UK’s ITV Planning To Sue Apple If Apple TV Is Renamed As ‘iTV’

Apple TV rumors

When we reported that the next generation Apple TV will be renamed iTV, some of our readers in the UK had pointed out that the name would clash with UK television network ITV.

It looks like ITV bosses are already getting worked up about the name change even though it is only a rumor at this stage.

Mirror reports:

ITV bosses are furious and meeting with lawyers this week to stop the move in the UK.

The broadcaster, who owns the trademark to the name ITV in Britain, will also weigh up its options on a global ban.

Mirror reports that folks at ITV are worried that the move by Apple to rename Apple TV to iTV could damage its reputation after looking at the recent iPhone 4 antenna problems:

A channel insider said: "You only have to look at recent problems with the iPhone 4 to see not everything Apple produces is gold dust. We all take our ITV brand very seriously and we'll do everything in our power to protect it." 

It is worth noting that the device was in fact known as iTV back in 2006 before it was launched as Apple TV in January 2007.

It will not be the first time Apple has used a name for their product that was owned by some other company. Even the "iPhone" trademark belonged to Cisco at the time the phone was launched. Cisco had also agreed to license the iOS trademark to Apple for use as the name of Apple’s operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

It will be interesting to see if Apple decides to ignore the risk of being sued by ITV and goes ahead with its plan to relaunch Apple TV as iTV.

So which name do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

[via Mirror]

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  • CM

    It seems ironic that Apple jumps immediately when other companies for even coming close to "infringing" on their intellectual property yet they would consider doing the same. Do they just do poor research before marketing an item (or in this case let the rumor escape) or are they arrogant enough to just figure no matter the outcome that they'll be on top enough to not worry about it? Don't get me wrong, I really like some of Apple's products but this is no different than any other company that Apple has tried to "brand" as "inferior".

  • Z

    oh who the fuck cares about ITV in britan

  • Vishnu

    Isn't this i"Phone" ?

  • Seriously.. Apple gets all butt hurt when it feels people are infringing on its patents like HTC, yet they will go out of their way to steal other companies identities.. like it did to the Beatles Apple record label. You would think they would learn.

  • Crazy Man

    This is crazy. Not long ago apple was suing nokia about who will make phones and who will sell musics and now if you look they both do both. How selfish is apple!!! It's like this saying goes "What's mine is NOT yours and what's yours IS mine"

  • Stop the nonsense

    Understand people that it's just a rumor! Not real. Apple has not said anything yet.

  • Soond

    Isn't this just a rumor anyways. It's not like Apple officially announced it. Plus it would be best if they don't release it because I still believe it won't take off like their other products. I don't see anything special with an iTV. The only way I believe they could sell it is if they sold a box that could work with your existing tv but we all know they would never do that. This whole closed system worked when they first launched but the intense competition they face now I think they stand to lose sales. Oh well, time will tell. And anyways, in the end we all win.

  • Apple already did this twice.. with Beatles Apple record label and the original iPhone.. belonging to Cisco Systems.. this doesn't surprise me.

  • uk joe

    the brits do you twat.get your own name. and its not BRITAN ITS thick piece of shit.

  • Spritesc

    Apple TV sounds more professional to me.

  • RP

    Z is clearly a backwards cunt!

  • Hmmmm Yeah

    it would just fail in uk. ITV is a very well recognised channel in the uk. its one of the top 2 channels. anyone said ITV in the uk everyone would asume the tv channel and not some internet tv box thingy.

    would be like Apple trying call its tv box ESPN in the usa. just wouldnt work.

  • R

    Probably some redneck who thinks "Britan" is another US state.

  • Sure….

    That's a spot on comparison for yanks like our anti 'britan' chap who posted first.

    Apple: dont do this. Thanks.

  • I have recently came to know about Apple's iTV and now this is something new news for me that there is already a UK's iTV.Well I have not any name for a suggestion.Let's see what will happen next if Apple will change a name.

  • Paulus

    ITV=low quality output and it's a money grabbing souless channel anyway for shareholders.
    But I guess its not the point,
    Apple must practise what they preach / sue in this occassion.

  • taff

    I think apples research department is having a brain fart these days. And try to steal any name or slogan they can by using their bullying tactics. All because they can not think of a new name for their products.

    Im surprised apple have not tried to stop New York to use it’s “big apple” nick name….or is that yet to come?