What To Do If You Drop Your iPhone In Water

iPhone 4

If you ever happen to accidentally drop your iPhone in water then you will find the do-it-yourself procedure posted by iFixYouri useful, especially since warranties don’t cover water damage.

According to iFixYouri, a repair shop for iPhones, water damaged iPhone is one of the most common iPhone repair types. 

Here is iFixYouri’s do-it-yourself (DIY) procedure:

  • It is imperative to remove the iPhone out of the water ASAP. Once the iPhone is out of the water, you want to make sure it is powered off.

  • If you get a white pinwheel on the screen and it won’t turn of, you hold down the power button and home button until it turns off. In the video we failed to record it powering back on after we powered it off. We simply repeated the ‘power off process’ and moved on to the next important step; remove the SIM card.

  • Once the SIM card is removed you want to put the iPhone in an uncooked bag of rice. Tighten the bag so all extra air is gone and seal it.

  • Wait 48 to 76 hours after the water exposure and then try it out. If you find at that time it is not functioning properly as a result of the iPhone water damage put back in the rice and mail it to iFixYouri who specialize in fixing water damaged iPhones.

You can also checkout the video demonstration of the procedure:

Hopefully we don’t have to use the procedure but in case you end up accidentally dropping your iPhone in water at least you now know how to deal with it.

[via iFixYouri]

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  • Keep them coming!

    What kind of rice do you use

  • hyperfire21

    lol pwned!

  • FurryToe

    Uncle Bens Long Grain Rice!!

  • Vishnu

    How do you turn off or remove the red indication(Liquid Indicator) inside the charger port?

  • LOL

    Black magic marker

  • Me

    To bad the indicator is originally white :)

  • http://www.stackfile.com naveed

    Indian Basmati Rice Bag….

  • monzer

    This actually worked for me over a year ago when my phone fell in the sink… bag of rice does work… apple care does not cover water damaged iPhones, they'll ask you to pay full price for a new one

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p0120a5ef6c53970b topsy

    The best method is to use Hair dryer and dry out the water immediately before the water goes round the hardware.
    What kind of bag of rice are talking about?

  • I like rice.

    It really doesn't matter. All rice absorb water like there's no tomorrow. If you've ever cooked rice you'd know by the amount of water you have to add to a single cup of rice to cook it. It's ridiculous.

  • Dean

    The best thing in this case
    Is to fry your iPhone with
    Lemon juice and Roma
    Tomato and serve it
    With jailbreaking.com

  • Dean

    The next iphone5 will be
    No worries any more

  • http://profile.typepad.com/wilsonjeremy Jeremy Wilson

    I dropped my 3GS in water last year and tried this but unfortunately didn't work I still recommend it. If is unusable I'd still recommend taking it to apple, they said warranty doesn't cover water damage but offered me a "out of warranty replacement" it was $200 but they gave me a brand new 32gb 3GS which is a pretty good deal IMO.

  • http://facebook.com/idre82 iDre

    This does work. I took my iPhone 3G swimming a month after I got it (got it on day of release) and didn't realize that it was in my pocket due to an herb induced state lol. Well, I found a bunch of articles online explaining the same steps and tried it out. Only, I also sat the bag with my iPhone & rice in direct sunlight to force the moisture out faster. Phone was up & running after 2 days with a some pixel damage. Backed up my contacts & repeated the process for another 3 days and it was working perfectly fine! Something else you can do is put silica packets in the bag along with the rice. They're cheap, I bought a bag with 100 for under $7.

  • http://facebook.com/idre82 iDre

    it was a ziplock bag with rice if anyone is wondering.

  • larryw

    I got pushed into the pool with my iP4 in my pocket two days after launch. Got out, powered it off, removed the SIM, unscrewed the two small phillips screws on either side of the charging port, slipped the back off (no glue no seal, just screwed on), drained/patted/blew as much water as I could out and sat it in the sun. An hour later it was fine and still going strong today.

    Rice may work, but the iP4 is super easy to open up and air out.

    • karen

      My iphone was waterlogged. Didn’t respond to any button pushing whatsoever. So how would I turn it off?? Thanks

    • Kate

      Where do you get the tiny screwdriver?

  • Predator

    I put my iphone in a bag of rice, seasoned it and put in in the microwave oven on high for 10 minutes, Not only did this fix my phone being wet, but also made an enjoyable snack. Thanks for the tip… :)

  • monkeywrench

    you mean like 2 to 1…..

  • http://webfishcreative.com Dustin

    lmao 2 times to 1 really vague attempted statement by I like rice.

  • DNice.

