TetherMe – Jailbreak App Enables Native Tethering On Your iPhone


There have been quite a few iPhone apps like MyWi, iPhoneModem and PDANet that have brought tethering to the jailbroken iPhone but they are quite expensive.

The most popular jailbreak app to enable tethering on the iPhone is MyWi, which costs $19.99 while iPhoneModem costs $9.99 and PDANet costs $29.99.

So if you find them too expensive then you should checkout TetherMe, which is a new and cheaper jailbreak app that natively enables tethering on the iPhone.

The process of tethering allows your laptop to use your iPhone's data connection to surf the internet.

Here is a brief description of TetherMe:

TetherMe dynamically enables native tethering for iOS 3.x and iOS 4.x+ devices. This should work on any carrier without the need for customized bundles or preferences.

TetherMe also bypasses signature checking and allows you to edit your carrier bundle manually if you so desire. This is required to enable MMS functionality on T-Mobile. TetherMe does not enable the loading of APN configuration from .mobileconfig profiles at this time.


It also enables the MMS functionality on your iPhone if you have jailbroken and unlocked it to use it on T-Mobile’s network.

TetherMe is available on Cydia for $1.99. Once you have purchased and installed the app, reboot your iPhone and then navigate to Settings –> General –> Network to enable or disable it.

As always, let us know how it goes.

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  • swimdude1120

    Awesome! Can't wait to see what other stuff devs can come up with

  • Cracker

    Will wait for the cracked version

  • Peter

    I'd pay the 1.99 instead of waiting for a crack! It's like tipping someone a tiny amount for the best dinner in the world. Go through your seat cushions and find 1.99 my friend lol!

  • Chetan

    I don't get it why would any one want to tether on t-mobile network? They are on edge all the time. I use mywi on Att 3g and I love it. I sometimes connect my xbox 360 with mywi and play on live!

  • Jhan

    Would the carrier know tethering was enabled on your phone and then change your data plan?? Or is it just like the other apps to tether??

    • ben

      Did you find the answer to this?

  • Chetan

    I take that back… sorry. I now realize that if you just want to check a few emails or surf the web then $1.99 is a bargain! especially for t-mobile people that only get edge this is a better deal then mywi, pdanet, or iphonemodem.

  • Focustom

    See people like this kill the hacking community. These guys are saving us craploads of money and making our iPhones stand out even more, and you can't say "hey bud I want to thank you for all your hard work" I was going to pay for MyWi but since this does the same dang thing I'm going with this since it's probably a smaller company anyways. There will be a wifi style one out too for 2 bucks also, according to Musclenerd

  • welbo

    I noticed the tethering option is in General-> Network on my 4. Could this be something inherited in the settings that were restored from my 3GS when I initially set up the 4?

  • iMambo

    Does that make the iPhone like a mobile hotspot too or does it require a cable?

  • Wunt

    For the average use, why would this be preferable to a Wifi hotspot?

  • leathertek

    WORKS GREAT!!!!! Purchased this morning.You do need to reset carrier settings because I lost my notifications.After reset everything works great,both blue tooth and cable tether work!!!!

  • Goose

    Here is a tip to enable tethering for free:

    1) Download MyWi during the free trial and install it.
    2) After you install it and it reboots, make sure that tethering is now enabled in the network settings section.
    3) Using Cy Delete or Cydia, uninstall MyWi and reboot the device
    4) The USB and Bluetooth settings for tethering will still be enabled but the whole creating a WIFI hotstop function will be uninstalled and you now have free tethering

    Paying is great but free is better. No hacking or stealing involved. Its all legal. Enjoy 🙂

  • Playafied

    Had this app the moment it came out in cydia and well worth the 2 bucks if not more!!! Worked flawlessly

  • Playafied

    As long as you don't use a buttload of data tethering then they shouldn't know. I'll use this app when I bring my laptop places instead of using random wifi.


    I am also worried about it, what happens if the carrier finds out and they decide to charge for it

  • monkeywrench

    on the 4 i think you can add the tethering data plan from settings menu

  • monkeywrench

    they will send a swat team to your house and take your iphone away!

  • If I buy one of these tethering apps.. what would happen to my AT&T bill? would i have to pay some outragous bills for roaming or anything?… I'm just a bit lost on this issue.

  • Slash

    Come on!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cas

    How do u connect ur X Box with mywi so u saying u use ur iPhone connection to go online on ur X Box if so genius I didn't know it could be done.

  • Hackshouldbefree

    Why call it a hack if u still have to pay for it?that's why it's a HACK! itshould be free stuff

  • Gohans

    Thank you so much! i just downloaded this app and it works grrrrrreat!!!
    To that douche bag "cracker", free loaders like you make the hacking peeps give up on releasing great software, what's the matter? you cannot pay 1.99? You are a total asshole… instead of spending your 1.99 on McDonald's stuffing your fat ugly ass, why don't you help the community by showing your appreciation for their efforts?

    Thank you to all the hacking community for making the iPhone a better experience!!! 🙂

  • fucking bastard

    1.99 is nothing compared to his effort to the community

  • LOL

  • Frank

    I'm with AT&T and have been using tethering hacks and noew MyWi for over 1 year and have not been charged extra by AT&T.

  • Mac

    dude dnt be cheap. its just 1.99 man. its a REALLY good deal.

  • Mac

    u didnt??? well now u do. lol.

  • Mac


  • Mac

    not really. u should actually be glad this app is 1.99.

