Apple Modifies App Developer License – Allows Third Party Development & Analytics Tools

App Store review guidelines change

In a significant move, Apple has announced that it is making several changes to its App Store Review guidelines that could ease the restrictions that are currently in place to develop third party iOS apps.

These revisions will make it possible for app developers to use third party development tools and compilers like Flash-To-iPhone compiler as long as these applications do not download any code.

The latest change should particularly affect developers who make use of third party compilers on their apps. You may recall that Apple had banned the use of such third party compiler tools earlier this year close on the heels of the launch of Adobe's Creative Suite 5 application. The CS5 platform introduced a Flash-to-iPhone compiler that made it possible for app developers to bring Flash to the iPhone.

Apple's announcement will also lift the restrictions that were imposed on third party analytics data collection systems earlier this year. Apple had imposed this ban in June after a mobile analytics firm had made use of the collected data to reveal Cupertino's work on a tablet computer. Flurry, the analytics company in question, had revealed that Apple was testing a lot of gaming related applications on a new device that matched the characteristics of a tablet computer; later launched as the iPad. The ban was also seen as a way for Apple to shut off AdMob – a mobile ad network acquired by Google – from its iOS platform.

Apple has also revealed that the company will be making its App Store Review Guidelines public in order to improve transparency of the app review process. While these changes are definitely in the positive direction, analysts believe the changes are a way for Apple to counter accusations from the Federal Trade Commission over the company's anti-competitive measures.

Nevertheless, we look forward to iPhone apps built with these new guidelines in place. You can check out a copy of the newly published guidelines here. Do let us know what you think of this latest announcement.

[Apple PR via Engadget]

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  • l8te9ight

    The light at the end of the tunnel, or something more sinister to come from this move?

  • So far, as a developer, I find the review process to be fair, but slow. We haven't had any problems, but it is taking forever to get the applications approved these days.

  • l8te9ight

    Maybe with the release of the guidelines it will speed things up! Although they will "evolve" the rules.

  • Z

    Reading about this, iMovie violates the rule that all iphone apps must run on ipad without modification, and all of the browser apps violate the rule about making similar apps to built in ones, as well as all the voip or dialer apps.
    and remote too, it looks like the ipod built in app, which confuses me and makes me angry, kill it apple.

    apple, mellow, its not your phone once you sell it

  • Poel

    hahaha Steve Jobs looks like he want to try to compete with the jailbreak apps now.

  • Luis

    Totally agree! Cant call it your phone with so many restrictions.

  • Ablasted

    He should try an get some idea of what whe really want from crApple and work his way to get it done seamlessly and integrated with iOS. But then again, he would just make us pay for it and it would also take some of the fun of having an iPhone 🙂

  • philit

    hope this will alow touch dj make us use our own music on the ipod touch or iphone

  • Kurt

    I wonder if we will see dev from a windows machine some time soon. If so then I would jump into the ring.

  • Who

    already done!
    only for iOS 4!