    Or try putting a blowdryer next to your I phone. Make sure simcard is taken out first and let it blow on your phone for 45 minutes that should work.

  • DNice.

    It worked for me :)

  • itsmills

    Did you use Ranch dipping sauce?

  • Zach

    My friend got his 3g wet. He gave it to me because he didn't think it could be salvaged. I let it sit in rice for about 48 hours, restored it, and now it works fine. So I got a free phone. Pretty sweet.

  • rodney

    Chef ramsey shows you how to make a good iphone stew on fox 11 !

  • Predator

    In fact I used jalapeños Ranch…. But…. Wait… OMG… I GOT FLASH on my phone…Rice jailbreak unlocked Flash on my phone!!!! NOW THATS A SPICY IPHONE!!! Eat that one Steve J. IT's hot..

  • Kumar

    I have a iPhone 3G, in the rain ater got inside. after that i switched off the phone and switched on after 3-4 hours. aftre that my phone is working fine, but i have few problem
    1. Power off/in button is not working
    2. when it gets complete dischared i need to
    chage the phone to get the seen that time if
    i do not unluck the phone and removes it
    from the charging then it gets switched off
    automatically after few mins.

    is i do not lock it it works fine. for last 20 days i am using the phone without locking.

    Please help to get this issue fixed.

  • Red

    I put mine under the grill for about 2 minutes on a medium heat…… didn't work

  • shidah007

    i had my iphone in the washing machine for about 10-15 mins and took it out without switching it on.put it in the rice for almost 3 days now without a air-lock zip plastic bag and try switching it on a few times and still doesnt work.should i try adding a few couple of days or any other suggestions before i lost my will to live

    • Rib

      Im curious did u get yours to work yet I did same thing about 10 min in washer I’m on my 2nd day of drying

  • Pscyther

    Forget about water damage by microwaving the phone for 2 hours , you will then have other problem’s to worry about

  • http://yahoo abc

    2day morning i dropped my iphone 3Gs into sink fr 3-4 sec… nw kept d power on fr a few min…kept it under fan to dry it out…nw i hv switched it of..der is sum malfunctionning in it….wot shall i do?

  • wow

    you guys are re….tarded….

    • poopsandwich


  • neeraj

    it really works out…. switch off ur phone n keep it in a air tight packed full of rice…. after 3-4 days ur phone will be perfectly alright…. i had done dis n very happy so get the result.

  • Philip Good

    Don’t despair. I tried the rice trick but it didn’t work. However, I left my iphone for two weeks and it has miraculously started working again.

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  • Kirstie

    Thanks y’all for making me laugh, y’all are nuts!!
    I’ve done the rice trick before with other phones, works great, lets hope it works with my iphone! :)

  • PutItInTheOven

    I dropped my 4S in water (clean) by accident and fetcher it out after a few seconds.
    The phone was on and it started acting out and it was impossible to turn off.
    I towel dried it shacking it slightly and put it in a bag of rice for a day.
    At that point I was able to tun it off, but it would turn itself on again shortly after, every time.
    You could see a lot of condensation under the camera lens and some water under the screen when on. Most buttons would not work as water would interfere with the button sensors.
    I could not remove the cover as the screws are of the pentalobe type and could not find anything to remove them.
    Frustrated with the rice I then put the phone in the oven under the setting used for warming dough at a controlled temperature of 80F which is within the published max operating temperature of 90F (the non operating temperature is 115F but the phone would not turn off so better be safe). After 24 hours all the condensation had gone away and the phone was working perfectly!!

  • Krista

    so, like an hour ago, i kinda dropped my iPhone in the toilet …. yeah but my first reaction was to get the thing out of there as fast as i could. its sitting in rice right now. it wasn’t in the water for long at all but it better work because i just got the thing and my mother didnt want to pay for insurance for it she said “Okay now heres a lesson, you have to take care of it because im done buying you phones.” Please work !!!!!!

    • Bethany perez

      Same thing happened to me bout an hour ago D: i hope the rice works!

  • Unlucky

    I dropped my iphone4 into clean water for only few seconds. Tried the rice method it didnt work. Phone is functioning just can’t recharged the battery. Now battery is totally drained. Any advice?

  • paula mcgaffey

    i have a iphone 4 & put the hairdryer on it for a bit and it came on just needs to dry out it is like 24 hrs though before it finally came on so dont just think its then end of it guys… & it was in rice overnight this does work be patient xxxxx

  • NOm

    Hey Guys…Picked quickly but half dipped in water…my Iphone!!!! Just put in Rice Bag …waiting for …….Hoping to write you guys a gud news ….:-/

    • Nicki

      Any updates your phone guys

  • thedandyman

    I tried this trick but it didn’t work. maybe my iphone doesn’t like rice. maybe I should try beans instead because I bought my iphone from a Mexican dude not an Asian dude

    • mike


    • Esmie

      Lmfao!!! Too funny!