  • Neo

    Works perfect got this like 3 days ago and love it. Would you rather pay $25 for 2gb or keep your unlimited data and pay $2 once. Seems like an easy choice to me.

  • j.hoops

    if you want it for free than make the app youre self oh wait you probably cant so shut up and pay 1.99

    • urlow

      if you want free data make your own network…oh wait you probably can’t….

  • Ctrev08

    Ur a fucking idiot hacks don't mean free. It means that they hacked some part of the code to either change the functions of the original code or found a way to bypass some of the restrictions. Your thinking of open source. If every hack should be free devs would not take the time to polish and upgrade there programs and we would all have a bunch of memory eating buggy ass apps slowing down and crashing or phones.

  • Guy

    Personally I've always used iphonemodem zsrelay. It was one of the original tethering tweaks in Cydia & has always been free.

    It takes a bit of setting up the first time but nothing complicated. I've never understood why it's always been ignored when people talk tething Apps.

  • Scoooter

    Hacking is what started this, but hacking the hacker with cracks is wrong?

  • John

    I have an unlimited data plan with ATT and in order to add tethering it increases from $30 -> $45/mo AND drops out of unlimited to 2GB/mo!! Is there another way to add tethering to my account?? I found this out when I downloaded MyWi and went to network settings to setup tethering …

  • This does not do the same thing as MyWi. MyWi allows you to set up a portable wireless access point with your iPhone. All TetherMe does is enables native tethering, which works over either Bluetooth or USB, and thus will not allow you to tether your phone to another non-PC based device such as another iPhone, iPad, or Zune. My point is, MyWi is very much worth the money, and is far superior to these tethering enabler apps.

  • not cool Cracker…

  • Correct John – good observation !

  • Kurt

    what is 2$ too much for you? come on pay the piper!

  • SiLeNcEbOnE

    I've been using MyWi for over a year now… Works pretty well. Only issue I'm having is when I tether using not the USB tether but the wifi tether it drains the battery fast. Even while charging it drains the battery. Might be my phone being gay…

  • nsfw

    Is your phone being gay, good or bad? Do you know this because you penetrate your phone on a regular basis?

    • talkitivejim


  • rocky

    will this wrok on iphone 4

  • didn't work pal.

  • nicacolo

    it can be done i also have done that at my ex gf's house during the holidays…lol

  • hxclos

    Looks like you need to pay a little more attention in elementary school instead of playing video games.

  • Joe

    I just got this App works perfect using my lap top right now to post this!!!

    ***But is there anyone out there who has been using this App for awhile (i.e. got monthly bills) because I'm really nervous AT&T will charge me a crap load of money for the data usage???
    I know the details of the App in Cydia claims to set it up so its seen as data being used by the iphone, which would be great but my low tech self doesn't understand how this happens if its enabling the native tether built into the iphone and your just turning it on… Anyone can help????

  • Sujith

    Folks I just downloaded tether
    me and insled it. When I try to open settings the screen just opens and closes and can't get to it. Am I screwed now? Please help.
    One thing I noticed while it was installing it said something could not be done. However at the end it said installation successful. Should I re-install and try?
    Thanking in anticipation

  • Joe

    Try to remove and reinstal, also after that turn the phone on and off you may go into safe mode and reset springboard fix it for a friend of mine

  • Coco

    I'm having the same problem. I've installed & reinstalled it multiple times, and resetting doesn't work (either for the network setting or for the whole phone). If you uninstall, you'll get access to your settings again. Mine was working fine until they released the upgrade on August 18.

  • wolfy1664

    works a treat thank you just love it orange wanted 5£ for 500meg wankers

  • wolfy1664

    guys and girls // just run itunes then it works trust me im useing it now to type this message

  • Nick

    A heads up: I had problems with this at first, Internet tethering didn't appear in settings. I managed to enable it using the sbsettings toggle, but when I connected via usb the whole tethering section disappeared again. Turns out I had a bad unsigned mobileconfig installed. Removed it and it worked straight away.

  • Nick: where did you find the bad mobilconfig?? I think I have one installed as well but I don't know where to find it.

  • Sergey


  • Moe Joe

    I need Help I purchase and installed, but after reboot tethering is not showing on my network, tried uninstall and install still not showing at my network setting am I missing something

  • John Doe

    Wrong, John!

    You can in fact use the 3G connection over Bluetooth with tethering enabled. Since the iPad also sports bluetooth connectivity you can share connection through that…

  • T-Dog

    Is mywi and tetherme the same (as in not getting billed extra by AT&T)? I have the unlimited data plan through AT&T on my jailbroken iPhone and now using tetherme. Has anyone ever been billed for tethering after using tetherme?

    • Lee N

      so has anyones plan gotten changed from unlimited to whatever else from using TetherMe

  • Jason LI

    I downloaded tether after paying $29 for PDANet about 18 months ago. Best 2 bucks I spent!! Works great and you don’t need to open an APP on the computer you’re tethering to. I still use PDA Net but their new version 4.18 is buggy. When you use hotspot mode the iphone will arbitrarily reboot.

  • Newbie

    Ok, this is an old thread, but I’m about to get my Verizon iphone 4. Really want tether capablilities. Anybody know if this will work and where do you get it?

  • zEdAnMaN

    I installed tetherme but I’ve lost ability to send mms.
    All my carrier settings are correct but the mms is stuck on sending.

    Unistalling tetherme doesn’t get it back. I have to rejailbreak.
    I’m on o2 – uk if anybody could help?