Simple Method To Install Frash – Hack To Run Flash On Your iPhone

Flash for mobile platforms may not be ready

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs had posted an open letter elaborating on the reasons why Apple has chosen not to allow Adobe Flash on their platform.

But that hasn’t stopped Comex, developer of jailbreaking tools like JailbreakMe and Spirit from figuring out a way to hack iOS to get Flash content to work on Apple’s iDevices.

You might remember that he had figured out a way to get Adobe Flash content to run on a jailbroken iPad, using a compatibility layer. He had managed this by porting Android Flash runtime to iPad. Comex is calling the port of the Android Flash runtime for the iPhone as Frash.

But it was a little complicated to install it on iPad. He Someone has made it even easier to install Frash on the iPhone by releasing it on Cydia though we must warn you that it is still an alpha version so might be a little buggy.

You can follow these instructions to install Frash on your iPhone:

  • If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone then use JailbreakMe to jailbreak it.

  • Launch Cydia from your jailbroken iPhone homescreen.

  • Tap on the Manage Tab and then tap on Sources.

  • Tap on the Edit button and then tap add to add the following repo URL to add sources:

  • After it is successfully installed, tap on the Search tab and search for frash.

    Flash for mobile platforms may not be ready
  • Tap on frash to install it on your iPhone.

    Flash for mobile platforms may not be ready

  • Reboot your iPhone.

You’re set! Now just navigate to a page in Safari with non-video Flash content and tap on Flash to play it.

You can checkout the video of Flash content working on iPhone 4 after installing Frash:

Update 1:

You can also install the Frash Toggle for SBSettings so you can enable and disable whenever you want.

Update 2:

Flash seems to work quite well but it seems to be buggy currently as Safari crashes quite frequently. It also seems to detect non-Flash content as Flash. 

Update 3:

RICKDOEZ has pointed out that Comex was not the one to release the package on Cydia. Comex has noted that Frash is not ready for prime time yet but looks like someone released it without his permission so please don't spam him with email asking him to fix the issues. He will release it officially when it is ready. Thanks RICKDOEZ for pointing it out.

Please don’t forget to drop us a line in the comments to let us know how it goes.