    • Stacy

      u r hysterical!!!!!! Thank u I needed that!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.periwinklepixies.blogspot.com Jacinda Cote

    So, I dropped my iPhone 4 into the toilet as well. I peed, got up and turned funny and it fell in there just after I hit flush. I scooped it out right away and the screen flickered to going kind of grainy. After about 1 minute it went off. I blew and shook the water out, took out the sim card and it has been in rice ever since. (this was at 8pm on March 24th). I left it in rice until Sunday night and tried to turn it on, nothing. I put it back into rice again and have left it there until now. I just tried to restore it using itunes and it is not working… am I Doomed??? :(
    Thanks for your help! I only got this phone 2 1/2 weeks ago!

    • Kermione

      I dont think so. my problem was an ipod touch, so it was slightly differnt. I would just wait a more few days (Is it in whole grain rice? I put my in that and it worked perfectly) I would also suggest you put it in rice while you blowdry it. And dont put it in the mircowave ethier

    • Abby

      It just happend to me about a min ago and it’s not even turning on!):

      • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

        It’s important not to try to turn it on. Follow the steps to see if it helps. Good Luck!

  • Kermione

    My Ipod touch (Yes, not an iPhone!) Dropped into some water, and i got really freaked out so i put it in some clothes. I told my sister this 20 mins later. she told me to put it in rice, so i did that. i waited 2 hours, and it was working again!!!! YEAH!!!! :D

  • Lewis

    I was at work and droped my iphone4 in the toliet and now its not working. I went and bought a bag of rice and waiting to see what happens. I need my phone ASAP. I have no other means of communication. I am in this big city away from my family and I need my phone.

  • Ben

    Just sat in a hot spring for 15 minutes with my phone in my pocket. Got back to my condo and stuck it in a bag of rice! It’s now morning and still not working so going to leave it for a couple more days.

  • Leanne

    Just dropped my IP4S in the toilet after my shower (it was wrapped in the towel that I grabbed to dry off) :( I am so freaked out right now! It’s in a ziploc of rice but I couldn’t find where to remove the sim card…couldn’t even see a slot for it. When I attempted to turn it off, I got the “pinwheel” and it started up again on it’s own, so I did it again and when I got the pinwheel, I held the lock and home buttons and that seemed to turn it off…my phone is my lifeline!!! I really hope this works!!!

    • Chris

      lol, I just dropped it in the toilet the same way 30 min ago. It was working okay but there was condensation in the back camera lens so I just stuck it in a bag of rice after taking out the SIM card. I hope all the condensation is gone by tomorrow morning/it is fully functional by tomorrow morning too. My phone = my life X_X XD

  • Thug Nasty

    Went on to the lake yesterday and dropped my iphone4, swam under and found it after about a minute dried it off, now its in a bag of ice after being vacuumed. Lets hope this works.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hooman.shams.12 Hooman Shams

    Hi guys, I just dropped my IPhone 4 in the toilet about 20 minutes ago but I immediately took it out. I forgot to turn off my phone but I removed the sim card straight away. Right now my phone is sitting in a bag of rice. How long shall I leave my phone in rice for Will my phone work? Help!!

    • Emma Proctor

      You should have put it in a bowl of rice and left it in the sun for 24 hours

      • Jon

        the sun doesn’t shine for 24 hours straight….

  • sccaretodeath

    After i pick up the phone from the toilet, i tried to charge my phone and ther’s some electric noise coming out of my phone. Will charging affect my phone?

    • lulu

      never charge your phone after it has dropped I a liquid, you basically killed the phone and your now probably going to have to by a new one !

  • MM

    Hi my 2yr old dropped my Iphone 4 into the toilet, (he was watching on youtube and I guess then had to go to the bathroom to pee and dropped it in there I guess) it didn’t stay long in there because as soon as he dropped it he told me that the phone fell into the toilet and so I came and took it out (but I wish I read it earlier that you can’t turn it on or press any buttons) anyways I took it out and wiped it and shook it to get out as much water as possible but then I started pressing buttons to see if it it still works and it wouldn’t even turn on so I thought it didn’t work at all but when I pressed the button on the side to put it on vibrate it vibrated and then I got txt msg and it vibrated again so I guess it works but Its all black it doesn’t light up or anything so I went online and saw you guys said to power it off and put it in rice. I tried powering it off but I cant. (the screen is black) so I put it in the bag of rice anyways. (I also took out the sim card) but is there any hope that it might still work, or does that mean that there’s no hope for it anymore? Please help and thank you so much!

