VUnlock: Hack Allows You To Unlock iPhone Screen Using Volume Buttons

Remove Background SBSettings Toggle

If you found FastSnap useful, a jailbreak app that allows you to use the volume buttons to capture a photo or video in iPhone’s camera app then you will probably like VUnlock as well.

VUnlock is a jailbreak app that allows you to unlock your iPhone’s homescreen using the volume buttons.

VUnlock is a useful hack if you’re tired of swiping the ‘slide to unlock’ button to unlock iPhone’s screen.

It is available for free on Cydia. You can follow these instructions to install VUnlock on your jailbroken iPhone:

  • Launch Cydia from your jailbroken iPhone’s homescreen.

  • Tap on the Search tab and search for vunlock.

  • Tap on VUnlock and then on the ‘Install’ button to install it on your iPhone.

Remove Background SBSettings Toggle

That’s it. You should now be able to use the volume buttons to unlock iPhone’s screen.

As always, let us know if you found this hack useful.

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  • Dannyyyyyyy


  • Chetan

    How do I change the volume now?

  • nrgy

    Volume control goes back to default once screen is unlock.

    I like the part that you dont have to press Home buttom to bring up unlock slider, you can unlock the phone with the volume control even when the screen goes dark.

  • superfreak

    Ok, but what if you are listening to your iPod and the screen locks. Then you want to turn down the volume of the song you are listening to. Will it change the volume or will it unlock the phone?

  • igreatness

    yea it doesnt let you put your volume up or down when screen is locked. until they fix that i'm going to unistall it.

  • tony

    I like many JB apps, but with this one, one could accidentally unlock the phone while it is in a pocket or a bag. I'll pass this one.

  • Armanius

    how about when you are receiving phone call? if you can press volume button and answer the call then its not good…

  • Steven

    Very nice!

  • Kohn

    Thanks 

  • tap to unlock, and even turn it invisible. much better.

  • nightedge

    Ok I've tried it already and it works fine.

    If you have a lock-pass code lets say of 5 mins it will still let you control your volume on your music if the required time has passed. If you don't have a required pass code or unlocked and still pending time for the pass lock to activate then it should work as it is attended by pressing your volume button to automatic slide for you.

    You guys need to try it you guys are so lazy that you need someone to waste their time and type for you.

  • nightedge


  • wolverinemarky

    sounds like a cool hack but i will pass on this one

  • Krew_92

    Tried it, tested it, was mildly impressed, but then found no use for it. Removed. Don't get me wrong its good but with its flaws.

  • kewl

  • DisappointedInFox

    I prefer the "tap to unlock" winterboard lock screen modules. It's also free.

  • SvnStrSlm

    Not a bad idea but i wonder if they can apply this new found hack to the built in camera software so you dont need a third part app to use the vol buttons to take a picture.

  • Miezl

    I think it's much better and saver (not accidantally unlucking your phone) to use a double press of the home button to unlock.
    Single pressing the home button for showing time/date/eventually lock-info and double press to unlock.
    Is there a possibility to programm it this way?
    I think most people will appreciate it 😉

  • justin

    i love being able to skip the slide screen and go straight from sleep to unlocked. plus if you get a text then press the volume it will go straight to messages. this is one of my favorite hacks for the iphone.

  • Miezl

    You can use snaptap (cydia app)for that purpose. Works with the built in camera 😉
    Very handy! Also when you want to take a picture of yourselve 😉
    Feels very natural when you take pictures in landscape mode.
    I went back to 3.1.3 on my iPhone just to get many handy tweaks. I prefer using Kirikae for multitasking. Now I don't get a list of ALL the apps I used in my multitasking screen!
    Pushing the home button when using an app should close the app and not standardly put it in your multitasking list! Not very handy when using different apps during the day.
    And what about folders that can contain an infinite number of apps!
    I so love my jailbreak and the many possibilities it brings with it! 😉

  • Miezl

    Oops! I discovered that it was already possible to get this setting through Activator <- Part of my settings since installing certain apps (SBSettings?) via cydia.
    Untill now I never used Activator! You can assign almost any function to any button on your iPhone! (lock, unlock, start apps etc.)

  • guy

    This has been possible for ages using the free ishakelock app. it works with every iPhone and allows you to use all manner of activations not just ones using the vol buttons.

    I use either the vol buttons or a left swipe on the status bar. And of course they also work to lock the phone. It means you can happily remove the ugly "slide to unlock" bar which although handy first time you pick up iPhone only serves to hide your lockscreen image after that.

  • Marco

    I can't find on cydia!!! i have a 2g jailbroken and i've reinstalled the big boss repo ….please help me ,it's very important !!!

  • Jaxsen

    This looks cool, but the ipod/phone call volume bugs are too big…I have been using “Move to Unlock” and I love it! give it a try sometime!

  • Albert

    Ok but, how do I install it from the computer, cuz my ”slide to unlock” doesnt work at all, and if its not possible… what can I do to fix my problem. HELP PLEASE.