apps that require a respring.

  • Kohn

    I have 3GS. After installing I tap removeBG but it doesn't seems to kill the apps running in bg (apps when I tap the home btn twice).  any idea?

  • fjekd

    crashes on 4.1

  • Bob///M

    crashes on 4.1 3gs
    anyone got a fix for this ?

  • yo

    crashes on 4.1

  • James

    Crashes on 4.1..needs an update πŸ™

  • Luc

    Pitty it's truth, since update to 4.1 and jailbreak when using it come back in restart …safemode, so i delete it and wait for update

  • Ryno

    It says that version 1.0.2 is not compatiable with firmware 4.1 as of today.


    I received an update for RemoveBG, and it now works with IOS 4.1.


    that option already exists…just download another app in cydia called remove background (black and white logo) and voila…u can make it selective. When u now use the sbsettings toggle (not the remove background icon) only selective apps will stay, others will dissappear πŸ™‚

  • I’m using this tweak since a while and it’s wkrking perfectly, the only thing that happened with me is when i upgraded to 4.2.1 firmware when i click the removeBG toggle the taskbar disappear but i cld restore it by double clicking the home button and show the multitask bar and then go back to home screen. The taskbar reappear. Anyone having the same issue?! I think it need a fix for that and a tweak update . Thx in advance

  • AnyoneElseHaveThisProblem

    I am using the activator addon which allows me to set “hot keys”. I set the RemoveBG button to active/deactivate when i hold the timestamp on the top of the screen; but every time I do I get a message that says RemoveBG deactivated. I hope someone could tell me if they have had a similar problem and know how to fix it.

  • Ravi

    Now i cant use theme wallpaper…
    I can just apply theme but it doesnt apply background wallpaper even after removing REMOVEBG…
    Is there any suggestion to get back the theme wallpaper…
    Coz even after restaring my iphone if i change my winterboard theme i cant get the theme wallpaper…

  • Scott Laughon

    Cant get remove BG icon in the window when I swipe the top of the screen. I habe things like 3G airplane Bluetooth Brightness ETC But no BG icon to close my apps…HELP

  • Taylor

    I hid my photos app and now i can’t find it using sbsettings, where can i find it and place it back on my home screen?