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      It seems to work for some but not for everyone … so fingers crossed … we would recommend taking it to the Apple Store if this doesn’t work after waiting for 48 to 72 hours.

    • Lidogga

      same thing just happened to me but my kid is 4!!! UGH!!!

  • Emma Proctor

    I dropped my iphone in the toilet, I got it out right away and started to text all my friends, then it started to make weird sounds, my dad told me the insides were frying, so i just turned it fully off and put it in a bowl of white rice, then an hour later I looked at it and it was fine. then it started to make those noises again. so I put it back in the rice for 24 hours and then it was fine. perfectly normal except the sound was really low. the next day I dropped it in my cereal. it is now back in the rice:(

  • Trisha

    Dropped my iPhone in water now it’s saying emergency calls only!! Help please

  • Gr87

    I dropped my phone in the toilet looked at it and thought about it got it out it was still on inside the toilet got shook out the water and put it in front of a high wind fan for like 30 min and it. Works fine better than ever

  • Callie_Jo99

    So I dropped my phone in the pool i was at a neighbors and i got it out and i pressed home it turned on then off and then i dried it off then i got on my bike and went home then i got some rice put it in a bowl and covered my phone in rice and its been in their for about 1 or 2 days now and it still wont turn on! also i have almost 1000 pics on their how do i get them. (i already tried hooking my phone up to my laptop and it said unable to connect cause this is not working or something along those lines). HELP ME! My phone is my LIFE! :(

  • Jose

    I droped my phone in the toilet and I didnt know about this yet so I left it on and dried it of wi a towel and then it seems to work fine the I tryed to turn music but its now but playing and sounds apart from alarms and voices from callers what do I do

    • Jose

      ** but now it’s not playing Any sounds

      • Juliet

        Did it ever work again? This is exactly what’s happening to me:/

  • !d!ot

    can i wash the rice?

  • EA :)

    i tryed this and left it in rice over night…but there are glowing marks all over my phone…HELP

  • Amy

    Dropped my iPhone in the toilet about an hour ago and it’s been in a bowl of rice since then.Weirdly it keeps vibrating and the flash for the camera won’t turn off. Does this mean its totally screwed or is there still hope ?

  • Julio

    I was in the pool and I found my phone drenched in water. When I returned back i put it in rice, later in the night it turned with a white screen. I didn’t touch but i am scared to plug it in the charger. What do I do????

  • taylorwoodruff

    i kept turning my phone on after dropping it in water and drying it off and putting it in a bowl of rice and it not reacting

  • Natalie

    Yesterday afternoon I was doing some yard work as fast as I could because rain was coming. So I did everything I had to do and everything was fine and dandy. I then left my house and drove to my friends house for about 5 hours.
    When I got back, I couldn’t find my phone. I searched high and low but when I found it, things weren’t looking up. It had been outside in the rain the whole time I was gone!!!
    My first instinct was to shake it off and turn it on but it was showing the little dead sign thing with the little charger beside it. I raced into my house and plugged it in. It turned on just fined so I unplugged it with about 5% battery remaining and I tilted it upside and left it for about 45 minutes just to be safe.
    When I got back to it, it seemed perfectly fine!!! I plugged it back in and started texting my friends telling them about the scare and then I watched youtube videos for about half an hour. Bad idea.
    Suddenly it switched to the screen where it says “slide to power off” but I thought that I must have just accidentally pressed the button. I ignored it an continued but about 1 minute later it did it again. So naturally, I turned it off and decided to go to bed.

  • alexa

    I accidentally droped my phone into a tub full of water and I wish I read this sooner because I turned it on to see if it was working and now it doesn’t stay off when the screen finally goes black it turns on again the worst part is that its fully charged and wont go off any time soon right now its in a bag of rice but what do I do about the phone turning on and off ?

  • fix iphone screen

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  • Bex

    I dropped my phone in the toilet and it hasn’t turn on or anything is that a bad sign ?? Xx

  • Laura K

    I dropped my phone down the toilet last night.. in panic and in a rush to leave the house i didn’t turn the phone off or take the sim card out, just covered it in rice on a plate.. I came back home an hour later and took the sim card out and put it in the airing cupboard. i’ve tried turning it on but it won’t turn on.. I’ve put it in a bag of rice with a towel wrapped round it and put it back in the airing cupboard? is there any hope left?

  • tt

    i dropped my iphone in the toilet , and then i immediately , ( approx 5 seconds later ) took it out and put it on a towel and dried , forgetting to turn my phone off immediately , so when i finished drying in the towel i looked and it had a black screen, so i then took out the sim and it was completely dry. i took the phone and put it in a bag of basmatti rice and left it for two days, the buttons dont work and it stays at a black screen ,so i took it out to try and turn it on , but it didnt , i dont have the money to go and get it unlocked or send it in and get it repaired , i have no idea what to do so could you help me because ive been googling things for the past 2 and a half days.

    • Gautam

      The first thing you should ideally do is to turn it off and avoid turning it back on. You may want to take it to Apple store so that they can have a look to see if they can fix it.

      Good luck!

  • Agi Gawain

    I just got my phone and on day one i drop it in my cup of water that was in my lap

  • Agi Gawain

    when i dropped my phone in my in water the screen when really dark so i dont know if its on or not

  • http://www.esourceparts.ca/ fix iphone screen

    Finding a website that sells iPhone parts wholesale is hugely important, since it will likely also be your guide to getting the actual repairs done. With highly competitive prices, when you buy iPhone parts wholesale you not only save a ton of money on repairs, but save a ton of money on not buying a whole new phone.

  • Moplez

    i dropped my iphone in the toilet yesterday and i took it out and shook it off then i pressed button about 2 times then turned off. I put it in a bag of rice then it stayed there for about 15 hours. I took it out of the bag recently and it turned on…but the only thing is that the touch screen is not working at all PLEASE HELP1!!!!!! i cant afford a new phone!!!! PLEASE YOUR MY LAST HOPE!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I dropped my Iphone 4 in the toilet about a day or two ago and i waited a couple hrs to see if it dried off i then put it in rice and left it in for only a day and the next morning I put it to charge and it still doesnt turn on … I don’t know what else to do ?

  • william

    i have a question does it have to a bag of rice please answer back my mom put it in a containter of rice

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      That should be fine as well as long as the iPhone is covered with rice.

  • william

    please answer back i need the answer and i sealed the container of rice and my phone is in the rice

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  • Tanya1121

    My daughter dropped her iPhone 5c in the toilet this morning. She pulled it out immediately& I dried it as well as I could then I placed it in an air tight container with rice, but I didn’t know I was supossed to remove the sim card and don’t even know where it’s located. Is this okey??

  • gemma

    i drop my phone in water and after an hour of it being in rice it works fine now

  • Anna

    Hi my iphone 4 fell in water and literally died after flashing twice and then turning black. I rushed to get it out as fast as possible though. Now it charges and unlocks still after me putting it in rice for 36 hours but the screen is black! Can you help me please??!!?

  • perls

    hey guys i will really thank you with your comments, i dropped my iphone in the toilet 5 days ago, i was at work and confused after pulling it out i was afraid to turn it off i left it on for few minutes then the screen went black, it ddnt turn on i tried to tun it on ang put in a charger nothing came up, i put a hair dryer after work it stl ddnt work

    after all the wrong and stupid things i did, i read your stories of “rice” i took the rice and a container with lid and put it on the sun for 2 days, then i plugged it in a charger, wow! it works perfectly fine as new!!!!!!

    • Gautam

      Glad to know it helped :)

  • Jacob

    I dropped my iPhone in some tea and put it in rice about 20 minutes after and about 3 hours later I unscrewed the back and took the battery out and put it all back in the rice separate. Can somebody tell me if it will be good or not?!

  • Jacob

    About 7 hours ago I dropped my iPhone in tea and about 20 minutes later I put it in rice, and about 20 minutes ago I unscrewed the back and put the battery and the rest in the container of rice. Can somebody please tell me if it is good or not?

  • Caitlyn

    I dropped my iPhone 4s in a glass of water when I was with my friends. I immediately took it out of the water and dried it off with a towel. It still work but my micro phone was broken. I took my phone and put it in a bowl of rice but I did not remove the Sim card or shut it off. I let it soak in so rice for a few hours when ever I got the text it would light up but my screen was black. I could still use Siri so my microphone turned back on but I never shut off my phone and I continue to let it soak it’s been about 24 hours and I have removed the Sim card will it still work?

  • Drew

    Hello, I dropped my iPhone 5c in the toilet a couple hours ago… I didn’t know about the rice trick so I just dried it off with a towel and it works fine except my back camera lens is really blurry… What should I do?

  • marcia

    I followed the directions and my phone is now working, but the battery is low. When can I safely recharge it? Should I wait? the phone was in the bag of rice for 60 hours. it’s on 15%. Messages, emails, everything working currently.

  • marcia

    when can i charge my phone? After 70 hours in rice, the phone is working, but it needs charged.

    • marcia

      iPhone Hacks-any advice?